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We learn the history of Chate aka Chane Cross, KhetTawan’s former friend and nemesis. They deem him the “hell” (on loafers, I would add) and despise him unconditionally. It’s mutual. Chane hates him too and will do everything in his power to ruin KhetTawan. But why? If you still care, you may have to wait to find out his motive, because it’s the kind of thing that is reserved for the ending y’know.

So the majority of this episode sets the premise for the audience to understand that Chate came from a pretty traumatic childhood. I do feel badly for the kid, he looks to be about 8 or 9 years old. His mother is a drunk and his father travels frequently to work on freight boats and support the family. Yet every time he comes home, his wife would take all of his money to gamble and drink, then to support her lover who is a traditional stage performer. Chate tells his dad about that lover and that his mom is planning on running away with him – the older man sees red. He storms the lover’s work place and stabs him to death. So Chate’s father goes to jail and his mom decides she wanted nothing to do with him. He pleads and runs after her, but she merely disentangles herself from him. Not only is he abandoned by his mother at a young age, when he visits his father in jail, the older man had hung himself.

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But ultimately, does that warrant such a behavior in adulthood? At what point in one’s life does one continue to blame others? Sure, the past shapes you into the person you are today, but personality and character also make a large percentage of who you are. Chate, bottom line is competitive, ambitious and vindictive. He might even be bipolar, of the severe kind. He and KhetTawan grew up together at the temple, under the guidance of the Abbott, but Chate still sees himself above the others, that he cannot live a life like this.

One day a foreigner couple who has done business in Thailand for a while and can speak the language, decide they would adopt a “child” from the temple. They have a selection of teenagers to choose from, which is rather bizarre seeing that most people tend to want to adopt younger kids, but more power to them. Upon hearing this, Chate immediately rushes to shower and present himself nicely. The foreigner couple set their caps on KhetTawan, even at first sight, but Chate tries to steer them to like him.

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At the end of the day, the Abbott summons the boys to discuss who the foreigners decide to adopt. Turns out, they wanted KhetTawan. This upsets Chate, as he feels they should pick him. KhetTawan declines the offer because he couldn’t bear to part from his sister and close friends at the temple, besides, he was able to get into the university in BKK. Without missing a beat, Chate asks to be the one to go with the foreigner couple instead. And the rest as they say, is history.

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Yet there is something that had transpired which made Chate hate and despise KhetTawan. We know this because he has set out to ruin KhetTawan’s life.

Chane Cross plays a little cat and mouse game with KhetTawan to see how much Mattana means to him. In a way, even though Chane is a horrible person and despicable, he is the one who brought KhetTawan out of his anger with Mattana. Worry always replaces anger, any day.

Mattana had gone to Phuket to see if she could explain to KhetTawan and reconcile. But when it turns out that KhetTawan is in Bangkok and wanted nothing to do with her, she decides to go to Phuket anyway to rekindle sweet memories. That is when she learned the backstory about Chate, this mysterious but bad friend of KhetTawan’s, from the Abbott. Yet she still hasn’t pieced the puzzle that Chate and Chane Cross is one and the same.

Chane uses this opportunity that he is with Mattana in Phuket to stir some revealing feelings from KhetTawan, and our leading guy walked right into his trap.

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“What a surprise that Mr. famous actor picks up a stranger’s phone call,” Chane chuckles over the phone. “It must be because pretty little Mattana is in Phuket.”

“Don’t you dare touch her!” KhetTawan roars over the phone, “she doesn’t have anything to do with this!”

He then overhears Mattana’s voice on the other end asking Chane, “Did you wait long?”

Chane hangs up to instigate it further. KhetTawan is concerned so he books the next flight back to Phuket. He consults his friend Khun Ak who orders more guards to help protect KhetTawan while in Phuket. Khun Ak couldn’t help but chastise his friend when it comes to Mattana, that she has to be in danger first in order to weaken his resolve.

“If he hurts her I won’t let him go,” KhetTawan says between clench teeth. “Even if it kills me.”

Bot overhears them talk and tries to bring Risa as her ally, she says that no one has created a reaction like this before from Khun KhetTawan. But Risa doesn’t need anyone to get a man, or so she says. But she too has an ulterior motive.

In Phuket, Chane is smug, he takes her out to dinner and pretends to accidentally break her phone. It shatters and no one could get a hold of her.

KhetTawan is frustrated and says that if anything happens to her, he would never be able to forgive himself. But by the time he is able to reach her hotel in Phuket, Mattana is out with Chane already. He gets a call from Chane again.

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Oh, picking up a stranger’s call for the second time. Indeed, you must care about this little reporter girl.”

“Let her go!” KhetTawan yells, heads in the lobby are turning towards him.

“I will ruin every girl who is close to you, like your sister, your models.. you ruined my life so I will do the same,” Chane promises.

“When did I do that to you?” KhetTawan wants to know. So do I.

But Chane has already hung up. Next he texts the angry man a picture of Mattana sleeping peacefully. This stirs up more helpless frustration from KhetTawan.

KhetTawan chats with Khun Ak over the phone again.

“She’s really with him.”

“She’s in his car,” Tawan says.

“Is she drugged?” Khun Ak asks.

“I don’t know- I tried to get a hold of her. I don’t know what else to do!”

“Just wait until he contacts you again,” Khun Ak advises.

Tawan repeats himself, “I will never forgive myself if anything happens to her..”

The next day he goes on a fruitless effort to find Mattana at a temple that has the most firecrackers, thinking that Chane is holding her hostage there. But the bad man calls him again and teases him, “You came to the right place. But it’s too late.”

“What did you do to her?”

“I just..” his voice trails for drama, “I just took her to the airport that’s all.” He’s just messing with him.

KhetTawan hangs up, hoping that is the case.

During her time at Phuket, Mattana is starting to let things go with her and KhetTawan. As she sneaks back home, and her mother catches her and gives her a hard time, she admits her defeat to her younger sister Sittee: I’m going to forget about a man who doesn’t listen to reasoning. We should just go our separate ways.

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When she goes to work the next day, Chane is still trying to court her. He leaves her a message for her to call him back, but when she does, she speaks with a rude assistant who asks her whether she was “out” of the stuff. She told him with little patience that she didn’t need anything, she’s just calling Chane back who had called her earlier. Red flag anyone? What a rude employee! Chane explains that he’s new and hasn’t been taught any manners. I always thought a trait that most reporters have is suspicion. Mattana doesn’t seem suspicious at all, she just takes people’s words for things.

Khun Ak makes it back to Bangkok and Khun Ak asks him a legitimate question, “Aren’t you going to call Matt?” Exactly. If you’re so worried just a day ago about her life in Chane’s hands, and you know that she is chummy with the bad guy, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to make sure they don’t stay in communication? You know, like let Matt know who she’s consorting with? Eh? You don’t even have to been seen while making sure that she’s ok!

But KhetTawan merely says that perhaps if he keeps himself away from her, she will be safer.

Yeah, you’ll be sorry for that.

Because what happens next is to set up a large misunderstanding.

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So as Chane takes Mattana to dinner, yet again, and showers her with attention and flowers, Mattana spots Bot from across the dining room with an older man. She immediately remembers what she reads- that Tawan’s brand is a cover-up for these high-class hookers. Bot spots Mattana too and tries to duck behind her menu. But when she makes eye contact with Chane, she immediately freaks out and rushes to the restroom. Chane slyly follows- apparently she is still doing her ‘extra’ work. He questions whether she wasn’t afraid that KhetTawan would find out? Bot only replies that he doesn’t notice her, he’s currently in love. This comment floors Chane and he grabs Bot by the throat, “in love with who? Mattana?” Bot nods her head and tells him that KhetTawan has never been like this before.

Well, more confirmation for Chane as he puts his next plan into action.

Khun Smart is in the house! He visits Waree at her work place and tries to find an excuse to take her home.

“I already gave your sister my word that I would take you home,” he says.

“Since when?” Waree retorts.

He pretends to think, “well you know, old people are like that, forgetful.” Heeh.

They see Mattana walking towards the front door.

“Are you going out for some news?” Waree asks her little sister.

Khun Smart peers at Waree, “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?”

Waree tries to block Mattana from meeting Khun Smart. But Mattana introduces herself, “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. P’Waree speaks of you frequently.”

“Does she now?” Khun Smart says, hehe.

“I do not!” Waree counters, embarrassed. She steers her sister away, but Mattana injects that she hopes to see him again.

“Not possible,” Waree says, “he’s heading back to his island now.”

They watch Mattana walk away when Khun Smart notes that her friend is cute, hah.

He gives her a teasing smile. Man, Chakrit is so cute.

Suddenly, two men on a motorcycle veers towards Siam Sarn. They take out a picture of Mattana, and when they think they saw the right person, they aimed the gun at her. Shots are fired, first at the security guard, and a couple more at Mattana. Thankfully Khun Smart is quick and saves Matt from a close gunshot. She is grazed on the forehead and passes out.

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Waree is in a state of alertness, she yells at the security guard for failing to do his job. But when she sees her little sister on the ground, unconscious, she almost loses it. Khun Smart tells her to calm down and that they need to take her to the hospital.

Ooh and our Khun Smart carries Mattana in his arms. When Mattana has been cared for, just a bandage to her forehead, she sobs at Waree.

“I didn’t think he would really do this. He used to threaten me, but I just didn’t think..” Mattana cries. We know which “he” Mattana is referring to.

“Maybe you’re misunderstanding,” Waree tries to give “him” the benefit of the doubt.

“If it’s not him then who?! I don’t have enemies out there,” Mattana retorts.

“So you know who’s behind this?” Khun Smart asks.

“We’re not sure,” Waree claims, but Mattana looks pretty convinced who did it.

When Waree and Khun Smart take her home however, she realizes it’s worse than she thinks. Her family’s home is damaged. This pisses her off even more, because he could mess with her, but he can’t mess with her family! She tells Waree as much.

She decides to confront him. Waree and Khun Smart could only tag along as they are afraid that should KhetTawan is behind this, Mattana would be in danger. I do love watching Waree and Khun Smart together, bickering all the time. When they got into the car, Khun Smart motions for Waree to sit in the front seat, because he’s not their chauffeur, hehe.

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Mattana storms the hotel room, catching sight of KhetTawan from across the hall. She stomps towards him and launches herself at him. Tears flowing down.

“I hate you I hate you!” she pounds at his chest.

KhetTawan grasps both of her wrist in his hands, trying to stop her from beating on him.

Waree wants to step in but Khun Smart holds her back.

“It’s fine if you just kill me. If you don’t want me to be happy, just kill me alone, but why must you hurt my family too?!” Mattana cries.

KhetTawan is confused, he watches her sob and hears her saying that she didn’t do anything wrong.

“What are you talking about?” he questions. “What did I do to you?”

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know!” Mattana shoves at his chest.

“Stop your craziness!” he yells, “Calm yourself down in that seat. If you don’t explain, how am I supposed to know?”

Mattana pulls herself together and walks to the couch.

“The tsunami has calmed down a bit,” Khun Ak says quietly to Waree, who tells Khun Smart to let her go. I think he enjoys “holding her back” too much.

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“What happened to your head?” KhetTawan asks Mattana, who is still crying but has calmed down.

“How can you ask me that?” she retorts. “You hired someone to come after me.”

Waree cuts in, “Don’t pretend like you don’t know! You hired someone to kill her!”

Khun Smart gives her the warning look, heeh. “Give him a chance to speak.”

“You must be misunderstanding- he will never do that,” Khun Ak explains.

Waree focuses her laser eyes on him, “You’re his friend, you must be an accomplice!”

“You must be Sarawaree,” KhetTawan interrupts. “She has told me a lot about you.”

Khun Smart again tries to calm Waree down, who is getting even madder on her friend’s behalf.

“Will anyone tell me what happened?” KhetTawan questions in frustration.
Since the girls are silent, Khun Smart chimes in, “someone shot at her.”

Well, that’s a way to draw KhetTawan’s attention!

Our guy surely fell in Chane Cross’ trap. The intensity finally picked up towards the final bits of this episode, where Mattana storms KhetTawan’s hotel room with her accusations. The two has some serious trust issues in each other. One thinks the other is capable of publically ruining his reputation, while the other thinks he’s capable of killing her. Gee whiz, will they play nice already? Well, not when Chane Cross is still around! Will we ever find out the motive behind his mantra “I will ruin every woman who comes close to you because if you could ruin my life, I will ruin yours?” This will all play out in two more episodes.