The story continues where we left off from the intense final bits of last week’s episode, where Matt launches herself at KhetTawan, angry that he would hire someone to kill her, but mostly because he dared to hurt her family.

“So is anyone going to tell me what happened?” KhetTawan demands clarification.

“Matt got ambushed,” explains Khun Samah (originally I thought it was Khun Smart, my hearing isn’t well, until I read the synopsis for Mon Jantra and realized Chakrit’s character name is Khun Samah.)

“Is that true?” KhetTawan asks, “I thought she was being sarcastic.”

Mattana tears up, as if anyone would be sarcastic about her possible death.

“It is true,” answers Khun Samah. “Luckily it was only a graze.”

Mattana could only glare at KhetTawan through eyes swimming with tears.

“Then when we took Nong Matt home,” Khun Samah continues, “her house was robbed.”

KhetTawan and Khun Ak are both shocked.

“But nothing went missing. The robbers didn’t steal a darn thing,” Khun Samah volunteers the info.

“But Matt’s bedroom got searched the most,” Waree adds angrily, “just admit it! Matt has never had any problems with anyone else except for you. And you used to threaten to hurt her too.”

“I did not do it,” KhetTawan declares. “There’s no way I would do something like that.” He turns to Mattana, “the more it has to do with Mattana, the more I wouldn’t be able to do it.”

“Don’t weaken!” Waree comes to Mattana’s side.

Heeh, and Khun Samah steers Waree away.


“Are you still mad at me about those photos?” Mattana asks with a shaky voice.

“That’s over and done with,” he replies. “I was wrong for losing my senses- for not willing to listen to your explanations. If I didn’t get angry and lose my temper, I would realize that a person like you isn’t capable of doing something like that.

“When you saw me, you didn’t look at my face- you didn’t even talk to me,” she says, “You wouldn’t pick up my phone calls.”

Khun Ak chimes in for KhetTawan, “the more he loves someone, the more he can be angry at them.”

KhetTawan glares at his best friend, who smartly side step him. Backing away he says, “he’s sulky- do you get it Matt?”

Khun Samah puts his arm around Waree, “I get it.” Hehe. Waree pinches his chest with irritation. They are so much cuter than our OTP..

KhetTawan takes a seat by Mattana and apologizes. She looks as if she has already forgiven him.

“Just forget it,” Mattana urges, “let’s consider it a nightmare.”

“After we saw you at the airport, we tried calling you several times but you wouldn’t pick up,” Khun Ak tells her.

“My cellphone broke,” she explains.

“Ponn was so worried about you, he followed you all the way to Phuket but you missed each other again.”

The two stare into each other’s eyes as Khun Ak continues, “when he learned that you were safe, he came back to Bangkok.”

Waree looks like she is about to burst, she couldn’t stay still. “Do you really believe him?” Mattana nods her head. “Then who is responsible for ambushing Matt? Don’t say that they got the wrong person?”

“After following Mattana back to Phuket,” KhetTawan starts, “I now know who is responsible for this.. my old friend. But a person like him shouldn’t be called my former friend. I made him lose a fortune so now he is after me for everything.”

KhetTawan recalls the past; Chane Cross created a fortune from dirty deeds. He opened a club as a cover-up for human trafficking and prostitution. He would sell the women to different countries. He would get them addicted to drugs (even physically abuse them) so they can’t go anywhere. He never sees women on the same level as him.

“If you know to this extent, why don’t you call the cops?” Khun Samah questions.

“He’s a smart person, he was able to get away every time,” says KhetTawan.

“It’s painful to see a vile person like him still around,” Khun Ak adds.

“My younger sister fell in his trap too.”

“Was she sold then?” Waree questions.

KhetTawan tells the story of the past again, how Parn was tricked by Chate, who had asked Parn to run away with him. When she did, he would call KhetTawan to instigate. KhetTawan goes to Chane’s club to search for his younger sister, but he meets his mother who has been working for Chane all this time. And the drama continues. His mother would rather work for Chane than to find her own son. She’s a real piece of work, she tells him to get the hell out of her life.

As he is telling the story, Mattana is sound asleep. Who could blame her?


“So your sister really was captured by him?” Khun Samah questions.

“She was tricked and was trafficked to a different country. “

“Why is he so evil?” Waree asks rhetorically.

“He’s worse than you could imagine,” adds Khun Ak.

“He knows that I wouldn’t dare do anything to him, my mother was his scout. But he underestimates me,” KhetTawan begins telling the story about how he got the cops to bust Chane’s club. Chane open fires with the cops and he gets away again. Why isn’t he on the cop’s “most wanted” list then? It also turns out that his own mom gets arrested but he is able to save his sister. But alas she didn’t live long after getting so drugged up, neither could his mother, who died scolding him.

Waree tells them that Mattana is asleep because she’s under medication.

They talk about the woman who he was framed for murder.

“But I still don’t understand why your “friend” would hurt Mattana too,” Waree says.

“He’s vindictive,” KhetTawan says, “he wants to come after me for everything. He wants to hurt anyone who means anything to me.”

Khun Samah questions, “so what are you going to do now?”

“Put him in jail!” Waree says.

“We can’t, we need evidence. I’ve tried to catch him many times but he is able to escape every time.”

“And who exactly is he?” Waree asks.

“His name is Chate. But he has changed his name so many times, it’s hard to keep up with it.”

Khun Samah pulls Waree out of the room.

“How can you leave Matt with a person that we can’t trust?” Waree questions, upon saying the word “trust,” Khun Samah covers his hand over her mouth hehe, only because KhetTawan is coming up behind them.

“Don’t worry, when Matt wakes, I’ll take her home right away,” Tawan assures.

“Great, then Waree and I will leave now-“

“Take good care of Matt or else!“ she warns KhetTawan.

“Please don’t be concerned, I am prepared to care for her for the rest of her life.”

Khun Samah extends his hand out to KhetTawan, “a pleasure to meet you.”

KhetTawan shakes it, “likewise and thank you again for helping Mattana.”

“It’s my specialty, you can ask Waree,” Khun Samah pats her face, haha. He pulls her out of KhetTawan’s condo.

“Matt will be afraid, we brought her here and are now leaving her!” Waree says when they are out of ear shot.

“You really can’t tell how Khun KhetTawan feels about Nong Matt?” he questions. “She’s safe with him,” Khun Samah says.

“No man is trustworthy enough,” she replies. “She’s drugged too.”

“Nong Matt spent weeks with Khun KhetTawan, if he wanted to do anything to her, he’d done it already. He doesn’t seem like a person who would hurt women who can’t fight back. He is also willing to tell us about his mother and sister. Don’t look at him in such a bad light.”

“I’m just not certain. People these days cannot be determined by their looks anymore. He may appear handsome but he could be deceiving us,” she reasons. “Don’t forget that he’s an actor and he’s won best actor too!”

Khun Samah believes that KhetTawan is a good guy. He was worried when he heard that Matt was ambushed.

The two bicker a little more and leave, they are so cute.


Khun Ak and KhetTawan says how terrifying Khun Waree is, lol. They are glad that Mattana was the one who interviewed them, if it was Khun Waree, she might even burn down their house. The two decide to take Mattana home, but when they try to take her home, her entire household is fangirling over him. They make the dad open the door so they could change their clothes and ready their faces. No one bothers to care that Mattana is being carried in KhetTawan’s arms. Lol.

Chane’s minion reports that they couldn’t find the pearls in Mattana’s home. Chane is convinced that Matt is head over heels for him. He has them watch over Matt’s home, he wants his darn pearls back at all cost, even if he needs to sell the entire family.

But even his minions don’t like him. They feel that KhetTawan is the sole person that Chane is still afraid of, and the only person that can help them. But will he seek out KhetTawan’s help?


Mattana wakes up the next morning, disoriented. She isn’t sure how she got home that night so Matt inquires her younger sister.

“Did you know the whole household is jealous of you?”

“Why would they be?”

“Well the handsome hero carried you in his arms all the way to the bed.”

“Really?” Mattana is surprised.

“Yes- he sat and talked to our parents for awhile too. They are all amazed. If P’Nok was here too, you’d have competition,” her younger sister teased. “It’s unbelievable that the most clumsy girl has the most handsome boyfriend.”

“Nonsense..” Matt tries to deny it.

“You can tell by the way he looks at you!”

“It’s because of him that I’m hurt like this,” says Matt.

“Was he there when you fell?”

“Is that what he told you what had happened?”

“Yes, but I don’t believe it,” Sittee says.

“It’s whatever he says..” Matt confirms.

She tries to change the subject by noting that Sittee got her room cleaned up so quickly.

Sittee says that it’s a good thing her two turtles are ok. It turns out, Sittee has left those pearls in the turtle tank.

Chane calls his minion to get the pearl again, this time to steal expensive things so it looks like they were robbed. Chane also threatens that if he betrays him, he would kill him like his partner.

Just as he says this, the minion sees KhetTawan’s car driving towards Mattana’s house. He asks his boss to send other people in but this infuriates Chane (he’s really psycho) and he tells the minion to keep an eye on the house.

KhetTawan is starting to tell Sittee about all of Mattana’s clumsy moments in Phuket when Mattana walks in. She shoos her sister away.

“How’s it going?” he asks after her condition.

She tells him that her head still hurts and she’s dizzy, so he advises that maybe she should stay in bed.

“I’ve slept enough,” she replies. “I apologize about yesterday..”

“I should be the one to apologize,” he says. “If it weren’t for me you wouldn’t be hurt and your house wouldn’t be damaged either.” He peers at her, “But I’m happy that it did happen, it made you come to see me first.”

She shyly looks away, “are you being sarcastic?”

They smile at each other.

They take a walk in the yard. “So when will you finish my story?” he asks Mattana, who tells him that it would be this Friday. He is surprised at the quick turnaround time. She tells him that she’s been working on it for too long. She says that typically the newspaper comes out on Monday but due to his high profile story, her boss wants her to turn in her work by Friday. KhetTawan is curious why, then learns that her boss fears he would sue so the lawyer will review it first. KhetTawan is amused.

“Let’s do this,” he starts, “you can turn it in on Saturday. I will be here everyday with you and will review it for you as well. Don’t forget that I have a law degree too.”

“That’s right.”

“If I read something that displeases me, I’ll know what to sue on- no lawyer can contend with me,” he boasts.

“Of course, it’s your story,” she makes a face at him.

They peer at each other shyly on the swinging bench. Mattana walks KhetTawan out and he tells her to stay inside and keep safe. He’s overly worried about her and wants her to have a gun. KhetTawan offers her a gun to protect herself, this freaks her out a little as she doesn’t know how to use it. He tells her to have it ready just to scare her perpetrators; she doesn’t need to know how to use it. KhetTawan says to do it for his peace of mind.

“Now go inside, I will wait outside until your dad comes home.” Yeah, the boy is adamant that she’s safe. It’s endearing.


As she walks towards the gate again, he spins her around and embraces her.

“I’m so pleased that you are safe. I’d like to keep you by my side all the time. I can’t stand that you’ll be in danger.”

Mattana doesn’t know what to say. “I might be in danger because I can’t breathe,” she teases instead. He lets her go and they smile widely at each other.

That night Matt tries to concentrate on the story. But texts back and forth with KhetTawan instead. They send emoticons and images to each other, expressing how they’re feeling right now.

The next morning KhetTawan comes to see her again with a basket of fruits. The only person who’s not excited about KhetTawan is her older sister who is a nurse. She’s wary about him, thinks he has ulterior motives. He notices that her sister is cold towards him as well.

Every day, as KhetTawan promises, he comes to see Mattana and reviews her story. Their relationship- if that is a status for them- flourishes the more time they spend with each other. He charms her mom- and Matt catches her mom looking forward to his visits every day. The entire house is star struck. Mattana enjoys watching her mom falling for KhetTawan too.

Her mom teases her in front of KhetTawan, that she doesn’t know how to cook, wash her clothes or anything, in exception to doing the dishes, at least not all of the plates are broken.

“See this,” her mom says to KhetTawan, “how am I going to have men courting my girl when she’s like this?” But her mom winks at Mattana, wanting to get a reaction from Khettawan.

“You never know mom, not all men want a woman who’s good at housework,” KhetTawan responds.

“What is your ideal wife then?” her mom asks.

“We’re not all born to be good at the same things. Finding a wife that is good with housework is easier than finding a wife that will help you think. Someone who understands you, supports you at all times. Most importantly, she is ready to open her heart and forgive you always. It’s hard to find (this woman.)”

“I know someone,” her mom says, “I’d like to introduce you to her.”

This causes Matt and Tawan to look at each other with shy smiles.

The doorbell saves the moment, it’s Waree and Khun Samah! They are so cute together!

Heeh and we get more Chakrit and Aum moment.

Tawan tells Khun Samah that he has to see her frequently because he doesn’t feel that she’s safe.

“That’s good. I use the same excuse frequently,” says Khun Samah in regards to Waree, hehehe. “It’s too bad you can’t catch the person who hurt her. “

Khun Samah is relieved that KhetTawan is taking care of Matt now, so Waree can feel happier in following him back to the island.

“Don’t tell me that you both are about to have good news?” KhetTawan surmises.

Khun Samah laughs.


The girls talk in Matt’s room.

Waree has a change of heart for KhetTawan. She thinks that he’s not too bad after all. She blames it on Khun Samah. She tells Matt that she may have to return to the island with Khun Samah too. She says that she has to go back for more news about gems on the island. She denies that she wants to return at all, hehe. The girls tease each other.

“It looks like our gang “3 Musketeers” is breaking up now,” Matt points at Waree.

Mattana continues to work on her story. KhetTawan tells her he doesn’t like one photo and asks not to include it. But she asks to keep it because she took the photo and she loves it. She starts to sulk but he promises that he won’t take anything else out.

She stomps outside. “If I’m afraid that the past would repeat itself, I wouldn’t show you the photos.”

“You’re still mad at me?” he asks.

“No.. I mentioned earlier that I was never mad. If it were me, I would do the same. It might even be more harsh.”

“Those photos, it’s like a bomb waiting to tick for me. I never know when it would explode. It’s the bane of my existence.” Just thinking about it makes him angry.

“Did you burn them?”

“I did, but what use will it do? He has the originals. He could reprint them.”

“I’m still wondering how those photos got into my hotel room. At first I thought it was my boss who sent it, but he says no. Someone must have sent it to the front desk and the receptionist must have thought they were the photos that I’ve printed.”

He nods his head, “outside of your family in BKK, does anyone in Phuket know that you are a reporter?”

She thinks about it, “the employees at the hotel know..”

I wonder if she will tell him that she knows Chane Cross. Of course this will have to wait until the finale!

[I apologize, I’m mentally exhausted from work and pressed for time today so forgive me for any non lucid thoughts or grammatical errors. Hopefully you’ll get the gist of the episode. I’m still not sold on the chemistry between Aum and Yaya (even though I do love them separately,) because watching Chakrit and Margie allows me to see the difference. At any rate, until tomorrow folks! * Pic credit to NYFamily FB]

As a side note, Aum looks really hot with his hair gelled back in this photo (3 Musketters concert):