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Is everyone ready to meet Miss G? If everything goes according to plan, Kluen Cheewit is slated to air after Plerng Naree Nang Ay, taking over the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot. It’s going to be a slap-kiss to remember, so I suggest buckling that seatbelt on tight. Do share if you know of someone, anyone offering subtitles for this. It’s been awhile since we’ve last seen Yaya on screen, and with Mark to boot, I’ve been waiting for ages. I’m most likely going to recap this lakorn, unless something crazy happens. I don’t know, like if I’m incapacitated and my fingers don’t work. Knock on wood.

Kluen Cheewit is preempted by Nang Ay, starring Grate Warintorn and Nicha. So I guess that will put us in sometime October, as originally scheduled anyway. Just when we’re getting closer, we are thwarted again.

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Nang Ay is a remake from 1995 Joy Siriluk’s version. It’s actually based off of a popular novel (which is based on the author’s real life), a coming of age story about girls in a boarding school.


Taew Nataporn looks stunning here. She’s starring in Narkee, along with Ken Pupoom, and will be taking over Monday-Tuesday timeslot after Buang Athitarn. This one is an Act Art production, so we can expect great visuals and story. It’s a magical/supernatural lakorn world tied to past history/life. English synopsis can be found here, I have not had the chance to read the Thai version. I may check out the first episode, but all of these past life/supernatural powers are getting me a little fatigued. But I like Taew and I like Act Art.. so.

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Yes, it’s another Princess lakorn for us. But a lost one? Dao Long Fah Pupa See Ngern (The Lost Star) is a remake of Por Nattawut’s version back in 2001. This one will feature Denkhun and Natalie by Kantana Evolution, and should air after this weekend’s installment, Luet Rak Torranong. I watched the original one but couldn’t remember whether I liked or disliked it, probably doesn’t say much about the story that it hasn’t even left an impression, right? But here’s to hoping that the remake is better. The setting looks scrumptious.

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Needless to say, I am excited most for Weds-Thurs. I guess we’ll continue with our midweek madness ala Once Upon a Time in My Heart. Wait, don’t remind me that it’s ending. Gah!

What are you going to watch? All? One? Two? None of the above?