Hey Pink Sinners! We are almost at the end of the road, this one is a bumpy ride, pitting one friend against another, with one trying to make amends, and the other going down the revengey road. Will all be forgiven or has lines been crossed and there’s no going back? The stakes are much higher than a game of basketball, that is for sure.

Peat heeds Pat’s advice (Kiew’s friend) that if he doesn’t want to lose everything, he needs to set things straight. Peat begins his Making-Amends-Campaign, starting first with Chaya – anyone notice the word “violence” on his leather jacket? Quite fitting, actually! Peat peers at Chaya, looking very serious. He tells her that he’s sorry he couldn’t make time to tend to her but that he has a lot on his mind. Chaya asks if it’s about work because she’s willing to help Peat with anything. Peat admits that he’s been thinking about them. Chaya perks up and asks if he’s going to ask her to marry him. Big balls, this one. Peat says it’s the opposite, actually. “I could never marry you, Chaya. I have never loved you.” YAS.

Chaya is stricken. She questions about the past times he told her that he loved her, and Peat concedes that he lied, she was just a tool he needed for revenge against Kiew and dad. He says he wanted them to be hurt like his mom. Chaya begs to know what she did wrong when all she had was good intentions towards him, and she had been willing to do anything, even looking like the shameless mistress. Peat says he’s sorry, which Chaya laments that seems pretty trifle considering what he has done. She has a point. Peat asks what he can do to make it right, and Chaya says marry me and stay with me forever. Lol, you give someone an inch and they take a mile. Ok, crazy.

Peat says he can’t do that, but Chaya clings onto him like the gum that she is and says Peat MUST love her. Peat tells her that love isn’t something she could force because he loves Kiew, and only Kiew. He asks Chaya if it’s painful to lose someone she loves, which of course Chaya agrees, but Peat says he would be in the same situation if he loses Kiew. Peat adds that they both are in the wrong and that the only way to make this right is to accept the truth, and that they should stop lying to themselves. Chaya cries that she’s not lying to herself, she has always loved him. Peat tells her that he has never been happy, and she should let him go. Chaya throws the last card she has: “I have cancer! If I tell you this, will you stay with me? I’m dying Peat!” Peat tells her not to use this excuse, he can’t be with her right now. Peat leaves, and Chaya collapses on the floor kicking and screaming.

Next Peat goes in search of Kiew, but we see that their cars are like two ships sailing in the night. He waits by Pat’s doorstep until night falls, missing her terribly.

Chaya calls Kriss to the hospital room and shares her prognosis. Kriss says he was mad at Chaya, but that he doesn’t want her to die. Chaya says it seems that he is the only person who has ever cared about her, she questions whether he still loves her. Kriss nods his head, finally happy to get Chaya’s attention. Chaya then asks Kriss to do one last request for her: make Peat and Kiew pay for hurting her. Kriss is like a dog backed in a corner, Dad and company has found out about him and are on Peat’s side, and now Peat has hurt Chaya when she’s afflicted with cancer. Kriss agrees to carry out the revenge for Chaya.

He does this by seeking out Kiew, to get to Peat. Kiew is on hiatus in a cabin some place, she shares her location with Kriss, who brings her food. At least he knows the way to her heart? Kiew notes that he’s always such a good person, caring more about others than himself. Kriss says something that sounds strange to Kiew’s ears: “I’m just a normal guy, I am good and bad. I experience feelings such as happiness, pain, anger.. vengefulness.” Kiew says he’s a good person because he came so far to see her and even brought her food. Lol. Kriss mentions that that is all it took to be a good person in Kiew’s eyes. After Kiew eats, she starts to get sleepy and passes out. Kriss puts sleeping meds in her food.

He shares a selfie with the sleeping Kiew to Peat, who has been waiting with Khatha for Pat to tell them where Kiew is at. He had pleaded with Pat to tell him, and promised not to hurt Kiew’s feelings. He just wants to tell Kiew how much she means to him and that he’s not willing to lose her. Upon receiving the text from Kriss, Peat tells Kriss to take it out on him, not Kiew. Kriss states that he’s going to make Kiew his, which made Peat see red and he says they should sort this out themselves. Kriss agrees and tells Peat to come alone.

Dad is alerted with the turning of events but doesn’t want to call the cops. Theepat reminds him that Kriss is dangerous right now, but Dad doesn’t feel that the cops would help resolve their issues. He has the team searching for his kid’s whereabouts.

Kiew finally comes to and notices she’s at a basketball court. Lol, you’re going to sort this out via a game of basketball? Now that would be light and funny. But no, it gets darker today. Kriss apologizes for drugging her but that it’s a necessary evil to get Peat to show up. He admits he will make sure Peat pays today by hurting him. Kiew wonders why, when they are friends. Kriss says Peat has hurt everyone, including his friends. Kriss says he loves Chaya, very much so, but Chaya loves Peat and willing to be a tool for Peat. Now that she’s hurt, Peat has abandoned her. Kriss adds that when Chaya is hurt, he hurts even more. He asks Kiew to sit back and watch him make Peat pay for this.

Peat finally shows up and tells Kriss to let Kiew go, but that earns him a shot to the arm. You shot your friend?! Kiew comes to Peat’s defense as she runs into his arms, with a vise grip around his waist. Peat tries to peel her arms away so that she doesn’t take a hit for him, to no avail. Kiew says that if Kriss wants to get to Peat, he must kill her first. Peat peers at Kiew, unwilling to let that happen.

Peat manages to kick the gun out of Kriss’ hands and they go at it until they both fall to their knees. “You’re not my friend!” Peat exclaimed, obviously. Kriss also shares the sentiment and exclaims, “neither are you!” Is there a neener neener coming up too?

Kiew gets a hold of the gun and points it at the both of them. She says she won’t drop it until both of them promise to stop fighting. Kiew says that Kriss disappointed her the most because she trusted him the most. Now he’s no different from Peat who only cares about himself. She questions if someone has to die before they both stop? Kriss peers at Peat and says he will stop. Peat also concedes, but turns out, Kriss is only bluffing. He manages to grab hold of the gun from Kiew, “I can never be happy if Peat doesn’t pay.” Peat, also crazy, tells Kriss to shoot if it would make Chaya love him.

The rest of the gang appear. Peat continues, “I’ve never been happy since I’ve decided to seek revenge. I let that insanity destroy my life. I fooled myself into thinking I hate dad, that I don’t love Kiew. When in reality I love dad and Kiew! You saw how agonized I was. I don’t want you to be like me.” Then he tells Kriss that he can’t change the past but it isn’t too late for Kriss.

The friend admits belatedly that it’s too late, and then he fires the gun.. at himself.

Chaya nose starts bleeding..

We cut to Peat who had managed to also hold onto the gun. Kriss says he can’t live anymore when no one loves him, and his actions are unforgiveable. He thinks it’s better to die so that everything will end.

This made Peat mad, and he’s good when he’s mad. Peat says things won’t end if Kriss dies. Then he punches his friend. Well “violence” is his middle name.

“You think nobody loves you?!” Another punch.

“You’re wrong. Khatha and I love you!” One more punch.

“No matter how bad or evil you are, you’re still my friend!” Punch.

“The only thing that remains in my life is you, I won’t lose you either,” finally Peat falls to the ground, too tired to punch? I lost count. But aw?

Kriss: “I’m sorry..”

The three boys hug it out on the court.

“Even if the whole world doesn’t love you, I still love you,” Khatha says.

Kiew finally goes to Peat and he holds her close, asking if she’s hurt. Dad is the happiest, indicating that he wanted to give Kriss another chance, so he didn’t call the cops. Dude, this guy almost murdered your son, but we’ll just sweep everything under the rug. Kriss thanks dad for the second chance, and apologizes to Kiew, who tells him that she still believes that he is a good person. Peat watches them clasping hands and turns a little green with envy. He pulls out his necklace with her ring latched on, to show everyone she’s his wife. But when he takes her hand, she removes it. LMAO. It ain’t gonna be that easy, puppy!

After tending to their wounds, Kriss tells Peat to go to Chaya because they don’t know how much time she has left. Peat says that nothing can happen to her. Meanwhile outside of the ER, Pat asks Kiew what she intends to do next. Kiew admits she’s not sure because Peat has wronged her, so Pat gives her some advice. If Kiew loves him, she should give him another chance. If not, she needs to end it and start fresh. Even though Pat says she’s mad at Peat for doing what he did to Kiew, she was still proud that he came to Kiew’s rescue.

Well, we shall see how this plays out in the finale, will she make him grovel some more or give in?

This episode unfortunately fell a little flat for me. I guess if they’re going to let Peat get away with hurting everyone, they’ll let Kriss get away with murder/defamation about embezzlement, so to speak. It would almost be more comical if they just duke it out over a game of basketball instead of trying to go all dark on us but have little consequences for people’s actions. And really, cancer diagnosis, really? Let’s hope tomorrow has better writing, and if not, just give me more lovey scenes, because who am I kidding, I’m really just here for that.