It was a hot, sunny day at the corn farm, where the fields of corn stretched beyond your eyes and along the horizon. A vision that was near and dear to Arthit’s (Nadech Kugimiya) heart. Not only is agriculture his major in college, it is his passion: his livelihood. At 20 years old, Arthit was unlike many of his peers, he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life; that is farming.

His professor offered him the opportunity to attend an agricultural seminar that will supplement his education and give him a big picture of the applications of agriculture. Arthit took the chance wholeheartedly.

Seated at the cultural center, Arthit is absorbed with the lecture, learning the history and timeline, appearing impressed and appreciative of The King’s endeavor.

Meanwhile, an old fashioned pickup truck pulls into the parking lot of the cultural center. Out stepped Darunee (Yaya Urassaya), a teenager in sneakers and a ponytail, who was in a rush. Her driving scared the wits out of her companion, one of her elder, who prayed for his life. She shrugged off his reaction, what was the big idea? She can drive, if a little too fast.

As she rushed through the exhibit, she caught up with the group who was in the theatre. Sneaking her way in, she found an empty seat in which a person had given up just seconds earlier.

Arthit was in the dark theatre realizing that he did not have anything to write with. He had asked his friend earlier for a pen but didn’t notice that the friend got up to leave. As he turned, he saw a pen and assumed that his friend was offering it to him and immediately plucked it away.

Darunee’s jaw dropped. She had been ready to scribble on her notepad when her pen was snatched before her eyes. She watched in shock as the person took notes with her pen. But shortly after, she became distracted with the video that showed the beauty of the farming industry. And mesmerized, she forgot that she couldn’t take notes.

Until the lights came on and he still had her pen- how should she ask for her pen back? As she contemplated on her wordings, the man turned to her and flashed his dimpled smile. He urged her to come along and took off after the crowd.

Appalled, Darunee stands up, “You took my pen and you still have the gall to smile at me?!”

As they observed the gallery, Darunee stalks slowly behind him, still trying to conjure up the right way to ask for her pen back. A few male students noticed her walking after Arthit and mentioned that to him. He looked over at her and just smiles, the dimples showing themselves again.

“Hey!” she stopped him from walking away. “Give me back the pen that you yanked out of my hands!”

He looked worriedly at her as she takes it out of his hands.

“I apologize, I thought the pen belonged to my friend.”

“I was sitting right next to you! How can it belong to your friend?”

“Well,” he started, confused too. “My friend was sitting where you were sitting first-“ he shook his head and decided against explaining, “let’s just say that I’m sorry.”

Darunee couldn’t resist but adding, “Next time you do something, you should try checking out your surroundings first,” and she walked away triumphantly.

Arthit watched her walk away and says, “It’s just a pen.”

Oh, but it was not just a pen to Darunee. It was her pen. And people are not allowed to take things that belong to her. This is one of the early behaviors expressed in Darunee.

Their first impression only got worst.

In the next exhibit, a little misunderstanding occurred. Darunee thought he was talking to himself, while he thought he was talking to a friend, so as she tried to walk away, he grasped her by the shoulders and pulled her close, thinking that it was his friend. She gasped and he apologized profusely. He said he will try to stay away from her while she fumes in anger.

The screech she released was continued onto the orange farm where she was retelling the story to her grandma and Nah Kaew who was the housekeeper, old family friend and the Jill of all trade. Nah Kaew let out a boisterous laughter and wondered if the man merely held her or kissed her- for Darunee to hate him so much.

The precedence was set, Darunee thinks the man she met was a pervert and out rightly hates him.

The man in reference, Arthit, was returning to his family home after graduation. A solemn expression crossed his face: it was a bittersweet return. His little army of a family raced to greet him as he approached his parents and bowed at their feet. He thanked them for their generosity, their sacrifice and for being his parents. He has decided not to pursue additional education so he could get a job and help his parents put the rest of his brothers and sisters to school.

His father wanted him to go into government work while Arthit has a passion in developing his own farm one day. He knew that working for the government will not help put the food on the table and he wanted to do more. But his father thinks that being a farmer is inferior, it’s hard work and not worthy. He is determined to talk to his boss and see if Arthit could be a potential government worker.

Soon his father learned that Arthit was right. He should do what he loves. Pravit sucked up his honor and reached out to his mother, someone he hasn’t spoken to for so long. Arthit also had no idea about his grandmother, a strong woman who ran the farm and has increased its size to tens and thousands of acres. A real pioneer woman.

Pravit explained the history about him and his grandmother, (we also get grandma’s version as she tells this story to Darunee.) Pravit was grandma’s eldest son who determined that farming was not his cup of tea. He took off and stole money that grandmother had saved up. At the time, grandmother was really poor. She despised him because of that. She admitted that she was very angry at him at the time- to the extent of not reaching out to him when her husband passed away. He hadn’t sent any missives of his whereabouts and she didn’t attempt to find it.

Yet she wasn’t going to shun her own grandson when he is asking to help her at the farm in order to help provide for an education to his brothers and sisters.

However she had some conditions: if he was serious about working at the farm, then he would do so with no wage. In return for his efforts, she will fund his sibling’s education.

Darunee bet with one hundred percent certainty that he will not show up. Her rationale was, who in their right mind would?

But she was wrong, after all, Arthit was not like anyone she knew.

Arthit is truly a dutiful son, because not only will he work for free to help his parents pay for his sibling’s education, but he wants to make amends with his grandmother on his father’s behalf.

But deep down, he is doing this for himself too. He will be able to be an agriculturist to his heart’s content and get to know his grandmother- in which he just discovered that he had one- and who turns out to be exactly like him- a farmer at heart. His excitement is clear as he murmurs, “my grandma?”

Packing up his backpack, Arthit makes his way to his grandma’s farm, not knowing that many challenges await him.

Especially one big challenge in the name of Darunee, whom not only adores grandma, but is devoted to her. After all, grandmother had adopted her and raised her with her own hands. Darunee is naturally very jealous in nature and does not play well with others when they threatened her comfort zone.

It is a fair reaction based on her personality but deep down, we know that Darunee is just scared and insecure. Arthit is the real grandson and although she knows grandma loves her, blood ties are thick.

The following day, Arthit almost got ran over by the old fashioned truck as he arrived to grandma’s town. The car was driven by a person in a rush (the very same one..)

The farm workers, Nah Kaew and Darunee peered at the body that was laying on the street. They prayed he was still alive.

Arthit was merely shaken up. As he tried to get up however, he lost his balance and fell on top of Darunee. As they came eye to eye, she recognized his face and immediately got angry.

He was the pervert at the cultural exhibit!

Nah Kaew told Darunee to apologize to the man.

Angry, Darunee said, “why should I apologize to him?! He’s the same guy who wasn’t watching where he was going like the first time! Oh and he likes to molest woman! Even after an accident he dared to do that!” she pulled her cardigan across her chest.

Arthit rose from the ground, “What the heck? You’re the one who wasn’t looking where she’s driving. If I didn’t jump out of the way, you would have crushed me!”

The two farm workers agreed in unison, “That’s true Khun Nee!”

Arthit was not afraid to stand up to her.

He also soon learned that Darunee’s gang was from grandma’s farm and he was able to get a ride with them. Only Darunee had more tricks up her sleeves.. but in the end, he always had the advantage, especially when they discovered that he’s Arthit- grandma’s grandson!

It was easy to see why the two farm workers adored Arthit already. They thought he was kind and good looking. Darunee, could not fathom why people adore him so much.

They arrived back to the farm in one shape and it was the time for Arthit to meet with his paternal grandmother.

Darunee was trying to talk him down when he walked through the door and caught grandma’s breath away. For an inexplicable reason, she felt drawn to him, her grandson from the son that she had ended all ties to… he appeared down to earth, modest and kind. A son that she always wanted? Could it be?

Grandma dared not think about it.

But Arthit gave her his respect and bowed to her feet, only when he looked to his left, he saw another pair of feet. It belonged to his other “grandma.” A young and irritating one who is glaring at him with superiority.

She wanted him to call her “grandma.” But in the Thai culture, one acknowledges another by age, so she had to succumb to calling him “p,” which is someone older.

Things are not working out for Darunee so far.

But it only got worst when she saw him trying suck up to grandma.

Only she didn’t know that he wasn’t trying, he was being who he is. And with what we’ve seen so far, his character should be loved: he is kind, patient, a gentleman, but stubborn and can stick up for himself, stands for what he believes in and is a dutiful son. Can’t ask for a more perfect hero.

Grandma is slowly starting to see that. She asked him questions to gauge his goals, his true characters and was surprised by his knowledge and love for agriculture. He is making her happy and proud that mayhaps she has a kin that can eventually help her manage this empire that she has created.

As for Darunee, it doesn’t help that Toon, the manager, is pitting her against Arthit, blowing her ears that he’s going to take the #1 grandchild spot. Acknowledging her deepest fear.

How will she handle someone who is stealing her grandma’s affections?

What’s for sure is that they are adorable together, I love when Darunee was walking Arthit to his quarters (a gloomy home that everyone deemed it haunted- except for Arthit) and he asked her why she despised him. She asked him back why he wanted to know. He responded with, “Well I’m going to be living here.” She didn’t respond. “I’m here to work- or do you think I’m here to take money from grandma?” Their bickering scenes are cute, especially when Arthit teases her and does not give in. A person like Darunee- one that is tough and stubborn- needs someone who can stand up to her!

And who doesn’t love this scene? giggle giggle.

Stay tuned for Episode 2 and flex those smiling muscles because they will be put to good use!

*screen captures taken from YT, you can watch full episodes on Prisnatube’s channel!