This episode hurts so good! Yippee!

Peat doesn’t like that Kiew is having a fine time with Kriss but Kiew repeats that she has decided to stop caring about him and if he wants attention, he can go to Chaya. Instead of telling Kiew that he wants her attention, he orders Kiew to be a wife and not to bring up someone else’s name. Peat questions if she’s not his wife, is she Kriss’? Kiew slaps him deliciously across the face and laments that she’s not bad like him. Angry, Peat lifts her into his arms and carries her to their bedroom. He says her duty is to be his wife, to stand beside him, not anyone else’s. Kiew pleads for him to stop forcing her to be by his side, otherwise she would hate him. That stings a little so Peat gets on the bed and inches closer, he says she could never hate him because she loves him. Kiew tells him not to be too sure about that because the love she has for him has been destroyed already. The only thing left is hatred. Peat looks taken aback and when she says that she no longer loves him, he holds her close. But a crash sounds from a distant and breaks the moment, Peat takes off thinking Chaya is hurt. GRR.

Chaya gets hospitalized – because she’s starving herself? Because she wants attention? Because she wants to keep Kiew and Peat apart? All of the above. Peat’s friend (Khatha) alerts Peat regarding the new development about Kriss and his brother. Peat suddenly realizes that Kiew lied about his brother so that he could work for him and then destroy him. Khatha thinks there’s not enough evidence to claim that Kriss would do something so horrible to a friend. Peat is pissed off because Khatha has better faith in Kriss than in him.

Meanwhile Kriss leaks the news about Peat cheating the company’s money to the media, he says this will ruin Peat and Dad’s company for sure. The shareholders insist that Dad fire Peat and suspend Kiew, since she’s his wife and could be aiding the embezzlement. Kiew stalks off to talk to Peat because she wants him to know that he’s the cause of Dad’s distress. But you don’t know for sure he did it! Kriss says that even if Peat is vengeful, he shouldn’t have done this to her and Dad. He offers his help because he’s so worried about her feelings. Kiew appreciates the gesture but indicates this is between her and Peat. She adds that she would be the one to end everything.

Chaya says if she knew Peat would be this concerned about her, she would be hospitalized sooner. Peat tells her not to talk that way and Chaya is happy that he’s worried about her. Because you’re his friend dumb dumb! In a flashback, Chaya had thrown the vase against the floor because she couldn’t bear hearing that Peat was going to show Kiew her wifey duties, and then faints. But it looks like she fainted for real. Chaya wants to help him resolve the issue with Kriss but gets told that Peat will handle his own business. This makes her wonder if he considers her as someone else.

Kiew calls Peat to the office, but he finds out about his termination on the bulletin board (with the gossipmongers). As he destroys the announcement, Kiew says he’s damaging company property. Peat questions if she wanted him to find out this way (ack, it is so shitty to find out that way). Kiew says yes and doesn’t believe his words when he said he didn’t do it because the evidence proves otherwise. She confronts him about proceeding with a divorce because he has done enough damage. Peat spins around at that, and Kiew gives back her ring. He looks like he may cry, but he says he doesn’t want it back and questions if she wants to go to Kriss now. They tussle with the ring until Kiew is fed up and just throws it against his chest. Ouch. Kiew says they won’t be seeing each other until divorce papers are finalized. Double ouch.

In the comfort of her office though, Kiew cries wretched tears.

Kriss picks up the ring off the floor (MFDJIKFREJILKRFJEILJILRE) and pours salt on Peat’s wound: “what a nice ring, but when rejected, it’s worthless.” Peat spites that he’ll make sure it’s returned to Kiew and tells Kriss to stay away, however Kriss declines. He adds that this is all on Kiew, if she doesn’t want a divorce, there’s nothing he could say or do to change that. And that Peat should be able to take it when he’s the one to dish it. Well, that is true.

Khatha is confused over whom he should believe, Kriss or Peat. Kiew’s friend questions if there is something between the two that could warrant a revenge. Khatha says there is bit of a love triangle, Kriss loves Chaya but Chaya loves Peat. Kiew’s friend asks if Kriss is the revengeful type. Khatha admits that he could guess Peat’s behavior because he’s a transparent person, but he can’t figure out Kriss. The friend tells Khatha to go and investigate Kriss, but to also be prepared for the worst-case scenario – that Kriss may not be the same person anymore. Someone’s thinking!

Meanwhile Peat goes to have an antsy moment over the rejected ring.

Chaya can’t get a hold of Peat as she wants to share the recent findings about her health, but ends up arranging a meeting with Kriss. Kiew doesn’t want to go home that night and see Peat, so she asks to stay at her friend’s condo instead. The friend asks Kiew if she has thought about Peat not being responsible for embezzling the company. Kiew says she doesn’t dare think along those lines because she doesn’t want to be disappointed again. I get that.

Kriss goes to see Chaya at the hospital but he notes that she doesn’t look like a sick person. He updates Chaya, and says Kiew wants a divorce. If Peat wants to marry Chaya, he would be happy for her.. but he’s afraid Peat won’t tell Chaya the truth because he doesn’t love her. Upon hearing this Chaya screams that Peat loves her. Though she sounds like she’s trying to convince herself.

Peat is still at the same spot. It’s nightfall now. He fastens the ring to his necklace. Aw.

When he reaches home, Kiew is MIA and dad won’t talk to him. He tells dad to do what he normally does, scold or yell at him. But Dad merely asks if he’s done exacting revenge on him and Kiew. They’ve been hurt enough and can’t bear any more pain. Peat questions why Dad doesn’t ask how he’s doing and whether he can bear this too. Dad says he has done the best any dad can do under the circumstances. He admits that he’s a bad dad, he’s always hurting Peat and now he can’t even protect his son, that if Peat’s dad was someone else, Peat might be better off. Aw, Dad.

Peat’s eyes fill with tears, “Why are you saying that? You don’t want me anymore?”

Dad replies, “I’ve started thinking that if you’re with your real dad, you would be happier. From now on, no matter what you do, I won’t stop you. But I’m asking for one thing, please stop hurting this dad-daughter.” Ack, they are a “we” and Peat is a “you” now! Peat watches his dad walk up the steps as tears roll down his face. He thinks back about everything dad and Kiew has fought for him, and then of all the damaging things he has done to hurt them. It’s like he got the wind knocked right out of him, falling on the bottom steps, the realization is well, real.

Tang, the maid, gives Chaya a piece of her mind. That she’s just a mistress and if Peat wants to marry her, he’d done it a long time ago. Ha, I love the maid.

Peat scours the neighborhood looking for Kiew since she didn’t return home the next day. He calls her friend who denies knowing where Kiew is. She takes the opportunity to scold Peat to divorce Kiew or he better be clear about some things, otherwise he’s going to lose everything. Peat tells Kiew’s mom’s memorial spot that he loves Kiew for real and he’s not going to lose her. Aw. Well about time.

We flashback to the events surrounding Theepat betraying Dad and Peat, and it looks like Dad is now aware (or was the mastermind). Dad says he’s going to teach Kriss a lesson, in that if he focuses on revenge, he would be the one to end up hurt. Khatha gets pulled into the truth and he snaps that if Kriss won’t repent, their friendship is over. But unfortunately, Kriss is listening by the door…

Ah, happy for the twist – in that Theepat isn’t a traitor – but that would mean Dad is cold and manipulative… but brilliant at the same time. Sometimes with a son like that, you do what you have to do. And I see where Peat is getting all his “acting” from. It’s nice to see Kiew being honest with how she feels, and we get a snippet of her inner thoughts. The nicest part of all is that Peat realizes that he loves Kiew and dad too much to let this go on much longer. I do hope that when it comes to groveling time, we’re just not watching a puppy whimper a little and its owners collecting it in their arms and comforting it instead. Lol. I mean, we can’t help it though if the puppy’s too cute, right?

Two.More.Episodes. Ack!