It was a dark and stormy night when a mother was separated with her infant child, amidst a blazing fire that scorched the hospital in Chiang Mai. The infant’s basinet fell into the stream, floating away from her crying birth mother. Resting on the baby girl’s chest lays a necklace with a ring and family pendant that will form as the only remaining evidences to the baby girl’s true heritage.

20 years later, the mother, hailing from a high pedigree, Khun Ying Nappa-Dara still has recurring nightmares about her missing child. She has not moved on and deems it all too painful to bear and wishes to cease living, which in effect pains her father to no end. He regrets his behavior 20 years prior when he worried more about his family honor than his daughter, causing her to seek refuge in Chiang Mai.

But things must change. There has got to be a way to end his daughter’s torment. He finally decides to search for his missing granddaughter by hiring his trusted lawyer to investigate her whereabouts, instructing the man that the orphan should possess a few key evidences to her birthright. Armed with a replica of the necklace, the lawyer (Prap) embarks on the journey to find the missing Khun-Nu.

The current subject of discussion resides in an orphanage in Chiang Mai, well-adjusted to her small, quiet life. Raised by the nuns, Korya (Cherebelle) is grateful and smart, simply the good and best example of an orphan who has no wish for more. Payia (Monchanok) on the other hand, is an unruly and realistic (if in the extreme) example of an orphan who craves for more, for riches and is willing to extort or do anything necessary to achieve it.

Korya’s beloved orphanage became threatened when the landowner’s son, Idisuan (Yuthana) announces that his father would like to build a resort on the land and demands that the entire inhabitants move out. Idisuan’s presence is a blow to Korya in many ways. First, she did not think that he is a nice man. While she was riding on the bike with her friend Chitupong (who is blind to boot), the man acted like he ruled the road and hit her with his bike. Not only did he not apologize for his rude behavior, he insulted her further by offering money and proceeded to kiss her when she bruised his ego. It was only fair, in Korya’s opinion, to throw the rock against the car’s window. Unfortunately for her, he came to be a man whom she needed to be on good terms with.

Desperate, Korya seeks him out at his hotel, hoping to ask for some time to prepare the orphanage’s move, even though she’s secretly hoping that she will find a way to bail them out. Little did she know that she will find a half-naked Idisuan with a sculpted physique who had just finished with the laps in the pool. These two even while they were bickering upon first encounter, have some serious chemistry.

Idisuan could no more help her regarding the land situation than he could help himself. He’s not on exactly good terms with his father. There are the usual contentions of bitter resentment from Idisuan to his father, who is mean, ruthless and a womanizer.

In addition to the threat of losing the orphanage, Korya encounters news that will turn her life upside down and inside out. The man she meets outside of the orphanage immediately is taken by her pendant and ring. He terrifies her by reaching for her hand, unable to hide his joy in finding the most prized possession, her.

Come to learn, Korya is the sole heir of Khun Ying Nappa-Dara, no longer the orphan she believes she will be for as long as she shall live. She has no desire to meet her birth mother, much less be an heir of anything. She is content with her life in Chiang Mai, living with meaning. But the lawyer is quick to point out that her birth mother is wealthy (beyond imaginations) so she could ask the older woman to rescue this orphanage, and any other orphanage imaginable. Korya consents to meeting her birth mother with reservations. She is adamant that her life will remain the same.

Meanwhile back in Bangkok, the entire household is jumping for joy at the prospect that they will reunite with the missing child. It is a miracle. But happy endings are not so quick and the reunion, not so seamless.

Payia’s ambitions came to the forefront when she takes the opportunity into her hands. As they are traveling from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, the car encounters a terrible accident, taking the lives of the lawyer and the head nun. Korya and Payia are the sole survivors. While Korya is hurt and attempting to crawl back to the bodies, Payia gets a hold of a large branch and blasts Korya’s head with it. She steals the necklace from Korya and claims that from this moment on, she is the sole heir of the Sukonteewawong. There are no witnesses or other evidences that will deny her otherwise.

So Payia makes her way to the mansion and claims her spot as Khun Ying’s daughter.

Idisuan’s Mercedes happens by the wreck a short while after. He discovers Korya on the ground, unconscious and covered in blood. He rescues her and soon discovers that upon coming to consciousness, Korya has lost all memories of her past. Idisuan uses this opportunity to fabricate that he is her boyfriend and that they are getting engaged.


Talk about weaving plots together. Long lost families. Heir of wealth. Amnesia. Slap and kiss. Identity theft. X-Act Production. I need not say more.

Embark on this ride with Gorya and Idisuan as they encounter many, many more conflicts that will test their wills, character and ultimately their true destinations.

Tis a love scheme, evil scheme indeed.