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TGIF everybody!

Earlier this week, Mr. A and I celebrated our 13th year anniversary. Well, technically 8 years, since Mr. A took his sweet time to propose. And my sister in law posed an interesting question, which is completely unrelated to us as a couple, but more of us as individual, human beings.

She asked, “if you won the lottery and money wasn’t an issue, what would you do?”

I’d like to pose this question to you. Tell me your dreams, and I’ll tell you mine. Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones and are already living your dream.

And on another random note, who’s looking forward to Petch Tud Petch? Weir vs. Mik? I’m rooting more for the the two to get together than actually any central romance story. Ha. But then again, Mik just fans my bromance fever.