If you’re a Mark Prin or Patricia Good fan, you will be happy to hear that they will be gracing our Monday-Tuesday timeslot in Buang Athitarn by Wave Media on Channel 3. This will air after Kong Grapan Naree on August 16, 2016.

This is a past life/karma type lakorn where the main character’s present life gets intertwined with their past life upon a discovery of an old artifact that awakens a curse. This particular artifact is a stone inscription discovered by the heroine’s father who’s an archaeologist. He decides to keep the artifact to himself for research purposes, since the artifact details of a missing city from a thousand years before. It’s a BIG DEAL. But it’s also too bad that it went missing while in the archaeologist custody. Dad thinks the millionaire hotelier and antique collector is in possession of it.

Yositha (Patricia Good) the archaeologist daughter, decides to help her father search for the missing artifact, but learns that she needs to become an insider in the antique broker business. She meets Kritthon (Mark Prin) who is the eldest son of the hotelier. Upon meeting Yositha for the first time, Kritthon feels as if he has known her before, although she’s quite indifferent towards him. He decides to hire her to be a photographer for an antique museum that his dad wants to put together. She accepts, thinking that she could find the excuse to hunt for the missing artifact and make money at the same time.

Unfortunately being close to the missing artifact awakens a very angry spirit, Bussakorn (Yardthip Rachapal), whose spirit is embedded in the artifact. They have a connection from a thousand years ago, where Bussakorn’s spirit is determined to seek revenge on Yositha even in the present time. As you may have surmised, Kritthon’s past is also linked with these two ladies, and we watch as the past plays out in the present, and determine if Yositha and Kritthon will survive the wrath of Bussakorn. Patricia and Mark look really cute together.

Eye Kamolned, Kat Nicharat are also in here. Eye plays Yositha’s best friend who works at the hotel, while Kat plays Kritthon’s brother’s fiancée who gets possessed by Bussakorn. Good luck and send a prayer when watching this one. The visuals look pretty spooky.

Check out the teaser here:

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