Nong is in an awkward position. Her two best friends are supposedly dating each other, yet Amika is telling her that she is dreaming about another man while Nong witnesses Pong getting comfortably close with Khun Aon. As a friend, should she say something? Or should she watch this relationship unfold on its own? She stands by the corner of the catwalk stage observing how Amika cheers on Khun Tum while Pong cheers on Khun Aon.

Suddenly Khun Tum is confused and doesn’t follow his queue so Nong prepares Amika for the stage to rescue the show. She hooks her arm around Khun Tum and walks him to each corner of the stage to strike a pose. In the middle of the stage Aim stumbles on her shoes and Tum catches her before she falls, causing everyone to gasp but cheer in the end because they were nose to nose again. The fashion show is a success; Khun Pae tears up at seeing his dream come true.

If there is something that bothers Tum, he is not the type to let it go. He asks Aon who is the “man” with the glasses and Aon explains that he is Cha-aim’s old boss. Tum had recognized him earlier and tried to put a finger on where he met him. And it finally came to him, it is the same face as the previous “old boss” that picked her up from his condo. Tum walks over to the group and says that he thought she would have left to America already. Cha-aim immediately lies that this is Nongni’s twin brother, Nino (lol) and Tum didn’t get another chance to interrogate “Nino” when Khun Pae thanks everyone for helping him today, especially Cha-aim’s group. Cha-aim asks him whether he can be around females now- he says that he wants to get even closer and gives her a hug. He tells her that he hadn’t realized that the sound of hand clapping (for him) could give him so much happiness.

As Cha-aim coordinates the clean up, Tum approaches her from behind.

“Thanks so much,” he says.

Cha-aim looks around her, “Are you talking to me?” she asks in surprise.

“Of course, I didn’t get a chance to thank you yet, you had helped me during the catwalk,” he says.

She smiles, “it’s no problem, it is my duty.” She walks around him.

“Hold on, Cha-aim,” Tum halts her, “I did have one question.”

She turns around.

“Why did you become a maid?” he asks.

“Why are you asking me this?”

“I just think that you could do something that utilizes your skills more,” he explains.
“Why? Are you thinking about hiring me?” she teases.

“Can you take it more seriously? Listen, I can refer you, if you are interested.”

“Thank you,” she says, “but I am satisfied with what I am currently doing right now and have no desire to change.”

He doesn’t buy her answer, “are you really satisfied or is it because you have a different motive for this job?”

Cha-aim spins around, flustering, “Khun Tum! Why are you so suspicious? How much more are you going to find fault with me?”

“Why is it that you think I’m trying to find faults with you?” he retaliates.

“Well because you keep asking so many questions!”

“This is my trait,” he says, “I like clarity. If something isn’t clear, I will make it clear. If you don’t have anything to hide, then you shouldn’t be afraid.”

“I’m not afraid!”

“It’s good you’re not afraid! Let’s just say that if you are looking to change your job, then let me know, I’m happy to help,” Tum says as he walks away, smiling mischievously at her again.

Cha-aim doesn’t know what to make of him.

That night in the servant’s restroom, she chats on the phone with Nong and thanks her for helping her out, yet again. Nong surmises that she and Khun Tum are getting along well now. Cha-aim disagrees. Then Nong says that she could tell because of the way that Khun Tum looks at Cha-aim. The heat rises on Cha-aim’s cheeks and she says that her friend is drunk and should go to bed. Cha-aim hangs up and looks at her face in the mirror and wills herself not to blush. She reminds herself that she is here to work! She gets back to work and summarizes about Khun Pae on her tablet. She has learned from Khun Pae that he is a generous boss who supports and sponsors those he loves. And as the person receiving the end of the stick, one should do the best that one can- and that it is not the only opportunity to do a good job.

The following morning, Aim’s mom calls her to let her know that her father has sent some things for her through his friend (who happens to be visiting Tum and his uncle as well.) Cha-aim gets busted as the older man learns that she is a maid at Khun Cheun’s household. They are standing outside and Tum happens to be looking for someone to bring water to the guest when he sees them through the window. Cha-aim has her finger over her mouth to signal for him to quiet down after she reveals her motives for being a maid. She pleads for him to keep it a secret from her parents. Tum pulls the window open slightly so he could finally hear what they’re saying.

“There is no secret in this world. If the governor finds out that you are enduring hard work like this, he’s not going to stand this.”

Tum whispers “governor” with confusion.

“He loves you very much,” the older man continues, “he has taken care of you, sent you to study higher education, buys a condo for you, buys a car and gives you allowances because he wants you to be happy and comfortable. But you are being a maid?!” the older man sighs.

“Aww uncle,” she says, “I know that he loves me, and I love him very much too. But what else could I do, it is necessary.” She grabs the older man’s wrist, “I beg you, please don’t tell him- please please?”

“Alright,” he finally relents then walks away.

Tum is left to draw his own conclusions. He confronts her a moment later, while she jumps about a foot due to his surprise. He tells her that he saw her talking to Uncle Banchang and asks her if she was acquainted with him. She is speechless.

“So it does look like you know each other.”

She denies it and lies that he was aking for the restroom.

“Don’t lie,” he says, “I heard everything.”

She is exasperated, “why are you so ill-mannered?!”

“Don’t change the subject,” he warns, “I know everything concerning you and the governor now.”

“Khun Tum- listen to me first!”

“I will not! Cha-aim, there are so many good men out there, why do you choose someone who already has a wife?”

“Hold on, what do you mean? What exactly do you think is between me and the governor?”

“It’s what I said-“ he finds it hard to say the word- that he thinks she is the governor’s mistress or side action.

Cha-aim pushes him to say it. When he finally does, she drops her bucket and mop, exasperated at the realization that she is thought of being her father’s lover. Ew. Lol.

“Are you crazy? How can you even fathom the idea?” she exclaims.

“You are crazy! You’re doing things without even thinking,” then he draws another conclusion, “I know now- you are here because you are bored of the governor and now you’re setting your caps on my uncle!”

Indignant, Cha-aim says, “Khun Tum- you ought to write your own lakorn script! You come up with some rotten things!” She tries to walk away.

“Wait! Confess this minute what you’re planning on doing,” he stops her.

“No I’m not doing anything at all, you go on thinking about whatever you want!”

She is so furious she sticks her tongue out at him for a lack of a better gesture. I suppose giving him the finger would be too crude.

Cha-aim takes her anger out on the poor meat on the cutting board. Nark comes shouting into the kitchen that something big has happened. They both run over to Khun Orathai’s house and see the commotion. Her perverted husband is packing his bags and leaving her. She is throwing things at him and he’s yelling that he’s not going to come back. She apologizes and hangs on to his leg but he finally leaves her.

When Khun Orathai wakes up, Cha-aim gets the brunt of the crying. She says that she hates women who are prettier than her, it’s women like Cha-aim that causes her husband to leave her. The next morning she packs a gun in her purse and prepares to see her husband. Cha-aim tries to stop her from leaving the house by pulling at the purse, then the gun falls out and Khun Orathai pushes her away. Cha-aim runs after her and notices Tum’s car pulling into the driveway. He is stopping by to clear the air yesterday, he needs to get to the bottom of her reaction. But Cha-aim is running towards his car with an urgent look on her face.

She tells him they need to chase after Khun Orathai. He says that he won’t leave unless she tells him what is going on. She wonders if they must have a reason for everything, and he agrees. She finally tells him that Khun Orathai is going to shoot Khun Aded and his lover. His reaction is swift; the car immediately swerves out of the driveway.

They reach a restaurant and the two split up to search for Khun Orathai. Cha-aim hears a commotion when the patrons at the restaurant all rush out of it. She follows the sound and calls Khun Tum. They made their way in time to see Khun Orathai pointing the gun at Khun Aded and his young lover. Cha-aim tells Khun Orathai not to consort her life with a bad man like Khun Aded who is a playboy and ugly, she should not regret losing a loser like him. Tum tries to talk her out of it as well and wrestles her for the gun when it lands on the ground. Khun Aded’s lover exclaims that it is a fake gun and they get into a girl fight. Her husband is such a loser. He runs away from the fight. Tum peels Khun Orathai away and Cha-aim and Khun Tum both get slapped in the process. Then Cha-aim pushes the lover to the ground and take on a fighting stance. She tells her to get up and fight her then. Tum is momentarily speechless as he watched her fierce stance.

Back at Khun Orathai’s house, Cha-aim tries to console her. Khun Orathai asks her if she thinks that she is that horrible? Cha-aim glances at the portrait in Khun Orathai’s bedroom and tells her that she used to be a beautiful woman. But she is so focused on trailing her spouse that she forgets how wonderful she is. She doesn’t need to regret losing an abusive person. From now on, she needed to focus on herself and doing things for herself.

Tum waits for Cha-aim in front of the house. He says that if it weren’t for her, things would have gotten more out of hand. Cha-aim gives him a bemused smile. Tum tells her that she is bad too, lol, and takes on her stance at the restaurant. She laughs, and tells him that he’s doing it wrong. Tum says that she must have had problems with people in the past to be so fierce.

Cha-aim tells him that her world is not all pretty roses. He adds does that include being a mistress too? She forgets her place and scolds him, then remembers her place and apologizes. He ignores it and tells her that he wanted to come to an agreement with her regarding her mistress situation. He says that he knows it is her personal issue, but he wants her to stop because what she is doing is wrong. Cha-aim explains that she is acquainted with the governor, but she doesn’t have anything to do with him. She makes up a story that it was long ago, she had some financial problems and the governor and his wife felt sorry for her so they helped her. Tum continues asking her a string of questions (I would too since she’s pulling the answers out of her ass lol.) She finally ends his queries by telling him that she doesn’t think that little of herself to be anyone’s mistress. Tum finally relents and asks, “you’re really not lying to me?” Cha-aim awkwardly tells him that she’s not and crosses her fingers behind her back.

“Fine I’ll believe you then- but I must tell you that I hate liars the most,” he steps closer, “if I find out that you are fooling me, then I will persecute you.”

Cha-aim reluctantly nods her head, “if you don’t have anymore queries, I’m going to get some medicine for my face.” From the slap she had endured earlier.

Tum plays doctor as he stashes emergency kits in his car (for instances like these I suppose) and offers her a medicine. Cha-aim smells it and pulls it away from her face. She gives it back to him and he smells it. He turns his face away from the strong odor and says that this is good stuff. He teases her with it by smearing it on her face. But accidentally, he touches her eyes with it. It stings Cha-aim’s eyes and he steps closer to take a look. Pong happens to be sweeping leaves when he notices them. Tum blows her eyes and looks at her tenderly.

Pong becomes jealous and confronts her with it. He says that they’re boyfriend-girlfriend- and holds her hands. Cha-aim lets it go and reminds him that they can’t be close when they are here. Pong is frustrated because they are dating but he can’t tell anyone here the truth. He asks her when she will acquire enough research so they could leave this place. She says that it’s not that easy, she needs more time. She tells him to go back since there’s someone who’s seen them (Banjong.) Pong blows her kisses and signals that he loves her. Banjong walks out of the bushes and demands to know why she was holding hands with Pong. Cha-aim lies that he’s here to borrow some honey lol, but Banjong lets her go because she doesn’t have any evidence to condemn her.

That night she calls Pong and tells him that he cannot come and see her anymore. She is under suspicion from Banjong who will not stop until she finds fault with her. Pong is frustrated but there’s not much he could do.

Cha-aim’s next task to get Khun Orathai’s confidence back. She seeks help from Khun Pae, who is Khun Orathai’s brother and fashion designer. They decide to give Khun Orathai a makeover to boost up her confidence. Then they gave her arm candy to approach her husband and demand a divorce. This shocks Khun Aded: her new look, her new “lover” and finally, that she would like a divorce. He refuses it, which made Khun Orathai happy and she thanks Khun Pae and especially Cha-aim for making her realize that she needs to love herself before she could love another.

Another task accomplished and another lesson learned. As a boss, Khun Orathai is a good boss, she is not overworking her maids as perceived, and that is why even though they are old, they are still willing to work for her.

Cha-aim has to serve the grandparents because Nark had some stomach issues. Khun Ying (grandma) if you recall, has Alzheimer’s and resorts to childish behaviors. She disliked breakfast and wanted Cha-aim (whom she calls Tua-fak-yao despite Cha-aim’s many corrections) to take her to eat outside (at the mall.) Cha-aim doesn’t want to deny her so she takes grandma to Khun Cheun’s house to ask for permission. However no one was available but Banjong (who wants to see her get fired, always) and pretends to call Khun Cheun on the phone and gave Cha-aim permission to take grandma out. So Cha-aim decides to- in order to make grandma happy.

At the mall, grandma is a bottomless pit. She ate a whole pizza and wants ice cream. While Cha-aim pays for ice cream, grandma wanders off. Cha-aim realizes in horror that she has lost grandma and panics. She searches the mall and still can’t find her so she phones Khun Pae then Khun Orathai. When no one answers, she goes to her last resort: Khun Tum. He comes to her rescue without a word. She bursts into tears when she sees him and says that if she doesn’t find Khun Ying, she’s going to regret it for the rest of her life. He tells her to bring her wits about her so they can find grandma. He clasps her hand and they go in search for grandma.

Meanwhile back at the house, Nark learns that Banjong is trying to get Cha-aim fired by waiting to tell on her. Nark and Aunt Sompit team up to keep Banjon confined in the pantry so she doesn’t have the opportunity to tell. Unfortunately, Khun Cheun discovers her maid locked behind doors and the whole truth comes out. Khun Cheun is on her way to help them look for her mother.

Fortunately, Tum asks Cha-aim to take him back to the place she last saw Khun Ying. Once they return to the ice cream parlor, grandma is sitting there with ice cream all over her face, waiting for them. Cha-aim and grandma have a tearful reunion and they hug. They wipe each other’s tears and Khun Ying says she wants ice cream again. Tum watches Khun Ying as Cha-aim buys more ice cream and he phones Khun Cheun that they are on their way.

Back at the house, Khun Cheun says to Cha-aim that this mistake is huge. Not only did she take Khun Ying outdoors, she even bothered Khun Tum to help them. Tum steps in and says that he thinks of Khun Ying like one of his grandmothers’ so it is no bother. He is always willing to help. He says that she did the right thing by calling him. Everyone looks at Khun Tum. Cha-aim asks permission to say something. She tells Khun Cheun that before she took Khun Ying out, she brought Khun Ying to the house first to ask for permission. Then she saw Banjong. (Banjong conveniently has a headache and tries to excuse herself.) And she says that Banjong had phoned Khun Cheun for permission. All eyes are on Banjong as she fakes a faint.

As they all walk grandma out, grandma turns to Cha-aim, calling her Tua-fak-yao again and says that she should bring her out again next time. Her kids are too busy for her. Khun Cheun tells her mother that next time, she will take her mother out. She apologizes for neglecting her. She will do a better job in taking care of her moving forward.

Cha-aim learns that Khun Ying not only needs a meal or a roof over her head, but she needs love and attention from her kids too. Tears filled her eyes as she watches Khun Cheun walking her mother out.

“Are you happier now, Tua-fak-yao,” Tum asks.

She turns around with tears swimming in her eyes, “Khun Tum- I reserve this name for only Khun Ying… but I wanted to thank you for helping me today, otherwise I will be finished.”

“Why are you still crying?” he asks. “The problem has been resolved.”

“It’s touching..” she says. “Today I get to see how Khun Cheun feels about her mother.”

Tum hands her his handkerchief. When she refuses it, he uses it to wipe away her tears.

That night Pong learns that Cha-aim had another close call. He approaches her at the garden and asks her why she didn’t call him to help her out. She tells him that she couldn’t think, which pisses Pong off even more because in distress, she could only think about calling Khun Tum for help. He wonders why she didn’t call him. She says that he’s overthinking it. She tells him that there can never be anything between her and Khun Tum because she’s a servant. But Pong points out that in reality, they are very suitable, she’s a governor’s daughter and he’s the secretary to the minister. How could he compete? Cha-aim exclaims that it can never happen and Pong does not trust her. Pong apologizes and tells her that he’ll believe her now.

This causes Cha-aim to determine not to see or get any closer to Khun Tum again. She washes the handkerchief he gave her. But the promise gets even harder to achieve when Tum becomes ill and Khun Cheun assigns Cha-aim and Khun Aon to attend to him. Khun Aon is only doing what her mother tells her to so when her friend calls her to come out with them, she leaves Cha-aim alone with Khun Tum in a heartbeat. She tells her that her mother must not find out and they will go home together later.

Cha-aim is alone with Khun Tum again. She comes to see his condition when she heard a glass falling on the carpet. She advises that she take him to the doctor but Tum vehemently refuses. Cha-aim teases him for being afraid of the doctor. Cha-aim decides to play doctor and tucks him in bed after feeding him some medication.

In Khun Tum’s sleeping stupor, he dreams of Cha-aim caring for him- in a sexy maid suit with bunny ears. He sits up in shock (still delirious.) She touches his face and inches closer on the bed. Next she wipes his body with a wet cloth and begins to unbutton his shirt. She blows him a kiss and starts stripping him. He tries to stop her- and continues telling her to stop even when he’s slowly waking up. Cha-aim sees him flailing on the bed and tries to stop him. He wakes up with her face next to his and freaks out, thinking that she is about to rape him. He hasn’t realized that he had dreamt it all and pushes her off the bed.

Indignant she asks why he pushed her off the bed. He looks at his shirt and it’s still in normal order. He apologizes but she’s still angry and said that she was merely checking to see if his condition has improved and if she needs to wipe him down. He makes her do it anyway and teases her that he didn’t think she’s capable of doing something like this. Hah, he keeps offending her! Cha-aim gets up from the bed but he holds her hand to stop her. She finally continues with her ministrations.

Later that afternoon Tum gets bored of laying in bed and is feeling better so he made his way to the dining room. He learns that Khun Aon is not around due to a business she had to attend to, so he and Cha-aim ate kao tom (rice soup) together. They are so cute every time they are together. He fails to see the steam rising from the soup and ate it too fast, burning his tongue. She teases him and decides to help him eat his soup to make up for her chaste words. Tum touches her hands and brought the soup spoon to his mouth. Cha-aim tells him not to take advantage of her, he’s sick but he’s still able to feed himself. Tum smiles apologetically and eats, but he looks too darn pleased of himself, lol.

Cha-aim gets a phone call from Khun Aon but she is instructed to take the call elsewhere and not let Tum know that she’s calling. Khun Aon is going to a party with her friends and will be leaving Cha-aim to care for Khun Tum for the rest of the day. This is ruining Cha-aim’s plan of staying away from him, but there’s not much she could do.

She returns the handkerchief to Tum but tells him she needs to clean it again. Tum says that she can keep it, he has many more. Then he says that if she wants to go home, she could. Cha-aim interrupts him and says that she can’t- oops, she meant that Khun Cheun has assigned her to take care of him. He tells her that he’s not sick anymore and he wants to go in to the office to do some work. Cha-aim says for him to take it easy because if he works hard again his fever may rise. He tells her that he wants to finish his work today. She steps in front of him and asks him if he’s able to drive. Tum tells her that he will take a taxi instead and she will come with him.

Cha-aim prays that she won’t see anyone she knows. Nothing seems to go her way though when she recognizes a face and starts running off. Tum catches her by her purse straps before she could go any further.

Uh oh, will she be able to escape this encounter and prolong her masquerade as a maid? Stay tune for ep 7!

I am enjoying this lakorn too much- and relieved that I am caught up to where I want to be by Sunday. This is what happens when I decided halfway through the airing lakorn that I wanted to recap it. I hope you’ve enjoyed Panyachon Kon Krua as much as I have. Now I will be able to watch and recap at the same time (as oppose to having seen ep 1-6 and having to go back to recap it- let’s just say that even with the second time around, I still appreciate this lakorn.) How will the second half of this lakorn fare? What’s for sure is, I don’t want to say goodbye yet!

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