The 17-year-old pain in the ass that Arthit referred to as “The Little Grandma,” was back to torment him again. He was minding his own business and fixing up the tractor truck when she sauntered by with a book in hand.

“You can stop trying so hard. Why don’t you wait until Grandma observe your work first then you can start sucking up to her,” Darunee recommended.

Arthit told her that wasn’t what he was trying to do then paused with thought and said, “or is that what you like to do?”

“Nai Arthit!”

If she were one of his little sisters, she would get a good spanking. Heck, with all of his sisters combined, they couldn’t amount to Darunee’s mischievous ways. But unfortunately because she was not his kin- as a matter of fact she is his “elder” (she’s technically his grandma’s “sister”)- Arthit ended up being the one who got his ass kicked instead.

Darunee rode off in her bike to the orange farm after unsuccessfully stirring up trouble with Arthit. He is starting to really get under her skin. He knew exactly what to say to piss her off.

As she stomped her way through the orange trees, she overheard the farm workers (those that opinions mattered to her) complimenting Arthit yet again. She stormed past them, disgusted with their good words. When she reached her home however, it was the last straw for her. Her deepest fear presented itself. Within just a matter of days, Arthit has won over everyone she cared about, especially grandma. She stood by the door and listened to grandma being so proud of him and Nah Kaew mentioning that this was the happiest she has seen grandma. This devastating news broke the camel’s back and Darunee rushed out of the house in tears.

She finally stopped when she reached the middle of the orange farm and broke down. In wretched tears she pondered to herself, who is going to care about an orphan like me- someone who has never even seen her parents’ face when she was born? Grandma has a new beloved grandchild. She won’t care about me now. Well of course, he is her grandson. Her blood. And who am I? If he knew that I was adopted, how much fun would he make of me? Who will understand me? Who will dry my tears? I’m just a kid with no mom.. except for..

And she spoke out loud, “Precious Mother Earth. There is only my precious mother earth.. someone I can rely on. My true mom is this very earth. Please accept me as one of your daughters..” and she laid on mother earth, crying for help and understanding.

Defeated, Darunee remained on the ground until the light gave way to darkness.

What she failed to notice was that grandma adored her. Loved her with every inch of her being. She didn’t hear that grandma (as Darunee walked away crying) asked for her.. and said that among the thirty or so kin that she has, at least she will have two she can rely on.

Darunee also didn’t know that grandma was overcome with anxiety when she heard that Darunee had not come home yet. The night was full on and Darunee was missing.

Nah Kaew went in search for her and found her lying on the ground. Tears soaking her face and her body heaved with defeat.

She decided to give her some words of wisdom so that she may carry on.

“Grandma will flip the earth upside down looking for you. She was very worried. You must realize that Arthit has just arrived, he could not compete with you. She has raised you with her own hands.. how can you give up? Arthit won people over with his goodness and work abilities. You must stand up and fight him. You must fight! You must prove that even if you are a woman, you won’t lose!”

That fired Darunee up and gave her back the confidence and gall to go up against Arthit again.

As they made their way back to the house, Darunee saw Arthit. Her confidence was just freshly stocked up.

“I’m not afraid of you,” she told him. “I will make you see that even though I am just a mere woman, I can stand up to a man like you.”

Arthit wanted to clear the air with her, “I just want you to know that the reason why I’m here is to toughen myself up. I need to amend my father’s reputation. I am here for each and every one of my siblings. I am not here to butt heads with you. You should know that in reality, I can’t compete with you.”

Darunee perked up at the words. “It’s good that you know this.” She turned around and Arthit watched her back as she continued to be arrogant. Little did she know that he started to walk, leaving her to talk to herself.

Grandma doesn’t let her get away with a scolding. Darunee needed to realize what she had done. But it was hard to be firm with someone you held dear to your heart, especially when tears were rolling down her face. Grandma embraced Darunee and comforted her. Helping her realize that just because she is not grandma’s true blood, she loved her no less. It was a heart-wrenching moment and beautiful to watch the bond between grandma and Darunee.

In Arthit’s rustic home, he penned a letter to his parents, updating them of his status.

The following morning, Darunee had to get Arthit to the breakfast table. Recently it seems that she had to either bring him food or get him to eat at the house, much to her chagrin. She did this unwillingly and begrudgingly. It was never pretty when she had to go and get him.

Case in point the tractor scene again. She was in a bad mood already because she wanted to go into town and buy some books but she had to go get him first.

“Can’t you pay attention to the time so that I don’t have to come get you for every meal?! It’s exhausting!”


“Yes, and what?”

“What do you mean?”

“Nai Arthit! Will you stop pestering me?! Are you going to eat or not? Just say it.”

“Honestly I can eat with the workers.”

“See that’s all you needed to say then! Next time try practicing with clip answers that way we can have short interactions so I won’t have to conversate with you. It’s exhausting, do you understand?”

“Yep,” Arthit nodded his head.

Which got under her skin and she fumed.

He warned her, “Being angry is exhausting too!”

She became even angrier and raised her fists.

“Hitting is exhausting too!”

Darunee stomped away but then walked back and kicked him in the ass. His head hit the tractor door.

“Kicking is exhausting- but it’s satisfying!” Darunee exploded, leaving Arthit to rub his head in pain and cursed.

At the lunch table back at the house, the tables turned between the two. They start to have little accidents that brought their tension into new heights.

The trip that caused Darunee to fall on Arthit’s lap, the awkward glances back and forth. This sets up an attraction, albeit unnoticed on their part.

Arthit experienced his first stir of annoyance with that attraction. They were going into town for some supplies when he saw Darunee in the arms of a man. He wasn’t aware the reasons why he was irritated but when they were at their last stop, they started bickering. He said that she should focus on her studies. If she were his younger sister he would tell her that she would be forbidden from having a boyfriend.

This got Darunee angry and she spat that he had no right to interfere with her life. It doesn’t matter if she has a boyfriend or how many she has. But Arthit indicated that “if she was his sister..” meaning that since she is not, but he assumed she must really want to be his younger sister then (ha, funny logic.) It didn’t go over well with Darunee.

The two has so many cute run-ins that watching the scenes will only do it justice. The waterfall scene, the som-tum scene and many more. These scenes are slowly building up their awareness and attraction for each other. Their daily interactions are hilarious and refreshing.

It also goes to show that Arthit is a perfect ten. Can Arthit be this perfect? It sure looks like it.. we get to see all sides to his personality and behavior: he is a hard worker, he is polite (unless instigated), he can dance, sing, play instruments and apparently most importantly (according to the workers) he’s hot!

He’s certainly stirring up a lot of attraction among the female farm workers and neighboring businesses, he is the talk of the town.

But things will only get harder. Not only does he have the conflict with Darunee who hated his guts, he is presented with another conflict: grandma’s relatives.

They came in the form of the spoiled son and daughter (as well as greedy wife) of his uncle. They have just learned of his story and wanted to meet him. They also think they have more class and are much wealthier than he. Arthit is un-phased by their reaction.

The end of episode two was like a cherry on top.

Darunee wanted to make sure he didn’t succeed in fixing up the tractor so she stole his supplies. After pocketing them, she started to walk away but saw him as he was making his way towards the tractor.

She looked guiltily at him. “I didn’t do anything.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“I’m leaving then.”

“Hold on- you can’t go yet.”

“But I said I didn’t do anything!”

“Stay still- let me remove something that is on your shoe.”

“What? A snake? I’m not afraid.”


She started to list the bugs and reptiles that she was not afraid of.


“Just a cockroach,” then she looked down and saw a giant cockroach on her shoe.

Darunee screamed and threw herself on Arthit. Which left him stunned by her reaction and the feel of her body against him.

“Is it gone yet?”

“It’s gone.”

“Are you sure??”

“Open your eyes then.”

She slowly peeled her eyes open and glanced down.

Happy that they’re gone, she looked up. Their eyes met and they were nose to nose.


Can Darunee succeed in sabotaging Arthit at the farm? Stay tune for episode 3!

*photos credit to Torranee FB and screenshots of Gappkoo’s channel on YT