Happy Friday everyone! I had to get a project out the door this morning so couldn’t post this open thread as early as I wanted to, but here we are. And it’s almost the freakin’ weekend.

Originally we had plans to go to Vancouver BC for a company event this weekend (all paid for expense) but I checked the estimated driving time with traffic and it will take us five hours. My child could barely sit in his carseat for two hours, let alone five, so we politely declined (last minute to boot) and will be staring at a penalty fee. There are times you have to weigh out your options and determine what makes sense, do you go and have a miserable time, or pay the stupid penalty and have a nice relaxing time at home. Who knew hanging out at home could be so expensive. Lol. But that’s what we’re opting to do and I feel an immense relief because of it.

On a rare night last night, one of my girlfriends came for a visit from out of town, so we gathered at our favorite restaurant, Tamarind Tree (Vietnamese yumminess) and I can’t tell you how much I miss girl time. Over delicious Vietnamese food and tamarind tini’s we caught up on each other’s lives. So friends, do not forget to squeeze in girl time/homie time as much as you can in your busy life. It’s therapeutic. Who needs a therapist when you got good friends?

At any rate, one of my friends found her new beau on an online dating site, I mean, it’s how you meet people these days, you know? And she was gushing over him and even made us listen to his voicemail so we could hear his “sexy” voice. It’s hysterical but also so very very understandable. I remember dating Mr. A (13 years ago) and he had a pre-planned vacation to Hawaii, so our first few weeks of dating were really done over the phone. I used to be obsessed about intentionally missing his calls so I could listen to his voicemail. Haha. I was SUCH a dork. Mr. A has a phenomenal voice. But listen, I never really told him how much of a stalker I was- til this day, he doesn’t know that I listened to his voicemail a hundred times. Side note: I took a truly long hiatus from lakorns and had a lot of time on my hand.

Anyway. Tell me something dorky about yourself, because I can’t be the only dork around here, am I?

*Pic cred @tayastarling IG. BTW Taya will be starring in Rang Chung September 12th!