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SO. FRICKIN. CUTE. When all of the misunderstandings fade away and pride is stripped, what you have left is just a man and his woman. Sparks fly and romance takes center stage. Grab a pillow, you might need it to silence the squeal that you’re about to express.


Anusaniya struggles to delete her sleeping pictures from Satawat’s phone but ends up pinned underneath him. They freeze at the proximity and he gently asks her the real reason why she came after him. His lips almost touches hers but she turns her head away. He concedes the bed to her that night as he sleeps outside.

Morning comes and he wakes with a blanket apparently left by Anusaniya. He notices that she’s in the restroom and can see her through the gap in the door. He creeps back slowly, lest the past repeats itself, but walks right into his island friend who wonders why he’s peeping at his wife when he must have seen everything already. Lol. Anusaniya gets out of the bathroom and looks suspiciously at Satawat.

Before heading to see ailing patients, Satawat tells her to have lunch ready. Anusaniya balks that she can’t prepare food without any money but he instructs her that money isn’t a mean to everything. She can try “asking” for help. The islanders won’t let her starve.

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And so we see her asking for instant noodles from his former housekeeper (Maream). The other woman wants information in exchange for the noodles, such as how long they’ve been married and tests Anusaniya on what his favorite color is. But Anusaniya knows none of these things only that she’s now married to him and shows Maream her ring. In the end she doesn’t get her noodles due to the woman’s jealousy. Apparently not all islanders are as hospitable.

Gina gets the cold treatment from the aunties at home – even though they all work at the same place, she doesn’t get invited to ride in the van. The maid also knows that she’s a gold digger- intentionally getting pregnant to snag a rich man. She tells her that she’s not going to get much for that baby, at least not as valuable as Anusaniya’s future kid who has been offered 30 million even before conception. Grandma scolds the maid that Gina is still Khun Lek’s wife and they all need to treat her with respect – not to mention that she’s pregnant. Gina puffs her chest but Grandma gives her the “you’re not fooling me” look. Ha, gotta love Grandma. It’s girls like Gina that gives the regular Joe a bad rap.

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Anusaniya walks along the shores lamenting that there’s no such thing as free in this world. But she spots some islanders digging for oysters and learns that it takes a whole day to fill a bucket. Upon hearing that she’s the doctor’s wife, one of them offers her an entire bucket for free. The spiteful island girl Maream spots Anusaniya cleaning oysters and chastises that the doctor won’t like her cooking. Then she steals Anusaniya’s ring that was resting on a tray.

Gina is at the hospital getting her checkup when she notices Soamika inquiring the OB doctor about Dr. Satawat’s whereabouts. The OB friend refuses to tell but Gina sidles up to Soamika and suggests they join forces. She wants to be the only one to provide an heir. Dang, don’t we have enough baddies in this show? Next we notice the island thugs getting their assignment to remove the doctor’s wife from the island.

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Anusaniya sets the table and is proud of her handiwork – oysters and fried eggs. She finally notices that her ring is missing and suspects Maream had taken it. She heads back to Maream’s restaurant with Satawat, but once they get there, Satawat merely says he wants food. Anusaniya questions why he didn’t ask Maream about her ring, but Satawat wonders why she cares since she always takes if off anyway. Ha. Anusaniya confronts Maream who denies it and complains to the good doctor that his wife is looking for trouble. Satawat asks for food which angers Anusaniya, she spats that she made food at home and if he weren’t going to eat it he shouldn’t have asked her to cook. Anusaniya storms back home alone and that is when she gets kidnapped.

Satawat returns home and notices the set table, complete with a flower and vase. He smiles at her attempt. The strange thing is the overturn plants and scattered pillows, and his missing wife.

The kidnappers are instructed to toss Anusaniya into the sea or make her their wife (ugh) per Soamika. But the kidnappers weren’t paid to their satisfaction so they decide to get a ransom out of it. Apparently Anusaniya gets them to call her uncle for the ransom money. Chayakorn and Mirantee make their way to Krabi but Mirantee informs Satawat about the kidnap since she thinks he could at least do something since he’s actually on the island.

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Satawat immediately takes charge and radios help. He searches for the culprit on boat and sure enough the police finds the location of an unidentified boat.  Satawat and the police’s boat circumvent the boat when they hear Anusaniya hollering that she’s here and has freed herself from the rope. Smart girl. And how much do I love that she beats them up? Satawat fights the kidnappers and almost gets shot at when Anusaniya smashes a bottle over the shooters head. Heh. They work together to fend off the attackers and as a last minute ditch effort, jumps into the boat together before the offender can pull the trigger.

Once they’re at a safe distance from the culprit, Satawat pulls her into his arms. Anusaniya tells him that someone ordered them to kidnap her and Satawat states that whoever is behind this won’t get away with it.

Soam’s dad finds out the latest debacle and orders his men to drag Soam back.

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Chayakorn accuses Satawat for hiring the kidnappers since he’s desperate for money. But Anusaniya stands up for her husband and guarantees that it’s not his doing. Yay! Then a shot rings out and everyone ducks for cover. Anusaniya is flanked by both men while Mirantee is alone and she peers at Chayakorn with a hurt look in her eyes. Aw, poor Mi. We know she’s in for a lot of heartbreak.

The baddies cover their tracks well and the cops can’t find additional evidence (phone) that will tie to the person who hired the kidnappers. Chayakorn tries to get Anusaniya to go home with him but she refuses out of concern for Satawat – who says he will follow her home soon and encourages her to leave. Mirantee chimes in that it’s not strange that Anusaniya wants to be with her husband at a time like this. Ha. In your face Chayakorn. The husband-wife walk head back to their home together.

Mirantee tells Chayakorn that he should learn to accept that the new hero in Anusaniya’s life is no longer him, it’s Satawat. She adds that without any money, Satawat manages to save his wife and earn her heart by the willingness to sacrifice his own life.

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Anusaniya tends to her husband’s wound and she too wonders why he would risk his life to fight off those baddies like that. Satawat replies that he couldn’t let anything happen to her. She looks touched by his admission. But she relents not to do it again next time. Satawat wonders why she didn’t call him when she was kidnapped, instead she called home. Anusaniya admits that she doesn’t have his number memorized, but from now on she will. Eee!

She feeds him rice soup and he holds her wrist and asks if she would let him sleep on the bed tonight. Rawr. She changes the subject and walks to the dresser where she finds a nightgown that he bought for her. Aw.

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Mirantee asks Chayakorn if he is mad that she spoke the truth, but Chayakorn angrily says that the doctor just after her money. Mirantee wonders if he can’t accept that Anusaniya could actually love the doctor. Chayakorn throws it back at her on whether he can’t be concerned about his niece? Mirantee tells him to stop the act since he doesn’t care about Mirantee that way. Chayakorn warns her that if she wants to stay as his girlfriend, she ought to stop instigating. Mirantee argues that no matter what she says, he’ll see it as being wrong since he doesn’t love her. She knows that he’s only using her to fool everyone and it’s not like he’s trying to forget Nuth. He tells her to leave him if she already knows the truth, but Mirantee wants him to at least try, she’s willing to hurt alongside him.

Soam’s dad scolds her that she was about to go to jail because of the doctor. He orders his minions to keep her in house arrest but Soamika spats that he ought to send her to jail. I’ll say. Maybe even somewhere with four walls and a straitjacket.

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Satawat tells Anusaniya that if anything happened to her he wouldn’t know how to make it up to her dad. Anusaniya says that if anything happened to him she wouldn’t know how to make it right with his mom either, because their lives will always have value (be meaningful) to someone else. Satawat smiles and says if she dies in the three years that they’re married, he would be her husband for three lifetimes. She says with a smile that he’s threatening her, but he warns her not to die before him. She retorts that he’s a doctor, he could heal her and they’ll live together beyond these three years. Awww. So cute over such morbid thoughts. They smile at each other through the mosquito netting that separates them and Satawat reaches his hand out for her. She takes his hand. This just makes me grin like a silly fool.

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Mirantee gets Chayakorn out of bed and ready for the day, she doesn’t waste time dwelling on heartaches or letting him be mopey. Maybe it’s the kick in the pants that he needs, but she’s certainly a lot more charitable than me.

Satawat gets called in for an emergency and Anusaniya tags along out of concern for him. She sees firsthand the importance of his work (especially on an island where hospitals aren’t readily available). The islander gifts them with some crabs. Satawat tells Anusaniya that fishermen have to go out really far to catch fish due to the touristy nature of Krabi. For this reason they end up getting really hurt or they die from it. They risk their lives every day to support their families. This gives Anusaniya a different perspective and she seems genuinely effected by it.

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Once they reach home, she wonders what will happen to the island folk if Satawat is not here. He surmises that they would probably die at home because they won’t go to the hospital: no ID, no money and some can’t speak the language. She asks if this is why he wants to come here and tend to the patients.

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Satawat relents that he’s a doctor and is around patients every day. It’s tough for these folks because they only survive day by day. He adds that some people don’t realize that they make their lives complicated and don’t appreciate that they’re alive and still breathing. Tears well up in her eyes, and as he walks by her, she wraps her arms around his waist from behind. *tear*

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“You’re right. I’ve made my own life complicated. I’m sorry that what I say don’t match what I feel. I meant to come here and apologize to you. But I can’t even seem to be honest about that either.”

He tries to turn but she holds him still, and asks to finish what she’s about to say. She holds him tight in her arms.

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“Don’t you want to know why I’ve been so afraid to weaken towards you? I’m afraid that a good person like you wouldn’t like a brat like me. It isn’t because you aren’t good enough, it’s because I’m not good enough.”

Kimberly always gets me when she cries.

Satawat turns to face Anusaniya. She asks if he could forgive her, but loses confidence when he doesn’t say anything.

Satawat takes her face into his hands and says, “I was afraid something would happen to you.. and that I wouldn’t be able to hear these words.” Aw. He pulls her into his arms and they hold each other for a while.

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That night Anusaniya prepares different dishes for Satawat, unsure of what he likes. Satawat tells her that he’ll like whatever she makes. Heh. They reminisce the first time they met, Satawat even puts his arm around her hip and says that if they hadn’t fought, who knows where they’ll be at today. They decide to let bygones be bygones and flirt over dinner. So cute.

Later Satawat teases her about getting naked (since she brought up the first time she met him, he was naked) and chases her around the cabin. He lifts her over his shoulder and twirls her around, they giggle.

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He takes her to the actual spot that he met her for the first time, floating on a coral reef. He says he was just minding his own business and someone jumped into the water and came to him. She explains that she wasn’t taking drugs, she was actually drugged. He must have thought she was a bad girl lol. He relents that at the time, she was also obsessed with her uncle. Anusaniya says that she and her uncle was never an item, she merely lied to him so she could get him off her back. He wonders if she hated him so much that she had to lie, and she nods her head. That kinda upsets him, but she quickly adds that right now she no longer hates him. She leans in and kisses him right on the lips! Kyaa!

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Satawat smiles and says that this shows she still hates him. Ha. Then he kisses her tenderly and lingeringly back. As he leans in for another kiss, the two topple into the water where he chases (swims towards her) for more kisses. He finally catches her and got his well-earned kiss. SO CUTE.

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They make it back to shore where he asks her if she remembers what happened the night he saved her. She doesn’t and he goes about rekindling those memories. They lay on the sand and he leans over her and tells her that if she were to remember anything, he’d like her to remember this very moment. He wants her to look at him just like that, and he kisses her eyes. Then he goes for her lips and they smooch.

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The morning after is just as cute as the good doctor feigns pain so he could stay in bed longer with his wife. Heh. He lays his head on her heart to make sure it’s beating correctly, and even feels her stomach to see if they’ve made a baby. Haha. OMG.

Maream fakes an illness so she could see the doctor, she’s crawled right to his front door. But both Satawat and Anusaniya knows she’s faking it and they pretend to treat her by scaring the wits out of her. Anusaniya adds that she’ll need to hand over the ring back too.

Satawat puts the ring on Anusaniya’s finger and tells her not to lose it again. She kisses him on the cheeks to thank him for helping and he pulls her back to him, but she keeps arguing and he silences her with a kiss. Hee.

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Next Satawat takes her to the clinic by the sea that he had envisioned. It’s his father’s dream but he wants to make it come true. He adds that if they have another person’s help they’ll finish it in no time.  He hugs her close and asks if she’s happy here. She nods her head but he asks if she knows what it means to find happiness. He explains that there are four elements: fresh air, living simply, helping others, and lastly, when you’re with the person you love. He says he has her to love and thus he is happy. Aw. She embraces him.

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They carry out their day in cute married bliss, like doing laundry, cooking and stealing kisses. At night they lay on the hammock, star gazing. He wants her to promise that she’d stargaze with him every night like this and she does.

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The man he saved a couple of days ago can walk again, everyone cheers. Anusaniya helps Satawat give preventative shots to the children. Once alone Satawat puts his head on her lap and let her massage away his stress, she even seals it with a kiss. Hee. I love that she’s giving as much as she’s taking those kisses.

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Back to Casa Studio, their client is back charging them for failed inspection and late deliveries and are sending the furniture back. The secretary seeks out Chayakorn for guidance since Anusaniya is on her honeymoon. The secretary adds that this is a project Anusaniya hopes would come out successful so if she hears this, she would surely be shocked. Chayakorn is angry that Anusaniya chose her husband before her work so he has the secretary try Anusaniya’s phone again.

Anusaniya and Satawat are at the police station since they caught the man who took the order to kidnap Anusaniya, unfortunately both don’t recognize the man, obviously since the real person behind this hasn’t been discovered yet. Anusaniya finally takes the call from her secretary who wonders when she’ll return. Satawat relents that they can’t abandon their work on other people so he’s willing to return to the city with her (and back to reality). He says they will have plenty of time together. They hug each other close and he tells her that wherever she is, that’s his home.

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It might have taken island time, removed from the so called real world, and even overcoming kidnapping obstacles for Anusaniya to finally come to terms with her own feelings and stripping herself of her pride. Whatever it takes, Show. But when she does surrender to them, Anusaniya does not hold back. She kicks ass when it comes to saving herself (and him), and she makes the first move to confess her feelings and stealing kisses from our hero. Now that is what I’ve been waiting for and more. Maybe it’s because they spend the first 9 episode hating each other, that this turning point in their relationship/marriage just feels so rewarding and a long time coming.

Although I fear that terrible things await them when they go “home,” I know that those challenges will serve to show us the next level of their relationship: can they withstand the test of naysayers, keep their promise of observing the starry night together, and maintain their trust in each other? Whatever trouble may come, like Satawat, I’m going to remember their sweet moment together for the rainy days ahead.

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