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Whoever said a gangster can’t be a gentleman? I think I might have found the gentleman story I was looking for. Oh Boss Daniel aka Mr. Dreamy, is as romantic as can be, sweeping Fahsai literally off her feet, and maybe mine too. Although Fahsai only has a few days with Mr. Dreamy, it is enough to learn the true essence of this man, even if she doesn’t yet know his name.

Recaps completed for Ep2! ~Fia


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Dr. Kwan pretends not to know where her fiance’s house is as she stops by Fahsai’s home asking for directions. It’s her way of staking her claim on her man by announcing to Fahsai’s parents that Dr.Eit is already taken, even though their daughter happens to be dating him all this time. Dr. Kwan even rubs it in a little more – as if Fahsai is no match for her – that her dad owns the hospital and she is about to become the director. But as much as Dr. Kwan tries to make herself and her father believe that she wants to be #1 in everything she does, professionally and personally, Dr. Kwan just looks like the threatened woman whose fiancé can’t stop thinking about his ex girlfriend.

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Back in the little safety house in Japan, Daniel shows that he really is a quiet and tender man. He tends to Fahsai’s twisted ankle without a word, they’re both just lost in each other’s eyes. I mean, could you blame her? He’s Mr. Dreamy. Once the ankle is wrapped, Daniel carries her back to bed. But the electric current between the two remain even through the night, neither are able to sleep.

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The next day Gang Suer Khao finds the abandoned car and search the area for Daniel. The aforementioned man takes a truck out that morning hoping to find a cell signal, leaving handy Japanese notes for Fahsai while he is away. He finally gets a bar signal and instructs his right hand man not to look for him at the village, he doesn’t want the other gang to harm the old folks who are helping him. Instead they’ll meet at a different point, Daniel will manage to get there on his own. The right hand man assures his boss that Big Sis is with him and is safe, he does wonder why Fahsai looks just like Botan and whether that makes boss happy. Daniel relents that the look alike is a coincidence, and he’ll only be happy once Fahsai is completely safe.

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Unfortunately Fahsai gets discovered by Gang Suer Khao as she wanders the streets waiting for her giant to return. Daniel swings the truck around and simultaneously shoots and knocks each man down. Chanming’s right hand man is the last man standing, but as Daniel pulls the trigger, he runs out of bullets. He throws the gun at the man to deter him and pulls Fahsai along as they make a run for it. They hide under the bridge until coast is clear. Mr. Dreamy forbids her from walking since she’s still limping from the twisted ankle, and hoists her in his arms without another word. This is why their size difference is so attractive, he carries her with ease. Daniel decides its best they spend the night in the woods since her ankle is still swollen. He doesn’t want to cause any trouble to the village folk. I think I found my gentlemen in a gangster’s drama.

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Big Sis spies on the right hand man as he’s practicing his knife targets, which probably isn’t the smartest thing to do, but she’s too distracted by his bare, inky chest to think straight. She gets reminded not to be sneaky as a knife flies right by her ear. As she questions whether he heard back from his boss, or when they’ll see her sister again, her eyes keep wandering back to admire his torso. Lol. Girl after my own heart. She inquires why he has both tiger and dragon tattoos, did he used to be with both of the gangs? He doesn’t quench her thirst though and tells her to mind her manners.

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That night Fahsai returns Daniel’s coat back to him since she notices how cold he looks. She says even though she’s a skinny girl, she has a tendency to be hot, while he looks like he has the tendency to be cold. Ha. Daniel’s answer is to pull her “warm” body down next to him. He says he has something to tell her.. that she has something unique that is unlike other people: her heart is both soft and strong. He wants her to promise him that even if they may never see each other again, she should promise to safeguard her heart and not allow anyone to hurt it (no matter what anyone does to her). I think that is the sweetest thing a man can say to a woman: be you, don’t change for anyone.

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She’s been softening towards him and we can see how his words and actions move her. She nods her head and makes her promise. He gives her a little squeeze in appreciation. Mr. Dreamy is killing me. They cuddle close that night, the fire isn’t the only thing keeping them warm. By morning, Fahsai peers up at the sleeping giant with a smile. After evaluating her ankle, Daniel assures her that she’ll be able to return to Thailand today, his people has been instructed to make the arrangements.

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Fahsai looks pensive but says that she’s happy to hear that, and inquires about her sister. Daniel explains that her sister is with his people and he didn’t tell her this prior because he knew their time together would be short. It is the last time they’ll be together and he’s remiss to let it go. He covers her slender shoulders with his coat and leans down for a goodbye kiss. As their lips are about to touch, a truck comes in sight. Dang it. Daniel gets them a ride back to town, he lifts her into the truck and jumps in after her. As the truck meanders down the road, Fahsai peers at his side profile and thinks back on how swoony he was with her.

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They reach the pier and Fahsai wonders out loud who exactly he is. She sees that his “people” are men bending to his will, taking their suit jacket off their backs to give to him, and driving a luxury car. He wears a giant dragon ring on his finger too. Daniel merely says that it’s her time to leave, her sister is waiting for her. At the same time, Gang Suer Khao shows up and Daniel rushes her out, conceding that he would be safe enough, though Fahsai is reluctant to leave his side. The two gangs exchange open gunfire.

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As she slowly turns to leave, Daniel pulls her hand (which he had been holding) and swoops down to give her a searing kiss. Kyaah. This is pretty great: after ending the kiss, Daniel turns and continues shooting Chanming, and his men take Fahsai away.

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2 months later

Fahsai narrates an ending as we see her begin a new day. She says that in the end, whether we see the world as bright or dark lies on how we perceive it. The events at that time taught her that her eyes and her heart are hers alone, which I think goes to mean that only she could see/perceive those events alone. We come to find that Fahsai is presenting a story called “Once Upon A Time In My Heart,” to the team at the LOLA magazine firm she works for. The story sounds to be like a romantic novella featuring a Thai woman and a Hong Kong gangster. How much do I like that our heroine is using her experience to write a story?

The team gives her a round of applause, but the Editor asks them to take a step back and think about the theme of LOLA. Fahsai answers that the magazine was created by the Editor’s ancestor to honor Thai heritage, which means they need meaningful, realistic stories. Fai (Big Sis) goes to bat for Fahsai and the livelihood of the firm, they NEED something fresh and different in order to attract readers and compete in the market place. The Editor is bent on keeping his ancestors’ quality magazine based on REALITY – so he says unless Fahsai has something real to report, the argument is moot. Ha, the editor doesn’t even know what he’s in for.

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Fai argues that in fact, Fahsai is writing about a real event. Everyone takes a look at Fahsai a little bit differently, but in the end our girl says that it’s all in her imagination. Dang it.

Fahsai pleads for Big Sis not to be angry at her because if the truth comes out that she had spent a few nights with a stranger, no one would believe in her chastity. She also worries about upsetting her parents too. *Looks like Big Sis isn’t actually a biological sister, but I’m still going to call her Big Sis because she’s adorably sisterly towards Fahsai. We could always use a strong support system for our heroine.*

Big Sis almost forgot about Fahsai’s protective parents, but goes on to say that she merely wants Fahsai’s novel to make it out there so that the giant could read it and learn just how much Fahsai has been missing him. Squeal. Fahsai belatedly states that she doesn’t miss him the way that Big Sis thinks, but Big Sis is no fool, otherwise Fahsai wouldn’t listen to depressing love songs. The assistant to the Editor questions whether the giant is as handsome as the novel hero, and Big Sis answers that OF COURSE, why else would Fahsai forget the Dr.Eit so easily? Haha. I forgot about him TOO!

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Big Sis and the assistant prods Fahsai into divulging more details about the night in the woods, amidst color changing leaves. When Fahsai says that they merely slept holding each other, the two girls squeal. How much do I love her colleagues? That’s my expression too when I watched them snuggling together. Fahsai relents sadly that the giant tells her to stay strong and bright, just the way she is. The girls squeal some more, but Fahsai cuts their imagination short to finish up some work. As a parting comment, Fahsai admits that she does want to see him again, but not because she misses him. But because she has to give him back his things. SUURE.

That thing is actually the necklace that she accidentally broke. Alone in in the dark night, she peers at the necklace and says into the void: “Where are you Mr.Giant, I’m waiting for you to come back and get your necklace..”

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Mr.Giant, Boss Daniel, and the ever Mr.Dreamy, is headquartered in HK, being served by a lady in red, who asks him to repay her. He swings her around and places her on the table and questions what she wants. The lady states she wants to be his woman and that she doesn’t know any women on earth who doesn’t want to belong to him. It might be true but Mr. Dreamy doesn’t fall for it, he pulls a gun that she’s been hiding in her thigh and they get into a fistfight. She’s pretty skilled as she manages to get away, but not before a sniper with a skull ring shoots her point blank, much to Daniel’s surprise.

Boss right hand man reports her profile to Daniel and his father. She happens to be a singer but also Chanming’s older brother (who lost his mind) former girlfriend. She wanted to seek revenge on Daniel. Dad is livid and orders Daniel to terminate gang Suer Khao, he’s taking too long and being too lenient. Daniel says that he has their black book and is negotiating, he has no intention to kill anyone. Dad warns him that gang Suer Khao is defying them and they need to put a stop to it. Later, Dad secretly meets with the sniper with a skull ring, he pays him (independent contractor?) and orders that anyone who poses a danger to his son’s life needs to be killed.

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Daniel looks at a drawing that brings a smile to his face, it’s something he keeps in his chest pocket for a rainy day. Mom questions whether he’s going to seek revenge on Suer Khao (meaning is he going to incinerate them like most leaders), but Daniel doesn’t believe in that. He doesn’t want more people to die. Mom is pleased to hear that he could make his own decisions, but Daniel says he was inspired by someone. Mom wonders if he’s referring to the person who made the drawing. He smiles (STOP, I’m dying) and says she’s the woman who saved him in Japan. He adds that she’s as small as a child but with a heart bigger than her body. Mom asks to meet her but Daniel thinks it’s best to allow her to live happily, as oppose to ending up like Botan.

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Mom decides to make a peace offering to gang Suer Khao by visiting Chanming’s older brother, Chin Siao Yao. She brings dad along and says that she has it up to here with the animosity between the two gangs, she thinks if they reach out first, it may cause a cease-fire. The room is dark and dank, the minions report that Siao Yao prefers it dark since the unfortunate event occurred, he only survived because Chanming came in time to rescue him from the noose around his neck. Mom asks if Siao Yao remembers her, but the sparkle in her diamond earring reminds him too much of the glistening from a samurai’s sword and he screams in fear, calling out for someone to help his dad. Dad on the other hand, hides a satisfied smile. Oh man.

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Fahsai feels as if someone is following her, but before she could find out, Big Sis calls to report that there’s a fire at the office. A black figure steps out as she rushes to her office. Fahsai learns that someone set fire to their magazine draft but the Editor in Chief caught it in time before the whole building goes in flame. He’s devastated at the loss, despite his assistant consoling that they can write new ones.

Officer Thep (new character!) seems to fancy Fahsai and is assigned to this new case. Nuth (the assistant) crushes on him and sends him home with some food to show her gratitude. But Officer Thep is more interested on whether Fahsai really broke up with her boyfriend, who confirms that they’ve been broken up for awhile now. Officer Thep is momentarily relieved until Big Sis blurts that Fahsai will have a new one soon. Ha. But she’s “joking”.

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The uneasiness feeling follows Fahsai all the way home. She hides from a man in black but gets thwarted by a garden snake. As she screeches and runs towards the street, a man catches her before she hits the ground. It’s Chanming! Fahsai recognizes him immediately but can’t put her finger on where. He gathers her in his arms and says he’ll walk her home. She breaks free but a car filled with gang Suer Khao men appear and she knows its trouble, but the seemingly nice Chanming makes his right hand man apologize for scaring her or doing anything untoward her in the past. Like trying to shoot at her? Fahsai wants to be rid of these scary men so she forgives them, but Chanming stops her to give her the missing purse. He apologizes for looking through her journal but doesn’t apologize for wanting to get to know her even more. Fahsai takes her purse and rushes out of sight.

She peruses through her journal to ensure it’s in normal condition, and notes the last page with a drawing of two men in a noose. That is not creepy at all.

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Chanming tells his right hand man (Tiang Kong) that he’s sure Fahsai has taken over Botan’s place in Daniel’s heart. He can tell during their gunfire exchange at the pier. He wants to use Fahsai to punish Daniel to atone for all of the people he loved and who died by the hands of Daniel, especially Alin (the lady in red), his bro’s lover, who recently died. Right hand man is too smart, he wonders if Chanming could withhold his own heart from allowing Fahsai to take over Botan’s place as well. Haha. Remember this dude? It’s THE Suer Khao from Padiwarada, and as smart as always. Chanming spits that no one would take Botan’s place in his heart. He has been following Fahsai for a few days now to figure out what bait to use in order to lure his little fish. He tosses a wad of cash to cover the cost of the arson work.

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The person they hired is a scary dude who pulled a Mike Tyson move by biting his opponents ear in order to win at all cost. He takes the cash from Tiang Kong and wants the boss to know that he doesn’t like to do things half-assed, people better die in the next job, he only conceded to this work because they are friends. Tiang Kong states that their boss will be in Thailand for awhile this time and will have plenty of work for him to do, which will turn him into a Big Deal, not just your average gangster.

Back in Hong Kong, Boss Daniel’s right hand man (I swear I will know his name eventually) reports that they’ve gotten word that Chanming is in Thailand. He’s after Fahsai because he’s intending to use her for something. Right hand man speculates that Chanming may try to use Fahsai to get to Boss Daniel. Chanming must have known Daniel and Fahsai spent time together in Japan and that Daniel might have come to care for Fahsai. Daniel looks away and denies it. Right hand man calls him out on his bluff, the kiss while holding a gun in his hand speaks for itself. Haha. I love this. Right hand man questions whether Boss would be ok in allowing Chanming to spend time with Fahsai, because what if he does something to her? That gives Daniel pause.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 12.11.47 Screenshot 2016-08-08 12.09.27

Chanming has some game! He knows where to start the courting process, right at her parent’s front door. He tells her mom and dad that he’s just in the neighborhood because a friend lives in the area. Fahsai spies this and knows he’s looking for her. She dashes out while her parents try to introduce her to this new man. When he follows, she takes out her journal and questions why he drew the men in nooses. Hang men. Chanming clarifies that she’ll understand it if she decides to work for him. He gives her his business card and invites her to draw for his older brother, in hopes that his condition would improve. He is willing to pay a large salary. Dr. Eit drives by and offers a ride, she opts to jump in the car to get away from this strange man.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 12.18.18 Screenshot 2016-08-08 12.19.35

Dr.Eit tells her to be more careful if she doesn’t know this man instead of allowing him to hold her hand. Fahsai gives him the side eye, as if that should be of any concern to him. She tells him to drop her off at the next road, and listens to him explain that he did not intend to cheat on her.. he just found the right woman in Dr. Kwan. He hopes she’s no longer mad at him. Fahsai says that falling in love with someone is not wrong, what’s wrong is that Dr.Eit never told her, which makes her the fool who believes they are in love. He admits that he hopes one day she would find out on her own about him and Kwan (which I guess came to fruition). Fahsai mutters under her breath, “what a man.” Hahaha. She gives him a smile and assures him that she’s no longer mad, really. I mean, why waste the energy? She thanks him instead for letting her experience something new in Japan. He asks if they can still be brother and sister like before. But as their car cross paths with Dr.Kwan’s car, we know things won’t ever be like before. And thank goodness for that.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 12.28.53 Screenshot 2016-08-08 12.29.02

Dr. Kwan confronts Dr. Eit, angry that he came to see Fahsai. He explains that he has no more feelings for Fahsai, he’s just offering a ride and LIES that Fahsai had been the one to initiate this. Fahsai is right, he’s definitely not a man. Dr. Kwan threatens to tell her dad that he’s easy to persuade, in case other hospitals try to recruit him away, he would probably agree. She also reminds him that her dad paid for his student loan debts.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 12.37.18 Screenshot 2016-08-08 12.36.27

At LOLA office meeting, Editor in Chief announces that they are closing up shop. They’ve been struggling for some time now and the fire only cemented the fact that the business has failed. They’ve even lost the big commercial client, the hospital. The Chief is just giggling as he’s reporting this, because the alternative would be to cry. Fahsai consoles the boss that they are like family, surely they can find a way out together. The gossipmongers at work blame this on Fahsai because the daughter of the hospital called in to sever ties with their firm, even though they’ve worked with the hospital for so many years, because Fahsai got between her and Dr.Eit.

Fahsai says the relationship with her ex is only platonic, then a fight ensues at the firm where the employees take sides. The Chief takes the blame for LOLA’s fall, aw, and gives everyone three days to decide what they want to do.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 14.25.34 Screenshot 2016-08-08 14.34.37

Chanming bathes his big bro and recalls how much of an advocate he had been towards his younger brother’s non-involvement with the gang. Big bro just wants his little brother to follow his dreams and draw, despite how their father is against this. Chanming even draws a gun with their tiger crest on it, he confesses that he never intended to draw a gun that will be used to kill people. But now he understands that without weapons, the other gang will just hurt them. He vows to use his brother’s gun to seek revenge for his bro and their dad. Tiang Kong reports that there’s still no movement from Daniel, but Chanming says they’re bound to see something once Fahsai agrees to work for him. He doesn’t think Daniel will keep still for long. Chanming is sure she’ll agree because he knows exactly what bait to use now.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 14.57.35 Screenshot 2016-08-08 15.05.10

We can guess that the bait is her dad, who’s scrambling around at night taking money from the register. Mom catches him red handed and Fahsai tries to be the mediator. Her dad had owed Big Boss money but has been paying the interest on time. However, lately, the Big Boss demands all of the money owed and threatens to endanger mom and Fahsai, so dad has no choice but to steal money from mom. He didn’t want to tell them at first because he didn’t want to worry them. Fahsai comforts her dad that they’re not mad at him, although mom begs to differ, and she has some money saved up. Mom tells Fah to keep her money for a rainy day, especially when she’ll be unemployed soon. Fah says she’s more capable than that, in fact, her new salary will be even higher. She says her parents will live comfortably from now on.

That night she thinks back on her colleagues blaming her for the end of the firm as they know it. She then recalls her promise to Mr.Giant, that she will remain bright and strong amidst adversaries, and not allow people to hurt her feelings. Aw it’s bittersweet that she uses his encouraging words to steel herself to consider working for Chanming. If only Mr.Giant knew… That next morning as she peers at Chanming’s business card, she receives a call from Nuth to report back to work immediately, they have an important guest.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 15.30.22

There’s a commotion at her work place as Nuth explains that their all-important guest is a new investor, and he has saved the day. Without him, they’d all be unemployed. She does this slow-mo walk to the Chief’s room, with the guest’s back to her, as if she instinctively knows that this is the moment in time where she gets to meet HIM again. The guest turns and it’s indeed Mr.Giant, looking dapper and all the synonyms of ‘gorgeous’. She stares unblinkingly at him. Gulp. The Chief notices the charged moment and wonders if they’ve met before.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 15.31.06

Fahsai nods as if to say that they have, but Mr.Giant denies it, taking the wind out of her sail. Her smile fades as she peers at him, while the Chief makes his introductions to his employees. Daniel wonders what time everyone starts work, which is a rather strange question, but the camera pans to all of the female employees spying on them from the hallway, all lined up neatly too. Ha. Everyone wants to be in on the action, especially where Daniel is concerned! The Chief leaves Fahsai to serve Daniel some coffee while he tells his employees to go to work and bring over the founder (his grandma’s) picture.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 15.38.44

Once alone (and at last!), Daniel says he doesn’t drink coffee. Fahsai remembers this from Japan and proceeds to make tea for him instead. He tells her that he came here (the office, Thailand, all of the above) for her. A little pissy, Fahsai questions why he pretended not to know her then. He peers down at her and surmises that he’ll only endanger the people he comes in contact with- and for the people he spends a “necessary” few days with, he doesn’t refer to them as people he knows. Fahsai questions what he calls her then.

“Someone who I am grateful towards. I heard you are getting unemployed because an investor pulled out, so I partnered with Khun Ramet, which means you’ll continue to have work. Now that debts are repaid, we are just.. other people,” he replies.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 15.49.54

Tears well up in her eyes, but she concedes, “You’re correct. We don’t know each other. My apologies for the mixup.” She turns to leave but pauses before imparting, “Your necklace is with me. Do let me know when and where you’d like it back, Khun Daniel.” She emphasizes on his name.

He stops her. “Where’s my tea?” Haha.

Fahsai pulls her hand away and says that she’ll fetch an ICE COLD tea for him, he ought to like that. Burn.

Why these two, the tension, the chemistry. I LOVE IT.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 15.47.39

Back at her desk, Fahsai mocks him. Ha. This is all of our pouty faces when a hot guy pretends not to “know” you, just when you’re SURE he had been the one to kiss you!

Screenshot 2016-08-08 15.55.29

She tosses her novel outline into the garbage but fishes it back out, relenting that it would be a waste. Big Sis storms to discuss about the new investor but finally realizes Fahsai’s grumpy face. Fahsai mutters, “He’s Mr.Giant.” Of course this goes over Big Sis’ head until the words sink in, she covers her mouth and squeals in disbelief. Big Sis says she’s SO happy for Fahsai that she’s shaking on her behalf. You and me both. But Fahsai says that he has changed, he’s not the same giant she knows.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 16.26.14 Screenshot 2016-08-08 16.28.00

Fai (Big Sis) notices the right hand man as she descends the stairs. I’m so looking forward to their reunion too! She stops him and wants answers as to why his boss has to act all cold with Fahsai. Right hand man says it’s not an act, his boss is not pulling a prank. Big sis thinks that if his boss doesn’t truly care about Fahsai, he wouldn’t have a vested interest in the company. He says then SHE can ask the boss herself, hahaha. Big Sis doesn’t let go easily when she has a nice bite to something, she says it would be such a shame to reveal to the public about “everything” she has seen of him. The man relents that everything his boss is doing is for Fahsai’s sake. That appeases her, for now.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 16.31.25 Screenshot 2016-08-08 16.33.08

The Chief thanks Daniel profusely for saving them, but Daniel says he has one woman to thank for that. Fahsai peers at him. Instead he says, his mom (pfft) since she’s a fan of LOLA. When Fahsai looks away, upset, Daniel gives her one last glance before turning to his car. Gah. As the car turns around a bend, gang Suer Khao notes Daniel in it and reports it to his boss. Chanming knew Daniel could not stay away for long. He orders Tiang Kong to do further snooping.

Mom’s friend confides that she knows Dad isn’t using the money to fix up the house as he indicated, in fact, he must have a mistress and that men cannot be trusted.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 16.40.55 Screenshot 2016-08-08 16.42.28

Chanming sends his regard to Fahsai with a check for $100,000 and a single white rose. She returns the check back and declines to work for him. He asks for a moment of her time, that she take a look at his brother first before declining the job. She finally agrees, but not before taking a picture of him and his plate number and sending it to her friend. Haha, smart girl.

Fahsai enters the tiger’s lair. She meets Big Bro, who immediately gets a flashback of Botan’s face. We see a hand circling Botan’s throat in the flashback. Big Bro throws his arms around Fahsai’s hip, crying and screaming “Botan.” This freaks the heck out of Fahsai, as she recoils from the man.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 16.46.37 Screenshot 2016-08-08 16.47.53


What a great episode! I am totally sold by this interesting world. I feel that the directing, writing and acting gels really well.

It’s like a love triangle on steroids because losing means death to each side. The conflict between the two gangs is different because we’re given a backstory to Chanming who wants Daniel’s head on a platter. The revenge plot drives the romance, and it’s like a cycle between the two that repeats itself. Former besties who fall for the same girl – Daniel wins the girl but ends up killing her (presumably anyway) and they get to meet Botan again in Fahsai – but will Daniel beat out Chanming this time around? I don’t know.. the romance between Daniel and Fahsai is pretty great, so I don’t know if Chanming will stand a chance, but it will be fun to see him try, especially when Fahsai is little bit peeved at the man who ignores her.

But WE know he’s totally not. He’s trying NOT to swoon over her too. She’s not the most beautiful one out there, but she has spunk and that irreplaceable chemistry with Daniel. As much as he wants to stay away, he’s going to find reasons to get even closer. Mick’s delivery of Daniel is brooding, but full of emotions that is brimming at the surface. You could see that he’s restraining himself. I love his character and he’s so fine it blows my mind. Sorry, had to say it.

I kinda feel for Chanming. He’s cute (not at the same level as Daniel) but he had dreams that were crushed and a parent who died, with an only brother who has lost his mind. But does he really think he can step away from the gang and be an artist as he wished? It sounds like it’s an inevitable fate. It’s interesting that he finds the one thing he could relate to her: art. He’ll be the one to show Fahsai just how dangerous Daniel is. But both men don’t know who’s really behind all of this, I have a guess.

And I wonder why Big Sis didn’t tell Fahsai an interesting nugget that she learned: Fahsai is identical to Daniel’s late girlfriend. That would be helpful, since all of these new people seem to freak out or have some sort of reaction every time she meets them. Something’s gotta be up. Speaking of Big Sis, I love her. She’s so funny and I can’t wait to see more of her and the right hand man duking it out.

The set up is, well, set! Let the fun begin. I’m ALL in and will “try” not to swoon so much over these gangsters. No promises though.

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