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Whee it’s Fri-yay! I’m outta here. Portland bound that is. What are you guys doing/watching this weekend? Hope it’s a great and relaxing one.

This is a song that’s been stuck in my head and Will Jay is adorable:

After all of the mafias and beastly heroes I’ve been watching, I could use a little more gentlemanly men in my lakorns. Who wants to cheers to that?

I’m kinda behind on Kong Grapan Naree. As for Ruk Fun Thalop, I don’t understand why three girls are crazy about a guy they barely know.

After Rang Tawan ends (next wednesday) I am looking forward to primarily research more upcoming lakorns. I’m not sure if I’ll be recapping another series until I figure out what will strike my fancy, but I’ll be writing more synopsis and first looks. Requests are welcomed.

Hope it’s nice where you’re at.. I’m bracing for 90 degree weather! Woohoo.

Pic Cr: AnneThong IG