2012 brought forth an eclectic selection of lakorns, thereby creating only a limited number of lakorns that may suit our particular tastes. We have spiritual, sixth sense genre, romantic comedy, action and over the top melodrama. So if you are a romcom or action enthusiasts, than you may find only a few that makes it to your good and enjoyable lists.

Good & Excellent

The lakorns listed under good are surprising hits to me. I didn’t expect to enjoy them so much, because not only do they challenge the typical plots, they excelled in giving us a full story.


janieporHong Sabat Lai is an action/melo drama about Nay who witnessed her parents massacre and was separated from her brother for ten years. She returns to Thailand to seek justice for her parents death and reunite with Wee. This love triangle series tests the theory of proximity and love, as well as doing the right thing. It was a sad yet thrilling ride to watch Nay and Rabin realize their love for one another. Although it was good, it didn’t set off my severe fangirling for the pair. I actually admired the chemistry between Janie and Art Pasut more even though they were not meant to be.


Mam Gam Dang challenges the cliched plot of two leading characters pretending to be married. Instead, we have a forbidden love between a brother and his sister in law. Ana pretends to be her best friend’s pregnant wife to prevent him from an arrange marriage. Little did she know that she will fall for his older brother instead. The overall delivery is good, but the script and pacing required a lot of work, the ending fell completely flat for me. I hate to see such a promising story and characters end in such a mess.


Mook Liam Petch is another action drama but made completely funny because of the leading lady, Mookda. The drama surrounds a missing adorella and the mystery behind the true thief. Mookda pretends to love Petch (adorella owner) so she can get closer to him and investigate the missing jewelry. The theme is that things don’t always appear as they seem. Mookda isn’t the ditzy socialite that she wants everyone to think. Petch’s besties aren’t merely friends with him because they love him. Overall, it was a fun watch, but the story focused too much on the failures of Petch and not too much on the romance aspect. As you know, I watch lakorns for the fluff.


The Sixth Sense is written by the same writers as 4 Hearts of the Mountain, so it’s only natural that they feature the love stories of multiple couples. Five girls are born with sixth sense, given to by the powers of the Abbott. These girls are destined to help the dead and in doing so, will help them meet their soul mates. It is fast paced, funny and entertaining.


Raak Boon on the other hand, examines the sixth sense ability in a different light. What if you can achieve or receive anything in exchange for your servitude? A box of holy source is your master and can wreak havoc or grant you your deepest desires. Jae finds herself indebted to this box, which turns on her because she refuses to do its bidding. What I like about this drama is the morbid feel, cinematography, as well as the values that exist in the core of our leading lady. Her refusal to change, and stubbornness to conform to anyone’s unreasonable standards, be it via the main guy or anyone else for that matter, is refreshing. The pacing is fast and with 11 episodes, it just doesn’t have time to drag. Although the leading man can be persuaded, he’s sharp and is the character that receives the most development.


Rak Kerd Nai Talad Sode is an easy going, fun run through the fresh food market on behalf of Thong. It is enjoyable in its own unique way, mainly due to Mario Maurer, whose character falls in love with Kimlang and must overcome her mother’s disapproval, as well as saving the market from competitor’s wrath. Thong’s infectious presence transforms those around him.

The top three lakorns of the year not only accomplishes those things that the “good” lakorns do so well, but they also ignite my fangirling and makes me so happy and smile so much while watching them. Mr. Prap & Napdao, Khun Tum&Cha-aim, and lastly, Athit and Darunee will forever hold a special place in my heart.


I actually watched the three lakorns in reverse. Num Banrai Gup Wanjai Hiso aired first, but the beginning took a little too long to get me invested so I moved on to other dramas. Fortunately I circled back and I’m so glad I did, because I have fallen irrevocably in love with the storyline, script and especially, the cast and crew. This romcom centers around Napdao Wowzap, a bright, cunning and gorgeous socialite. She is destitute but is adamant to continue her frivolous life. The only way to save her way of life is to marry into fortune. She sets her cap on a rich businessman but his mother demands her investment in their company’s stocks in order to prove that Napdao is as wealthy as she claims. Napdao then recently comes into a new fortune: a farm land that her father left for her. But there is a caveat, the co-owner is Mr. Prab a vet and rancher, and she must convince him to sell the piece of land so she can use it to purchase the stocks and thereby saving her way of life. Mr. Prab and Napdao bargains that if she could work successfully on the farm for three months, he would agree to sell the land- although he has no intentions to keep her around for three months. Through this experience, Napdao is brought to realize her true self- that the hi so is only a facade and that deep down- she’s a farm girl at heart. Num Banrai does a good job developing her arc, interwoven the cast and characters to the overall storyline, and provokes the question of, can money buy happiness?

Most importantly, the banter and battle of wills between the cast is an utmost joy to witness. Sweet Amy and Napdao, as well as the interactions between Napdao and Mr. Prab. Speaking of the devil, who doesn’t want a Mr. Prab in your life? Although the ladies in his life seem to think that he is not privy to the female wiles and manipulations, he’s not blind to them and every now and then, ends up surprising them with his intelligence. Moreso than that, he is kind, generous and oh so sweet. Peter does a great job playing this quirky, sweet character. And his chemistry with Chompoo is palpable. Can you tell how in love I am with this drama?

Screen Shot 2012-11-06 at 3.43.47 PM

Kitchen Scholar and This Land is Our Land are both remakes that are done really well. Kitchen Scholar is a story about Amika impersonating a maid to research materials for her scriptwriting contest. She meets her biggest obstacle, Khun Tum, who is bright and suspicious. He is determined to oppose her at every turn. Their distrust in each other inevitably brings them to a head in the end, when things could have worked out, but both are too reticent to give in. Until they come to terms with each other’s weakness, then they are able to have their happy ending. It’s a funny, romantic, easygoing drama that suits the romcom fans perfectly. Not to mention, it is produced by our Miss Ann T, and discovering that she can produce as well as act, just makes me respect her even more.


Where Kitchen Scholar aims to please, This Land is Our Land aims to give us a message. Love the land you’re in and it will only love you back. What does all that gibberish mean anyway? This Land covers all aspect of growing up and its unfortunate side effects. Athit dreams of being a farmer, so when he learns that his grandmother is willing to pay for his siblings college expenses in exchange for his muscles at the farm, he agrees wholeheartedly. There he meets his opposer, Darunee who feels threatened by his presence because one, she suspects he’s going to swindle grandma’s fortune and two, he’s grandma’s true kin. So, Darunee does her best to make his life a living hell. She succeeds and causes the largest debacle in his life, and the second half of the drama takes us on a journey to rectify it. The two fall in love through their shared love for the land, and we watch them overcome obstacles of adolescent into adulthood, and invariably, their own hearts.

Love these three dramas to pieces!

Did Not Finish

Unfortunately, 2012 also procured some not so exciting ones. I placed Ubatheehet on the hair pulling list because if I had things my way, I would probably have dropped it by episode 4. The only lakorn under “Did Not Finish” list that I would consider going back to watch pra’nang scenes is Qi Pao, just because I am Ann T’s fan.


Ubatheehet is hair pulling worthy because aside from the chemistry between the leading characters, the storyline, pacing and overall plot leaves very little to be desired. I’m tired of seeing the leading lady victimized by everyone, we have a rather pathetic and stupid leading man (come on writers, as viewers we actually want to like our main guy, not despise), and just a boatload of unnecessary cardboard box villains. I would not recommend this drama, unless you’re a true Aump-Om fan and only want to see their scenes together. It’s just not worth it. Which brings me to the next deal, I will NOT be recapping anymore channel 7 dramas, they just seem to find away to ruin it for me.

In regards to the “did not finish” list, for whatever reason, it did not compel me to continue. For example, Qi Pao, I was so excited about this drama, mainly due to Ann T. But the storyline and characters fell flat for me, and I cease to wonder who the true murderer is.

Passed and what’s on the radar for the remainder of the year

Maybe there were other lakorns that you have thoroughly enjoyed and that I have passed on. Certainly feel free to share your two cents and year end review with everyone.

I am however, excited to tune into Khun Samee and Neur Mek 2 for the remaining of 2012.


All in all, it was a mixed bag this year, at least we came out with three great dramas (that’s because I’m just so picky!) I’m still hopeful and looking forward to more wonderful dramas to come. What will 2013 bring us?

*My plan for the rest of the year (which is really two and a half more weeks!) is to finish my recapping project, Ubatheehet – and put this bipolar drama behind us! (There will be no review, as I’ve already shared my two cents here.) Then, I will be offering first impressions on Khun Samee and Neur Mek 2. And of course, in the midst of all of this, buy Christmas presents, run around like a chicken with its head cut off, then deal with being a landlord and moving! Whew. If you’re not watching dramas, what’s your plans for the rest of the year? What’s going on in your life?