Dr. Pathawee (Boy Pakorn) boards an airplane back to Thailand and his life will never be the same again. With one glance, a quick sidelong look, and he is instantly drawn to her. This is the beginning of a problem that doesn’t take root until later: the start of an intertwined destiny with an attractive woman who is returning to her hometown after two years of studying abroad.


The aforementioned man belongs to a wealthy family, instead of pursuing his idled birthright, his compassionated heart and talented mind steered him to becoming an esteemed brain surgeon instead. He is smart, talented and rich. Not to mention in possession of a big and kind heart. What girl wouldn’t want a piece of this fine specimen? (Minus the notorious facial hair that is.)

But Tanyong (Bella Ranee) has her eyes only for her boyfriend, whom she wants to surprise with her return. She feels guilty for a two year hiatus of their relationship, but trusts that he is as loyal to her as she is to him. Tanyong is naïve and wishful, but a likeable woman. She has a perfect little life, parents who get along and a score of girlfriends who takes her out about town. Even her boyfriend, who is a workaholic, knows where his priorities lie.

But things start to fall apart for Tanyong. Her heart gets torn into pieces when she learns that her boyfriend, now fiancé, has been sleeping with another woman, his secretary no less. For the past two years, they’ve been getting it on while she was studying abroad, remaining chaste for him. The betrayal deems too much for her so she runs away from the reality and drinks herself into oblivion, wishing she could be a kid again so she doesn’t have to encounter such heartbreak.

Dr. Pathawee, appearing to be more and more the perfect gentlemen (he doesn’t smoke or drink!), recognizes the woman’s face at the bar to be the same woman he was entranced with at the airport. He notices a couple of men appearing to mean her some harm and tries to help her. Unfortunately he was paged back to the hospital for his niece who had fallen down the stairs. Tanyong is then bullied by the ruffians who forced her to drive into a ditch.

The drawback in Dr. Pathawee’s perfection lies in his rich yet broken family. The family owns a conglomerate as well as a hospital, ran by his grandmother. He lost both parents to cancer and they are survived by three sons. His eldest brother is overshadowed by his domineering and greedy wife, they have two daughters who are over trained, doubly spoiled and bullies. His middle brother is a workaholic with a melancholy wife, and together, they make a meek, melancholy daughter- Nong May. Due to her sensitivity, she is both cherished and championed by Grandma and Dr. Pathawee.

Nong May lives an unstable family life. Her mother cannot protect her from her evil Aunt nor evil cousins. Her father is always working, and she’s in a constant state of depression. Unless she is with her Uncle Wee (Dr. Pathawee,) whom she develops an abnormal attachment to. He fills the void of being both male figure and protector. She adores him.

Both Nong May and Tanyong are in a state of severe heartbreak. At the same time, they encounter an out of body accident that takes their soul into the black void. Episode one sets the background to the story, of the necessity that Nong May and Tanyong’s life needs some help, something to make them develop into the person they need to be.

And that’s why pon prom onlaweng occurs; the swapping of bodies and intertwining of destinies.

Bella Ranee is gorgeous and she plays the naïve Tanyong well. Nong May just breaks my heart when I watch her, she is so in need of someone to champion her, above the capabilities of her great grandmother and beloved Uncle Wee. She needs a grown woman to possess her body and teach everyone a little lesson. Will possessing the body of a little girl offer the only means for Tanyong to fall in love, for real? With someone who is truly worthy of her? I’m curious to see how this body swapping lakorn will play out. For once, I am drawn to Boy as Dr. Pathawee. His quiet demeanor yet kind heart works well on me. How will he react to his niece who isn’t his niece?

Episode one in and I’m intrigued.