I love the era of the 50’s and 60’s; ballroom dancing, classical music, fancy speaking, and an air of smooth pacing where people aren’t pressed for time. It’s one of those period dramas that I don’t mind watching. Especially when The Juthathep is front and center. Who could resist the famous five gentlemen of Phra Nakhon (capital)?

Khun Chai Puttipat follows the story of the third brother in the line of Momratchawong Juthatheps, who is a young, and most capable neurosurgeon in the city (perhaps even all of Thailand) since he hailed from advance medical studies in London. His passion in life is medicine and treating his patients, as well as the receptive conditions of his patients’ family. Therefore Khun Chai Pat has no room for females in his life, let alone love. Or perhaps he just didn’t find a female worthy enough of his attention?

His grandmothers’ have other plans for him. Since his two older brothers have failed to fulfill their father’s promise- that one Juthathep son would marry one Thewaprom daughter- the pressure lies on Chai Pat, as he is next in line and a great hope for the elders. They believe that M.R. Marathee would be his perfect match since she is a nurse and can offer him understanding and support. But Marathee leaves very little to be desired, she’s fake, a gold digger, and possesses no manners to boot. No matter how much she thinks she’s playing it right, it’s all wrong, well in Chai Pat’s eyes anyway.

Perhaps he just needs a damsel to bring enough attention to her distress to alert this doctor of his gentlemen tendencies? This lady in question is Krongkaew, a struggling girl from Ayutthaya whose father falls ill and may require an operation in the city. She’s a really good kid, dutiful, hardworking and loves children (she aspires to be a teacher in the future.) Yet tough times force her to quit school and pursue pageantry, which will offer her enough money in a short span of time. But things that are too good to be true, are usually that.

A country bumpkin being deceived in the city, Kongkaew soon learns that winning first place in the beauty pageant also means earning her a spot in the old, dirty and rich man Pinit’s bed. It has been known that every beauty queen has been cycled through Pinit’s mansion, approved by his wife. The pageant coach serves as Pinit’s recruiter, sourcing and finding the best talent, or in this case, beauty for this sexually insatiable man. Upon learning of her future demise, Kongkaew decides to plead with her eyes to the kind face before her- that is, our very strict, very fierce Chai Pat, who happens to be strong-armed by his brothers to attend this lavish affair.

Chai Pat, accompanied with his younger brother Chai Phee, has a cynical view on these beauty queens. He believes that they are well aware of what they are signing up for, that they anticipate being the future mistress of Pinit. Little did Chai Pat know that he would fall in love at first sight with the new Miss Siam beauty queen. In a red bathing suit with her sad eyes, Kongkaew has him staring at her breathlessly and wondering what brings the sadness to her eyes. She should be happy right?

Upon learning of her fate that very night, Kongkaew tries to come up with the best-case scenario to avoid consummating with Pinit, and the choices leave her with self-destruction. Yet as she tumbles down the stairs- crown and cape following suit- the only doctor in the house happens to leave the premises. Chai Phee doesn’t understand it either, he has duly noted that the beauty queen has been eyeing his brother all night, as if she is crying for help, but his older brother could only watch the woman on the floor and backtrack. It is as if he is too afraid to help her, because he knows he may not be able to resist her?

Oh but he sure tried, until Kongkaew throws all of her diva moves and demand the best doctor out there to treat her. She soon finds herself in the hands of a strict, lecturing (but very young and good looking) doctor, but her biggest problem remains, how will she avoid Pinit and his guards, receive the money that she earned as being the latest Miss Siam, and finally getting her father the operation he requires? And more importantly, can she trust this Khun Chai Doctor to help her, as he has offered on many occasions? Even though he may be referring to medical/financial assistance, his fearlessness may be all the help she needs.

The plot is pretty basic, a dutiful girl who will do everything to help her dad while she meets with her cynical hero who eventually falls for the goodness of her heart. The conflict lies in Pinit and Marathee/grandmothers who will stand in the lover’s way. Will Khun Chai Doctor do the right thing? That remains to be subjectively seen- will he choose his heart over his duty?

Standout for me (so far) is Bella Ranee as Kongkaew. She had captured me in Pon Prom Onlaweng, but in this series, she’s stunning and has improved in her acting. It’s understandable that a high school girl will seek help or allot some self destruction, but at times I wonder if there are more creative ways to get out of her predicaments. James Jirayu does a good enough job in being the strict doctor, but at times I feel as if he could use a few more facial expressions. Perhaps his character doesn’t require that much emotional depth. He’s certainly a very cute doctor, but so darn young it makes you wonder whether his notorious attributes has to do more with his status and education as oppose to experiences. I’d like to see a case that challenges him and perhaps one that he fails in, so we could see a human aspect to his character- but alas, it is not a medical drama haha. So I’ll just succumb to enjoy his nice look in a lab coat and his reprimanding the nurses.

The person who surprises me though is James Ma as the adorable Chai Phee. He’s definitely growing on me and I’m curious to find out how the final part of this 5 part Gents series will waylay the melodrama. Since he’s the last remaining Khun Chai to have any potential to marry the Thewaprom girl, things are going to be interesting, and angtsy too. I’m not one for much angst, but dang, I’ve been appreciating it as of late, thanks to Khun Chai Ruj, hah. And by the way, it’s so nice to see his face again with TanYing Rasa! I still find them irresistible together.

Episode three into Khun Chai Pat series, it’s interesting enough to keep me going, because I do wonder how Kaew will prolong her stay at the hospital and whether she would seek any help from our Handsome Resident. Paging Khun Chai Doctor! In addition, I want to see whether their chemistry will continue to spark or recede into embers.


The cast


The new Miss Siam, but she’s not too happy about it.


Our neurosurgeon hero.

*Pic credit to Paajaew (the director of this lakorn- the man who brought us many koo kwans 🙂 and pic credit as tagged.)