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*Thud* Yeah, that’s the sound of my heart dropping on the floor. Can you really fight for a love that pushes you away? What if there’s no standard misunderstanding – but real fear – and that no matter how much you try, the person you love thinks you’re better off without him. We’re at an angsty impasse, is what it is. Damn if you do and damn if you don’t. If you’re going to hell anyway, why not go down in flames? Take what you can get and run. Tomorrow is another day, let’s deal with it then.


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Pui Fai wants to confront Chern Piu about the baby rumor but as she stands by the stairway she overhears him telling the person on the phone to take care of their baby and that he will head back to HK once things are tied up here, since he can’t wait to see the little guy’s face. Which to Pui Fai, confirms her worse fear that he has a wife and child already, she hides from him and cries. This is how Nuth finds her friend and consoles her.

Chern Piu doesn’t even know what’s going on and keeps glancing around for Pui Fai. Fahsai tells him that big sis is tied up with work otherwise she would definitely come out to say hi (even though she doesn’t know what recently transpired either.) Fahsai packs her work things as she has permission from Chief to work for Daniel in the interim. How she doesn’t question WHAT the job responsibilities entail, I don’t know. You don’t just take a job offer JUST because he’s your sweetheart. Lol.

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Daniel is lost in thought in the car ride as they arrive at the secret hideout. Fahsai is shocked to find Chernming in bed looking worse for wear. Daniel tells her that her job is to be Chernming’s nurse. I knew we were going there, but it doesn’t mean I like it.  He asks if she would take on this duty but Fahsai questions why it has to be her. Daniel says that this is top secret and no one should know that Chernming is still alive.

We don’t hear her answer, but when she arrives home, she does lie to dad that a certain “someone” didn’t drop her off. That certain someone tells Chern Piu that Fahsai may be petite, but her heart is big. The two guards exchange grins, and we can surmise that Daniel thinks she will take on the job. He has an irresistible smile on this face whenever he mentions Fahsai. It’s so cute.

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Even though Fahsai has a big heart, she does contemplate what her best move would be and they’re always in tune with Daniel’s best interest, and how hard he has worked to keep Chernming safe. So Fahsai calls Daniel and confirms that she will help him help Chernming (I like the way she phrases it) which makes Daniel smile.

Days go by as Fahsai tends to Chernming’s illness, but he still hasn’t come to (she works on her novella while he sleeps). Daniel checks in on them one day and notices Chernming would hold onto Fahsai as he shivers. Daniel’s smile soon fades and he uncomfortably turns away. Serves you right.

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Meanwhile Pui Fai ignores all of Chern Piu’s calls.

Dr. Eit eavesdrop by the gate and learns that Fahsai has been going on “work” trips lately, 3 days here and 3 days there. He furrows his brows at the thought and decides to investigate at her place of work. He comes upon the marketing girls who tell him that Fahsai works with Daniel for the interim now.

Chernming finally comes to and he stumbles around the unfamiliar surroundings. Fahsai tells him that Daniel brought him here, which it seems to make Chernming all the more determined to leave. Chernming says he needs to save big bro. Fahsai reasons that he’s in no shape to save anyone, and besides, Daniel has told her that everyone thinks he’s dead by the hands of Daniel. Tian Kong had framed Daniel but the man himself doesn’t rebuke because it means Chernming could finally be safe from Tian Kong. She adds that Daniel also mentioned big bro is safe for now because Tian Kong still need him to hold on to the leadership role. Chernming looks anguish.

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He cries alone that night, thinking back on all of the times that Daniel keeps trying to tell him that he means well, then he thinks back on Tian Kong relenting that he finally got smart. The storm brewing outside matches his mood, and we later see him attempting to leave again, drenched in the rain. Fahsai rushes after him and tries to stop him to no avail. She falls to the ground.

Daniel pulls up and calmly holds him back. Chernming tries to throw punches until he falls flat on his back, the rain splattering his chest. “I’m the idiot!” he hollers and cries in devastated tears. Aw.

Everyone watches Chernming call himself an idiot over and over again.

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Later inside the house, Fahsai offers her towel to Daniel and wonders how Chernming is faring. We see that he sits lifeless on the bed. They both indicate they’ve never seen Chernming like this before. But suddenly, Chernming says that he wants Daniel to tell him the whole truth, everything. Daniel concedes, but tells his friend to steel himself from the truth.

First Daniel plays the voice recording of Tian Kong admitting the truth, which makes Chernming cry all over again. Aw, my heart goes out to him. He surmises that Daniel must have kept the black book to protect him. Daniel says he can’t help himself, because Chernming is his friend. But Chernming can barely look Daniel in the eye, as he gets up and questions why Daniel never told him the truth. Daniel laments that Chernming would never believe him. And Fahsai, being the third wheel, looks at both boys with angst. We are her right now.

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Daniel tells Chernming not to blame himself because how could he fathom that an adopted bro could betray his own gang like this. Chernming asks after Oliver and Daniel replies that he had already sent the man back to HK for treatment. He turns to look at Daniel halfway and questions whether there’s anything else he doesn’t know. Fahsai looks at Daniel expectantly because she suspects there’s something he still hasn’t come clean about.

But Daniel relents there’s nothing else.. and tells his friend to focus on getting better. Chernming could only turn away, overcome with emotions.

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As they promenade at night, Fahsai says that she knows Daniel is hiding something from Chernming. He tells her there’s nothing.. but she stops him with a touch to his arms. She tells him she won’t be nosy if it makes him sad, but she’s willing to lend an ear if it makes him happy. Daniel takes her offer and steps closer, then leans down to whisper into her ears. Fahsai’s reaction tells us that Chernming doesn’t yet know that big bro is responsible for raping Botan. Heck, I dare say Chernming doesn’t know ALL of the evil things big bro did!

Daniel relents that Chernming spent a significant amount of time abroad and he doesn’t want to tell him everything yet because what he needs now is a strong heart. He needs a reason to fight, and saving big bro would be just the thing he needs. Ah, hard to argue with that. BUT! That’s more angst for Chernming down the road! Daniel admits that he doesn’t know how Chernming would take the news if he did confess. He adds that Chernming doesn’t have anyone now, and they need to help each other make him strong again. Aw.  again

She gives him a cheeky smile and asks if he knows why she was named Fahsai. She tells him that when she was born the sky was clear and her parents want every place she goes to be bright and cheery. She assures him that she’ll make Chernming come back to his old self again. Daniel just smiles and kisses her on the forehead, and he tells her that he’s a believer. Ha. They are so cute.

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So Fahsai puts on her cheery smile and tries to encourage Chernming to eat. But the man tells her to put the bowl down, he can feed himself, and don’t make him feel more worthless than he already is. Fahsai says that no one thinks he’s worthless, only he does. She instructs him to eat all of the rice soup by tomorrow morning, otherwise she won’t cook for him again.

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Officer Thep pays a visit to the girls. He’s sitting comfortably on the couch tuning into a Ch7 lakorn and reporting that Daniel has been dismissed from the case since they have no evidences against him, and he has always been cooperative. Pui Fai doesn’t really pay attention to what he’s saying, but she’s annoyed at the lakorn’s girl fight over their shared husband, so she turns the TV off, which prompts Officer Thep to stretch out over Nuth and reaches for the remote. Hee. Nuth practically is shocked by the contact and puts both hands up. Turns out, Officer Thep is a huge fan of lakorns. LOL. Pui Fai excuses herself, which makes Officer Thep wonder if she’s someone’s mistress. Nuth says she likes someone who is already taken. Officer Thep is flabbergasted about the women folk – why don’t they look at the good guys? Haha, like you? This guy cracks me up.

Nuth says that she’s not like that, in fact, she likes cops. Oops, did she just confess? The good cop asks if she wants him to get a few numbers for her but Nuth nonchalantly says “no thanks, I like only Officer Thep.” Omg. She looks up in shock, not realizing that she said that out loud.

Officer Thep hears it loud and clear and asks her in what ways does she “like” him. Nuth asks for a minute and rushes to her room to calm her beating heart. Haha. She gives herself a pep talk and says that there’s no time like the present. As she opens the door and shouts that she likes LIKES P’Thep, the man is almost out the door relenting that work came up and to tell him all about the lakorn later.

He’s actually called to the scene of the crime. They found a dead body hidden in the trunk of a car, it’s the psychiatrist who went missing after visiting Chernming’s home. Officer Thep orders all security footages in the area. Meanwhile Tian Kong shows up at Prachai’s domain and says he’s here to drop off what’s promised.

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The next morning Fahsai notices that Chernming hasn’t touched his soup bowl. She angrily leaves and pretends to ignore him, which causes him to come looking for her and asking to borrow a phone. He wants to DO something and call for help from HK. Fahsai tells him that Daniel instructs her not to let him make any outside contact and that he should focus on getting better. He says that she just doesn’t understand, and Fahsai relents that she doesn’t want to understand anymore, she worries for her mental health. Ha. She tells him that he could walk to the “nearest” shop, which is about 30 km away and he could find a phone there. He saunters away and wonders about his pain, what is she going to do about changing his bandages, and Fahsai says the first aid kit is on his bed. Lol. Tough love.

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She reports her method to Daniel and he says she’s so mean. Fahsai relents that Chernming is stubborn like her dad so she has to play this card. Fahsai asks when she’ll see him next and even on the phone, Daniel looks away. This is not a good sign. He asks if there’s anything she needs and she merely says she misses him. But Daniel says he’ll stop by when he’s free. I swear, these lakorn characters never say bye when they hang up! So Fahsai just hears the dial tone.

On the other end of the line we see Daniel thinking back on how devastated Chernming was and how Fahsai was able to comfort him. What are you doing Daniel?

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The next morning Fahsai struggles with lightheadedness. Chernming scolds her for not eating especially when she’s working all day. Fahsai says if he could do it, so can she, and tells him that if he’s going to punish himself by not eating, she’s following suit. Fahsai relents that they’ll both die of hunger and by then at least he’ll know that he’s not worthless. He’s valuable at least in her eyes. It seems to work because Chernming requests for some shrimp khao tom (rice soup), which isn’t a moment too soon because Fahsai had been wishing for some food too.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 19.33.38 Screenshot 2016-08-31 19.33.45

They scarf down a bowl of soup each while sitting on the floor across from each other. He mentions that if he knew she can cook so well, he’d have eaten since last night. Fahsai peers at his face and says that her mom mentioned that he has a charming face. Chernming wonders if she sees it too but Fahsai disagrees, she says that he’s cute and charming when he’s not stubborn and a crazy dog. Lol. He promises to charm her from here on out and gives her the cutest smile. Ah, those dimples.

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Tian Kong introduces Prachai to Wang Foie and Daniel spots this. He tells dad later that he’s coming back to work which makes the older man wonder if it’s because he wants to seek justice for his best friend. Dad relents that he can come back, so long as he hands over the black book. Daniel tells dad that it’s best the black book stays with him, it’s most beneficial to their gang. Dad wonders why Daniel isn’t being hasty since his friend went missing. But Daniel explains that ever since the truth about Botan came out, he realized that he’s not capable of protecting anyone if they don’t want to be protected. He surmises that maybe everything that has happened to Chern family pales in comparison to what happened to Botan. That seems to appease dad and he says that Daniel must obey all of his orders from now on if he wants to be the leader again.

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One by one, Daniel visits all of the gang’s elder members and makes peace with them. Then he visits his original supporter and the man says there’s no need for apologies, he has supported Daniel from the get go. He does ask after Chern Piu and wonders why everyone seems to forget that there’s one sane Chern family member left. Ooh.

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That seems to stay with Chern Piu as he drives his boss to their next destination. Daniel could tell it’s on Piu’s mind and relents that it has been several years, but has he ever wondered what his life would be like if he remained as a member of Suer Khao gang? Chern Piu says he has forgotten everything already. He’s now a dragon and basically says his life belongs to Boss now. Daniel rebukes that his life is his own, Daniel doesn’t want to own anyone and one day when Chern Piu is ready to be a tiger again, he hopes that Chern Piu embraces it.

Wang Foie alerts Tian Kong that Daniel is on his way to meet him, and that he wants to be back in the gang again. Tian Kong thinks maybe Daniel wants to find out information about Chernming, but dad relents Daniel swears he’s over it. So dad wants Tian Kong to test Daniel and see if he really means what he says.

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Daniel goes in alone and spots big bro by the window, muttering to himself. Eeps, maybe this is the test. Big bro reaches out to Daniel and asks for help, but all Daniel could envision is big bro’s obscene act to Botan. Daniel proceeds to throw big bro against the wall then floor, beating the man senseless. He pulls out his gun, but Tian Kong tells him not to shoot because his death is worthless, and to let him live the rest of his life like this. He adds that it’s redeemable for Botan. Once Daniel is in the car again, we learn that he knew what his dad has up his sleeves and he had to beat up big bro in order to pass the “test”. Don’t you love a smart hero?

Dad is happy to hear Daniel passed the test, which makes Tian Kong wonder if that means Daniel will be the leader again. Dad relents that eventually, but not now, even though Tian Kong says he prefers to work directly with Dad and thinks Daniel will only destroy their current project.

Tian Kong is pissed that things aren’t going according to his plans. He opts to go rogue again and get rid of Wang Foie, before Daniel would ascend the throne again.

Daniel notes Chernming’s condition has improved. Chernming says he has a special nurse in Fahsai, so that’s naturally the case. Daniel looks away sadly and Chernming questions why Daniel is allowing Fahsai to nurse him back to health. Daniel says it’s because he knows that Chernming needs Fahsai. Chernming asks him back, “then you don’t need Fahsai?” Daniel could only look at him. This is hurting my heart.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 19.35.17 Screenshot 2016-08-31 19.35.25

Dr. Eit tries to stop Fahsai from going to “work” and says that he knows she’s been working for Daniel. He wants to know what she’s doing for the gangster but Fahsai relents that she’s not doing anything illegal or causing trouble to anyone, so he shouldn’t worry. Mom calls for Fahsai and she warns Eit not to say anything or else she won’t speak to him again. Dr. Eit doesn’t heed her warning and outs with the truth to mom – but it’s a funny scene because Fahsai is in the background signing to mom that Dr. Eit is losing his mind and just running his mouth. Haha. Mom takes her daughter’s side and says that she already knows about that stuff. Haha. I love mom. But she does make an undertone remark that if she doesn’t already know, that just makes her a worthless mom. Gah. Fahsai hangs her head.

Fahsai thanks Eit for his concern but she would greatly appreciate it if he could stop scorning HER Daniel. Hehe. This just makes him even madder though.

Mom is understanding when she hears the truth from Fahsai. She lets her daughter continue to tend to Chernming but that they shouldn’t let dad know. One thing does bother mom, she wonders why Daniel who loves Fahsai, let’s her nurse Chernming, who also loves Fahsai, isn’t Daniel afraid that he’d lose Fahsai? Curious minds want to know too. But Fahsai smiles and says that because he trusts her. Mom on the other hand, tells her that men have their honor, it’s something she has learned from dad, when she was dating him, dad wouldn’t let any man come close to her. So mom questions whether Daniel truly loves her then. Ah, this gives Fahsai pause.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 19.35.47 Screenshot 2016-08-31 19.35.37

Upon arriving at the safe house and spotting Daniel’s car and his minions, she also learned that Daniel “just” left. Disappointed that he didn’t even wait for her. She questions Chern Piu what everyone is hiding from her, but Chern Piu suggests she ask boss herself. However Fahsai gets her calls ignored. Girlfriend, this only means one thing.

But our girl is relentless and she shows up to see boss the next day. A-Jo asks to alert boss first and as he comes back out, we already know what he’s going to say. “Boss is busy all day.” Fahsai tells A-Jo that she’ll wait. So she sits there.. all afternoon.. waiting to see a glimpse of him. Ugh, my heart. Daniel watches her from the restaurant and Chern Piu asks if he isn’t going out to see Fahsai. Listen to your right hand!

Next thing we know, only Chern Piu walks out and he relays boss’ message, that Fahsai should go back and do her job. Fahsai starts to choke up and questions whether Daniel is avoiding her. She asks why but Chern Piu doesn’t answer, only that he’s supposed to take her back. Not able to watch anymore, Daniel walks back. Gah, someone shake that beautiful man.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 19.36.05 Screenshot 2016-08-31 19.35.59

Fahsai is so relentless, she uses his mom to get to him, right at his home. I love her. There’s no place to hide now, Mr. Giant. He is forced to face Fahsai.

“Why are you avoiding me?” she asks. They are out by the pool now. “What are you trying to do, Daniel?”

He has his back to her but finally turns. “I just want to give you time to fully tend to Chernming.”

She calls bullshit on that. “That seems irrelevant. Just tell me your true reason. Do you want me to love Chernming?”

He doesn’t answer for a long time. They just stand there and look at each other, hearts in their eyes.

He finally says, “If that happens.. I will be happy.” WTF, Daniel?

Screenshot 2016-08-31 19.36.28 Screenshot 2016-08-31 19.36.22

She inches closer as she starts to tear up, “but you already know who I love. I know that you pity Chernming.. that he doesn’t have anyone left, but that doesn’t mean you could offer me to someone else. I’m not a toy! Not a toy that you can share with others!” You tell him. “I’m a person. A person who loves only YOU.” Fahsai hugs him around the middle, “please don’t disregard me like this. It hurts.” Now I’m crying.

Daniel hugs her back and pets her hair, tears well up in his eyes. He takes a good look at her face, and tenderly kisses her forehead.

“I used to love Botan and never thought I could love another, until I met you. It makes me realize that I can’t stop myself from loving again.”

She smiles up at him.

“But trust me,” he says. WHY IS THERE A BUT. Daniel continues, “If you get to know Chernming well enough, you won’t be able to resist yourself from loving him.” WHAT?! “If I could see that two of the people I love, love each other, take care of each other, I would be so happy.” Now that is just mean.

Fahsai steps away from him as the tears fall, “If that’s what you want, I’ll do it to make you happy.”

I.. I don’t even know what to say.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 19.36.16

Mom sees them from the window and doesn’t look happy. She summons Chern Piu over and demands to know what the duo issue is.

Fahsai walks to the safehouse that night, devastated. Chernming pulls her into his arms and comforts her. I’m not going to feel badly for “someone” who has dug his own grave. Pfft. That someone steps out of the shadows to see the woman he loves SOBBING in the arms of another man. I hope that hurts mister!

Screenshot 2016-08-31 19.36.34 Screenshot 2016-08-31 19.36.41

I love how this bothers everyone around Daniel, but since they’re minions, they just can’t really say it. They can only peer at boss with pity in their eyes. I would be staring at him with FIRE in my eyes. Like, WTH dude?

But mom doesn’t just stand there though, she tells her son that he doesn’t have to do this. Yes, listen to mom. Daniel argues that it is necessary, look what happened to Botan, and he won’t stand for Fahsai to end up like her. Mom understands where he’s coming from, unfortunately. Ugh, those valid fears, I tell ya. They’re going to kill me.

Meanwhile Chernming continues to comfort Fahsai as they sit by the water. She rests her head on his shoulder. The song in the background sings about a girl that makes the man want to be a good person.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 19.36.47

The gangsters discuss how they’ll divvy the profit from the casino, it’ll be split five ways. One of Daniel’s supporters speak up that he remembers there’s one Chern family member left: that’s Chern Piu. Based on lineage, Chern Piu’s dad is higher up than Chernming’s dad, and if Chern Piu’s dad didn’t pass away, Chern Piu would have been the next successor. He argues that the real heir should lead Suer Khao gang. Wang Foie says that their business is going well, he doesn’t want to stall it. No if’s ands or buts. Wang Foie says his word is gold and everyone needs to heed it, even though the man argued that they should do the right thing.

Tian Kong is in exceptional good mood since he figures out how he’ll get rid of Wang Foie. He orders Prachai to kill Boss Chun, which is the man who spoke up during the meeting. The cops immediately places Wang Foie as primary suspect. The rest of the members highly suggest they give the leader role to Suer Khao gang instead, since both Wang Foie and Daniel both have legal cases against them. Tian Kong is more than happy to step in, of course.

Dad is furious they would treat him this way. Daniel just looks at him calmly and mom says this all sounds rather familiar. Lol. It’s just like the time they framed Daniel about the drug confiscation. Dad wonders if mom meant to say that someone is framing him? Mom says that’s what the gangsters are all about: proft, framing each other, and revenge. Daniel tells dad to pretend like it didn’t happen and to remain passive. He wants to be the one to deal with it himself. Dad is all, if you can find the evidence of the person who framed me, I will give you the leadership role. Pfft. Dad is SO blind.

Dad gets questioned by Officer Thep next and Daniel says he wants a word with the cop after. Chern Piu wonders if he can be trusted, and Daniel says he trusts the cop because he’ll help them get back at Tian Kong.

Tian Kong is having a nice celebratory glass of wine, listening to classical music and dancing in front of big bro. He says it’s the first time that Suer Khao will lead the entire gangsters and big bro should celebrate with him, he repeats the scene where big bro had poured red wine on his head and calls him a loser. This time, big bro cries as the wine soaks him, and then Tian Kong smashes his head with the glass. Dayam.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 19.41.12

Fahsai takes the tablet away from Chernming who had been catching up on the gangster news. They tease each other until Chernming lifts her into his arms and swings her around. They fall on the couch together, and that’s how Daniel sees them. Officer Thep calls her name out in shock as he too had tagged along. He’s not too happy to see Fahsai practically under Chernming.

Fahsai prefers to hang out outside while the men talk legal cases. She tells A-Jo that her job is to nurse Chernming and everything else isn’t her business. A-Jo shows off his adorable son to Fahsai and says that he’s waiting until boss job is finished before heading back to HK to be with his family. He does ask Fahsai for a gift for his son.. he says, “I’m asking that you don’t stop loving boss. Because you are the only person who can make boss happy. When I am sure that boss is happy, then I would dare to go back to my child.” Aw, these minions.

Fahsai tells him to remember her words, “The only thing that can stop me from loving your boss, is death.”

Meanwhile Daniel shares everything that has happened between the gangsters to Officer Thep, he wants to ensure the good cop is aware that there are other suspects out there beside his dad. Officer Thep asks for a list of suspects but Chernming interjects that perhaps the cop should do his job, like investigate. The cop retorts that Chernming ought to stand back if he can’t help either. Ha. Daniel stops his friend.  The cop suggests that Daniel teach some manners to his people.

Later Chernming says he doesn’t want that cop involved but Daniel says he can help find evidence to convict Tian Kong. Chernming relents they can do it themselves, which makes Daniel question what he’s afraid of. Chernming laments he can’t trust anyone anymore. Daniel says that he doesn’t need to trust anyone, just trust him, that’s all. Chernming nods his head. Aw, look at this.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 19.40.27

Fahsai tells A-Jo to bring his baby to Thailand one day. She sees Daniel walking out of the house and they make eye contact.. and it’s fraught with some angst, as she walks right into the house without another glance at him. But she’s actually hiding by the door and crying as his car backs out.

A-Jo tells boss when they got home that Fahsai told him she would never stop loving him. Daniel just takes it in and nods his head. Haha, I love his proxy. Chern Piu says he’d like a cup of that yummy coffee that A-Jo makes (indicating about being a proxy) and A-Jo says that he can surely make a cup for him and Pui Fai, so at least they can find out why Pui Fai is sulking. Haha AGAIN. A-Jo is killing it this episode.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 20.02.49

Chern Piu goes to see Pui Fai, but she kind of upsets him when she said that she thought it was one of her lovers. There’s a new guy next door who just started work and he’s so cute. Chern Piu invites her to give out presents to the orphan kids with him. He doesn’t really fall for her cavalier attitude about dating and stops her. He asks what he did to deserve her cold shoulders, when she makes up some excuse, he pulls her close and kisses her. Oh. That’s when the gossip mongers show up and they spy by the stairs.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 20.04.27 Screenshot 2016-08-31 20.04.15

He wipes her tears away and says even if she’s trying to tell him that she’s seeing someone else, he doesn’t believe her. He wants the truth, so Pui Fai questions if he has anything he wants to confess. When he says he has no secrets, Fai asks about the person he’s hiding and does Fahsai know. Erhm, now they are talking about two different thing. Chern Piu says that he has to hide that person because it’s his job (he’s referring Chernming). Fai retorts that it is her job then, to forget a bad person like him. Those stupid gossip mongers took a video clip of their exchange and hit’s “reply all.” Fai overhears people gossiping about her in the bathroom, that she’s kissing someone else’s husband.

But Fai gives it as good as she gets and slaps the gossipmongers. Chief tries to stop them but gets thrown against a table instead with a bleeding head. Dr. Kwan treats Chief and learns that Fahsai is working with Daniel. Dun dun dun.


And I was so excited for Wednesday. I was not ready for that angst! What are you doing Show?!

I get it, Daniel’s fear of losing the woman he loves is valid, but you really can’t control the future. Hell, you could wake up the next morning and get hit by a bus, so should that stop you from trying to be happy today? The thing about Daniel is that he always tries to fix things, not realizing there’s some things you can’t fix or control. You can’t make Fahsai love another man, it’s so insulting. It’s like he doesn’t even trust the love that she has for him, that she could one day fall in love with Chernming. So I love it when Fahsai gives him a piece of her mind. Although, I didn’t like the fact that she succumbs to making him hurt like she’s hurt by saying that she’ll try to love Chernming in order to make him happy. There’s no misunderstanding between these two since they manage to find a way to talk things out, BUT their solution is just plain stupid. Why can’t she tell Daniel what she told A-Jo, that she won’t stop loving Daniel until the day she dies, so his attempt is moot? And how is it any less dangerous going from loving one gangster to loving another gangster? It’s dangerous regardless! But then again the alternative is Dr. Scumbag and Officer Lazy.

Chernming is totally cute in this episode. Like one of you guys mentioned, they seem more like siblings than lovers. It would be great if Chernming sees Fahsai as just FAMILY and loves her regardless of whether he gets the girl or not, because she would mean more to him than a mere lover. I really liked the slow bromance that’s starting to brew between Chernming and Daniel again. I want more of those scenes, since we never got the part where they reconciled. They just kind of fall into familiar places with each other after Chernming realized Daniel isn’t the bad guy. Perhaps this time, instead of having Mr. Control Freak try to fix and make everything right, how about we give Chernming some credit and watch him do some of the patch up work? People keep ruling him out, that he’s too sensitive, too whatever to handle the truth. Let’s show everyone you are a man, Chernming, now YOU should be the one who want to see two of the people you love, love each other. Amirite?

I think it’s really unlike Pui Fai to avoid Chernming and not confront him head on why he was deceiving her about a wife a kid. She’s always so open and upfront, it would be more like her if she just bulldozes her way and find out the truth, and raise hell while she’s at it. Now that would be much more entertaining than to see her moping around and crying. Just because you’re in love, doesn’t mean reasoning is thrown out the window. I mean, she doesn’t have pregger’s hormones!

I’ll say one thing, perhaps Fahsai should take a page out of Chern Piu’s book and just kiss the heck out of Daniel if he doesn’t have anything helpful or nice to say. I mean sure, it’s gonna be a struggle to climb those long legs to get to those luscious lips, but you can take one for the team right? Someone do something, anything, but DON’T just deal with the pain. It’s not even the good kind of pain. Thursday better put my heart back in its rightful place, or else!