Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.36.13

Fahsai is presented with tough decisions, and questions whom she should trust. What is the lesser of the two evils: gang Suer Khao or gang Mungkorn Thong? Should she trust the tiger or the dragon? Whatever lair she opts for, it’s a nail biting watch. The gangsters on the other hand try their darnest not to involve their little fish, but when it means it could give them an advantage over the other, one of the gangsters take the bait. And perhaps that is all the answer Fahsai needs in order to decide who she’s going to make her bed with. Figuratively speaking of course. But one thing is clear, I’m such a goner for this show.


Screenshot 2016-08-09 09.35.25 Screenshot 2016-08-09 09.44.11

Chanming apologizes on behalf of his big brother, who mistakes Fahsai for Botan, causing distress. Chanming says big bro hates Botan the most and that is why he acts out that way. Chanming also explains that he wanted Fahsai to meet his big bro so she could see what Daniel has done to him – Chanming and Daniel were best friends until Daniel killed his father and did this to his brother. That is why he went after Daniel in Japan.

Fahsai questions whether he has any proof, but Chanming retorts that he doesn’t need one – he KNOWS Daniel is obsessed with power and wants to keep gang Suer Khao right beneath his gang, Mungkorn Thong, and the only way was to destroy them completely. Fahsai then questions whether the noose drawing in her journal pertains to his dad and brother’s murder attempt. Chanming knows that it may be hard for her to believe that Daniel is this cruel, because at first he couldn’t believe it either, but then it happened to his own family. He is sure now that Daniel is capable of doing anything to get what he wants, including killing his own love.

Chanming tells her that Daniel killed Botan, the woman whom he loved wholeheartedly. Fahsai is all, “why would he do such a thing?” Chanming replies that Daniel wants to prove that he can be the leader. He says Daniel is getting involved in her life now BECAUSE she looks like Botan, and Chanming doesn’t want her to end up like the dead girl. He tells her to trust him and stay away from Daniel. Well, at least now she knows she’s Botan lookalike.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 09.52.02 Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.31.33

Nuth (the assistant) has her roommate, Big Sis Fai to test out her sweet fish sauce dip (Thais like to eat this with fruit) but without thinking, Big Sis Fai blurts out that it tastes like chili dip instead. She immediately realizes her mistake when Nuth face falls, so Big Sis Fai relents that only Nuth could make a seemingly sweet fish sauce to taste like a chili dip, it’s a feat to be sure! Haha, she even slaps her mouth for saying the wrong thing earlier. It doesn’t improve Nuth’s mood though as she says her mother was right about her, she could never be her own boss, only a mere assistant forever. Big Sis Fai encourages her to keep trying, because if you only think about doing something, you won’t actually achieve it. Truer words.

Fahsai needs some girl time and shows up at their doorsteps, Big Sis inquires after Chanming and whether he’s trying to date her. Fahsai says he wants her to work for him and leave the magazine – and to stay away from Daniel. Fahsai fills them in on what she recently learned. I love that she’s talking to her colleagues about this, because three heads are better than one.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.31.27

The two heads are flabbergasted by the info that Daniel killed his girlfriend and they ask if she actually believes it. Fahsai says she’s not sure, what’s certain is that it doesn’t have to do with her. Big Sis says of course it does, because that news terrified her. She can tell just by the look on her face. Aw. She goes to say that Fahsai shouldn’t trust Chanming because he showed up all of a sudden offering her work and money. Fahsai explains that the salary is high because the job is risky, his brother isn’t normal. Big Sis tells her to forget it then if it’s risky. Fahsai says it’s not that easy to turn down money because of her household situation, if she takes the job, the money would help her parents. Nuth steps in and says that they should let Fahsai decide on her own, because as a third party, they don’t know Chanming or Daniel as much as Fahsai does. Nuth suggests that Fahsai think it through and make a decision that she could be happy with.

But that night Big Sis notices that sleep eludes Fahsai and concerned for her friend, she asks Nuth for Daniel’s number. YES! I heart you Big Sis, best sidekick ever.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 17.27.36

In a business meeting, we see that Daniel is a cutthroat man. He doesn’t bat an eye about giving the team a deadline to complete a project, and if they fail, he would find a new team. His right hand man gets a call on his cellphone and he answers – keke – he knows Big Sis’ voice even before she introduced herself. Big Sis asks to speak with Daniel directly because she doesn’t trust that right hand man would relay the message correctly. Right hand man is all, well then let’s hang up. Haha. But she does end up leaving a message for Daniel about Fahsai’s situation. Right hand man surmises that Chanming must have told her the “story”, and asks if boss wants him to summon Fahsai.

Daniel says he doesn’t have anything to say to her, to which Right hand man questions if he is willing to lose to Chanming. I love how these sidekicks are always going to bat for their friends. Daniel replies that he’s not out to compete with anyone, he merely wants to repay Fahsai. Furthermore, he relents that it’s up to Fahsai what she wants to do, he has no say. Right hand man makes a grimacing face, but concedes. That is us all, my friend. Daniel! Why so upright and hot at the same time?

Screenshot 2016-08-09 10.12.46 Screenshot 2016-08-09 10.21.19

Fahsai works on her letter of resignation and tells Big Sis Fai that she’s going to do it, but not because she completely believes Chanming, just that she thinks he has no reason to lie to her. Big Sis practically sighs and says as you wish. The gossipmongers overhear that Fahai is going to resign and chime in that she must have felt guilty for ruining their business with the hospital. But Big Sis isn’t easy to mess with and a fight ensues. This happens right when Daniel and company walks in. Lol.

Can’t stay away can you Mister? Upon hearing that Fahsai is quitting, he looks disappointed. The Chief forces all of his employees to plaster a smile for Daniel and hug each other, haha, you know, to show unity, since they are about to sign the agreement.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 17.27.29 Screenshot 2016-08-09 17.27.20

Dad is bummed out because wifey is still pouting, but the students cheer him up with their positive attitudes. Mom spies him from the sideline and makes a decision, she makes Fahsai tag along with her to visit the loan shark. She wants to find out why her husband had borrowed so much money. Fahsai wonders if her mom really believed that Dad would borrow money to support a mistress. Mom says that she wants to know the truth otherwise she is unable to look at her husband the same way again. Turns out, Dad only borrowed once and the amount Dad borrowed is nothing compared to the interest it garnered. This seems to appease mom. The lady who spread the gossip shows up and Fahsai decides to teach her a lesson, she says that mom just got done fighting with the other neighbor for spreading lies. She’s not afraid to teach people that their mouths are intended for eating food, not spouting dirty shit. Haha.

But the greatest part about this scene is that mom says she almost believed someone’s words and needed to prove it for herself whether Dad is a good or bad person. Don’t just believe people outright. Nice Mom. This resonates with Fahsai and she questions whether mom would believe a person if she thinks that person wouldn’t lie to her. Mom says that it doesn’t matter who, SHE should know the truth herself.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 17.16.39 Screenshot 2016-08-09 17.16.55

Fahsai makes up her mind and deletes her letter, then texts Chanming that she is unable to accept the job. YES. This makes Chanming furious as he speeds off in his motorcycle.

Daniel tells Chief that his interest in the company lies solely in investing money, he won’t change a thing about the way the firm is run. Music to Chief’s ears.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.01.05 Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.01.12

They spot Fahsai showing up at work, and Daniel turns around to see for himself. Keke. Why do I squeal whenever he lays eyes on Fahsai? Chief excuses himself to chat with Fahsai, who tells him that she has changed her mind about quitting. Right hand man leans down, noticing the smile on Boss face, and congratulates him. Haha.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.02.14

Daniel overhears that Chief will accept Fahsai back to work because it’s hard to find a great employee like her. Daniel questions whether Fahsai is that great of an employee, so Nuth jumps in and details Fahsai’s strengths. Daniel smiles and says to Chief, “I changed my mind, I do want to see the magazine reports, but Fahsai would be the one to brief me.” Hee.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.03.36 Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.06.00

The meetings between the two gangs always starts with a flare. The left and right hand men of Mungkorn Thong enter Suer Khao gang’s establishment first. Then the Right hand man skillfully take down the men singlehandedly. Guns are cocked on both sides, and Daniel finally walks in (like a boss). He’s led to a poolroom where Chanming awaits. Daniel says he hopes this time Chanming doesn’t try to kill him again, as in so many of their meetings recently. Chanming says that death would be too easy for a person like Daniel. So let’s play a game of pool? Lol.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.34.10 Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.34.15

Daniel shares recent news, Fahsai is working for him now. Ha. I can’t imagine what the result would be like IF Daniel actually intend on winning. Daniel says that he finds it interesting Chanming was willing to share his personal story with Fahsai, because he couldn’t even tell Botan his personal feelings, that he loved her. Daniel also says that because of Chanming’s disclosure, Daniel knows exactly what Chanming wants to do: “You want me to fall for Fahsai, then your plan will succeed.”

“And did it?” Chanming questions with a piercing look.

Daniel says it doesn’t matter, but Chanming wants him to finish their game before leaving, because it’s surely a hand that he will win. Daniel spins and warns Chanming not to involve a woman in their game. Chanming spits that it’s because Daniel started it first: he killed Alin. Daniel wonders how he knows, but Chanming just does because he knows Daniel is a bad person. Daniel says that if he’s a bad person, then Chanming is an idiot. Haha.

Chanming grasps Daniel by the lapels and relents that he was an idiot to call Daniel a friend. He calms down for a minute and challenges Daniel, if Daniel could beat him in a fistfight, then he would stay away from Fahsai.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.32.15 Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.32.09

Cue shirt removal time! Sometimes you just have to fight it out.

The shooter videotapes the fight and watches with a searing look as another group of men (not part of either gang) try to wreak havoc. Daniel comes out on top as he presses Chanming’s face to the pool table, he questions whether Chanming will give up now, but the man refuses, only until his revenge thirst has been quenched. Chanming grabs a pool stick as a weapon but still gets his butt whooped by Daniel. When Daniel could give him the final blow, he stops himself as we see a flashback to their teenage years. Botan has to put an end to their fistfights over the years, even until they’re grown men.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.30.02

In that flashback, Daniel would give her a guilty grin. She dried his hair and hears his side of the story, he just wanted to show Chanming not to believe everything his big bro is telling him. But Botan would lean down and begs him for one thing, just let Chanming win sometimes.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.31.20 Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.31.26

In present time Daniel lets him go and tells Chanming to quit already, he will never win. Tiang Kong slides his little boss a knife and Chanming tries to backstab Daniel, who moves in time, but gets knocked in the face instead. Oh no, not his pretty face! A fight ensues between the two gangs and Right hand man from Mungkorn Thong sees red when Boss Daniel’s face bloodies up. Chanming falls to his knees.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.32.35 Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.33.31

At the safety of his lavish home, Daniel gets a call from Oliver. Right hand man says it’s time they use that black book to teach Suer Khao gang a lesson. I think Oliver is the cop, he says over the phone that Daniel should hand over the black book, but Daniel says it’s not time yet. Right hand man covers his boss’ shoulders with a robe and peers questioningly at him. Daniel tells Oliver he has his reasons, but he’s looking at Right hand man when saying this. Meaning, I get to make decisions when I feel the time is right.

Daniel questions why Oliver is so hasty all of a sudden, but Oliver merely says he wants to find out who Suer Khao gang is working with and take them all down. Sounds like someone is a little short on their quota for the year. Daniel relents that he’ll hand it over when he sees fit. As he hangs up the phone, Right hand man (Piau?) balks, but Daniel says not to worry, people who do bad things will surely meet their karma. It’s just a matter of time.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.37.07 Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.42.15

Fahsai rehearses in front of the marketing team on how she would report to Daniel, that their next volume would be centered on love. As she talks though, she starts to stammer, unable to discuss about love. Ha. The marketing team tells her to memorize it verbatim, especially when she can’t come up with her own ideas. Big Sis Fai comes to the rescue since she knows these gossipmongers are bullies. She wonders why Fahsai would have to memorize it, so the marketing girl says that in case Fahsai couldn’t do it, she should step away and another person could jump in. Big Sis Fai knows her game though, she says the marketing girl just wants to be the presenter. Fai bargains that if Daniel doesn’t give the thumbs up for their concept because of Fahsai, then the marketing girl can tell Fai what to do.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.50.42 Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.55.09

Fahsai doesn’t feel particularly confident about this, but Fai says it’s her opportunity to shine and show everyone that she’s an adult. Who knows, if she does a good job, the Chief may want to approve of her story or a column in the magazine. Fai adds that if she no longer wants to be an errand girl at the company, she needs to fight. Not even a second pass when people start giving her menial tasks. Fahsai realizes her fate if she doesn’t do well, even her Big Sis Fai unknowingly gives her a task. Ha.

That night Fahsai writes her own spiel for the presentation as she watches her parents be cute with each other. She even practices in front of a mirror, and it sounds really good – she finishes with, “at least once upon a time in my heart, there once was a beautiful love.” She pulls out the necklace, thinking of Daniel.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 11.58.28 Screenshot 2016-08-09 12.03.15

Chanming isn’t looking so pretty after the fistfight. Tiang Kong notices that Chanming has been down since the fistfight and says breaking the rules with someone who never follows the rule is not wrong. He knows Chanming must have felt guilty for literally backstabbing Daniel. Tiang Kong tells his little boss not to dwell on it and suggests they find a way to get Fahsai on their side instead.

Fahsai gets a bouquet the next morning with a note from Chanming (ok he’s written it as ‘Chernming’ so that’s how we’re going to spell it moving forward) that his brother is waiting for her. Nuth wonders if she’ll work for Chernming after all then, and Fahsai says if she could help someone who needs her, she might do it, but it would be on the weekends. Fahsai learns she has to meet Daniel on his turf for the presentation – as if she isn’t already unnerved as it is!

Once she sees Daniel in his office though, she notes the wound on his forehead. Civil niceties aside, Fahsai rushes to him and asks what happened to his face. He gives her a stoic face and tells her to sit down. Ha. When she sits right in front of his desk, he tells her to move to the far end of the room, but his face softens into a smile when she turns her back. Before she forgets, Fahsai returns his coat and necklace that she fixed back to him, and immediately launches into her presentation. Lol. Daniel tells her that he’s not ready, he still has work to finish up. Fahsai sidles back to her corner with an apology. She flashes him a smile every time he looks her way, haha, and he gives a smile when he turns away. Oh you two, why so cute? But Daniel keeps her waiting as he has more business to tend to.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.34.27 Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.34.50

Dr. Eit is still in rough waters with his fiancée who gives him the cold shoulder. Kwan’s dad reminds him why they chose him over the other prospects, so don’t disappointment them. That’s a tall order. He recalls how uncomplicated and happy things were when he was with Fahsai.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.35.09 Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.35.14

By the time Daniel returns to his office, he finds Fahsai asleep on the couch. He peers at her sleeping face and smiles (I die). Then he takes a look at her notes, smiling at the presentation.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.35.53 Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.35.59

He grazes his hand along her jaw, as if memorizing her face.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.36.07 Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.36.13

Sometime later, Fahsai jerks awake and wonders how long she was out for. Daniel says three hours, and that he didn’t wake her because there’s a Thai saying that it’s bad luck to wake a sleeping person. Fahsai freaks out because she’s got work to do and she still has yet to give a presentation. Daniel is texting/emailing/whatever on his phone the whole time and says no need, because he has read everything. Lol. She asks for his thoughts and if he wanted to change anything, but Daniel says he doesn’t discuss work at 6pm. Fahsai retorts that she needs to report to her superiors, so Daniel offers her to tell them the truth then, that she FELL asleep. Sadly, Fahsai questions whether he’s messing with her. Daniel says they seem to have different work ethics, he places value on work time, and besides, he doesn’t have time to “mess” with anyone. Oh you beautiful jerk. Fahsai looks like she’s going to cry.

“I understand, it was my fault,” Fahsai admits as she swallows the tears. “I’ll be off now then, wouldn’t want to waste any more of your precious time.”

She starts to cry when she phones Big Sis Fai but the older woman says she’s been trying to get a hold of her – Daniel has his right hand man call the Chief to give them a thumbs up. He’s read the work and likes it. Fahsai gets so excited. Aw, you devil Daniel! And you say you’re not teasing her..

Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.01.26

As she proceeds to head back to the office, Daniel says he has something to discuss with her and that the right hand man can return the documents for her. She disregards his stoic ways and thanks him for allowing her to pass. Daniel says he doesn’t discuss business past 5pm- I thought it was 6pm? Keep your story straight! The right hand man watches his boss and Fahsai leave with a smile.

Word reaches gang Suer Khao that their other enemy –Khalif- is in Thailand. They don’t think it’s for pleasure.

Right hand man returns the documents back to Fahsai’s office when he gets a call. Nuth walks in on time to hear him tell the other minion to chop off the man’s tongue if he isn’t willing to talk – and to keep it from the Boss. Nuth’s phone rings just in time and she stammers that she just got there and didn’t hear a darn thing! Lol. Right hand man gives a firm hold on the documents and tells Nuth that Fahsai’s phone is dead and will not be communicating to them today. As she walks away, he orders (probably a fake one) to the minion on the phone that if anyone dares to eavesdrop or report their findings, he’ll cut their ears off to start with. Haha. Man, I do like Mr. Right Hand Man. Doesn’t help that when she got back to the office, Big Sis Fai scares her with a fake gun.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.05.28 Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.07.36

Daniel’s “talk” results in a dark, romantic dinner with Fahsai, but the girl is too astonished at the menu prices to order anything expensive, besides french fries. This is the look he gives her.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.36.35

She lies that she’s not really hungry, but he orders her food anyway, as she balks that it’s too expensive. Daniel questions whether she still plans on working for Chernming, he asks her to decline the offer because it’s not right, she’s inexperience when it comes to offering any therapeutic help to a traumatized man. Fahsai smiles and says Chernming ought to know how much Daniel worries about them. He says he’s worried about HER. Big bro isn’t in the best mental state, he could hurt her. Besides, he needs her for the magazine, because no one else would do.

Daniel leans over the table, ever closer to her and repeats the sentence she practiced in front of the mirror, “Love is a novel that two people created. And at the end of the story, no matter what happens, once upon a time in their hearts (of hearts), they’ve experienced a beautiful love.”

She’s captivated by his voice as he speaks the words that came out of her heart.

This man has the romance chops.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.27.29 Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.26.04

Fahsai returns home to find her dad cutting flowers for her mom. He’s still trying to make it up to her, and get permission to go out. Pfft. It’s cute that Fahsai stands back to watch her parents being cute and cheers them on. Mom lets him go out without giving him a hard time, knowing that he already wants to go and there’s no stopping him anyway. This is a wisdom that I’ve acquired as well as time passes. People are going to do what they want to do, you might as well let them. But mom makes dad promise not to drink alcohol.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.34.57 Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.35.57

Daniel peers at the necklace that was returned to him and brings it to his lips. His right hand man reports that they’ve found information for the thing that boss wanted them to investigate. Hm.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.36.26 Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.41.52

Next, we see Tiang Kong spying on some men at the hotel. He’s Khalif. As he tails the man, he notes that Khalif is meeting up with gang Mungkorn Thong. Tiang Kong tells Chernming that he thinks Daniel is up to no good, even his father announces that an enemy of one gang is an enemy of another. If Daniel is playing nice to Khalif, he’s out to get them.

We find out that Daniel is offering to work with Khalif, since Daniel’s subsidiary offers freight brokering, and they need a faster way to get to Japan in order to appease their clients. Khalif is aware of their company’s strong reputation and says he’ll think about it. Daniel reminds him that his company places importance on turnaround time (so think faster? Lol.) A bomb goes off as the two shake hands though, they are being ambushed by Suer Khao gang. But you don’t mess with Mungkorn Thong, they are too skilled to be taken down lightly. Daniel orders his men to strip the invader’s shirt, and the tattoo reveals it’s Suer Khao’s gang. Khalif shoots him point blank. Dayam.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.47.36 Screenshot 2016-08-09 13.50.30

Meanwhile a sniper takes down men who’s covering Big bro’s safety. He gets up, as if on autopilot, to find his men dead. This causes even more trauma as he goes in search for Chernming, but finds a man with a noose around his neck. Dang, we know it’s not Daniel, but whoever is doing this is pretty cruel. Chernming rushes out of bed from the sound of his brother’s cries. More bullets ricochet through the hallway as they are being gunned down.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 14.28.00 Screenshot 2016-08-09 14.29.22

That’s Khalif’s doing as he phones Chernming to boast and introduce himself – and that it’s not pretty when he gets angry, his big bro knows this all too well. Chernming questions Tiang Kong on whether he disobeyed orders and attacked Khalif. Tiang Kong has no knowledge of this but the men who disobeyed were former gang members. Chernming thinks someone is framing them and Tiang Kong relents there’s only one person who would do such a thing. This hatred for Daniel is going to get ten levels deep.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 14.33.12 Screenshot 2016-08-09 14.48.57

Officer gets assigned to investigate why two HK gangsters are in Thailand.

Meanwhile Chernming peers at Dad who’s busy celebrating with a friend at the bar. They proceed with their next plan: put the fear of god in Dad. Chernming warns Tiang Kong only to scare the old man, don’t hurt him.

Dad’s friend gets called away in regards to his car, and Dad is alone with the girls, he’s trying hard to be a good boy. But the girls dim the lights and put something in his orange juice.. Dad immediately crashes out in a stupor. The girls throw themselves at him while men take pictures to incriminate Dad. They accuse him of messing with the girls and demand money. Poor dad.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 14.56.46 Screenshot 2016-08-09 14.58.03

Fahsai shows up at the club to pick up her dad. I have a bad feeling about this.

Dad is held hostage with a bleeding nose. He peers at the gun holster of his accoster, then at the bottles within reach. Don’t do it dad! But dad smashes his accoster’s head and makes a run for it. He calls Fahsai for help, but gets cut short as the baddie disconnects the call. Fahsai rushes to her dad’s side but the baddie gets to her first and tries to hurt her. Chernming intercepts him in time and reminds him that he didn’t want them hurt! He punches the baddie (well everyone is a baddie here, um you know what I mean!) and plays the hero. Before they could leave though, Dad collapses to the ground.

Turns out, Dad has a heart condition and upon a traumatic experience, he can collapse. He would need surgery. Cherming is relieved to hear that he’s alive, but takes his anger out at the hired hand for going beyond his orders. The hired hand says people won’t be fearful if he doesn’t put on a convincing show. Cherming does not want Fahsai to be involved in their endeavor. The hired hand says to Tiang Kong as a parting word, he guarantees their little boss is in love with Fahsai.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 15.19.48 Screenshot 2016-08-09 15.21.15

Big Bro has another meltdown, which only serves to make Chernming more angry at Daniel. Tiang Kong encourages him to get Fahsai involved to get back at Daniel, but Chernming warns him not to meddle with Fahsai. He says Tiang Kong doesn’t know what it’s like to lose his parents, since he’s an orphan, but he doesn’t want Fahsai to experience what he experienced. Tiang Kong argues that he understands, he loves the members like his own family. If little boss proceed with their plan, he could shoot two birds with one stone: help Fahsai’s dad and avenge his family.

Chernming takes his frustration out on his drawings. We can see that he doesn’t want to do any of the things he’s forced to do, but it’s the right thing to avenge his family. I feel bad for this guy, he’s just not cut out to be a gangster.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 15.30.23 Screenshot 2016-08-09 15.31.46

Fahsai is disheartened upon looking at her bank account. Chernming pays a visit and offers to help her dad if she helps him. Fahsai wonders if he’s referring to his brother, but Chernming says if she could bring back the black book from Daniel, he would pay all of her dad’s hospital fees.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 15.35.07

Dun dun dun. What will our heroine do? Save dad but betray Daniel? Even though dad only has one way out – surgery – there are other means for Fahsai to pay the bills besides taking a sketchy job offer from Chernming. I hope she finds a way! I know of one and it starts with a D!


Well hello there, crack show. I really appreciate how every scene has a purpose in this show – that’s good writing. And even though people can try to do everything they can to help Fahsai towards a decision, at the end of the day, Show lets Fahsai make her own decisions. That’s empowering the heroine, but also makes it interesting because when we think she’s going to do something, she ends up with a different decision.

I like that we get to see a little more on the backstory of Daniel and Chernming, and I just want them to kiss, make up and hug it out – then go back to arguing over mundane things. These two are gentlemen and truly good guys, but the difference is that one is meant to be a leader while the other isn’t. Daniel welcomes the leadership and can handle the travesty that comes with it, while Chernming hates it. You can see it in his eyes, his body. He hates it with every fiber of his being. Daniel became a leader while Chernming is forced to be one, and that’s the biggest bone of contention between the two.

That is why Chernming ends up making the bad moves, like determining not to involve Fahsai but end up having to use her anyway because he’s at wits end. He’s making decisions that will inevitably move him further away from Fahsai and any possible romantic relationship with her. I mean, sure, he can have a sweet moment, but at the end of the day, would you choose a guy who screws you over? While Daniel on the other hand, only makes a move in her best interest. How could you not love someone like that? It’s also no wonder that Daniel is a natural leader because he anticipates his enemies’ move and then outmaneuver them.

This gangster plot isn’t the most difficult to follow nor complicated, but what Show does well is in creating the motives behind each one of their characters. They are so human and the decisions they make and the things they figure out is all in response to surviving and doing what you think is right. Even all of the right hands, left hands, minions and baddies, they’re relatable.

But what makes this show even more addicting to me – aside from the story and fighting and all that good stuff – is in really trying to figure out Daniel and his next move with Fahsai. I love how he’s such an enigma, with those hidden smiles and soft eyes. When he looks at Fahsai, like he’s looking at her soul, I die. THEN when he throws away his brooding, stoic self, and gives her his honest feelings (just like they were in Japan), Fahsai couldn’t help but swoon. I mean, have you seen the guy? Be still my heart.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.32.09