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Once Upon a Time in My Heart – Episode 9


Daniel takes center stage in this episode, and he continues to make me swoon. I didn’t think Show could get any better, but it did, and I’m just jumping for joy. This episode takes the romance, the intrigue and even the gangster plot to the next level. Because if we only have three more episodes left, every minute counts. Now I’m going to forget that I just said that, because just thinking that this crack show will end with three more episodes will only break my heart. *sobs. 



A psychiatrist does a house call for big bro but says he can’t make any determinations yet but he would like to do further examination at the hospital. He instructs Chernming to bring big bro tomorrow. But on his way home, doctor gets a visit from the hired hand, Prachai, and they offer him a bag full of cash if he cooperates with the family. Doctor refuses due to his Hippocratic oath, and Prachai smiles but shoots him point blank. That’s not gonna look suspicious at all.

A-Jo (left hand man) calls Chern Piu and asks for a recommended place to shop for kids toys.. because he needs to buy a gift for his kid and he doesn’t know where to buy them in Thailand. I’m pretty sure there’s a MALL somewhere in BKK. But the bigger question is, A-Jo has a kid?! Chern Piu is surprised to hear that A-Jo’s wife already has her baby. A-Jo mentions that it’s been a few months now but he didn’t want to say anything because matters are pretty heightened here. Also, he knows that boss and Chern Piu would send him home straightaway. Aw, A-Jo don’t you want to see your little squish?

Mr. Giant wakes up early that morning and walks up to mom, who gets scared shitless because he’s so quiet. The noise prompts dad to rush over and he’s never going to let it go about Daniel’s profession. Daniel mentions that they are early risers, but dad says they do legal work, so they must wake up at dawn and make a living, unlike other people who do illegal work and sit pretty while collecting money. Mom says they’re not chickens. Haha. Daniel asks if he could be of assistance with their work. Dad assigns him on shrimp and vegetables peeling duty and he does it skillfully. Dad laments that this kind of work is SO much easier than shooting people. Lol. Daniel just gives him one of his cute, inscrutable look.

Next task is fresh market shopping! He does everything without a complaint. But once Fahsai learns of this, she tells dad not to mess with him. Dad relents that he’s not playing any tricks, he’s serious. If a man wants to be his son-in-law, he’s gonna have to learn what Dad’s trade is like. After a beat though, Dad looks away, not so confident about his tough love.


Meanwhile Daniel goes shopping and one of the matrons asks if he’s a star because he looks familiar. I’m pretty sure Daniel would never starve even if he’s poor, because with that face and personality, people would be giving him salads for free. The matron asks where he’s from and Daniel avoids eye contact and says he’s staying at Uncle Win and Aunt Chom’s house.

Daniel spots a couple of local thugs wanting their interest money paid from the other matron. He doesn’t care for their behavior and steps in. During the fight, it’s hysterical how Daniel tries to ensure that the basket of groceries remain untouched, as he fends off the thugs one by one. The matron had told him earlier to be careful with the basket so that the veggies don’t bruise. And then it made him really mad when they did end up kicking the basket, thereby crushing his groceries. The crowd applauses for him, while he grimace at the state of his groceries.

Back home, dad pulls out the damaged goods. Daniel explains that he would replace them with fresh goods, but he didn’t happen to bring any cash with him. But dad’s big contention is that Daniel must have gotten into an altercation with someone at the market, and it only goes to prove dad’s point. He adds that a gangster will always cause trouble wherever he goes. He kicks Daniel out of the house.. and then suddenly all of the matrons from the market storm into dad’s yard with goods in tow. Haha. The ladies say that he left the market so quickly they didn’t get a chance to reward him for his efforts. Mom and dad learn that Daniel had saved the market from its local thugs. Dad looks away with guilt and Daniel peers at Dad. Mom revises dad’s statement earlier in that a “good person” (not a thug) will always cause happiness wherever he goes. LOL.

Daniel smiles to himself later as Fahsai brings him lunch and he seriously can’t get rid of his lingering smile as he eats. STOP IT. He’s killing me with those smiles. Fahsai says that dad added extra shrimp to his dish since Daniel made him extra popular at the market now. Fahsai notes that his smile must mean he has softened towards her now, but Daniel says he wasn’t smiling about her. Heh.

He says, “I’m smiling about your home and your life.”

Fahsai, “What does that mean?”

Daniel replies, “If I could choose, I’d like to have a small and warm family just like yours.”

“Your life is yours to choose, Daniel. Besides, you’re not a leader of Mungkorn Thong anymore, so that’s a relief.”

“One day,” Daniel says as he looks at her, “I will choose a life for myself, Fahsai.” But he adds that there are still pressing issues that need resolving first.

Our cute little family moment ends as Daniel is called to a pressing matter. Ohh and the person he’s visiting (who finally has gained consciousness) is Oliver! We flash back to the time where Daniel ordered his minions to follow Tian Kong and they saw that Oliver was buried alive. They saved the guy and now just waiting for Oliver to come to. As Daniel walks out of the room, he spots A-Jo watching a video from his wife and baby. Daniel smiles and asks to see it too. A-Jo says the baby is light skinned like mom but handsome like him. Hee. Daniel says he should go back home to see his wife and baby, but A-Jo intends to take care of boss until Chern Piu is completely healed and he will head back. Speaking of Piu, A-Jo adds that he’s healing well because he has a special nurse.


Piu wakes up from his horrid dream again. He hears rustling outside of his door and reaches for his gun. But it’s only Fai who’s rummaging through her kitchen for something. At the sight of her, Piu smiles. Fai confiscates his gun and says he’s safe with her. Piu asks if she thinks she’s so talented. Fai relents that she doesn’t know about talent, but she sure is full of womanly wiles. LOL. When she feels his forehead for a fever, Piu pushes her hand away, which makes her wonder if he doesn’t want her to wipe his body down. What’s a guy to do with all of this foreplay?

She even feeds him the soup she made since his wound still hurts. She had been following a cooking video online since A-Jo says this soup is Piu’s favorite. Fai adds that she typically cooks easy street food, but it’s not suitable for a sick person. When she was little, she would hang out at her friend’s home so she could eat their food for free. Aw. I keep forgetting that she was an orphan growing up. Chern Piu asks if she ever misses her parents. She says that she misses them every day. She yearns for parents like Fahsai’s who would worry about her and ask for her when she’s home late. Fai tears up just at the thought. Even when she gets her bonus, she thinks about what she would buy for her parents. But Fai relents that she try not to think about it too frequently because when she opens her eyes in the morning, she’s always presented with reality. Chern Piu guesses that she must feel lonely. Fai says since he has bad dreams about his family, he must be lonely too.

Fai gets up for water but Chern Piu grabs her wrist. He says at least he has seen his parent’s faces, but she hasn’t: and yet she is so much stronger than him. He leans down ever so gently.. going for her lips.. but her phone rings! Darn it phone!

She excuses herself to pick up the phone, but also to calm the thumping of her heart. It’s Nuth, who’s on her way to the condo. Chern Piu waits for her right outside the bedroom room, and finishes what he set out to do earlier. He takes her face and kisses her properly. He thanks her for making him realize who he ought to be with. Aw! Lonely hearts no more! Gah! Fai beams up at him.

Mom comes home with a bag full of free groceries because the vendors are smitten by their future son in law. Hee. Dad tells her not to accept freebies, and Dr. Eit shows up in time to hear that Dad is warming up to Daniel since last night, he’s just putting on an act. Mom tells him that she’s sure this is the real deal for Fahsai. Dr. Eit offers to lend dad money to pay off the debt to Chernming. He shares with dad that he recently learned that Chernming and Daniel are rivals, and since they’re both interested in Fahsai, he doesn’t want Fahsai to get caught in the crossfire. Mm hm, so chivalrous of you. Dad says that he does want to borrow Eit’s money, but he’d rather not cause any more debt or make things more complicated. Dad relents that the mafias aren’t that bad, because if they wanted to do something, they’d already done it. Eit says to dad to suit himself then, but one day he will regret his choices. Out of earshot, Eit vows never to let Daniel end up with Fahsai. What is this guy’s deal?

Daniel takes Fahsai home but she says he can stop picking up and dropping off, and Daniel says she’s hurting his feelings. Fahsai relents that she does want him to chauffeur her around, but she wants him to focus on resolving his issues quickly so that he can choose to live his life the way he wants to. He smiles and says, “you do know that the life I want to live.. must have you in it, right?” Keke. Fahsai surmises that she thinks she already knows that. He asks if she will remain with him until that time comes and Fahsai says if she’s not around.. Daniel finishes the sentence for her, she would get kissed until she is willing to be with him. He leans down until they are at eye level and asks if she’s in agreement, and Fahsai concedes, but adds that “that” day will never come. You mean the day where he has to keep kissing you until you succumb to be his girlfriend? Dang it. These two. So cute. But stop talking as if you’re not going to be around for each other!

When Fahsai is out of sight, Dr. Scumbag appears and tsk tsk at Daniel for his hard work in winning over the girl. He wonders if thugs are going to appear and cause a ruckus because he wants to play hero too. Ever since Daniel appeared in Fahsai’s life, he gets to play hero, which is rather convenient. Dr. Scumbag thinks Daniel conjure up all of the excuses to be a hero in Fahsai’s life, because he’s a gangster and he’s capable of doing anything. He refuses to let Fahsai be with a bad person like Daniel. Our guy is standing there as if responding would be wasting his breath. But he finally says, “I suggest you ask Fahsai first, between you and me, who she thinks is the bad one.” As he turns, Dr. Scumbag insinuates that he must have slept with Fahsai already, that’s why he’s so into her. Omg. Daniel turns around. Dr. Scumbag says that one point in time, he too has been so into her. No pun intended! Seriously no double entendres here. That man is a dirty scumbag!

Daniel clenches his jaw, he’s near his breaking point as Dr. Scumbag continues to run his mouth and disrespects Fahsai. He even says that Fahsai used to try all of the tricks to get him to go on dates after graduation, she must have been afraid that he would leave her. Daniel slams his fist into Dr. Scumbags face – and tighten his grip on the man’s neck with a threat: “if you repeat this to anyone else, I am going to find you and KILL you.”

Dr. Eit puts on a show that he’s been hurt when her parents see them by the fence. Dad is furious and wonders why they have to fight here, he keeps Fahsai from running to Daniel. The neighbors all gather round the fence, wondering what’s transpired. But Eit lies through his teeth and Fahsai defends Daniel, that he must have said something untoward, that’s why Daniel did that. He’s not the type to hit people without a reason. Daniel peers at everyone around him – probably not wanting to divulge Eit’s horrid comments for all to hear – and says that it was nothing. Eit snickers and dad kicks Daniel out. Mom suggest he leave for now and come back when dad cools down. I love how mom is totally team Daniel now.

Fahsai pleads to dad that she wants to talk to Daniel, but Dr. Scumbag says she could ask him about what happened. He says that at the end of the day, Daniel is a gangster and he’s used to applying force to resolve his issues. He even lies that Daniel threatened him with a gun. Fahsai yells that he doesn’t need to accuse Daniel, she won’t believe him. That’s my girl. But dad can’t seem to get over the fact that Daniel is a gangster and pleads her to stop seeing Daniel if she doesn’t want to see her dad suffering. Are we really doing this again dad?! Fahsai shuts herself in her room as a response.

As she pulls the curtain away though, she sees Daniel leaning against his car looking at her bedroom window. That is too cute. So our Romeo calls his Juliet and wonders if she never suspected about what transpired earlier. Fahsai is sure he has his reasons and she actually wants him to hit Dr.Eit even more. Hahaha. You and me both. Daniel tells her to place the order, he’ll happily oblige right this minute. DO IT. Fahsai says dad doesn’t like him right now and it’ll make matters worse. Daniel says, “do not even worry about it (dad), Fahsai. It is my job to make your dad warm up to me.” Aw, I mean, isn’t he the best or what?

Before leaving, Daniel asks for some encouragement. She makes a heart with her fingers and Daniel says she’s very cute. They stay like that for a bit until he really has to leave.

Tian Kong tries to acquire new land (to build the casino?) and uses dirty measures to get the owner to conform at the price he wants– especially when the owner turned down the offer to join the gang – he threatens the older man with his son’s life. Wang Foie is pleased that Tian Kong succeeded in acquiring the land but he hasn’t succeeded in getting the black book from Daniel. Tian Kong relents that Daniel doesn’t trust them, but that is expected. Wang Foie says that HE trusts Tian Kong, so should his gang need anything and they don’t want their gang’s name to be tied to it, he need only tell Wang Foie and he will make it happen. He promises that the black book won’t end up in anyone else’s hand except for Suer Khao gang. Oh dad.

Wang Foie asks if Chernming is willing to do as he asked and Tian Kong relents he’ll make it happen no matter what. Mom walks in to hear this and shakes her head at Tian Kong. The man tells boss lady to stay away from both brothers (Chernming and big bro) because one is sick and the other hates Mungkorn Thong, and they are ready to endanger her. Parima asks if that includes Tian Kong too – smart lady- and Tian Kong gives her a smirk and says he knows what’s what, he’s just worried about her. She takes a step closer to show her fearlessness and says that those boys are like her kids, her concern for them outweighs any fear. If she finds out there’s someone who means them harm, she’s not going to let him live in peace. These combats are done with smiles and twinkly eyes. I love it.


That night mom tells Daniel that she’s worried about Chernming and big bro.

Chernming gets questioned by the police since the psychiatrist had gone missing, and he had been the last person to see the doctor. Chernming offers his full cooperation and even the security cameras around his house. As he bathes big bro, big bro seems to notice his solemn mood. Chernming says he’s worried that someone doesn’t want big bro to heal.

Daniel regards the recording that Tian Kong admitted he’s responsible for killing Chern family. He phones Chernming and asks him to come out and meet someone, he will then know who means well and who’s truly evil towards him. Chernming questions why he should trust Daniel, to which the man replies that it’s for the sake of his and big bro’s life. Daniel says that he has never asked Chernming of anything in their twenty years of friendship, but he’d like for Chernming to trust him this one time and come out to see him.

BUT, Tian Kong is listening in on Chernming’s phone call. He orders his men to see what Daniel is talking about while he take care of Chernming. Oh boy, will these old buddies ever get to reunite?

Tian Kong goes into big bro’s room that night and uses the glimmer from his knife to scare big bro. That’s just mean. So big bro goes into shock and next thing we know, he’s holding that knife and wielding it around. Chernming had been about to leave but hears the ruckus. As he tries to stop big bro, he gets his hand sliced.

Tian Kong tells his minion to go ahead and send the clip to Daniel. What clip?

Ah. It’s a heart wrenching one. Daniel sees big bro in the video – when he’s healthy and evil as ever – and next to him is a crying Botan, who’s strapped to the bed. Big bro speaks into the video instructing Botan to put on a nicer face so that Daniel will know that he has given her pleasure. Botan is in tears as she cries that Daniel shouldn’t exact a revenge for her. Big bro says that she must do whatever he orders her to – such as bringing to him Mungkorn Thong’s secret – he coaxes her not to cry (in such a dirty creepy way you’d want to take a shower) and says if she keeps crying like that, he’ll get in the mood. Then all you hear next is Botan screaming and crying “no”. Daniel eyes well up with tears as he angrily screams big bro’s name. He smashes the lamp nearest him, which prompts mom and dad to enter his room.

Daniel says he finally realized what prompted Botan to betray them in the first place: someone in Chern family ruined her. He storms out, sniping that he’s going to resolve his problem with Chern family once and for all.

In his speeding car, as his eyes reddened and tears threatening to fall, Daniel spits that he’s going to kill big bro. But suddenly, his angry face relaxes a bit and he flashes back to the moment he found out Botan betrayed him. Botan had cried and said that nobody ordered her to do it, she was willing because they paid her a handsome fee. Because she wanted to get out of dodge, out of this god forsaken gang group. It’s the same flashback but means differently this time. Daniel thinks to when he shot her next, and when she had fallen into the deep abyss. He slams on the breaks and let’s himself breakdown and cry. Aw, my heart can’t take this. He apologizes to Botan, and as the tears scald his face, we hear Botan’s voiceover that she wants him to defeat his enemies by forgiving them, no matter what happens (or I guess in this context, no matter what he finds out).

When his heart is heavy, we see where he ends up in the next scene. Right in front of Fahsai’s door. Aw.

Fahsai rushes down (after ensuring her parents are not around) and sees Daniel’s face soaked with tears. Daniel hears her voice and all he could do is pull her into his big, strong arms. He holds her close and kisses her hair. Fahsai returns his hug and utters his name, wondering what’s wrong. Daniel strokes her hair and continues to hold her tightly. Mom walks to the balcony and witnesses this and smartly keeps dad distracted.

Fahsai peers into Daniel’s eyes and touches his cheek, “have you been crying?”

He holds her face between his hands, “You HAVE to look after yourself well. If anyone hurts you, you must tell me. Don’t keep it from me, don’t fear that I would be sad, ok?”

When she says yes, Daniel kisses her tenderly on the forehead and pulls her in for another hug. I die. Again.

Tian Kong’s minion follows Daniel to Oliver’s hideout. But as he gets close to the door, Daniel had already expected him. Nice reversal! He skillfully beats the shit out of the minion, probably the fight he needs to cool him down. Yay to the good guys being smarter than the bad guys!

Chernming asks Tian Kong how big bro obtained a knife. Tian Kong merely says big bro brought it into the room himself, which Chernming doesn’t buy it because big bro was asleep and wouldn’t have woken up if someone didn’t wake him up. Chernming gets a call with one of his minion’s picture and Daniel questions why someone was sent to follow him. Chernming angrily grasps Tian Kong by the collar then Tian Kong shoots his leg out from under him. Yikes. Daniel could hear the gunshot over the phone and rushes to help Chernming.

Chernming has come to the realization that Tian Kong isn’t the only traitor, but it seems all of his henchmen are siding with the older man. They snicker at him and Tian Kong knocks him out with one blow. They take him to Suer Khao’s gang gathering. Tian Kong says that the gang is now a true tiger.

Chernming watches Tian Kong beat up big bro before his eyes. He screams for him to stop, but Tian Kong says no one wants to follow a weak leader, and that includes all of Chern family men. Tian Kong pushes against Chernming’s gunshot wound and even sniffs his blood, ok this man is a madman. Chernming realizes that Tian Kong is the true culprit behind his family’s demise and for pitting the blame on Mungkorn Thong. Tian Kong is happy that little boss finally got smarter. Well, can’t argue with him there. Tian Kong says that the worse one is Big Boss, who never loved anybody other than his two idiotic sons. Tian Kong reasons that he is the best option to lead Suer Khao but Big Boss couldn’t see pass his boys. Chernming argues it’s because he doesn’t have any tiger blood in him. He’ll forever be just a dry tiger. Tian Kong keeps slapping Chernming like a rag doll.

Tian Kong releases Chernming into the gang’s grasps as they slice him and dice him with their scary looking knives. Is that even a knife? A sword? Blade? Scary sharp object. Chernming makes his escape though, but doesn’t get very far as the members get a hold of him and continue with their butchering. Ack, I can’t watch. Is he dead? Chernming gets up finally and Tian Kong tells the minions to let him go. He wants to be the one to finish him. So Chernming struggles ahead, very slowly, while Tian Kong taunts from behind. They make it to a warehouse, and Tian Kong slowly pushes a knife into Chernming. THEN he places a bomb on Chernming. Good god, Show. Chernming pushes the bomb off his chest and crawls towards the window.. Tian Kong pushes the bomb button once he is a good distance from the warehouse and next thing we know the warehouse explodes into smithereens.

Daniel could see the flash of fire from his car and rushes over to the warehouse. Aw, Chernming crawls out of the warehouse! Yay he’s not dead, and Daniel rescues his old friend.

Tian Kong minion apologizes for failing him – in that he didn’t know Daniel would be aware of his tailing. Tian Kong coldly kills him so he wouldn’t have the opportunity to fail him in the future. He tells the other minions that Suer Khao is under his watch now, and they need only the strong and smart.

Chern Piu heads out to help boss but thanks Fai for tending to him. He takes her hand and tells her that he’s been really happy here. Aw. He looks at her like he is about to eat her up, ha, but leans down for a smooch instead. But Nuth walks in on time to see the near kiss. Lol. She tells them to continue where they left off.

Daniel brings Chernming to his hideout. The doctor says the knife wounds didn’t hit major organs so he’s safe for now, otherwise he would never discharge the patient from the hospital. Chern Piu also arrives and.. are we having our BROMANCE REUNION? I’m so happy.

Chern Piu wonders why Tian Kong would dare attempt to kill Chernming when he knows they are in possession of the black book. Daniel says that Tian Kong wants to be the leader and he’s fearless now because dad (Daniel’s dad that is) is supporting his cause. Daniel tells Chern Piu to let Tian Kong bask in his glory for now, and he would be the one to take him down.

Tian Kong flies to Hong Kong to show dad and the other head honchos the clip of big bro with Botan and he surmises that this is the reason why Chernming has gone missing. He even says that after Chernming went to see Daniel – insinuating that Daniel is the perpetrator – he never resurfaced. Dad says if that is the case, he would be the one to deal with Daniel. Everyone wonder who would succeed as leader of Suer Khao, knowing that big bro doesn’t have the mental capacity to lead the group. And of course this is the obvious place we’re heading, Tian Kong becomes leader of Suer Khao gang.

On a one—on-one, Dad tells Tian Kong that he needs to make Suer Khao fearless again. Because he knows Tian Kong is framing Daniel for killing Chernming, and Dad knows for a fact that his son would never kill his best friend. But dad supports Tian Kong’s choices because that means Suer Khao will have a strong leader again. Dad steps up and asks (more like demands) one thing: Daniel must be the leader of Mungkorn Thong again. Dad has seen enough of his son being disrespected and misunderstood by the members.

Daniel visits Botan’s grave with her necklace in his palm. Chern Piu tells boss not to blame himself, but he still wants to know why she never told him the truth. Chern Piu relents that Botan may think that if she told boss, matters will worsen, and prefers to end everything by dying. Daniel says that Botan is strong and she must want him to be strong too. Chern Piu believes that only boss could save Chernming and everyone from the wraths of Tian Kong, thus he needs to stay strong.

They need to find someone to tend to Chernming and Daniel thinks of a candidate. I hope you’re not thinking what I think you’re thinking!

Big Sis Fai spills tears over Fahsai’s novella, saying that it’s sad when you have to watch another woman being with your man. Fahsai questions whether Fai is in love, that’s why she’s so emotional, and Fai admits that she is in love with Chern Piu. Fahsai wants details. The office mates are green with envy because their rival have found love while they’re still perpetually single. Lol.

Speaking of the devils, Daniel and Chern Piu show up at the magazine firm and Daniel asks to borrow Fahsai to work for him. This shocks both Fahsai and the Chief. Daniel asks if Fahsai doesn’t want to be close to him then? Fahsai says of course not.. so it’s decided that she’ll work for him. Daniel asks that Chief keep her on board after her work with him is finished though. Chief doesn’t have a problem, so long as Fahsai sends her columns to him on a timely manner.

While Fahsai has a word with Chief, Daniel and Chern Piu discuss the present for A-Jo’s family. Fai actually walks in on time (along with the gossip mongers) and hears Chern Piu thanking boss for being considerate for the baby and A-Mei, and boss says a minion’s child is like his child too. WHICH makes it sound like Chern Piu may have a wife and kid already! The gossip mongers question whether Fai had done her proper research on this guy. Fai denies it and tries to find him, but she overhears him telling a woman name A-Mei, to take care of “their” baby. Fai’s eyes well up with tears.


Um, I hope Daniel isn’t thinking about making Fahsai Chernming’s nurse. That’s like bringing unnecessary pain onto oneself. Unless having Fahsai there will make Daniel and Chernming closer somehow. Whatever the case may be, it’s really going to test their trust.

I feel badly for Botan, but I don’t necessarily agree that she’s strong by taking the blame for everything. It just sounds like she gave up on herself. She was defiled by big bro, she betrayed Daniel, and even though she thinks she’s saving everybody, she’s just saving herself from having to face the truth and the pain it presents. I will say that her death does give Daniel pause, in terms of how he will treat big bro, but whether quick or fast, Daniel is going to punish the man somehow. I mean he deserves it, but perhaps karma has already taken care of that. And Daniel is a man who believes in karma, so maybe he’ll see that.

I’ve always felt like Daniel is an enigma, he has that inscrutable face and it’s hard to figure out his move, so I’m always happy to see the scenes where he let his guard down and just be him. And he gets to do that with Fahsai. She’s so much the heroine and I hope she continues to be that supportive force by his side and make him see things he don’t already realize.

Talk about the gore in this episode. It was hard to watch Chernming get his ass whooped, but he really needed a major wakeup call. I’m excited to see his reconciliation with Daniel, but there’s definitely more heartbreak in store for him because he doesn’t know how cruel his big bro was. And I am so ready to see the bromance between the gangsters!

There is one less person I could care about if he dies/disappears from this planet. Dr. Scumbag. He’s the only one without a good motive for his actions, he’s hell bent on keeping Daniel and Fahsai apart. Show’s pulling the standard second lead for this douche and I hope they just get him out of my sight. The only thing he serves to do is to make us see how Fahsai has complete faith in Daniel. But there is less painful ways yet, Show.

It’s another great episode, taking us closer to the final three. It’s balls to the walls from here y’all. But at least I know going in that Fahsai and Daniel’s connection is so strong, not even the biggest bad’s blade could cut through it. But let’s not put it to a test, ok? *shakes fist

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