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Didn’t think you could be any more sad, did you? Nope, welcome aboard our sad, sad ride into Daniel and Fahsai’s world where self-inflicted pain takes precedence. How can I help you cope with the angst? Shall I curse Daniel, give Fahsai a hug, or just allow you to curl in the corner and cry? I will say that the tone is excellent, it’s a gravity pull into their pain, and they’re hurting so much that you just want to cut that tension with a knife, glue that distance together, and make them whole again.

Finale is next week, and it’s going to be one long wait until the conclusion. My heart still feels like it’s out of place, and desperately needs Show to make it right again. If anything, this week’s episodes serve to remind us that these two clearly can only be happy together. As if we could ever forget, Show. As if.

EPISODE 11 RECAP           

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Chernming is drawing something rather morbid – is it a skull? Hell? The end of the world as he knows it? Whatever it is, it seems to help him mentally prepare for the task ahead, which is to get evidences from his home to help Daniel. But Fahsai stops him in his tracks, and relents that he’s not fully healed, he’ll die and Daniel’s plan would be in vain. Chernming doesn’t want to be passive though and thinks he could help Daniel incriminate Tian Kong even faster. When Daniel was leader he had forbidden illegal activities but Suer Khao gang proceeded with weapon sales anyway, Chernming thinks he could get his hands on the paperwork.

Next thing we know, Fahsai pays a visit to Suer Khao with an excuse to visit big bro. Er, he’s not sending Fahsai to do the dirty work is he? Tian Kong orders his minions to give her a warm welcome since it will ingratiate them to Daniel. Fahsai pretends to ask after Chernming and that she wasn’t able to get a hold of him in the last few days, but the minion says they are in the same boat.

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Meanwhile Tian Kong calls Wang Foie and says they will keep the profit shares for the deceased Boss Chun at the same rate and dad pretends not to care and says it’s whatever Tian Kong sees fit since he’s the leader. Daniel peers over at dad upon hearing this, perhaps the old man is heeding his advice: stay passive. Tian Kong leaves a parting remark for Daniel, that Fahsai came to visit big bro. Daniel’s attention is immediately peaked. In his flaming blue blazer, Daniel rushes out of the house, with no guards or drivers in tow.

Fahsai sees big bro’s hands tied to the bed railing and requests them removed. The minion warns her that big bro may attack her but she assures them that this time around, he won’t. Big bro recoils into a fetal position, but upon a glimpse of her face he jerks up and pulls her to bed calling her Botan. Fahsai’s secret weapon to calm him down is that very morbid drawing by Chernming. Big bro recognizes his little bro’s drawing and plasters it to his face in delight. But Fahsai tells him it would smudge and ruin the drawing. She whispers to big bro that his little bro is coming to save him and that seems to put him in a reverie to the point of slumber.

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As Fahsai leaves big bro’s room to head to Chernming’s, she opens the door to a familiar, but angry face. It’s Daniel! Probably not who she wants to see. Daniel manages to tell the minion through gritted teeth that he’s going to take Fahsai back now. He clutches her hand and against her will, take her out of Suer Khao’s domain. He tells her to shut it and that this is not the place to show her arrogance. Eeh. But Fahsai pulls her hand back (shocked at his yelling tone) and says she could find her way home. He collects her from the road and swoops her in his arms. Ah! And relents that if she’s going to be stubborn they can head on back to tell Tian Kong why she’s really here and she can rest assured that she won’t be able to go home. Daniel positions her in the car and as he buckles her up, they get in kissing distance. Squeal. I mean, Daniel is the rather angry god right now, but that’s because he’s so angry for her safety he’s seeing red. Fahsai looks away obstinately.

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The minion reports to Tian Kong that Daniel has already whisked Fahsai away. Curious, Tian Kong enters big bro room to see the man stammering about his little bro and holding onto a tiny sheet of paper. Tian Kong’s eyes suddenly go big as he realizes something.

Fahsai wonders where he’s taking her and Daniel tells her they’re collecting her things because he’s no longer going to employ her. Fahsai spits that it’s fine by her, but she’s going to stick around with Chernming in a different role. Daniel refuses her stay regardless of what role she’s taking on. Ah, bickering is better than nothing.

But Fahsai argues that he had been the one to tell her to love Chernming, so why is he forbidding her now? Daniel relents that she’s getting herself in to deep, she’s trying to help Chernming by risking her own life, it will only make Chernming feel worthless. But Fahsai tears up realizing that he still can’t seem to understand who she’s doing all of this for. What she says next shuts him up, “I’m not helping him! I’m helping YOU.” Awww.

She tells him that Chernming says the evidence will help him (Daniel) incriminate Tian Kong easier and quickly, but Daniel argues that she’s making matters worse. But how? He says that if she wants to help him, just do what he says and don’t cause any problems. Pfft. Through tears Fahsai apologizes and asks him not to dismiss her, there’s enough distance between them. *tear.

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She storms out of the car and gets to work on cooking, but is too emotional. Chernming approaches her and we learn that Fahsai had gone to Suer Khao on her own accord. Chernming says that for the best interest of all parties, he thinks it’s best she just go home. So Fahsai packs her things and before she leaves, she tells Chernming that big bro was very happy to see his drawing. Chernming tears up just at the mention of big bro and asks after him. She says big bro is waiting for his little bro to save him. That gives Chernming the will to fight and it won’t be much longer. She encourages him to fight but Chernming makes her frown when he tells her that Daniel is waiting to take her home. Hee.

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And how much do I love that she storms out of the house and walks right pass the Mercedes and Daniel. Hahaha. Chernming tells Daniel that Fahsai wants to find her own way home. But she steps on a puddle and gives him a glare as his car follows her. She manages to hail a cab but Daniel continues to follow her all the way home. And they just give each other the saddest look. Wah.

Fahsai has a good cry in the comfort of her room. A-Jiw just looks at boss as he drives, feeling the sadness.

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Chernming reaches for his gun when he hears someone entering the house. It’s Daniel, who stoically says that he gave the gun for protection, not to shoot him. Hee. Daniel apparently is here for nursing duties, which Chernming balks, but Daniel argues that in the past, every time Chernming is hurt, he makes Daniel tend to this wound, so why the fuss now. Oh my. Are we finally getting the bromance we want?!

Chernming says that they’re grownups now and are different people. Daniel tells him that between them, nothing has changed. Chernming reminds him that he tried to kill him and Daniel relents he’ll consider those times as Chernming being crazy, but Chernming says he wasn’t crazy, he was stupid. Daniel says that it’s true, which makes Chernming laugh, and it’s just like old times as they laugh and smile at each other.

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As Chernming takes off his shirt, Daniel smiles at the colorful bandaids, the markings of Fahsai’s handiwork. Chernming says he told Fahsai to change the bandaid colors but she refuses since it’s more cheerful to use the colorful ones. Which makes Chernming ask Daniel what he thinks are the differences between Botan and Fahsai. Daniel says that firstly, Botan would obey his orders, like changing the bandaid colors if he asked. Chernming agrees that Botan always gives people what they want to make them happy while Fahsai will make people happy in her own way. He wonders who Daniel would choose if Botan was still alive. Ooh. Daniel says that if Botan was alive he would never have met Fahsai. This prompts Chernming to question what truly happened to Botan.

Daniel is quiet but he relents that Botan was willing to die so that she can’t be used to hurt him. Chernming asks if Suer Khao gang was the guilty party, but Daniel tells him to let it go. Chernming is determined to not let Botan die in vain, he’s going to take the reins from Tian Kong and make Suer Khao even stronger than before. He turns to Daniel and says that it’s his only way to atone to Daniel and Mungkorn Thong. Daniel says he believes in him, but they are stronger together. Aw. I love this scene too much.

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In Suer Khao’s domain, a masked man infiltrate the inside. He reaches Tian Kong’s room (which is probably Chernming’s former room) and searches the file cabinets. It’s Chern Piu! We flash back to when Daniel instructs Chern Piu to confiscate the document, he doesn’t want to use the black book because it would damage Suer Khao gang, when he only needs to take down Tiang Kong. And Chern Piu manages to get his hands on said document.

And talk about that team work. During the head honcho’s meeting, dad is arguing about keeping the gangs clean while Tian Kong wants to go back to the way things were, before Daniel had took control. The other gangster surmise it might be best to let the leader (Tian Kong) make the determination. But Daniel shows up and reveals that Tian Kong isn’t leadership material, because rule #1, the leader shouldn’t break the gang’s rules. He says that Tian Kong on behalf of the Chern family, took on illegal weapon dealings. Tian Kong balks that he needs to prove it but Daniel laments that he’s not one to talk without evidence, even during the time he has an idea whose behind his best friend’s family murders, he still didn’t say anything because he didn’t have evidence. Booyah. Tian Kong starts to sweat. Daniel orders Chern Piu to reveal the documents.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.33.34 Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.33.29

Next thing we know, Tian Kong is beating the daylights out of big bro. He’s pissed that the secret leaked out, indicating that only he and the Chern family members knew, so he wonders how Daniel knew. Parchai says he’ll help him get to the bottom of this, and Tian Kong gives him another assignment: teach Daniel a lesson.

Fahsai returns to work and gets caught up with the latest gossip. The last fight between Nu Dee and Pui Fai prompts Chief to set a martial law: if they get in a fight again, one of them will be fired. Haha. Fahsai learns that the fight started because Pui Fai is having an affair with a married man, which shocks her. She watches the video. Yes, someone is finally here to straighten things out!

When Fai arrives at work, all of the coworkers give her the side eye. She’s also moody with Fahsai, thinking that Fahsai already knew but didn’t let a girl in on it. Fahsai tells big sis that she’s having a terrible misunderstanding. The secret that she and Chern Piu are hiding isn’t his wife, but she can’t spill because she made a promise to Daniel. However, she knows of a way to convince Pui Fai. Cue Chern Piu’s arrival, which causes an uproar at work.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.34.10 Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.34.16

Chern Piu adorably sticks out his pinky and asks to make peace. But Pui Fai says they need to get one thing straight, does he have a wife and kid? Chern Piu replies that he wouldn’t allow himself to love her if he already has a wife and kid. Pui Fai only hears the “love” part and stammers if she misheard. Chern Piu takes her hand and with a smile, he says she heard correctly, and confesses that he LOVES her. Aw! Pui Fai finally understands that the wife and kid belongs to A-Jo and because A-Jo keeps talking about his kid, it makes Chern Piu want to have one too. Ha. The gossip mongers show up on time and proceeds to start shit again. So Chern Piu announces in front of Pui Fai’s office mates and Chief: “I’m still single. I’ve never been married, nor have I ever had a wife or child. But I’m giving up my bachelorhood.. with the one and only woman who can make me fall in love with her.” And he proves his love for her by giving her a long and searing kiss right in front of everyone. Squeal.

Lola gang cheer and clap, while the two marketing girls cry. Haha.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.34.24

Kwan goes to see Daniel at work but meets Dad instead, who tells her to call in advance so she won’t waste a trip since Daniel is out meeting a client right now. Kwan says she was just in the neighborhood and wanted to drop off some cookies for them. She sneakily asks how she would ensure Fahsai gets her cookies since she heard the girl is working with Daniel.

Dad asks Daniel if that’s true and Daniel relents that Fahsai is helping him with something outside of work. Dad wants to know if it has to do with giving him pleasure, er Dad that’s just dirty. Daniel doesn’t dignify it with a response and gets up to leave, but Dad wants to ensure Kwan doesn’t get the wrong idea that Fahsai is his mistress. Daniel questions whether Dad still intends on matchmaking him with Dr. Kwan and Dad says Kwan has a lot of connections so getting to know her isn’t a bad thing. Dad tells Daniel to take her to dinner, reservation has already been made.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.34.41 Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.34.49

As Daniel waits for Kwan to arrive, Daniel recalls how much pain he has caused Fahsai and that she had asked him not to dismiss her since they’re already so distanced. His eyes glisten with tears. When Kwan arrives and they begin to eat, Daniel apologizes on his dad’s behalf if he ever made Kwan feel uncomfortable, but Kwan says his dad is cute and questions whether dad wants her as a daughter in law. Straight shooter this one. Daniel confirms it which makes Kwan wonder if dad doesn’t already know that Daniel loves Fahsai. Daniel says that his dad thinks marriage doesn’t start with love but it begins with suitability. Kwan says she agrees with dad and that love doesn’t sustain a marriage. She’s witnessed many people who marry for love but it doesn’t work out. A suitable marriage will benefit society in the long run and love will grow through that bond. Daniel considers her words.

On the way back to their car, they get ambushed by a hired hand, but Daniel skillfully fight him off. When he takes her home and gently helps her take off her heels, Kwan feigns that her ankle hurts and smiles with satisfaction when Daniel massages it. Her dad spots it and doesn’t look happy, it seems Kwan wants them in that perfect spot so that dad can see it.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.35.25 Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.35.03

Chern Piu reports to boss that they’ll get the security footages from the hotel and everything will be kept under wraps. Daniel believes someone is just out to threaten him not to kill him, otherwise he would not have survived. Chern Piu thinks its Tian Kong’s people and tells boss to watch his back.

Dr. Apiwat pays a visit to Daniel as he wants to know his intentions with Kwan. Daniel merely says that Kwan is a good friend, which doesn’t appease the doctor because it seems like they are more than friends since they go out to dinner, and encounter danger together. Daniel apologizes if he hurt her reputation but the doctor rebukes that sorry isn’t going to be enough. Kwan already looks bad for canceling her engagement and he doesn’t want her to suffer anymore backlashes. Well, that’s her fault! The doctor tells him to cease any contact with Kwan if he doesn’t have any feelings for her.

And of course dad walks in on time to say that Daniel won’t be doing that, because he will take responsibility by marrying Kwan. Gr. Here we go.

Daniel stands up when he hears this. The doctor says Daniel doesn’t love his daughter, but dad relents that Kwan is the type of woman any man would grow to love. It’s not a funny scene, but I had to smile just a little because Daniel is getting forced to “love” someone. I’m sure he knows how it feels now since he had been the one to push Fahsai onto Chernming. Karma, man, she’s a bitch. Let’s see how you get out of this one.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.35.33 Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.35.53

Based on Kwan’s reaction though, sounds like Daniel is taking responsibility. Now we can say, WTF, Show.

Kwan couldn’t help herself but showing up at Lola to spread the good news. She makes sure to announce it in front of Fahsai that she wants Lola to help arrange the wedding for her and Daniel’s. Fahsai is struck with sadness as the tears fall. Kwan sneers like she just won the lotto.

Chief laments they are a magazine firm and are not set up to do weddings, but Kwan argues that they are professional and she thinks they can do it. They did a great job with the magazine launch party. The marketing girls encourage Chief to take the job but Chief asks Fai’s opinion since she handles all of the major events at the firm. Fai relents that if the doctor wants them to handle the most important day of her life, they ought to take it.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.36.31 Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.36.23

Aw poor Fahsai, she spills more tears at her desk. Kwan stops by to hand her tissue papers, what a bitch. She pours more salt on wound by saying that Fah owes her some gratitude because she just showed her what it means to lose so that Fah won’t try to go against anyone else. Fahsai questions whether Kwan is only marrying Daniel in order to defeat her. Kwan tells her not to place that much significance on herself, because if Daniel isn’t good enough, she wouldn’t marry him. Fahsai says that if she doesn’t love Daniel she shouldn’t marry him – but Kwan tells her to reserve that thought for her novel. Kwan says she chose to live in the reality – in that Daniel chose her, not Fahsai. But our girl warns Kwan, like a dark looming cloud, that they shall see because one day, Kwan will be hurt by that very reality she chose.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.37.01 Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.36.54

Fahsai comes to Chernming for consolation. He asks her if she’s hurt badly by the news. Fahsai says that it does but she can’t do anything but to cope with it. Chernming asks her to give him a chance once she has coped with it. Fahsai tells him she can’t love anyone else, but Chernming tells her to give him time. At this point, she just needs a shoulder to cry on, and that is what Daniel sees when he comes to visit Chernming. Daniel, you DID this!

The minions are excused of their duties since Daniel called it a day. A-Jo tells Chern Piu that he’ll head back to HK once boss is engaged and this time around, he’s going to be gone for good- he’s quitting the gang. No! He doesn’t want his son to grow up not knowing who his father is. Chern Piu agrees with his decision. Then A-Jo shows Chern Piu a new clip of his squish, haha. So cute.

Dr. Eit tries to show his concern for Dr. Kwan by inquiring if she’s sure about Daniel. Dr. Kwan basically tells him to mind his own business and maybe putting his energy on winning over Fahsai. Dr. Eit says that will happen soon enough, to which Dr. Kwan relents, a woman like Fahsai (who has nothing now) is best suited for him.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.37.23

Dr. Eit thinks his “soon” is today when he has taken the rest of the day off to take Fahsai out. He wants to buy her a car and tells her to choose any brand she likes. Fahsai is offended and tells him to pull over. She says if he wants to act like her sugar daddy they can end things right here. Dr. Eit says he’s just trying to help her get over Daniel and Kwan’s impending wedding and he doesn’t want anyone to look down on her. He says that he doesn’t like it when people say she doesn’t have anything, she has to show them that she can have a good life without them. But Fahsai is quite proud of her life, thank you very much, and she doesn’t rely on anyone. Dr.Eit says he’s trying to make it up to her, how come she can’t see his good intentions? He asks what he needs to do in order to prove to her that he loves her.

Fahsai tests him by asking what her favorite color is. Dr. Eit is all, duh, you like blue (fah). She just laughs and states that they’ve dated for many years and he still doesn’t know what she likes to eat and what makes her happy. Dr. Eit says that she should just TELL him everything so that he would know, but Fahsai argues that if he loves her, he’d be less selfish and pay more attention. She’s right about that. Fahsai laments that he should stop saying that he loves her because he doesn’t know what love is.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.37.41 Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.37.34

Mom watches the proceeding in the dining room where Kwan chatters nonstop about the wedding but only Daniel nods every now and then.

When he drops her off at home she thanks him for shopping with her blah blab blah, then asks if he would join her at Lola for some more wedding planning. Daniel says she can make all of the choices. She bids him goodnight with a kiss to the cheek and calls him “tee ruk” (beloved) which is just delusional since they both know that they’re not marrying out of love.

Chern Piu focuses on getting fit for his revenge. Parchai reports to Tian Kong that none of their illegal business partners had confessed about the weapon dealing, which makes Tian Kong wonder how Daniel knows. I forgot that he doesn’t know Chern Piu is still alive.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.37.57 Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.37.51

Kwan requests Fahsai to bring the wedding planning to her. And in the meantime, she had phoned Dr. Eit to come and meet them, not telling both parties what she’s up to. Probably to inflict more pain and to prove her stupid point. She rubs it in with Fahsai that before, she’s always wanted a big wedding, but now that Daniel is the groom, none of that matters. This kind of makes Fahsai cry. Then of course Daniel enters the room and spots Fahsai, they exchange some angsty looks with each other. Oh no, her quivering bottom lip. That one is killing me.

She tries to will her tears away and tries to go over the wedding plans. As Fahsai heads out for the day, Kwan follows and questions why the tears for such a little thing? Fahsai says that she’s hurt, what does does the evil doctor want now? (Evil is my word not hers). Kwan says she wants Fahsai to be the one who’s in pain since she cursed her earlier about it. Fahsai throws in the towel and tells Kwan to leave her alone. Kwan tells her to kowtow to her feet and she’ll give up. Jesus Christ.

But Fahsai says that she’s starting to feel sorry for Daniel now, who has to marry a woman who isn’t too sane. Haha. Kwan stops Fahsai but Fahsai has her fist balled, which compels Kwan to urge Fahsai to slap her. Fahsai spits that even though she wasn’t born with a silver spoon, her parents never taught her to behave lowly. Kwan sees Daniel leaving the restaurant in the corner of her eye and pretends that Fahsai was rough with her. She falls to the ground, leaving Fahsai confused. Daniel helps his fiancé up but he only had to say her name before Fahsai tears up and races out, thinking he’d misunderstand. But Daniel calls after her, and Dr. Eit shows up, following Fahsai.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.38.23 Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.38.18

Kwan tries to accuse Fahsai even more, but Daniel’s expression is priceless, it’s as if he’s saying ‘bitch please.’ Ha. But instead, he asks her to stop getting Fahsai involved if she doesn’t want him to call off the wedding. See, kind of the same thing.

Chern Piu questions why boss doesn’t stop if he thinks everything he’s doing is causing Fahsai to be insulted by people. But boss thinks that Fahsai will get over it soon enough, he adds that it’s better than to let her suffer for the rest of her life. Now that is a shortsighted statement, if I ever heard one.

And.. it’s wedding day. Fahsai is still in bed, moping over her heart break. Mom tells her that it doesn’t matter whether she gets up today or tomorrow, she can’t escape the truth. Mom encourages her to face it head on instead. As she’s helping mom and dad at the restaurant, the customer asks after her boyfriend and sad to hear that he’s just a boss because he’s such a catch. Mom scowls and asks dad what they ought to do about that. Ha. Dad tells the customer they’re closed now and she can go home and make her own food. Lol.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.39.30 Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.39.25

Daniel sits lifeless on his bed, while Fahsai peers at her phone, thinking about him. He wants to call her too.. ah, this is killing me. They proceed to call each other at the same time, but Fahsai’s call reaches him first.

They are both silent at first, then through tears, Fahsai says she’s offering her congratulations. Daniel croaks a thank you as the tears fall. She covers her mouth from the cry that would escape. I am officially dead inside.

Thank goodness for her parents. They put on their stunner shades and proclaim that they’ve closed up shop and will be going to Hua Hin! When you have a heart break, the next best thing is a vacation. I love them.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.39.58 Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.39.46

Big bro gets up as if he got a revelation. He stammers that his little bro is coming. Tian Kong hears this and threatens big bro to spill the beans. Big bro says that Botan told him this. Oh snap.

Tian Kong and minions arrive at Fahsai’s home and he hands her the piece of drawing. Fahsai lies that Chernming drew that for her before he disappeared. Tian Kong prompts her to tell the truth, when she doesn’t, they beat up her dad. Before stabbing him with a blade, Fahsai concedes. They take her along with them and she tries to call Daniel for help… but he doesn’t answer, lamenting that he has already spoken to Fahsai. Gr.

Thank goodness Chern Piu calls her back and she manages to scream for help before Tian Kong’s men take the phone away. Chern Piu asks for Pui Fai’s help.

Mom and dad stir awake but they are still tied up. Mom manages to pick up Fai’s phone and alerts her that Tian Kong has abducted Fahsai. Chern Piu wants to tell boss but big boss (dad) relents now is not the time since it’s an auspicious day. Dad orders Chern Piu not to meddle otherwise he’s not a Mungkorn Thong. Chern Piu relents that he doesn’t have to be one (despite loving Mungkorn Thong) because this will make his boss regret it for the rest of his life. Go Chern Piu.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.40.16 Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.40.12

Chern Piu storms the proceedings and alert Daniel that something has happened to Fahsai. Dad rushes in time to bark “Daniel NO!” And Daniel looks from Chern Piu and then to dad, and is about to make the ultimate decision…

But we end here.


GAH! Just when we’re about to get something that is possibly, remotely uplifting instead of the sad rollercoaster we’ve been on. You end there, Show?

Daniel seems to be resigned to his own conclusion, that it’s best for Fahsai to end up with Chernming and he could live a life of whatever, you know? Perhaps he deluded himself into thinking that marriage could survive with suitability and love. But has he ever asked Fahsai, and what SHE wants to do? He’s afraid that she would suffer for the rest of her life if he holds on to her. But he doesn’t realize that she will STILL suffer the rest of her life without him. What part of, I will never stop loving Daniel until death, doesn’t he understand?

The thing that bothers me about Daniel, that I’m just now realizing in the last couple of episodes.. is that he is ok seeing the woman that he loves get hurt. Over and over again. I’d like to think that my hero would take my feelings above all else and would rather DIE than to hurt me or make me cry. He seems to think that Fahsai will get over him soon enough, and boy am I excited that he’ll be proven wrong. The man who is always right but is so wrong about his own love life.

It does make me happy (probably the devil in me) to see that Daniel’s calm façade gets a little messed with when he thought Fahsai would risk her life to help Chernming, when in actuality she’s trying to help him. I’ll take that anger, because expressing anger means a person is very close to losing it. I just want him to lose his shit for once, you know? So I reveled in the fact that he’s so angry with her, and trying so hard to control his emotions, getting so up close he could kiss her. Haha, but to have her turn things around and make him realize she really is always looking out for him. And why does it always have to be some sort of kidnapping or life endangerment to turn that lightbulb on? Pfft.

I mean, is happiness a bad thing? Don’t people want to be happy? We can’t fault a girl for trying. My heart breaks for Fahsai, Pimmy does such a great job portraying the soft hearted but strong girl, that I just feel her pain when Daniel rejects her. She doesn’t know that Daniel is crying and dying on the inside, but is trying his best to move on. I did love that he told off Kwan when she’s trying to pull her coy act. Please bitch, stop the act. Ha. Well, not exactly like that.

And for the first time, I don’t hate Dr. Eit. Dr. Kwan takes the cake today, she literally made me itch to slap that smug face soo badly. That is why I am quite excited to see her ass on the floor, drowning in her own tears and pain because of that stupid reality she chose. That would be poetic justice.

There are some great parts to this episode too though, besides all of the self-inflicted heartrending moments. Chernming and Daniel just picked up where they left off and are so adorable together as besties, that I have hope they will be together forever. Daniel has to know that Chernming DOES have people left in his life, there’s Daniel, Chern Piu and the rest of the minions. Chernming doesn’t NEED Fahsai, I’m sure he wants her, but there are plenty of other women waiting to open their arms to him. Aimirite ladies?

I’m glad Fai and Chern Piu at least had their reconciliation moment. And how about that kiss?

Which begs the question, when was the last time Daniel and Fahsai kissed (and forehead kisses don’t count)? I feel so gutted this week that it’s going to take a lot more than just a peck to get me back to where I was at. Give me back my impressive Daniel and maybe I’ll consider you again Channel 7. Otherwise it’s going to be one loooong hiatus from this channel again.

I miss Mr. Swoony Daniel, what’s a girl gotta do around here to bring him back? One more episode left to try. *sob.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 16.39.19