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I was driving into my neighborhood last evening and the trees are already starting to change their colors. The air is cool as the temperature has dropped to the upper fifties. Summer wasn’t quite long enough. I feel nostalgic. But the bustling fall and the busy fourth quarter will be here whether I am ready or not. What will you long about summer and what makes you excited for fall?

It’s also Labor Day long weekend, so there is that to be excited for. Happy Labor Day, ‘Merica. It’s been awhile since we had a three day weekend, what have you got planned fellow Americans? My weekend is filled with sporting events and maybe we’ll check out the state fair as well. Tis the last few days of summer, let’s make it count. As I am typing this.. it’s raining outside.ย As for my international readers, I hope this weekend will be filled with relaxation and fun.ย 

Pic cred @poo_mik IG