It’s madness. Simply madness. I know I complain about remakes and yet, all I watch and anticipate are remakes. Haven’t you taken a good look at my upcoming project list? Well, I’m going to add Pon Prom Onlaweng (Tumultous Destiny/Fate) to my radar. Not for Boy Pakorn. Not for Bella Ranee (since I’ve no idea who she is..) but simply for the memories of PPO (which featured Dodo and Ann Siriam way back when.) It’s one of those older lakorns that challenges clichéd lakorn plots, stretches your emotional acceptance and manages to make you laugh at the same time. It is a rom com after all.

The plot surrounds a grown woman who body swaps with a five year old due to an accident. She gets immersed into the little girl’s life, the family drama as well as her very handsome uncle: the doctor and pr’ek. Not only does she have to resolve her inherent problem, but she must figure out a way to get back to her body!

Cool? No? I’ll definitely be tuning in. I’m just a little bummed that they didn’t pick out an established, super hot pr’ek (like maybe Tik or even Ken T to play the doctor/uncle, sigh, because Dodo back then had me fangirling so much.) But I am willing to give Boy Pakorn another chance..

Here’s the OST for the old lakorn- yeah, an old fart like me remembers this.

Here’s the fitting for the new one:

Aside from the body swap lakorn in Pim Mala, this is the only other one I can remember that has an interesting romance twist. It’s almost ridiculous how I am looking forward to this plot remake more than the plots of Maya Tawan and Dao Reurng. That’s saying a lot.