I’m still debating on whether I’ll tune in. The teaser posters are so adorable and these two make a great pair, but the storyline. Oh the storyline, I don’t know if I can watch child abuse without popping a blood vessel. I don’t know if my heart could literally take it.

Duang Jai Pisut is a title that speaks to the innocence in children. Our job as adults is to nurture and protect their innocence until they grow up, and naturally gain their own experiences. But what if the very people who are supposed to protect the child, failed or abused it? I feel like the most beautiful aspect in children is the quality of their innocence. They are in a world of imagination where adults are excluded, but looked to as power and goodness. But to destroy that trust and innocence can be detrimental for a child.

This show explores that idea. The story centers around two children who grew up in polar opposite ways. We have Nong Mee who is loved and cherished, even though his parents are abroad (dad is an Ambassador in Africa) and has to live with grandma and his auntie Chinanang (Yam Matira). He’s a bit of a rascal. Then there’s Pookie who lost both parents due to an accident and is forced to live with grandma. Unfortunately grandma falls ill so Pookie falls into evil aunt in law’s custody (Joy Rinlanee) who wants to usurp the family’s inheritance. She pretends to love Pookie in front of everyone, but behind closed doors, she physically and mentally abuses the poor girl. Son Yuke plays Pookie’s uncle.

The great thing about watching a traumatic story arc is the healing part of it. I can anticipate that people are going to note how strange Pookie seems, or how unlike a normal child she is. Perhaps she’ll meet the incorrigible Nong Mee and his aunt and they can rescue her from the wraths of the evil aunt in law. From the teaser, it looks like they are neighbors and Yam and Son’s character don’t get along. I love a good story that starts with rival leads who bond through the same cause, and that’s in sustaining the innocence of a child. But will it be too late?

The tone has a lighthearted and comedy twist and it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll tackle the subject without glossing it over.

Duang Jai Pisut will air on September 15th on Channel 3 after Plerng Naree during the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot. It’s a remake from Sam and Ann Sirium’s 1997 version by DaraVDO, I do recall that it’s a good story.

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You can watch the Eng sub teaser by Neko Meow Meow. I don’t know if anyone will be subbing this.