Today marks the end of October, so Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it. Happy Monday as well. The past week went by in a blur- it was quite the busy week what with all of the recaps, postings, video and plain fangirling by yours truly.

What can you expect this week?

Monday– Recap of Rak Patiharn (ep2)

Tuesday– Recap of Rak Patiharn (ep3)

Between Tuesday and Wednesday I will have the video of Alex-Mint only scenes available. Oh and by the way, if you want full eng sub, there is a viki channel, I also see my synopsis there- ha, I’m flattered.. go here to watch: Miracle of Love.

Thursday-hopefully I would be done with Love Never Dies with the delicious Dome Pakorn Lum and Ploy Chermane, and have a review ready. Did you know that I had the biggest crush on Dome prior to his scandal many years ago? (Back in the day when Dome was a spiky haired, fresh face teenager, that’s why he’s in a lot of my old fanfics.) Don’t ask me why I haven’t seen Love Never Dies yet- because I was busy and I was stupid- but it turns out, I’m loving Dome again.

Friday-Sunday– thoughts on GRGR. I may not do daily recaps of GRGR on the weekend, just featuring important events that you may need to know..

Obviously you don’t have to stop by everyday- but it is so great that you do- if you’re anticipating any of the projects above, feel free to find yourself on my blog during those scheduled postings. It is always nice to have a schedule even though sometimes circumstances makes it hard to maintain it- but I will do my best to stick to our course.

And finally- I’d like to thank each and every one of you who has made lakorn blogging so much fun! You can find me (in between all of the scheduled postings) hanging out at J’s Scribblings of a Fangirl and Godninja’s LakornGods, so come hang out! xoxo