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Duangjai Nai Montra – Episode 10 Recap


Pachara finally meets his foe, the person who holds the key to his heart for two thousand years, the (possible) reincarnated Matira. Praoploy experiences insecurity when she sees them together, because that is too much history between two people. Someone ought to give Prao a hug. But more importantly, upon meeting Clarissa, Pachara can finally label his feelings. It was the closure he needed, hell, it was the answer I needed. Perhaps he’s already on his way to finding his heart.


The news reports that Clarissa, owner of the Heart of the Knight, has arrived in Thailand to attend the resort grand opening.

Praoploy and Pachara gape at the picture of the gemstone and she asks if that is his heart. Pachara says it’s been two thousand years and it has never changed. We see Clarissa taking off her shades, as if reaching through the TV to Pachara and saying I’m back bitch.

Pachara asks Wipu if he could throw a welcoming party for Clarissa. Wipu is surprised that Pachara has taken an interest in Clarissa, to which Pachara says who wouldn’t be interested in the owner of such a magnificent gemstone and how it came about. Wipu thinks maybe it is her inheritance. Pachara asks the important question: why did Wipu want to include the Heart of Knight in his grand opening exhibit, because it does not commute to Pachara. Wipu begs to differ, he says the tale of Tarawatburam is part and parcel to the town, and so it would only garner more interest if he could present the Heart of Knight during his grand opening, because it could validate that the tale is true.

Prao asks Pachara what he plans to do by throwing Clarissa a party. He asks her to take a guess. Prao says he must think that Clarissa is Matira. Aw is that a pout? Pachara isn’t sure that Clarissa is Matira but he’s sure that Prao isn’t Matira, which means Matira is still out there and the closest correlation is Clarissa.

Even Sintu asks why he’s throwing a party for Clarissa, but Pachara says he’s throwing a party for the return of his heart lol, it’s been too long, and he hasn’t been able to lay his eyes on it. Sintu points out that Matira has went so far as to curse his heart, she could easily hide it too. Pachara agrees and he thinks that her appearance is no coincidence. He says Matira is behind everything, and she’s plotting how to inflict the most pain on him, like in every lifetime before. Sintu wonders why then, does Pachara still suffer when she dies in front of him at every lifetime, when she has done such terrible things to him. That’s what I’m saying. Pachara says it is because he feels responsible for the bad things that had happened to her, and to some extent he should be held responsible. Ah he feels guilty. But he can’t say what he’ll do yet until he meets her.

Wanda is surprised that Matinee is a secretary for both the dad and son and wonders why she hasn’t heard of her before. Sherlock dad points out that it’s because she doesn’t remember, he takes out a newspaper clipping of younger Matinee who was Wirak’s secretary, she looks very nerdy from how she looks now. Rumor has it that Wirak provided for her, which makes Wanda wonder if that means she’s some sort of mistress (but she doesn’t say this). Sherlock dad adds that they haven’t found anything suspicious about her, she has maintained the one job in her entire career. But Wanda peers at her wall of story connections and doesn’t look convinced.

Clarissa’s bodyguards refuse the dinner service from Matinee, and everyone is warned not to accept anything.

The party commences! Praoploy notes how extravagant it is given the timeframe of a few hours. Pachara says money can do wonders. Oh I bet. Prao watches on as Pachara greets Clarissa, and even Prim wonders if they know each other. Pachara tells Clarissa that he’d like to usher her to her table, after all, the party is thrown for her.

There is a whole song and dance and Clarissa wonders how beautiful it would be to see the origin of those dances. Pachara laments that things change as time goes on, but Clarissa says she prefers the same old things. Whatever she used to like, she still likes.

Wipu introduces Prao and Prim to Clarissa and she turns to Pachara and asks Wipu to introduce him. Well played, acting like she doesn’t know who he is. Wipu introduces Pachara, but mentions that they seem like they already know each other. Clarissa says it’s only because they had an instant connection.

Clarissa asks if his name means diamond and Pachara finds it strange she knows the meaning of it having grown up in a different country. She replies that she knows a lot more things that he doesn’t know. She asks to call him Pat (the name that was used during the lifetime in WWII). Praoploy looks on at them while they flirt in front of her, ugh, I feel pain on her behalf, someone give me a drink. She is destined to suffer but this time, it isn’t unrequited love, but sure feels like one when he’s looking at Clarissa like that.

Prao excuses herself – girl can’t take it anymore – and Wipu follows. Wipu asks her straightforwardly whether she’s excusing herself because of Pachara. Wipu says there’s no need to waste time when you care about someone, and he just hopes to be a friend of Prao, someone she could feel comfortable with and talk freely to. Prao sticks to the excuse of a headache and leaves, while Prim watches Wipu from the hallway.

Matinee tries to lecture Wipu again, but the younger man says he knows that Matinee used to be his father’s secretary and may view him as a child, but he’s a grown up now. Matinee notes that Pachara sure is quick when it comes to Clarissa. Wipu thanks Pachara (aka Pat now lol) for taking care of Clarissa, and then he says now he can take care of his artist. Pachara immediately asks about Prao and wonders if she’s ok. Wipu says she just has a slight headache, but Clarissa doesn’t miss the fact that Pachara looks concerned. She asks if he likes Prao, and what about her that he likes: her looks or her personality. He says he used to like someone based on their looks but that didn’t last. Clarissa thinks he would like her looks more (than her personality) because she’s certainly pretty. She adds that he must really like Prao, which for a man without a heart, he sure has improved himself. Pachara asks what she means by that, and she says he knows exactly what she means.

Wipu goes to see Praoploy with a bottle of painkillers. Prim begs him to be nice only to her and look only at her. Well no one can say Prim never goes after what she wants. Furthermore, she says that he knows Prao likes Pachara, but Wipu doesn’t think that would make him stop liking Prao. Prim stubbornly says she won’t stop liking him either.

Prao takes her medicine and says her headache has nothing to do with Pachara and Clarissa. Prim doesn’t buy that. Prao nearly chokes on her water when Prim asks if she would be interested in Wipu if it turns out Pachara chooses Clarissa. Prao asks why Prim is cheering her on with Wipu when she likes Wipu. Prim starts to tear up and says that there are so many people on this earth, that finding someone you like that likes you back feels like the most difficult thing. Even though she likes Wipu, he likes Prao, and a lot too, which makes Prim uncomfortable. She says heartbreak sucks. Prim wonders if heartbreak feels like the physical pain of a heart defect, because it sure feels that way. Prao pulls her sister in for a hug. She tells her that when you like someone, and you have good intentions towards them, be true to them and like them for who they are, they will eventually see that. Prim says she will make Wipu turn to her.

Wipu tries to spend more time with Prao but she excuses herself, relenting that she doesn’t want to hurt her sister, no matter what it is. Wipu asks what about me, but Prao tells him that he’s a good friend and boss.

Meanwhile she gets hurt at the sight of Pachara and Clarissa being too close for comfort. As she walks away she faces Matinee, who snides that she’s been walking around alone these days now that Pachara is attached to someone else. Prao says he has every right to be with anyone, to which Matinee says a man of his caliber must be waiting for someone or hiding someone. She warns Prao about taking someone else’s man. Prao says if he truly belongs to someone, she’d be happy to return him to that person. Prao adds that Matinee should also remember that she should let things go when it’s not hers to begin with. Matinee believes that if she can’t have something, then nobody can.

Pon makes an excuse to see Wanda by inviting her out to lunch. He asks about her investigation surrounding Pachara, and Wanda says he could just call her if that is all he wants to know. Lol. Wanda says there’s no update on Pachara because she is too far away, just waiting on Pon to clear his work so they could go back to the island. Pon feels like Wanda wants to go back quickly for other reasons than his, but she convinces him that her life is all about him and his sister at the moment. Pon’s crush (Morn) that hired Wanda to get details about his life shows up and Wanda allows them to have lunch alone because she’s trying not to let him find out that she’s still taking money to stalk him. Lol. And it’s looking like he’s having a swell time since the lady is taking pictures of him happily eating.

Wanda settles for ramen back at the office, this is how Pon finds her. He knows she’s still being hired by Morn. Wanda doesn’t think it’s such a bad thing when he enjoyed his meal, but Pon says there’s more to just the food in order to enjoy a meal. It has to do with what you’re eating, but also who you’re with. Wanda thinks this means he had a great time with Morn, but Pon says he enjoyed his meal because she ordered everything that he liked, and he wants to know if Wanda had been observing him all this time. Wanda is caught haha. He leans over and asks if she likes him. After a long moment trying to figure out what to say, Wanda finally says that she likes to observe things and she has had several meals with him, so she ought to have noticed his preferences. He warns her not to share her observations about him with Morn otherwise he will quit hiring her. Bro walks away with a smile haha.

Meanwhile Krai, Pachara’s deaf worker falls ill and they need to hire someone to drive a boat in the interim. Matinee overhears this. Sintu is more concerned about what they will do about the black pearls, and Pachara says he will handle it.

Clarissa praises Praoploy for her art and that she has drawn the city of Tarawatburam as if she has been there before. Pachara says he has the remainder of the black pearls for Praoploy but Clarissa’s bodyguards immediately draw their guns at him. Clarissa says they are being overly cautious, but she’ll be sure to tell them that Pachara is her person now. Prao excuses herself thinking Clarissa-Pachara have much to talk about with each other. Pachara questions what Clarissa has said to Prao, but Clarissa tells him not to be so bothered (she calls him Mr. WithoutaHeart) because she has waited for this moment for a long time.  She goes in for a kiss and as her lips touch his, Pachara pulls away. Too late though because Prao has already seen this.

Pachara goes after Prao who is in tears. She asks why he’s following her and Pachara asks why she’s crying. Are you mad at me, he questions. She denies it and says it’s only right that he’s with Clarissa right now, she’s the one he’s been waiting for forever. She’s happy for him, and that he can finally be with her again. Pachara says she’s misreading the situation and he wants to talk about it, but Prao says she understands everything. Pachara reminds her that she’s a much more reasonable person than this. #jealous. He asks for only a moment to explain and if she’s still mad at him than by all means he won’t bug her again.

Listen to me carefully, Pachara says. You are important to me. Well so is Matira, Praoploy points out. Yes, because if I get my heart back from Clarissa, I can fix the curse. Which is the only reason why I am getting close to her, he says. So you’re sacrificing yourself by kissing Clarissa, she says. Pachara argues that Clarissa had been the one to kiss him first. But if Clarissa is Matira, that means she is his first love, Praoploy comments. Pachara says there’s a saying that one doesn’t forget one’s first love, but this time, he only wants his heart back.

Praoploy admits that while she understands what he has to do, it makes her feel insecure when she sees him with Clarissa. She says that she respects his heart and Matira is a lucky girl. Her words bring back memories of another girl that he loved, Pachara takes off his necklace and offers it to her. He says this is Ladtha’s necklace, and as he puts it around her neck, she seems compelled to cry. She asks why he’s giving her Ladtha’s necklace, and Pachara says Ladtha is someone he loves. When I am with you, it is like I am with her, he says. Praoploy wonders if he likes her the same way he likes his sister. He says yes, she’s like a sister (er…), she’s like his family. She’s the only thing that makes him feel comforted and at home. He says in the two thousand years, he has only felt his heart beating when he’s with her. Aw and ohhh.

He reminds her that he wants his heart back so that he can use it for her, so that she may continue to live. Everything he’s doing right now is for her. He gently touches her hair and brings her in for a hug.

As the sun sets, the two lovebirds are back to their normal selves. He tells her that he used to want time to go by faster, even fast forward to the end of the world would be great, but now he wants time to slow down. He wishes her a goodnight and looks like he’s about to go in for a kiss on the lips, but he kisses her forehead instead. Prao stops him from leaving with a tug on his hand and kisses him on the cheeks. So cute.

Wipu sees them from the corner and he looks pissed. He brings some chicken soup for Prao and tells her that he’s not a person that gives up easily. She may feel uncomfortable right now but she’s going to accept him one day, he says.

Clarissa tries to get some alone time with Pachara but he refuses and says that he’ll come see her when the time is right. Boy is still high over the kiss on the cheek, he wasn’t about to ruin his mood. Wipu goes to see Clarissa instead, with Matinee in tow. Matinee is giving her the stink eye, as she does with everyone, but Matinee explains that her people refused their dinner service. Clarissa explains that her people are quite wary, after all, they have to protect a very valuable asset and they don’t trust people easily. Matinee wonders if they’ll be able to see the gemstone prior to the launch of the event, but Clarissa declines. Matinee doesn’t let it go, she says that they have promoted the gemstone heavily, yet they haven’t seen the real thing. Clarissa states that she won’t jeopardize her own family’s name by lying and that they will all see the gemstone during the reveal.

Sintu wonders why Pachara hasn’t gone to see Clarissa as invited when he knows she’s Matira. Pachara says it’s because he’s not sure what her game plan is. She has never been this open before, and Sintu says she might be over this too. Pachara says that getting this close to this heart makes him feel some type of way, for instance, how much he’s going to miss Sintu. Haha. The older man tells him to save the sentiment for someone else. Pachara declares his love for Sintu, which makes the man freeze on the spot. Lol. He thanks him for being by his side this whole time.

A new person is hired on Black Pearl island named Suriya. He immediately takes to Kala, Kem is not pleased.

Praoploy wants to go for a swim, against her sister’s recommendation. Not even a minute in, she starts feeling her heart constricting and goes under. Prim tries to swim to her sister, but Pachara dives in and beats her. He suggests they take her to the hospital but Prao refuses, indicating she’s just fine now. Prim comments that Prao never wants to go unless it’s absolutely necessary. Pachara requests that she stay away from the water unless he’s with her, which means he’ll go in the water with her every day. But instead of swimming, she should walk in the water. Once her body is stronger, she can return to her swimming routine. Prim wonders if this means her body is getting weaker. Pachara wonders why she hasn’t had a heart transplant yet. Prim says it’s been a really long wait, but that doesn’t mean they are neglecting it. Pon is the one who speaks to the doctor much more than Prao.

And we see Pon at the dr’s office, asking when they’ll find a match. The doctor says it’s a miracle she’s still alive today, normally when he tells someone they need a new heart, they don’t usually last this long. It is as if something has kept her going. Pon hopes it will keep her going until they find a match.

Meanwhile Pon’s partner alerts him that he has to finish the job at Morn’s home, she is adamant that it needs to be him. His partner advises him to treat it as paying his karmic dues for being born handsome.

Prim asks her older sister how far she has gone with Pachara, lol, one does not kiss and tell. Prim teaches Prao the different levels of skinship, since Prao has never had a boyfriend. (A) holding hands (B) hug (C) kiss. Prao thinks back to when he kissed her under the stars and she blushes. Prim immediately says she’s made it to step C already and asks if they are official now. Prao says that they’re not which makes Prim wonder if he has a wife already. Lol. Prao says sometimes love isn’t enough. Prim believes that love conquers all. Prao says love is beyond them and it’s hard to explain. Her phone rings and Prim says her impossible love seems to be calling her now, but turns out it’s Wipu, her potential love, much to Prim’s chagrin.

Wipu would like to move Prao’s art to the venue, even though she’s not 100% done with it yet. Prim decides she’s not going to be helpful in this area and suggests that she promote the event by driving around the island and advertising. Wipu says he will ask Matinee to arrange a car for her. As Prim goes to see Matinee, she spies the woman inhaling Wipu’s suit. That’s just weird. She calls her out on it and says she’s going to tell Wipu. Prim wonders if Wipu knows that his secretary is a stalker. Matinee argues that Prim is just like her, who fancies Wipu knowing that the man likes her older sister. Prim tells her not to compare them because she doesn’t sneak around sniffing his suit jacket. Touché.

Pon tricks Wanda into going with him to Morn’s house, under the guise that they are going to go out and eat. Oh these two, they crack me up. Wanda sees Morn and explains that she’s investigating some things for Pon too and he had asked her to come along. Morn asks Wanda to help her in the kitchen but takes out a knife to question why she came along. Wanda says it’s all work related and that she has no interest in Pon, because Pon has no interest in any female. She wonders if Morn would reconsider, but the lady says she never gives up and proceeds to drug his drink.

Wanda runs into Morn and causes her to spill the orange juice, which makes Pon wonder what is up with Wanda. When Morn tries for a second time, by pouring a whole vile into the juice container, Wanda desperately drinks the whole thing. Now Pon is curious. Immediately the drug takes effect and Wanda is suddenly parched and reaches for the flower vase and proceeds to drink the content. Pon follows Morn knowing she must have put something in the orange juice since Wanda is just besides herself. He pretends to phone the police so that Morn could confess. She says she was trying to un-gay him, which Pon says that’s not how it works. He puts the flustered Wanda in the car and tells Morn that he’s no longer working for her and if she so much as get near him, he’s going to get a restraining order on her.

On the drive home, Pon thanks the flustered Wanda for helping him but that she didn’t need to drink the orange juice. Wanda says that she knows, it was in the moment type thing and she couldn’t think straight. Now all she could think about is his proximity and how to be less thirsty – you know, the other kind of thirst hahaha. Pon just looks at her like he’s totally smitten. Aww.


I’m thankful for the diversion that is Pon and Wanda. Thirsty Thursday indeed.

While it was painful to see Praoploy hurt over the flirting between Pachara and Clarissa, it was necessary  so that they can sort out their feelings. More importantly, this episode provided an explanation that I was hoping to get about Pachara. He has always been holding back on his game plans and thoughts, I feel like I try to make a lot of guesses when it comes to what’s going on in his mind. But today, because of Prao’s jealousy, we are able to understand how much his perspective has changed, and I think that is quite beautiful.

Pachara begins his immortal life feeling bitter and angry and lost. Throughout many lifetimes he tries to figure out what Matira is going to do and how he’s going to get his heart back so that he may end this long, suffering life. This man stabs himself annually to feel something, and then waiting to meet Matira in her next lifetime, only to find that she pulls the same stunt every time. She tricks him to think that she doesn’t remember and gave him hope that maybe this will be the end, but would pull the trigger and repeat the final stages of 2000 years ago – that is poison him and kill herself.

But fast forward 2000 years, his life gets turned upside down, and things play out differently when he meets the face of Matira but the heart of Ladtha. His hollow chest almost seems like they became whole when he is around her. Remember how he said that he likes her like a sister, a family member, the one singular entity that warms his heart and soul. His heart feels like it’s beating again. Even reincarnated Matira marvels at how a man without a heart could make such improvements. His heart and mind changes, he is not in a rush to die, he doesn’t even want his heart back so that he may die, but he wants it back so that he could save her life. Back then he made empty promises to a woman he fell in love with a first sight, not thinking about the consequences of his words. They only came back to bite him. But the man has learned that falling in love with looks won’t last forever. I like that he said he cried for Matira at every lifetime when they reach that ending, but he didn’t cry because he still loved her, he cried because he felt responsible for all of her suffering.

I love that he can define his feelings now, that he could never be with the reincarnated Matira, he just wants his heart back so he could give it to Praoploy. It’s bittersweet because let’s be real, how is he going to save her? I suddenly remember that Matira at the time had taken blood or plasma from Ladtha’s heart, so maybe she doesn’t need the heart per se.

I thought it was important to hear that Pachara knows Matira will try to find a way to make him suffer the most. This lifetime is different, she opened up about knowing he doesn’t have a heart and that she has waited a long time for him. Perhaps she is going to use Ladtha to make him suffer, knowing that he’d hate to see someone he truly loves die before his eyes – because when the reincarnated Matira died in those other lifetimes, that wasn’t his true love dying. So whoever the real Matira happens to be, whether it’s really Clarissa or someone else.. it doesn’t matter to Pachara the way it mattered lifetimes ago.

I like the perspective change in Pachara, and I am greedy for the climax. Just give it to me already.

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