The lucky students of Rajabhat University in Udon Thani get a treat during a seminar with Udom Taepanich aka Nose, a comedian, artist and writer. One of the students inquired whether he has seen Buppae Sanniwas (the crowd grins widely, appreciating the question) and whether he believes in ghosts. P’Udom replies that he does not watch lakorns, but it has been the talk of the town so he figures he’ll check it out.

So one Wednesday evening he’s in his office and heads to his room, he turns the TV on and it begins. His head swivels towards the TV again and again, until the third (long) count, he wonders out loud why Bella’s face is suddenly so riveting. Hahaha. He continues to wonder, why is she so cute? The crowd laughs. P’Udom mimics the way that Bella pouts when she’s sulking or when she gets scolded and says that she’s so dang cute. He adds that suddenly he finds himself falling for Bella yet she’s not the only one he is falling for, because there’s Pope! Why is he so nice? Why does he look so clean cut? Exactly, P, Exactly.

P’Udom continues that the couple would sulk at each other but then Pope would secretly smile, and that’s the moment he finds Pope to be so cute. A male student nods in agreement. P’Udom relents that he understands how everyone feels. But he has never seen a lakorn where a couple would fall on each other and get so mesmerized in each other’s eyes so many times – but P, didn’t you say you don’t watch lakorns? LOL – the crowd laughs in memory and P’Udom proceeds to demonstrate those swoony falls. He starts to sing the title soundtrack as he demonstrates, adding that the camera would cut to Pope’s face, then Bella’s, then back to Pope again, then the couple’s face, and rinse repeat. This leaves the crowd gushing and roaring with laughter. P’Udom says that the story would continue and Bella would get into arguments with Nang Prik etc, but night would fall and Pope would be staring at the moon again. Hahaha. Bella would come out with her lantern and they would exchange dialogues back and forth, sulking sometimes but suddenly they’d run into each other and fall, where the OST plays, and they’d just get lost in each other’s eyes again. OMG, dying.

P’Udom shakes his head and says that the more he watches the more he complains BUT he’s so INTO it. LOL. Like last night, he said he pinched the sofa because he was so into it. He recites his favorite lines: Pope “who are you thinking about” then Bella “why don’t you take a look in the mirror” and P’Udom’s response: “oyyyyyy” HAHAHA. Me too, me too! P’Udom takes a bow in awe of the show and shakes his head with mirth. “I love her,” he admits, “for real.” He adds that he has met Bella two times: one time they were going on a run and Bella came with Weir. He does not watch lakorns because he’s a country bumpkin (but isn’t that every reason to watch lakorns?) and he has stopped watching TV, in exception to soccer games. So at any rate, Bella would come up and the friend he came with was responsible for interviewing her, and P’Udom has no reaction to her whatsoever. He doesn’t feel anything. But after watching this lakorn and he has fallen in love with her, he believes that if he meets her again, he would turn beet red.. because he has decided to wait for Bella to break up with Weir. Hahaha.

He concludes that this show is excellent (I would wager to say that this show is EVERYTHING), “And I don’t want it to end,” P’Udom says, “I want it to have part two and three and continue forever. I want it to air every day from Monday to Sunday, especially that Friday evening when it’s boring, let’s air the show in its place.” Crowd roars and claps in agreement. Man after my own heart. Whether he is as smitten as we are, or just being funny about it (or perhaps both), he certainly knows how to work a Buppae Sanniwas crowd. Touché, P, touché!