Conclusion for episode 2 of Rak Pathiharn: can we have more of Alex and Mint please? I know they’re not the main characters, but still…

Ok I’ll stop pouting and give you the recap.

Starting where episode one left off, episode two has Paat questioning Nicha (Thut’s ex) on whether the Nareusorn were actually responsible for his father’s death. We get a flashback to when their father was still alive. He signed a document with great reluctance, the neighbor (Nam-mon’s dad) said it was the only way out. Thut comes in time to see the older man leaving his house. When he questioned his father if anything was wrong, his father responded with Thut’s greatest fear. Thut has to come back to Thailand, look after the farm and his brother. His father regrets that he has to go back on his word- that Thut cannot study further- and begs him to give up his dreams. We have no idea what the document entails.

The scene of his father’s death flashed before us. From that moment on, Thut blamed the Nareusorn for his family’s mishap. He thinks that they are responsible for swindling the money from his dad. His hatred for them stemmed from that time. Nicha tells Paat that the cops speculated that his father’s death was not an accident- they think that he intended to kill himself.

The majority of this episode focused on Nichamon and her struggles with being “Mae Baan” (head of housekeeping) for the Nareusorn.  Some responsibilities of a housekeeper: settle disputes, organize household schedule and essentially, ensure that everything runs smoothly. Being inexperienced, Nichamon gets taken advantage of and has to resolve things on her own: but in the end, she is able to beat each obstacle seamlessly. Case in point, all of the maids pretend they were sick and left her to her own demise of cleaning and cooking. Yet even though she fumbled at first, she ends up cooking European food like a whiz and impressed everyone. She also finally learns the best way to manage her staff: threaten to cut their wages!

We also find out who Professor Dao Reurng is- she’s Mei from Roy Mai! But this time, she’s proper, sweet and very professional. We also find out how Nicha (Thut’s ex) is involved in all of this- she is Nichamon’s cousin. Dao Reurng visits Kon Ying (Nichamon’s grandmother) and gives her a picture of Nichamon’s family. Apparently Nichamon and her family lived in Thailand before they took off to Sydney. Kon Ying sees a picture of her grand daughter at a young age. At this point she still doesn’t know that her daughter has already passed away. She is still bitter and says she will never forgive them and doesn’t care if they come back. She merely wants to know where they’re at. Dao Reurng asks if she doesn’t want to see her grand daughter?

Thut is as mean as ever. I’m not sure if he is supposed to be a misunderstood individual- bad mouth but deep down a nice guy. Thut believed that Nareusorn swindled from his father- if his father had financial woes, he would have found out. Therefore, the Nareusorn must be to blame. (That is quite the logic Thut..) Also, he truly misunderstands his brother and believes him to be irresponsible, doesn’t like to go to school and is careless about everything. Thut sees the world in black and white and seems to be mad at everyone. Even when he saves Nichamon or Pranom by shooting the snake, I still don’t buy his nice guy but acting mean persona.. Mart’s acting is as good as a tree. Then when he follows her because he wants to know the truth on why she was involved with his farm- and saves her from getting run over by a truck- he still hasn’t won me over. Their scenes together does not make my heart go pitter patter.

Unlike Paat and Nam-mon. Golly these two are so cute and have such great chemistry. Sadly though, they only showed up together in 3 short scenes (yes I counted.) Scene one, Paat wonders what she was doing around his property. At the time she was taking her brother and Panom out. They immediately hear a gunshot and she clings to him. Even though he doesn’t appear to like her, he was still protective. Soon after, his brother warns him to stay way from her (even though on principal he was already staying away from her) but his brothers meddling only caused him to do the opposite thing. Unlike Thut, Paat knows his brother really well whereas Thut is completely wrong about Paat. That’s another reason why I like Paat.

Paat is reasonable but likes to push his brother’s button. Since the old man didn’t want him to associate with Nam-mon, he immediately agreed to have her join the club just to spite his brother (scene #2.) I love when Paat delivers the message to Nam-mon and she touches him and slaps him to see if it was true. I was completely fangirling the moment! He also told her that there is a condition: she must call him P’! When she said P’Paat, that was music to my ears.

Scene #3, after she signed up for the club, Paat will take her home because he had something “important” to talk to her. Unfortunately that brings us to the end of episode 2 and must await tomorrow to find out what they will be talking about.. it also looks like the main conflict for Paat-Nammon potential relationship is going to be Thut.

Here’s the unreasonable part about Thut- he has no evidence to condemn the Nareusorn but he’s doing it anyway because it pleases him. He only listens to his reasons and does whatever he thinks is right. Sounds narcissistic. He investigates about Panom and when he catches her speaking English, everything about her just doesn’t add up, so he thinks she is up to no good- and that the Nareusorn sent her to spy on him. I did like the rolling down the hill together, being the romantic that I am.

I thought Kim did an ok job, I think she would be even better if she had a partner that wasn’t a tree. I sure hope Mart improves throughout the lakorn though because so far, I’m head over heels for Alex and Mint. Their chemistry and acting is what’s saving this lakorn for me. Without them, I may just let this slip to the wayside. I’m begging for more Alex-Mint scenes- PLEASE!

AND ok I lied, I will not be dropping my Alex-Mint mini scenes on YT, I will still sub them. I can’t help myself, they are too cute.