Continuing from the end of episode two, Darunee discovered that a few screws, if gone missing, would sabotage any endeavor Arthit had in fixing the tractor truck, so she pocketed the entire set and stood by mischievously to watch him attempt to start the truck in front of everyone.

Although the truck sputtered and coughed a few times, it eventually roared to life causing everyone to cheer except for those who wanted to see him fail: Darunee, Vet and his mom.

Darunee was furious but confused that her attempt did not work. She soon found out why. While everyone watched Arthit use the tractor on the farm, she idly walked away. The three farm workers noticed her holding on to a bag of screws and one of them (who is closer to Arthit) assumed that she had stolen them, thinking that they were the screws for the tractor truck. Not realizing that it was very close to the truth! They were actually bike screws. Embarrassed, Darunee walked away.

Grandma’s relative (Arthit’s aunt in law) felt threatened. She had hoped to hook her son up with Darunee because she was grandma’s beloved person and will be the one with the most inheritance. Now that Arthit is in the picture, she feared that with their close proximity, love would inevitably follow. (She’s totally on to something.) But her kids and husband denied it. Wiyada, who is Arthit’s first cousin, wanted to hook herself up with him (lol) but her father reminded her that she’s his cousin. (In this day and age one should NOT keep things in the family!) The mom however, is still going to pursue pairing her son with Darunee since no one really knows whether Darunee is actually related to grandma! (Apparently for the mom, that is reason enough to move forward.)

Meanwhile back at grandma’s home, she had given Arthit the green light to develop his own dreams. She allowed the investment (workers and supplies) to grow his organic farm.

In the newly developed greenhouse, Arthit and his workers are hard at work. But the manager said he had other business to attend to and excused himself. The rest of the workers chuckled and followed him, apparently knowing what he was up to. Arthit however, was confused about this “show” everyone was going to watch but was dragged to go “watch it.” Naïve and innocent, when he was hoisted to peer through a window, he was innocent no more. I’m sure he always knew what went on between a man and a woman behind closed door, but he sure saw an eye full!

Arthit reprimanded the workers to not partake in other’s personal businesses; especially during working hours, otherwise he would have grandma penalize their paychecks. The workers told him that the manager and his wife advertised for people to witness their “endeavors.” Then Arthit wondered who was actually the perverted culprit after all. LOL.

The workers also persisted that because they weren’t as handsome as him, they couldn’t get girls or attract pretty girls. That is why they have to succumb to these “shows.” Arthit thought it was nonsense and he is not focused on girls or having a family, he wants to work. Besides, the worker think that he was a better match for a particular someone- a person who has to come get him and bring food for him all the time.

That said person happened to arrive and was demanding his presence at the lunch table. The workers kept nudging Arthit- indicating that she was the person they were talking about.

Darunee kept complaining on how she had to come get him all the time, that it was far and it was tiring. Especially when her bike was not fixed yet. One of the workers pulled out her newly fixed bike! Darunee was so happy she promised to give a ride to the person who fixed her bike (thinking that one of the workers did it.) It just so happened that Arthit was the one who did it (lol) and she had to give him a ride. Instead though, she told him to give her a ride.

Another cute scene ensued as they went down a steep hill and Arthit told her to hold on to him. She refused but was scared to wits end when they went down the hill. She wrapped her arms tightly around his middle and screamed as they descended.

Arthit smiled, I smiled and I’m sure everyone else did!

The cousins reappeared to suck up to grandma (and to flirt with Arthit.) The cousins are convinced that farming was easy and that they could do it. Grandma decided to test this. She brought them to Arthit’s green house where he walked them through how he would grow a seed into a plant. The cousins snickered that it was very easy- until they tried to attempt and lifted the lid of natural fertilizers- which were manures! Disgusted, they started to throw up. Grandma told them that these manures were used to grow the oranges that they’ve eaten etc. The cousins looked green in the face.

This inside achievement brought Arthit and Darunee to turn to each other and smile, but Darunee then realized that she shouldn’t be smiling at him and turned away.

Later that day, Grandma decided to take her grandkids on a tour of her farm. The viewers are also taken on an educational journey through the different agricultural farms that grandma owned. She also included a few nuggets of wisdom on pursuing your dream career and ensuring that whatever it is you intend to do, to make sure that it is legitimate and that you do it with love and dedication. Yes m’ame!

By the end of their tour, the cousins were pooped (no pun intended) and passed out on their dinner plates. The mom was embarrassed on their behalf and the following morning she bribed them with electronics to continue sucking up to grandma.

To celebrate their hardwork, Arthit convinced his workers to finish everything and they can party that night. This news was passed on to Darunee by the manager who wanted to pit one against the other: he told her that Arthit was planning on making alcohol at his house. Darunee knew that grandma hated drunks especially those who made their own alcohol on her premises. In the past she had kicked someone out because of that.

That night, the sounds of the party made its way to the house where Darunee and grandma were preparing to eat dinner. Darunee told grandma Arthit’s supposed plan of making alcohol and they proceeded to go to Arthit’s house to find out.

Once there, the boys looked and acted like they were drunks. Before they could explain themselves, Darunee and Aunt Kaew assumed they were drinking alcohol. Come to their surprise however, it was a concoction that Arthit brewed- non-alcoholic. Failed once again in her endeavor to take down Arthit, Darunee wanted to leave. The workers felt that she disliked their presence but Darunee told them that she never considered them as outsiders; they were part of the family. In that case, Arthit invited her to celebrate with them, and of course at this point, she could not decline.

There, she learned something new about him again. He was the owner of the instrumental tune that she heard every night. She couldn’t help herself but to rock to the music.

The next morning Darunee had to get Arthit yet again- it seems like this will be one of her responsibilities moving forward. He was hosing the ground and pretended not to hear that she was calling for him. So she was forced to get closer, and when she did, he sprayed the water on her.

She yelped in surprise as the water splashed on her face.

Arthit muttered quietly, “That should show you not to tease others so much.”

She overheard his comment and grabbed hold of the other hose and aimed straight for his face.

They got into a water fight, spraying back and forth until they were soaked.

“Stop right now!” Arthit said.

“I will not!” Darunee replied.

“You won’t?” Arthit asked angrily before he forced the hose on her head.

Sputtering with water, Darunee yelled, “You’re an adult who likes to torment a child!”

“So you’ll admit that you’re a child now?”

Defensive, Darunee yelled, “You’re a man who likes to torment a woman!”

Arthit retorted with, “You’re a woman who likes to act like a child!”

Which made Darunee furious and she wrestled for the hose until she lost her balance. Arthit was able to catch her in mid air. They both fell to the ground. She realized they got dirty so she wiped the dirt on Arthit’s face, lol.

While they were washing up, Arthit handed a towel to Darunee. She refused it. Arthit thinks she’s disgusted of it. He pulled her over and started to towel her head dry.

“Stop I can do it on my own!” Darunee cried.

“Well if you did it from the beginning there wouldn’t be trouble! You stubborn child!”

Darunee stood up angrily, ‘I’m not a child- don’t you dare call me a child! I don’t like it!”

“If you’re not a child, then let’s put it to a test,” he challenged.

Darunee stood still, not backing down from his challenge.

Arthit proceeded to inch closer and placed one hand to her cheek. He leans in.. and Darunee holds her breath..

That’s a wrap for this week folks! Until next Friday ☺

*And of course, credit goes to Torranee FB and Gappkoo’s YT channel!