Lan preps Don on how they are going to shoot the commercial and Garaged walks over, demanding for her change of clothes as the female lead of the commercial. Lan helpfully informs Garaged that though she knows Garaged wants to shoot the commercial with Don soooo much, they have invited Ging to be the lead instead at Don’s request. Before Garaged can explode, Pim reminds her that Ging as Don’s cousin will be able to tell Grandma oh how very nice a person she is. That shuts Garaged up, for a while at least. Garaged asks to see Lan aside and knowing Garaged is bound to make life difficult for Lan, Pim tells Don to go change first while she goes to back Lan up. As expected, Garaged orders Lan to get her a drink but Pim steps in to offer some extra service for a special person like Khun Garaged… by chanting prayers over the drink. Haaa, Pim 1, Garaged 0. Meanwhile, Don overhears Egapon questioning Pra on whether she has really aborted their baby.

The shoot starts and it’s sweet to see Pim watching Don on screen with pride, that is until stalker Driwin shows up and KEEPS TRYING TO HOLD PIM’S HAND!!! Nth time I feel like punching him till he is unconcious and off screen. I don’t know why Pim doesn’t do the same, boss or no boss, instead of just trying to wriggle her hand away while looking very uncomfortable. Wtf is wrong with you Driwin?? Egapon sees a photo op here and secretly snaps a picture of Driwin and Pim ‘holding hands’ as chips to use again Pim in the future.

Will lakorn people ever learn to not discuss secrets when in the vicinity of the very people you are supposed to be keeping said secret from? I guess never. Ging calls Min while on break between the shoot and of course Grandma overhears their conversation and discovers the truth about Don and Pim’s fake marriage.

Moving on to part two of the shoot, the director tells Don to look mesmerized when Ging strokes his face in the giant foam pool later. Don tells Pim he doesn’t know how to do look ‘mesmerized’ so Pim gives a demonstration by stroking his face and telling Don to remember the feeling. Don thanks Pim for her help by kissing her hand and it’s so satisfying to see Driwin with that jealous constipated look on his face. A pissed of Garaged interrupts the shoot shortly after it starts and gets into an argument with Pim near the foam pool. Garaged intends to push Pim into the pool but she ends up falling inside instead. The fuming Garaged is helped away by Egapon and the shoot proceeds without further incident.

As Don comes out of the changing room post-shoot, he sees Pra nearby in visible distress. Knowing Pra’s situation from her earlier conversation with Egapon, Don offers to bring Pra to the hospital when she complains of stomach pains and naturally, they must be spotted by Pim when they leave in a taxi. Pim quickly rings Don but Don makes up an excuse about being called away by Grandma when Pra pleads with him to hide her situation from Pim. Pim is naturally worried as Pra has a history of stealing her man and Don just lied to her, making the whole thing even more suspicious. Driwin offers to send Pim home and she agrees in a fit of anger. Grandma tells Garaged and Garaged’s grandma about Don’s fake marriage to Pim and Garaged offers a plan to separate the couple without doing anything themselves.

It’s night and Pim has yet to return home. Pad asks why Don left Pim there by herself and Don responds evasively that he has ‘something on’. Knowing that it means something Don can’t let Pim know, Pad asks if Don thinks things will end simply by lying to Pim.

‘Men think that they are protecting women’s feelings by lying to them. Do you want to know how the women really think?’ Mom looks at her houseful of men and asks.

‘Well Mom, if men spoke the truth, will you be angry?’ Dad responds with a question instead.

‘Yes, but that’s better than lying because lying only makes things worse, especially when you learn the truth from someone else. When she finds it out herself, Dad can you imagine how that will go?’ Mom is addressing Dad but she really is saying it for Don’s ears.

So ladies, would you rather know the truth even if it potentially hurts or do you subscribe to the notion of ignorance is bliss?

Pim finally comes home … with Driwin trailing and we end up with both Don and Pim being aggravated. That night as both of them lie in bed, facing away from each other with eyes wide open, Don ponders over Mom’s words and attempts to talk to Pim. Pim ignores Don and instead retort, ‘Your business with Grandma, does it involve Prasinee?’ Realising that Pim knows who he really left with in the afternoon, Don keeps quiet.

‘You can’t say. We all have our own personal space that we do not need to let each other know.’ The accusing tone in Pim’s voice betray her real feelings. Pim stops any further conversation by announcing she is tired and wants to sleep but this night, neither on of them is getting a good nights sleep.

The next day as Pim reports sales figures to Driwin, he keeps interrupting with personal questions but Pim steers the conversation back to work. Finally Driwin asks if they can talk about things other than work … and Pim replies with a straightforward ‘it’s not necessary’. HAHAHAHA. But oh poor deluded Driwin is unable to understand simple Thai it seems and insists on the opposite. Hmm, I’m pretty sure Pim can sue him for sexual harassment over this but meh, pra’eks get away with worse in lakorns. Oops, Driwin’s not the pra’ek so Pim gives her ‘ok, you’re making me do this face’ and finally makes things clear to Driwin albeit still in a polite manner.

‘Khun Driwin, I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding you but I’m married, I have a husband. Whatever you want to say, I don’t think you should say it to someone who already has a husband. I still have a meeting to attend, please excuse me.’ I wish Pim had made it as clear to Driwin from the beginning but then again, back then she treated Don as part of her plan only and in her mind she was still the swinging single. By now, Don’s status in her heart has completely changed and even though the misunderstanding from yesterday makes her angry with him, she wants to give him the respect deserving of a real husband when facing outsiders and I love that.

Driwin gets a call from surprise! Garaged who tells him about Don and Pim’s fake marriage and basically suggests that Driwin take Pim away from Don, so that she can have him. Driwin doesn’t want to be made used of by Garaged but he is swayed by this new piece of information.

Back at home, Don and Pim’s cold war is still going on and her parents try to help them reconcile to no avail. Pim excuses herself to go out and Don chases after her. Don stops Pim at the top of the stairs and asks why she is so angry with him.

‘Fine, I can be not angry at you but you must tell me where you went with Prasinee.’

‘I can’t say.’

‘You can’t say???!’

‘She has some difficulties and I promised I won’t tell anyone.’

‘Khun Don! You are protecting someone who hurt me before!’ Pim is getting very frustrated with Don.

‘Khun Pim, it’s two different matters.’

‘Two different matters? Oh, so it’s none of my business right? Then I have nothing to do with you too.’

Don blocks Pim’s way to stop her from storming off and she pushes him in the heat of the moment. Don takes a tumble down the stairs and Pim runs down in panic to check on him (lol, for once it’s not the poor nang’ek who has to suffer the fall-down-the-stairs treatment). Don takes the chance to pull Pim into his arms on the floor and forces her to listen to him.

‘Listen to me Khun Pim, I just want to keep the promise I made to Khun Pra.’

‘Keep your promise? That’s all?’

‘I don’t want you to misunderstand over this.’

‘Why don’t you want me to misunderstand?’

‘Because I care about your feelings.’

‘Why do you care about me?’

Don smiles at Pim sweetly but his potential confession is cut short when the building’s friendly security guard enters at this moments and thinks Don and Pim are having some, erm, happy times. The guard offers to keep peopel away from this area so that Don and Pim can continue with whatever they were doing. Don and Pim are embarrassed but can finally smile at each other again.

Pim may not be angry at Don now (not so much anyway) but the not-knowing gnaws at her and she can’t concentrate at work. She yells that she can’t take it any more and must know the truth and Lan, Sucee and Nen go with her to find Pra. Heeh, it’s so cute how Lan and Pim are now BFFs. They find Egapon and Pra at the carpark just as Egapon is about to beat Pra and stops him in time. Pra begs them to save her as Egapon is forcing her to go for an abortion. This pisses off the ladies biiiiig time and they give Egapon a good dressing down and a good beating up. Later Pra reconciles with Pim and tells Pim not to misunderstand Don as it was she who begged him to keep her pregnancy a secret. Pim says forlornly that she has already misunderstood and given Don the full treatment.

‘You don’t have to believe what I say, but you have to believe that Khun Don is a gentleman.’ Pra vouches for Don again.

That I believe. Khun Don is such a gentleman that until now even with me he hasn’t…’ Pim trails off, realising that it was probably TMI but the rest has already caught on.

‘You mean you’ve been married to Don for so long and you haven’t …’

‘Uhm, not yet. Uhhh… Khun Don and I are … are… uhhh, not ready.’

‘Or did you refuse him?’ Lan doing a demonstration of ‘chan mai yom! Mai yom!’ is so freakin funny!!

Pim shakes her head and Sucee suddenly gasps.

‘Or is he gay???’

Dun dun dun! This freaks Pim out and they actually call Min and Ging over to ask them which way Don swings! Don has always kept a respectful physical distance from Pim ‘cos he is such a gentleman but this makes Pim thinks she holds no attraction to Don so I understand her perspective. But with the exception of Lan and Sucee, the rest knows that Don and Pim aren’t REALLY married so I’m a little puzzled as to why they are concern that Don and Pim have not done the deed. Still, it makes for hilarious conversation as the girls toss various ideas into the air for Pim to seduce Don with. Pad is also roped in and he makes up the excuse that Dad needs to go to the hospital for an overnight stay, leaving the puzzled Don alone at home. Yep, Don certainly has a big fan club, even Pim’s family is behind him on this!

Pim isn’t certain if Project Seduce Don is a good idea but Nen reassures Pim that it’s a chance for her to be clear about how she really feels about Don. If Pim doesn’t see a future with Don, she can hold back and if she does, she should go forward like her motto says and don’t look back. Pim goes home to find Don alone and they have some super narak and funny flirting before Pim tells Don pointedly that she is going to TAKE A BATH.

After a final moment’s hesitation in the bathroom, Pim decides to just go with it and takes out bottle of moisturiser to put on herself as Don enters her (now kinda their?) bedroom. Don doesn’t know where to look when Pim pulls her shirt open to show her shoulder and even asks Don if the moisturiser smells nice. Don is happily shocked and couldn’t resist taking a sniff. Don quickly excuses himself to shower before he gets carried away and Pim is disappointed by his non-reaction. It’s now Don’s turn to tell to his reflection in the bathroom to restrain himself and not to break Pim’s trust in him.

That restrain is severely tested when he comes out from the bathroom to see Pim still putting on moisturiser, this time on her long slim legs on display for him to admire. Poor Don’s resolve is close to breaking when Pim offers to put moisturiser on for him and starts touching his arms and neck. He finally holds Pim’s hand and tells her, ‘Khun Pim, I’m feeling hot.’ Cue intense stare. ‘I think I need another bath.’

Don escapes to the bathroom leaving a disappointed Pim pouting on the bed. ROFL

The next day Pim has a hilarious girl talk session with the BFF group as they dissect Don’s response and on Don’s end, he finds out from Pad what Pim’s intention was the night before. He is delighted that Pim thinks to bring their relationship to the next level and he asks for Dad, Mom and Pad’s permission. Lol. True gentleman you are Don!

Egapon lures Pim out by texting her using Pra’s phone and kidnaps her at gunpoint. Fortunately Don sees Pim being taken away and gives chase, saving her from a rape attempt by Egapon. Egapon runs away and Don takes Pim to rest at a nearby hotel. Don comforts Pim who is shaken by what happened and promises to be by her side and never let any one harm her again.

We then get a very dreamy willing scene with soft lights and music, but nothing is really shown and everything is left to your imagination. Awww. I do wish we at least got to see a real kiss and more of shirtless Don. They then have some cute pillow talk and Don finally gets to say those magic three words.

Pim tries to keep a straight face in front of Don but once he leaves to buy them supper, she rolls on the bed in embarrassed glee and squees ‘why is he so handsome tonight?’. Hahaha.

Don returns and surprises Pim by taking out the toy ring she thought he had thrown away. ‘Khun Pim, I ask for us to end this play acting. May I be your real husband?’ Pim hesitates and before the conversation can go further, the moment is interrupted by a phone call from Driwin who is calling in the middle of the night to tell Pim he misses her! Well done you creep. That call is enough to make Don walk out in a jealous fit and he sits at the veranda sadly thinking that Pim does not love him as she has not responded directly to his confession and proposal.

Alone in the room, Pim confesses aloud that she is afraid of losing face by being frank with Don about her feelings. But as she ponders over their situation, she comes to a decision, which she records on her phone. ‘Our love started from a lie. I want to change this. I will tell Mom and Dad the truth.’

Don wakes up to an empty bed the next morning and sees a note from Pim, saying she has something important to settle and to meet back at her apartment.