We are taken back to one past lifetime in this episode, and if the many lifetimes before was anything like this one, it is no wonder Mr. Immortal wants to meet his maker. We also get the hint that this current lifetime is his chance to stop the Fated cycle once and for all, it’s now or never. But when he thinks he’s near the end of the finish line, it’s only just the beginning. We still need to meet the real reincarnated Matira.


Pon and Wanda surmise that based on Pachara’s lifestyle, the man must be gay. Pon wants her to confirm it but she thinks Pon is a better candidate to test out whether Pachara is gay or not. Pon questions why that would be the case, to which Wanda finally gets to say what she’s been suspecting all along, she saw him kiss a man, so he’s got to be gay. Pon is all, so will kissing a girl prove that I am not gay then? And he goes in for a smooch, haha, much to Wanda’s shock. Then he gets his ass kicked into the pool, leaving him to wonder when the hell he had kissed a man lmao.

Wipu asks Matinee if she has seen Prim around, but the older woman doesn’t think he should care too much about someone who doesn’t do anything all day except for chase him. Lol. Wipu explains that he said some unkind things earlier and wants to apologize. He also reminds the secretary that even though they hired Prim as an employee, she is still an important guest at the resort and ought to be treated as such. He asks her to be respectful when talking about his friend.

Guess where Prim is at? Wipu finds her at her favorite spot at the bar, but not completely passed out yet. Prim orders him to leave her alone and go see her sister, since he’s all about her sister. Wipu apologizes for hurting her and takes Prim back to the room. Matinee sees them leaving the bar arm in arm and isn’t too happy about it.

Wipu wishes her a goodnight, but Prim has other plans. She pulls him on top and says that she loves him, and that her only wish in this life is to have him by her side and understand her. That is all I need, she says, can you look at me and not a P’Prao. She doesn’t wait for an answer though and pulls him down for a kiss. Wipu doesn’t push her away, he has decided to enjoy it.


Pachara shows up to Praoploy’s bedside as a housekeeper this time, she notes he seems to be able to impersonate many professions. Pachara says he has performed many professions. He hands over the diary, in the event she gets bored and wants to write something down. Praoploy teases so that he can read it. Pachara encourages her to write anything she wants down, except she’s forbidden from writing down the words “before I die..” Is he going to be her genie now? He tells her to sleep unless she wants him to join her in bed. Cheeky. Prao says she didn’t write down that that’s what she wanted, so Pachara leans over and says he would be happy to. Prao says he can leave now, and she has a blanket that can keep her warm (because he says the air conditioning is cold). Lol.

Prim wakes up in Wipu’s dress shirt. Ohhh he took her to his room last night. She hears someone in the living room and rushes out happily, thinking it’s Wipu, but it’s just Matinee. Prim chides that the secretary can get used to seeing her around here more often, but Matinee snarks that people who sleep with Wipu all like to think they can show their faces around here more often, but it never turns out that way. Prim says she’s the present, but unfortunately Matinee makes her realize that he’s not presently with her, which speaks for itself.

Matinee lectures Wipu about the code of conduct about having sexual relations with an employee. Wipu says he can handle it and asks what else she needed, Matinee reminds him that his aunt is arriving to their resort shortly and he needs to arrange their stay. He doesn’t seem thrilled about the guest.

Pachara tells Prao that he must handle some matters and will return to see her soon. He kisses her forehead and after touching his forehead to hers, he poofs away.

Pon and Wanda have their awkward talk after the kiss. He apologizes for kissing her and she’s trying to be cool about it, but he notices how awkward she is and asks whether that was her first kiss. Wanda denies it of course, stating that she’s even had “French kiss.” Girl, I don’t think that word means what you think it means. Pon is all, tell me about this French kiss, and gives her one of his stupidly cute smiles. Wanda decides to stuff her face with food instead. Pon says he’ll believe that it wasn’t her first kiss, but it is their first kiss. Lool.

Wipu rushes to handle the latest hotel disturbance. It’s his dad’s sister, though he calls her “aunt” she doesn’t acknowledge their relationship, only that she’s the sister of the man who built the resort (even though he’s dead) and she could stay if she chooses to. Even though Wipu had already arranged her to stay at the other resort, he gives in. The aunt loudly says she’s still pissed that V Estate fell to the mistress’ son. Matinee offers to slap the aunt for him, hahahaha. She can’t believe he would consider someone that vulgar to be his relative, but Wipu says she’s one of the last few he has left and what she said was true. Pon and Wanda are eavesdropping by the sideline.

Wanda follows Pachara around and reports back to Pon that nothing came of it, Pachara does the same thing every day.  If he were a celebrity and she, a paparazzi, she’d give up following him.

Pon tells her to continue which makes Wanda wonder if he wants to snag Pachara for himself. Pon laughs and says well Pachara is a good-looking man. I see no lies there. But Pon is only teasing her, Wanda doesn’t catch on and assumes he swings both ways.

Wipu welcomes Praoploy back to the resort with a whole reception and red roses. He gives the family a tour of Prao’s new workroom, which is a massive hall. Pon says he had no idea Wipu is so good a keeping secret. Wipu replies that he had the room arranged before Prao’s disappearance, but Prao doesn’t want the mood dampened so she says she’s ready to work right away in this stimulating room. She really does get to work fast, the next time Wipu sees her, Prao already has a sketch of Tarawatburam. Her idea is to present the lifestyle of folks back then, but the highlight of the night should be in showcasing the Heart of Knight. When Wipu asks her where she got her inspiration, Prao immediately hunches over in pain. Prim watches them from the corner.

Prao says she would like to use black pearls to showcase the highlight of the night and Pachara comes out in time to say that it’s his pleasure to provide those pearls to her. Wipu thanks the man and asks if he could offer anything in return, and Pachara says he’d like to stay at the resort for some time. Wipu asks if he’s afraid the pearls would disappear, but Pachara relents there’s something else he’s afraid would go missing. Wipu tells him not to worry that Prao would go missing because he’s going to take great care of her. He adds that he’d gladly let Pachara stay for free in exchange for his help.

Pon declares he doesn’t like Pachara, which makes Wanda smile, she wonders out loud if he has the ability to tell who is trustworthy. Pon is not amused. He still wants to know how Prao went missing and why Pachara is still revolving around her life. Speaking of the devil, Pachara and Wipu join the party. Pon tells Pachara that he won’t let him off the hook should anything happen to his sister. The sisters look on with embarrassment. Wipu, such a peacemaker, says Pachara is going to join them at the resort and he’s throwing a dinner party. Pon gives Pachara the death glare, but Pachara is merely amused at the brother’s reaction.

Matinee reminds her boss that Pachara is a rival. Wipu prefers to think of it as ‘keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.’

Dinnertime rolls around and Wipu asks what Prao thinks of Black Pearl Island. Prao gets excited as she describes the pristine condition of the island, along with her experience diving. Pon snaps that it must be so beautiful that she didn’t want to return. Yikes. He scolds her for doing something so dangerous in her condition. Pachara steps in to defend her and that he was there too, but Pon turns his scolding at Pachara instead. No one can stop this Pon Train. Wipu sits back in his chair like he wants some popcorn. Pon continues on to say that even if his sister wanted to stay, Pachara ought to send her back, because she has a family that has been worried sick about her. He doesn’t want Pachara to meddle with Prao’s life anymore, and then he stomps out of the room.

Wipu suggests that Pon calm down, when the two of them step away. He says it’s better to observe Pachara at the resort than Black Pearl Island, where they won’t be privy to anything. But Pon says he won’t let Wipu off easily either if anything happens to his sister during the event. Lmao. I love that Pon is so consistent, he doesn’t give a damn about anyone. Wipu shuts his eyes briefly, like he’s calling on god to give him strength to reason with Pon. Wipu assures the brother that if anyone wants Praoploy to be safe, it is he. Prim overhears this and walks away. Pon knows how his little sister feels about Wipu.

He finds her nursing a glass of wine and asks why she’s alone. Prim retorts why he cares, lol. They are the same! Prim says everyone is always worried about Prao and forgets about her. Prao walks towards them with a solemn face. Prim laments that she exists, but how come no one can see her, it’s always Prao Prao Prao.

Praoploy tries to comfort her sister and is sorry to see her like this. Prim says that sometimes she wishes to be born with a heart defect, just so people could love her too. Prao says there are two people who love her right now. Pon says he’s sorry to be so fierce with her when Prao went missing, but there are only the three of them and they need to look out for each other. Prim questions that though, she asks if Pon had ever looked out for her. Prim says she takes care of herself and had to be strong alone, it would just be nice to be loved. Prao and Pon promise to pay more attention to her and that they love her.

Praoploy does a sketch of Pachara and he can’t seem to take his eyes off her, as he enjoys watching her work.

Pon’s partner phones him to return to the office now that his sister is back.

Prao unveils her work of art with the black pearl. Bruh, I wasn’t expecting that she would use the black pearls to make a reproduction of the general! Even Pachara is floored.

Prao’s plan is to display the Heart of Knight with this art of the Knight so that the red gemstone of the heart would gleam through the black pearls. She adds that one day the heart will go back to the knight, just like this, and the knight will come back to life again. Touched, Pachara just stares at her. Yunno, it’s his favorite pastime.

Prao thanks him for being her helper all day, Pachara says he could keep going all night (ahem), but Prao says that she is spent.

Pon comes to check on his sister since it’s late, and asks to see the artwork, but Prao wants to surprise everybody on the day of the event. When Prao is out of earshot, Pon wants to know how long he is planning on staying at the resort. Pachara replies that until the end of the event. Pon says it’s really none of his business how long Pachara plans on staying, but he just wants to warn the man to stay away from his sister. Pon adds that his sister is at a disadvantaged and her reputation is already in tatters. Pachara apologizes, but Pon admits that he dislikes him very much. Pachara says he likes that Pon is such a straight forward person, and invites him to reach out to him directly with any questions, no need to hire an investigator. Hahaha. Pon says it’s a good thing he knows that he’s under Pon’s surveillance. He’s all, you die if you so much as harm my sister! Pachara is all about praises today, he compliments that Pon is a good brother and deserving of Prao’s love. Pon remembers to add that if Pachara has any issues with the investigator, he should take it up with him since she is just doing her job.

The lovebirds go on their morning jog on the beach. They come upon Wipu who says out loud that it looks like the black pearl isn’t the only thing Pachara is worried about. Pachara says he’s concerned about the black pearl and Prao. Wipu excuses himself when he sees that Pachara has his hand on Prao’s shoulder. He tells Prao to let him know when the artwork is completed so that he may call Clarissa about the gemstone.

Prao asks Pachara what his plans are when the gemstone arrives. We are then taken to Aon who gets a vision. She orders her sister to help her, that the heart of the general will return to its owner. Her sister thinks she’s crazy, but she does recall an upcoming event at the resort. Aon asks to be taken there, as she has an important message to deliver, that if they don’t reverse the curse, the ill-fated curse won’t end. Like how many more lifetimes will this go on, Aon asks. And with that, the archaeologist shows up and volunteers to take her there himself.

Pon joins Wanda at the breakfast bar and notes that her plates are full. Girl’s got her priorities straight, breakfast for champions. He tells her that Pachara knows she’s following him, Wanda chokes on her hotdog. Pon thinks it’s good that he knows so that he won’t do anything fishy to Prao. He also says that he told Pachara to take it up with him if he has any issues, and not with her. Wanda says she can take care of herself, thank you very much. Pon doesn’t want her boyfriend up in arms should anything happen to her, but Wanda says she doesn’t have a boyfriend, is this Pon’s way of asking if she’s taken? Lol. Wanda says once a guy finds out about her profession, they all scatter away. They think she’s weird. Pon smiles and agrees with the sentiment. But he also finds her funny. They go through this awkward moment of awareness. Pon then tells her to take a break on investigating Pachara, that he needs to return to the city. Wanda agrees that it is a good idea because she must handle other client’s business affairs too, since she’s not Pon’s personal investigator.

We find out that her father had tasked her to meet with Sintu, who has hired them to find the details surrounding the payout of the boat company after Wirak’s (Wipu’s dad’s) demise. She must find the paperwork that may be in the hands of Matinee, who used to be Wirak’s secretary. Sintu doesn’t ask Matinee directly about this because he thinks it’s a lot more complicated than they think, thus the need for a PI.

Wanda gets started right away, snooping through Matinee’s files while she’s on her way back. As Wanda returns to headquarters in the city, she reports to her dad that she found something suspicious, there is one boat company that received a monthly deposit. She doesn’t know if this is what Sintu is looking for, but she has sent the pic to him anyway. Another strange thing is that the boat company that had the explosion is still one of the companies that Wipu had invested in. Sherlock dad questions why Wipu would purchase any shares in the boat company that killed his dad. This got Wanda questioning if she remembered the news correctly (this was back before she was involved with the case). She suddenly recalls Wirak’s sister and says they should investigate people around him in order to gain more intel. She wants to go back to the island and ask Wiruthai if she knows anything about this.

Praoploy sits down for a chat with Pachara. She asks him if he has encountered the heart of knight in other generations before. Pachara says that he has many times before, but Matira has always beaten him to it. Praoploy asks if he means Matira has always looked the same in every lifetime so that he could come to recognize that it’s her. Pachara explains that Matira reincarnated as a beauty each time with men flocking to her, but he never had to go find her, because she always entered his life.  She would also play tricks on him, in that she would make him believe that he’ll get his heart back, but she would inadvertently crush that hope in the end. Praoploy says that in this lifetime he had been the one to come find her. Pachara says it’s because she doesn’t remember the past lifetime and if she were Matira, this is the first time she actually looks like the Matira from 2000 years ago. Praoploy asks him when was the last time he met Matira.

It was during WWII. He was selling black pearls to a Japanese man who was interested in jewelry, and Pachara knew he may have ties to the Heart of knight. That is when he met the reincarnated Matira who happens to be the man’s daughter. (Hey it’s Mild Lappassalan from Sparkjai Nai Jom Ying with Nine). He knew it was Matira because his body feels itself burning, as if his heart is nearby. There’s a soldier man that keeps giving Pachara a knowing look, turns out, he’s Sintu in another lifetime. Mika (reincarnated Matira) asks if he’s into diamonds, seeing that he’s a pearl producer. She says she’s a novice, but she likes diamonds because they are hard to destroy. And with that, a black chest is seen carrying up the steps. Pachara had ordered Sintu to follow Matira.

We learn that in every lifetime, when Sintu reaches 20 years of age, he would remember his vow- that he would stay by the general’s side in every lifetime – so in every lifetime, he would search for Pachara until he finds his man. Aw! Gotta love a loyal sidekick. Sintu confirms that the heart of knight is here, and they aren’t meeting due to chance, this has been arranged by Fate.


Pachara gets closer to Mika, who hasn’t indicated whether she remembers that she is Matira. Sintu even in this lifetime says that Mika would be pitiful if she turns out not to be Matira because she’s being used by Pachara, who feels that he needs to get his hands on that heart of knight at all cost. He tells Sintu to keep an eye on Mika’s maid, because she’s sketchy. Later they decide to infiltrate the basement where Mika’s father stores their valuables. Just as he could hear his heart beating, and as he gets even closer to the source, he almost gets caught by the Japanese soldiers. Mika pulls him into her room. She wonders what a rich man wants with her home and Pachara says he’s looking for something that belongs to him. Mika urges him to tell her what it is so that she may return it to him. He doesn’t tell her though because he’s afraid if she finds out about her past lifetime, she would do what she has always done to him.

Before he could make his escape out of her house though, he’s surrounded by her father’s men. Mika says she let him in because they are lovers. Pachara tells the dad that he would be responsible for her. The dad allowed them to be together because he had desired Pachara’s resources (black pearl island) while for Mika (Matira), she was being used by her father yet again. Damn. They really can’t escape their fates, can they? The dad allows them to marry if he has rights to Pachara’s Black Pearl Island. Pachara advises the older man to care more about his daughter’s worth than his island. Mika feels that she is forcing his hand but Pachara says he’s willing to and that he loves her, he has loved only her all this time. “Marry me and forget everything,” he proposes.

Praoploy asks if Mika knows whether he knows she is Matira, and whether his words of love is true or fake. Pachara says Mika already knew who he was, just as much as he knew who she was, but his words were always true. The dad is overjoyed that he can have control of the black pearl island. During their wedding night, Mika has a creepy vibe. She pours them a drink – this gives Pachara flashback to when Matira had poured him a drink. He finally asks her about his heart and that he knows she is Matira. He apologizes for hurting her in the past, but that was his duty, and he asks for forgiveness. Mika thinks he married her already knowing that she’s Matira so that she could reverse his curse. Pachara falls under the effects of the spiked drink. Mika says he’s tricking her with his words of love just like old times. Pachara reiterates that he loves her, and his words are true. Mika stabs herself, letting him watch the person that he loves die again, and his curse lives for another lifetime. When they open that black chest, the gemstone wasn’t there.

Praoploy cries for Pachara, to have to witness the person that he loves die over and over again, she says it is worse than dying. Pachara takes her face in his hands and says that’s exactly what Matira wants, which is why he believes she is not Matira, because there is no way on earth Matira would empathize with him like she has. Prao asks him what he plans to do when the gemstone arrives. Pachara says he will wait until the real Matira makes her appearance.


Ah, I am not ready for the reincarnated Matira. It’s looking rather straightforward that Clarissa, the owner of the heart of knight is the real slim shady. And if that is the case, she could just go back to where she came from while we bask in the newfound love of Praoploy and Mr. Immortal. I don’t need angst – who needs angst. But alas, we already know that nobody could escape Fate in this show. She’s the real bitch, and angst is definitely in our future.

This makes me wonder when Pachara actually falls out of love with Matira, or does the love he has for her just goes away over several lifetimes. During WWII, he was still professing that he loves her and wants her to forget everything and start over. That is about 80 years ago.  So does he really mean it? Initially I had imagined that throughout the first few lifetimes, he was still in love with her, but even time changes people (immortal or not) and experiencing the same shit over and over again can really ride you. And one is just over it. Thus by the final few lifetimes, it would be more realistic that he no longer loves Matira like he used to, in fact doesn’t want to start over with her and just wants to live out his life.

Because it would bring us to present time where he meets Matira’s face (Praoploy) – the Matira that he hasn’t seen in two thousand years – and he’s totally jaded. Like this same shit better not go down and he’s got no more time to waste so instead of courting her, he’ll just kidnap her. Because in every lifetime before, she always knew the past, well until “she” didn’t. That is only because “she” isn’t actually Matira. I do like that Pachara can feel the difference now, I mean it took him two thousand years, but we’re not all quick learners. In fact, when the real Matira makes her appearance – which I’d rather she not – is he really going to tell her that everything he said still rings true? How is he going to get reincarnated Matira to give up the gemstone and reverse the curse? Perhaps maybe he doesn’t need to, perhaps Fate has a loophole.