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What I’m Watching: Kammathep Prab Marn


I’m finally caught up with the remaining episodes (up to 6) of our final installment of the Cupid Series. This lakorn will end this weekend with 8 9 episodes. Perhaps a more apt title for this show ought to be Return of the Exes instead of Defeating Love since everyone and their mom’s exes will make an appearance. I felt that this show has smart characters, great looking cast and just beautiful directing and OST, and I’m obviously still sticking around to find out what happens with our Boss-Secretary couple, but it lacked the addicting factor for me. I kept going back and thinking about Hidden Love, which is still one of my favorites out of the series.

The frustrating aspect of this show is Phim himself. This man is his own worse enemy. His downfall is that he doesn’t think he’s good enough for her and he’s so afraid of being rejected. He’s had feelings for her for five years and when he FINALLY makes a move and asks to be her boyfriend, he was already hoping she’d reject him. What I mean is that when she points out that they should get to know each other more, he totally flips out. It’s like he’s waiting for her to tell him no, and then makes himself out to be the victim. I mean Ken is adorable and he brings out the man-child in Phim, but I just want to slap him for being so afraid. He constantly gives her up to other men – who I think are moving way too fast but will credit the fact that they know what they want. Hell, even the second lead Gongpope (Lee’s ex) is an appealing option because he seems like such a nice guy – despite jilting her at the alter five years ago. He’s back and ready to make amends! But then after proposing that she quit her job and have six babies with him, I had to give him the side eye.

I’m not even mad at MeunDao (Phim’s ex) because Lee can hold her own. I’m with Lee in being frustrated with Phim in that he always makes it about him at the end of the day. He tells her to be with Gongpope because he’s the best for her. Lee thinks her best option is to be with the guy who loves her the most, totally denying her own feelings that she loves Phim the most, because well, the man doesn’t exactly go to bat for her. I’m not even sure where I’m going with this, just that none of her three options of boyfriend material is good for her. I would rather be a fine-ass single woman like Lee, then to strap myself with a younger man who spouts low-life, an ex who jilted me at the alter, and a man-child who needs to man the hell up. Maybe this is my sleep deprived brain talking, but this lakornmommy need the show to sell me on Phim and why Lee should end up with him, aside for the fact that he NEEDS her and that she loves him. It means something if we could fall in love with him too, and you’ve got 2 more episodes to prove it, Show. Chop chop.

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