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Can we just lock our couple on the island and throw away the boat key? But I guess that only prolongs the inevitable. No one ever said Show gives us the easy way out. Trust must be earned, and all that walking over hot coal barefooted mumbo jumbo.


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Husband and wife take the scenic route home, enjoying the motorcycle ride along the oceanfront, taking pictures by the sea, and just being adorable together. They’re all smiles when they reach the house, which pisses off Chayakorn to no end. He spitefully tells mom that he hopes they end up well together. Pfft.

Meanwhile Satawat endures Anusaniya’s attempt to shave him, she had initially told him that she knows how to do it. Satawat really believed that she may have experience shaving other men before him, but Anusaniya scolds him for being naïve and believing her because HE’S her first boyfriend! And then shaving cream kisses? These two want to kill me.

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Satawat tries to seduce his wife since it’s their first night in their room, but her phone goes off. He decides it’s best they make a rule when it comes to bedtime (and sexy time?) that she’s not allowed to be interested in anything else besides him. Agreed!

Both run late to work the next morning because they’re too busy giving smooches. The aunties are shocked that the two are good together, it’s like watching someone eating dessert before your eyes. These two are giving me second hand toothache!

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Anusaniya and her uncle investigate the current problem afflicting their company. Chayakorn takes her to a factory that they occasionally use, Uncle Pisong (married to her auntie) has selected this factory on some occasion (not their preferred factory) and come to find, their client has chosen this factory over their company. Looks like they have won the bid and possibly could be the culprit behind stealing their designs. Chayakorn suspects that Pisong may even own the factory and are betraying them. They need concrete evidence though.

Satawat notices a patient’s name that is similar to Uncle Pisong but he disregard that as being coincidental since the last name is different. But he recalls seeing Pisong at the hospital earlier and the older man claims he’s not sick, just here for a visit. Satawat phones his wife to inform her of this, possibly he’s sick and doesn’t want to tell anyone, but Anusaniya asks him to find out why Pisong went to the hospital and report back to her. Chayakorn tells Anusaniya that this is a family matter and not to involve Satawat but Anusaniya responds nonchalantly that Satawat IS a family member. Ha.

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So that night Anusaniya and Chayakorn wait by the factory and notices Pisong’s car pulling out of the driveway. Chayakorn states that they have to catch Pisong in the act, he’s not the type who will admit to any wrongdoing. They feign a broken car and asks the security guard to take a look. Chayakorn sneaks into the factory while Anusaniya plays decoy.  Chayakorn finds the evidence that Pisong is undercutting their bid, which is a clear violation of the company’s confidentiality/non-compete clause. He snags the paperwork. Anusaniya could not believe the extent of the betrayal because she also learns from Satawat’s investigation that her aunt/uncle are scheming to steal the bid from Casa in regards to the hospital’s new construction as well. Double whammy. Anusaniya vows to beat them in their own game, she’ll play dirty too.

But morning comes and she’s totally changed her mind. She tells Chayakorn that she wants to do this professionally, confront them with the truth and if they are unhappy with her leadership, they are more than welcome to open their own company. Chayakorn is confused (as so am I). Was there a conversation she had with Satawat at night and we weren’t privy to it? Chayakorn argues that they’re cheating and they shouldn’t get away with it – but before they could discuss this further, Dad overhears them and demands to know who’s cheating who.

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Dad and Anusaniya are on the same page, the amount that they were cheated on can be forgiven as a means to start their own business. Anusaniya says that then she can compete with them on a professional (I would say legal) level. Chayakorn worries that they’ll lose people to that new company but Dad relents that people who aren’t loyal to begin with are a lost cause anyway. Dad’s happy that she will resolve the issue the way that he would of, he is proud of her leadership.

Ah ok. Flash back to the night where Anusaniya discusses this with her husband. He tells her that he doesn’t know much about business, but he believes that a business success doesn’t trump family matters. He says she has every right to get back at them, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are still family. He adds that Dad wouldn’t want to see her auntie lose everything either, but Anusaniya can’t get over the fact that they have stolen money from the company, and questions does that make her see money more important than family?

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Anusaniya tells her Dad that Satawat had given her a different perspective and to weigh matters of business/money with family matters. She chose the latter. Chayakorn is apparently still stuck in earlier episodes because he argues that Satawat cannot be trusted, he married for money. Their own family members are still capable of betraying them, how can they trust Satawat? Dad scolds him for holding onto his prejudice. Chayakorn stares at his brother and niece and wonders if he is still meaningful in their eyes. He’s like a child throwing a tantrum when both parents aren’t paying attention to him. Dad looks like he’s about to have another collapse.

At Casa, they confront auntie and Pisong about the betrayal. The two own up to it but blame their actions on the unfair contributions they get. Dad reminds her that he gives everyone their fair portions and recalls back in the day when they didn’t have money, he’d split everything equally. Auntie argues that now they have more mouths to feed (Nuth and Chaya) and Nuth even brought on more trouble with her husband who owes them money. Does everyone forget that Satawat is paying back said money? That he’s not getting it for free? Auntie surmises that they are just reaping their fair wages and if they were to open their own business, Casa will collapse. Pfft.  Should have just sued them, since the outcome is the same despite giving them a free pass. Poor dad.

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Khun Lek hears about this and chases after his auntie. Perhaps he’ll be their first employee. Anusaniya relays what happened in the meeting with her uncle, but he pouts and says he’s not important to them anymore so he doesn’t need to know who’s getting fired or not. Anusaniya consoles him that he’s of course important, she loves and respects him and she doesn’t want that to change. Chayakorn tells her that it’s all Satawat’s fault, ever since he came into their lives, everything has changed. He wants her to see Satawat for what he is. But Anusaniya argues that HE’S the one who is being closed minded if he’s still harping on his prejudice. Ha. Of course, she says it kindly. She begs him to give Satawat a chance to prove himself. Chayakorn shares that he thought it was most painful when she rejected his love, but this moment trumps it. He emphasizes that he hates Satawat.

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Soamika is on an eating strike since her house arrest. Dad says this trick won’t work with him and spats that she can starve if she wants. Soamika attempts an escape ala Rapunzel (minus the long hair) but gets caught by Dad since he forgot his cellphone. He wonders if she’s crazy enough to do this –risk her own life by going down the balcony – but Soam claims she can do more to get away from here. She falls and twists her ankle. The fact that she disregards her own life pains dad more than anything (even more than her disregard of other people’s lives apparently.) Dad gives his daughter a good shake and questions whether the man she loves even knows that she’s willing to die for him. Soam retorts that she’s willing to do anything to make the doctor hers.  This is the last straw for dad, who kicks her out of the house for good.

Soamika gets a sad montage of driving away. But I would feel more for her if she weren’t so bipolar. No sympathy for this chick. She shows up at the hospital and cries to Dr. Satawat that she got kicked out. (Are you a teenager?!) She tells him that she doesn’t know who to call and where to go. Satawat says he doesn’t believe her but she apologizes for playing dirty just to get him back. She only wanted to say this much and will not see him again. But as she stumbles, Dr. Satawat takes pity on her condition. Don’t be a sucker Dr. Satawat! But of course, he’s too nice, and admits her to the hospital.

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Satawat tells his wife, and Anusaniya worries on whether this is another one of Soam’s tricks. That’s what I’m saying! But Satawat thinks she’s not faking it and he’s just helping because it’s his job. Anusaniya doesn’t trust her and makes him promise not to get involved. I’m sure there are other doctors at that hospital who can tend to Soamika! Satawat kisses her on the cheek and tells her that this is his way of making promises. Haha. He proceeds to give her more kisses to emphasize his promise.

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Chayakorn apologizes to his brother for speaking harshly earlier. Khun Pohn says that he understands that Chayakorn is just looking out for him. Chayakorn promises to make Casa bigger than it’s ever been, he knows that Khun Pohn has started this from the ground up and Chayakorn is willing to work just as hard to keep it going. Aw, that’s the Chayakorn we like. Khun Pohn apologizes if he ever spoke harshly in the past, especially about Nuth, but Chayakorn prefers not to bring it up. Khun Pohn asks to speak to him like brothers, he asks Chayakorn to look after Anusaniya like his real niece, because he doesn’t want their uncle-niece relationship to be destroyed. Khun Pohn asks what love means to Chayakorn and brings up an example of Chayakorn’s mom. She never wants to take his mother’s place, she’s just happy to see that the person she loves is happy. That is love and Khun Phon adds that if he truly loves Anusaniya, he should want her to be happy. Chayakorn relents that he’ll try his best, but if Satawat breaks her heart one day, he’s going to do what he thinks is right. Harumph.

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Soamika throws a fit that she won’t be discharged because her ankle still hurts. The nurse begs Satawat to help – but..but you promised! She pleads that she has nowhere else to go. Cut to them at an apartment, getting a room. Gina happens to be there as well to pay off her delinquency. She spots the doctor and Soamika together. This can’t be good. Satawat says that this is as far as he can help and they won’t meet again. She fakes tears and understanding. She even promises never to meddle with him and Nuth again. She asks him not to tell anyone about her stay here and he agrees. She gives him one final hug for old time sake. UGH.

Gina happens to catch this on camera and tells Soamika she knows her game and they should work together since they both have the same goal in mind.

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Next Gina is showing that picture to Anusaniya’s assistants and gossiping that she saw Soamika and the doctor getting a room together. She even has proof and a copy of the application with Dr. Satawat’s signature on it. Chayakorn overhears this and warns the three not to tell Nuth otherwise he’ll fire them all. He deletes the pictures from Gina’s phone and advise her to worry about her own problems.

Chayakorn asks Anusaniya if she’s happy and Anusaniya is over the moon happy, she states that she and Dr. Wat are arguing less and less too. Chayakorn says that he’s happy to hear that (albeit begrudgingly). This makes Anusaniya think that he’s willing to give Satawat a chance after all. Shoot, I don’t know what Chayakorn has up his sleeve anymore. Are you friend or foe?!

He storms over to Soamika’s apartment and warns her that she could do what she wants, but she best not hurt Anusaniya. Soam claims that they’re cut from the same cloth and he’s just as bad. Chayakorn states that he merely wants Anusaniya to see Dr. Wat for who he is, he’s not like Soam who’s trying to steal another woman’s husband. Whether Nuth chooses him at the end of the day or not, he doesn’t care. Soam claps, haha, and congratulates him on his hero behavior, and does it mean they’re at opposite ends now? Chayakorn says that they’ve been on opposite ends for a long time now. Well, I guess you are friend and not foe. She then lies through her teeth that she and Dr. Wat have already done the dirty, and she’s willing to be Wat’s mistress. Oy you lying liar face.

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Chayakorn confronts Satawat and asks if he has anything to confess. Chayakorn grabs him by the lapels and tells him what he knows. Satawat argues that he didn’t do anything wrong, he’s merely helping a person in need, and furthermore he doesn’t have to explain himself to Chayakorn. Angrily Chayakorn warns him that he will be the one to show Nuth that Satawat cannot be trusted. I just want to scream at Satawat to go tell his wife before she finds out! He doesn’t have to keep his word with Soam when he can’t even keep his promise to his wife!

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Gina and Soam proceed with plan B which is to upload the hugging picture to social media. Satawat can’t get a hold of his wife who left her phone at the office while she’s meeting a client. Her secretary wonders at the urgency in his voice. Chayakorn goes to see Anusaniya and wants to tell her about Satawat (wait didn’t you just say that you don’t want her to be hurt?!) but Ansuniya says that it can wait until after she has eaten. Lol. Unfortunately Satawat can’t go to his wife because he’s got an urgent patient waiting for him.

Chayakorn tests the water first and asks Anusaniya if she’ll be hurt if she finds out Satawat has another woman. She tells them that of course, she will be hurt and wait, is this what he wanted to bring up with her? Chayakorn thinks about his brother’s words, that he should be happy when Nuth is happy if he truly loves Nuth. So he shakes his head and decides against telling her. Whoa, did Chayakorn just grow up before our eyes? Ha. And how cute is it that Anusaniya orders food to go for Satawat? She knows he tends to get hungry at night and never gets to eat anything.

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Satawat deletes all of his missed calls from Soamika but she finds ways to get a hold of him. On the hospital phone she fakes being sick and asks him to come to her. Dude, call 911! He offers to send a nurse but she refuses, not wanting her dad to find out she’s taking drugs. Not your problem Satawat! But he totally falls for it and rushes to see her. We see Gina is there too and they plot for Anusaniya to show up at the same time. Show is trying to kill me.

Mirantee sees an article about Satawat and Soamika and could not believe her eyes. She calls Anusaniya and sends the picture to warn her – that it might not be true. But when Anusaniya sees it, she flips out and wants to know if Chayakorn has seen the picture before. He refuses to say anything but she states she will see it with her own two eyes if Satawat is with Soamika. I think maybe the best course of action is to call your husband first. Just saying. She gets a taunting test message from Soamika that Satawat is with her. This is not going to end well.

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Satawat helps Soamika from her fake drug stupor. Then he wonders if she’s tricking him. She gladly admits that she is, and he’s floored that she would use her own life to trick people. He says he will never believe her again. Soamika is like a barnacle as she grasps onto him and refuses to let go. Then she jumps him, and that’s what Anusaniya sees when she walks in. Gah. You’re so dead Satawat.

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Anusaniya slaps Satawat as he tries to explain. When they’re gone, Soamika snickers and says that a simple plan can really wreak havoc. Anusaniya is weak sauce. Well, can’t argue with you there.

How is Satawat going to get out of this?

Mirantee says that this shows how much Anusaniya feels about Satawat, if she’s this hurt by his betrayal. She hopes Chayakorn realizes it.

Chayakorn comforts Nuth, and Satawat walks in to find Nuth in her uncle’s arms, in their room. Chayakorn punches Satawat and spats why he would do such a thing to Nuth when she loves him so much. Satawat tries to explain but Chayakorn pushes him away. Isn’t this between a husband and wife? And finally that is what Satawat says as he hold his wife’s other hand. Anusaniya is like the prize that’s being tugged between two boys. Chayakorn finally lets go and leaves, knowing his place.

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Satawat locks the door to their room. He swears that he and Soam had nothing to do with each other and proceeds to explain everything. At the end he tells her that he’s a doctor, when someone’s life is on the line he has to act on it. Anusaniya thinks that is where their problem lies, he’s too nice and too kind, which is a detriment to her. Soamika will continue to think that she still has a chance. Anusaniya thinks that it makes her a horrible person to say it.

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Chayakorn listens at the door and he slowly turns away, Dad sees him and says that husband and wife will need to clear the problem on their own.

Satawat kneels beside her and tells her that she’s not a bad person, she just loves him too much. If he was a selfish person, then she wouldn’t love him as much right? I’m totally not crying right now. Satawat adds that they’ve overcome a lot just to be able to love each other, they shouldn’t let others get in the way. The more they fight, the more others will be satisfied. Anusaniya wonders when those people will just get out of their lives. He promises that no matter if it’s life or death, he won’t see Soamika again. He tells her to remember that he will never betray her. He kisses her tears away. Aw.

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The next morning she’s still kind of down so Satawat rains her with kisses and tells her to stop pouting and cheer up. Lol. Chayakorn watches them with a frown.

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Gina reports to Soamika that they’ve made up. Soamika claims that she knows what buttons to push in order to upset Anusaniya, she’ll push it to the point where every time Anusaniya sees her husband’s face, she’ll be reminded of Soamika. *groan*

So we see Soamika visiting Anusaniya at work and telling her that she had been the one to suggest Satawat take her out to dinner, and to remember that everything they do together, it’s because Soamika made those suggestions. Anusaniya is angry that Soamika seem to know their every move, but she doesn’t realize that there’s a mole in the house. Instead, she pushes Soamika against the wall and tells her to mind her own business. Haha. Anusaniya continues – and WE know she’s saying this to spite Soamika, but it may sound rather calculating – she adds that she owns Satawat since she bought him with her money and she’s not going to let him go until she’s used up his worth. Gah. Now Soamika thinks Anusaniya only sees him as a product. Didn’t Anusaniya JUST say to Satawat that he’s giving Soamika hopes?

This only further allows the psycho to continue on her schemes since she got their conversation recorded. Eeps!

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We see that Anusaniya is still bothered by what Soamika said. She then recalls Satawat’s assurances and takes a deep breath.

Satawat hangs around Casa shop while his wife finishes up work, and they play the cutest sales and customer role. She follows him around the shop and they banter about how much things cost. He flirts and says she should make her move before his girlfriend gets off work and he’ll no longer be single. Anusaniya says he’s such a flirt, it’s no wonder Soam got strung along. Satawat smiles and asks if she would give up her business to have dinner with him then. Oh you.

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WHEW. Is everyone still breathing?

Show takes us down a familiar road, setting everything up to make us believe that things will go just as planned, but bam, something unexpected happens. Granted, it was a very frustrating road to walk on, witnessing Soamika taunting and smirking, but what a nice way to end the episode and show growth. At the end of the day, a couple just need to work things out alone. Communication is key, and we see that by talking things through and explaining, Satawat and Anusaniya make it out alive.  Sure, there are still lingering doubts and pouting, but at least they’re going to do their best and make their marriage work. Yay to that.

Another person who grew by leaps and bounds is Chayakorn. He’s still a stinker and waiting for the other shoe to drop (though that’s going to be an eternal wait) he has at least come to terms with HIS role. He truly wants Anusaniya to be happy and wants to test out this love theory- that if you love someone you let them go and be happy. I’m glad that he’s listening to his brother and not meddling as much. Maybe he’s redeemable after all, I’m still holding my breath on this one.

Alright Soamika, do your worst, I’m sure that sound recording is going to come back and bite Ansuaniya in the ass. Let’s see how Satawat handles this one. Bring it on, Show.

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