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Whoops, I guess we’re not saying goodbye to this show yet. I honestly thought we’re ending with 13, I don’t know how or why we’re going to drag this out, since there’s not a lot of conflict we don’t already know about, but I guess there’s always more room for some angst. I hope the finale finale will give us some fangirl moments, but for now, Show works on setting up the climax and putting us literally on the edge of the cliff.

Note: I guess I have more time to finish this recap! All done ~ enjoy 🙂


Tarntawan tells him if he chooses not to trust her, she won’t trust him either. She’ll believe that he killed her brother and ordered Suri’s death- because he’s a monster, cold blooded and heartless. Well. Her face softens as she questions, “You don’t like the sound of that, do you?” Whew. She adds that she was just asking him nicely about taking Nong Phit back to Bangkok, he didn’t have to be an idiot. Hahaha. Suriyen says she’s the idiot and so Tarntawan relents, if he doesn’t give her permission, she will find a way to take Nong Phit away herself. Suriyen wonders if she would dare do that so Tarntawan challenges him to try stopping her. He takes a step towards her and repeats, “I won’t let you or Nong Phit go.”

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Pensiri still thinks she’s being pawned off to Decha in order to save her parents. She starts to get a little nervous – I don’t understand Visut, why is he toying with her emotions? – and Visut plays along as she does some role play. He can’t help but be smitten by her. Then they have their charged moment and end up enacting those scenes for real. Apparently THEY get all of the sweet scenes. Pensiri wonders if he knows that she likes him and Visut slaps himself for liking the idea that she may like him. They stammer around each other until Pensiri finally decides she’ll confess, but Visut beats her to the punch and says that he loves Tarntawan and that won’t change. I know you love somebody else, but you don’t have to be a jerk about it. AND he still wants her to confess. He pushes until he gets her to say “You’re made for Kate, but I’m made for you.” She tries to laugh it off but starts to cry because this is the first and last time she could say the L word. Visut tears up from her confession.

As she turns, she sees her parents apparently back from a pilgrimage. Furious, she realizes that Visut had been lying to her. She tells him that he can’t be toying with her emotions. He’s all, what’s the big deal, I’ve apologized? Gr. She finally puts her foot down and tells her parents the truth, that they’re not an item and will never be one. Good for you. Pensiri’s parents ask Visut if he has even a little bit of feelings for her since they’ve spent so much time together. Visut ponders that as he drives home.

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Suriyen is on horseback and thinks about the image he saw of Tarntawan hugging Visut – I’m sorry, I’m gonna have to laugh about this, you think they’re running away together because of one hug you saw?

Nong Phit is discharged from the hospital and throws a fit about going home. Tarntawan gets a call from the lawyer that her brother’s body is being held for evidence. Upon spotting Nong Phit in distress about going home, Tarntawan tells him that Uncle Phu Bear will be very sad if he leaves. But Nong Phit doesn’t calm down so Tarntawan makes up her mind and will take the child back to Bangkok and apologize to Suriyen later. She thinks Suriyen is an adult and this won’t kill him. Well, it just break him though. They make their escape – right when Suriyen and company are on their way to the hospital.

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Caught. Tarntawan lies that she is taking Nong Phit back to the farm since Nong Phit has been discharged, but since the child is scared, she wanted to go to Rai Plaifaa (Visut’s farm) first. Suriyen questions whether she’s sure about this and isn’t lying to him. He gives her a second chance to come clean. As he looks at her quite pitifully, he says, “Tarntawan, I don’t have anyone left, only you and Nong Phit, who are like my family members. Dad, mom, Suri all left me. I don’t want to feel that way again. If you’re only thinking about going to Rai Plaifaa, that’s fine, at least we’ll be close to each other. But if you’re really thinking about leaving me and escaping, can I ask you to change your mind?” Those pleading eyes.

Tarntawan tells him she’s going to Rai Plaifaa indeed (but she can’t look him in the eye), then Suriyen says he’ll be waiting at home.. when they are ready, they can come find him. Aw, and that farewell little smile he gives her is kinda heartbreaking. The lawyer and guards spot Tarntawan trying to leave and discarding her cellphone behind, but Suriyen tells them not to follow her, she made a promise to come back to him and so he’s going to trust that she does. Wow, way to go Suriyen.

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That stormy night Suriyen literally stands outside waiting for her to come back. The lawyer notes that his boss must love Tarntawan since he has never been so affected by anyone like this before. Both lawyer and housekeeper don’t dare offer an umbrella. Lol. Suriyen thinks back on everyone leaving him and how much he has begged for them to stay. Ugh, this hurts my heart. Let’s all give him a backhug.

This was not an easy decision for Tarntawan, as she cries in the car. Hurting that she has to cause Suriyen pain, and knowing that she’s deceiving him.

Suriyen stands there until morning getting angrier by the second. He realizes she’s not coming back. The lawyer has a feeling that the storm is brewing and they all should be afraid of his wrath. Suriyen goes to her office where he remembers how she was working on the design for the competition, and he immediately thrashes the room and throws everything that has to do with Nong Phit and Tarntawan away. Yikes.

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Pensiri replays what happened the other day. Her parents try to cheer her up by making her lots of yummy food and they also decide that they’ll stop forcing her to marry someone. Even if they don’t have a grandchild, they’ll have to suffer the regret themselves, it’s better than seeing her hurt. Aw, that’s awesome. Dad’s not done scolding Visut, he tells him never to mess with his daughter again. They tell him to get lost. Haha, I kinda love this scene and her protective parents.

Pensiri comforts her friend that once Suriyen has some time to think things over, he will come to understand her decision too. Both girls nurse their wounded hearts. Suriyen handles his pain by causing more pain. He goes to town on his morning exercise/fight match with his guards. He kicks Suerkong out of the farm who causes the favorite horse to escape again. Housekeeper pleads to keep him around since he’s her nephew and all, but Suriyen says she could leave too then. Suerkong says that they can’t stop a horse that wants to leave – truer words – so Suriyen says he’ll let that horse leave too if it can’t stand being on the farm. Damn, everyone and everything is leaving him!

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The employees relent that Suriyen is just angry because Tarntawan left him, but they wonder why he can’t see that she doesn’t want to leave, she’s just doing it for her nephew’s sake. The lawyer explains that Suriyen has come to love and trust Tarntawan and Nong Phit, but what’s worse is that Tarntawan broke her promise to him. She begs to the lawyer to do anything he can to bring Tarntawan and Nong Phit back, but even the lawyer says it’s out of his hands. The poor lawyer feels badly for the employees – I hope he’ll try anyway?

Officer Ekk gets demoted to a different province or hand in his resignation letter for messing with Rai Phu Tupdao and for meddling outside of his restrictions. Pensiri tells Tarntawan it’s Decha’s doing again, they don’t know what they’ll do to pursue the case further without Officer Ekk’s help.

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Nong Phit has another meltdown, which reminds Tarntawan that she ought to have that conversation with her nephew. Yeah, priorities. She tells the young boy that dad went with mom now and he can’t see them until later (i.e. when he’s dead?) She doesn’t explain further, and so much for trying to make a kid understand.

Visut pays Pensiri a visit at Tarntawan’s place. He says she hasn’t picked up her phone nor came home, so he thought he’d find her here. She wonders why he isn’t consoling Tarntawan, but Visut relents that she’s not his girlfriend and she doesn’t love him. Ok. The two awkwardly look at each other and Visut says that he’s just hanging out and she can continue moping. This makes Pensiri angry as she tells him to stop pretending to be nice to someone he has zero feelings for. And that he knows how she feels about him, there’s no point anymore. Visut says he’s worried about her as a friend, but Pensiri doesn’t want him here as it hurts just to see him.

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The lawyer ends Suriyen’s brooding when he says boss needs to take an important call. He turns on the speaker and it’s Tarntawan! She questions why he isn’t answering her calls. Suriyen gives the lawyer the glare of death, but Tarntawan tells him not to be mad at the lawyer, she had been the one to ask him. Suriyen reaches over to end the call but Tarntawan warns him not to hang up. Haha. I love this.

“Hear me out first,” she says. “I didn’t want to take Nong Phit away but I don’t have a choice, Nong Phit refuses to go to the farm. I can’t let his condition worsen. I know that Nong Phit is misunderstanding you and I’m trying to explain to him and give him time. He’s in shock after losing his father, it’s not an easy thing for a child. Even for me, I have trouble bracing myself. Do you.. understand?”

He HANGS UP! He warns the lawyer never to do it again.

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They’ve found Dam Gern! The man is trying to escape via boat along with his wife and kid as promised by Decha, but his wife and kid is still missing. Next thing he knows, Decha has hired men to silence him. As he races away, Suriyen and his men corners him. He questions whether Decha hired him to kill Suri, Nopasit and him. The lawyer asks if he is willing to die for the man who used him and betrayed him. But Decha’s men manage to shoot Dam Gern right in the chest and Dam Gern confirms before his last breath that Decha hired men to kill Suri.

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Suriyen and his men hightail to Decha’s domain. Suriyen questions why Decha killed Suri, to which Decha admits that everything happened because Suriyen is the Big Boss, when the person who should have all of the power is Khetarwut. If his dad was willing to divvy up the farm, and Suriyen would be willing to let some projects slide, things would have been a happy ending for them all. Suriyen surmises that Decha tried to kill him but failed, so he killed Suri instead, then accused him of it. Um, haven’t we established that Decha is the evil lord behind everything, how are we still surprised? Decha says Suriyen killed stepmom and the two point fingers like their last encounter. Suriyen is losing it when Decha keeps saying that everyone died because of him- this is not helping his mental state right now. Decha throws in a punch which wakes Suriyen up, Suriyen asks the older man who he’ll kill next, his own son? Decha corrects him, perhaps HIS dad will die next. Hm?

Decha says, “You really think your dad left and never sent any communications to you?” This gets under Suriyen’s skin as he demands to know where his dad is. Decha pokes a gun at Suriyen’s belly, “Give me the farm and I will take you to your dad, or you can embrace your dad’s corpse.” Is he bluffing?!

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Tarntawan is still crying over Suriyen. Visut goes to console her (he’s still there?) Tarntawan says she tries to be strong in front of Nong Phit but she’s so confused, she doesn’t know what to do first. He advises that first thing they need to do is ensure Decha gets caught so that Suriyen could be free of the accusation. He too has to apologize to the big boss for thinking all this time that his father died by the hands of Suriyen’s father.

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Suriyen process his thoughts at the beach that night. He thinks about what Decha bargained for. The lawyer advises him not to believe Decha since the man is willing to do anything to get the farm. But Suriyen wonders if it is true, he doesn’t want another person to die because of him. Lawyer says that if he were dad (Athit) he would be willing to die.

He gets a call from Visut next.

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Decha gets news that Suriyen is heading out of the farm and thinks that he’s for sure going to see Rujira, he follows suit.

There’s a Rujira Brand photoshoot at the beach. Kaekhai cries that she can’t pretend to be a model as if nothing happened, she can’t abandon her father and the farm. Rujira gives her sister a last chance to go back to work. Officer Ekk shows up and says he has never met anyone like Rujira before. He questions whether she has any humanity left in her. So many people died because of her dad, why won’t she help him? They get interrupted as a motorcycle gang sent by her father to bring both of them back home, while Visut and company ask for Kaekhai’s help. Kaekhai refuses to help since she’ll never betray her own father.

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Suriyen confronts Kaekhai too and asks for her help. Kaekhai thinks he wants her to talk to her dad, but Suriyen hoists her over his shoulders and takes her away, indicating he’ll just exchange her for his dad. Tarntawan watches this from the sideline, wondering how Suriyen knows to come here. She confronts Visut, suspecting he must have something to do with this. He suggests she put aside her issues with Suriyen and tells her not to ruin the plan. Tarntawan is frustrated to be kept out of the loop and Visut tells her she doesn’t need to know. Pff. Why is it that these “men” always seem to have plans and never include the “women” in this show? All in the name of safety, because it would be too dangerous for the women folk. Another pfft. Tarntawan argues that she won’t let Suriyen endanger his own life or go on this alone.

Meanwhile Decha appears too, oh the party’s all here! He tells Rujira that she’s being tricked by the cops, he didn’t send men to take her home.

Visut tells Tarntawan that Suriyen is trying to exchange Kaekhai with his dad, they wonder how Suriyen would do this but Visut doesn’t answer.

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Decha is adamant still that Rujira and sister will come with him, but Rujira declines the invite, she has held her end of the bargain, why is Dad reneging? Rujira decides she may need to reveal the truth then, which earns her a slap to the face.

They hear Kaekhai’s voice crying for help (which is some amazing hearing!) Gunfires are exchanged, dad chases after Suriyen while Khetarwut chases after Rujira and the cop. Suriyen carries Kaekhai all the way to the cliff. He puts her down and urges her to listen to him, he details her dad’s discretions and says he won’t kill the old man, but he needs to know where his dad is. He tells her to wait for him at the cliff and not to move until he returns.

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A fistfight ensues between Khetarwut and the cop, but Khetarwut manages to get a hold of the gun. Visut appears and fights for the gun next, telling the cop to take Rujira away.  Then Visut gets shot point blank, leaving Pensiri in total shock and racing back to him.

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Next Episode Preview:

Suriyen: “You’re going to pay for all of the lives you’ve taken.”
Decha points a gun at Tarntawan, and Suriyen yells: ”Don’t involve Tarntawan!”
Pensiri in tears as she leans over Visut’s body: “Tell me what I need to do so that you’ll wake up!”
Visut: “Kiss me”
Pensiri: “Fine a kiss!”
An old man who has been matchmade with Pensiri spanks her, and says she’s going to be his baby momma. Gross. Pensiri’s parents high-five. Visut sees this and stops him.
Sunflower ending scene!


I think we could have done without this episode. It’s really more of the same stuff: Decha is the culprit, Suriyen DID NOT kill stepmom, and Rujira still refuses to help. And to indicate that Athit might be abducted by Decha is like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, Show’s last ditch effort for conflict!

What they could have focused on instead is what we really want to see: Suriyen resolving his issues. I understand that Tarntawan has to take Nong Phit away so that she can comfort him, but I truly think that if they were to be a family unit, because really all they have are each other now, then they need to resolve the issues together. Nong Phit has built a bond with his uncle, he may cry and get into shock, but how about Tarntawan try to talk to him at the hospital and they can all try to coax the boy. He isn’t dumb and I think people need to stop coddling him. Like the doctor said, she just needs to present the issue very matter of factly: people are born and people die. Even though she said she will attempt to make Nong Phit understand by removing him from the threat, we actually don’t see her doing any of that. There’s no one on one scene, I’m left to feel that Nong Phit is just having meltdowns with La-Or while Tarntawan focus on Decha’s issue. EVERYONE is focusing on Decha’s issue, yet they can’t seem to make any progress. So why don’t Tarntawan reprioritize her priorities? Too many cooks in the kitchen.

And my issue with Suriyen is that he’s making this ALL about him. He’s still victimizing himself. Sure, he is letting her go, but he still doesn’t try to understand. The girl just lost her brother! Her nephew is having a panic attack and now the man that she loves is giving her a hard time (at least I think she loves him). Can’t we give Tarntawan some mourning time? How about Suriyen put others before himself? Loving someone, whether that’s a woman or a child, means you love them unconditionally. Not, I will love you if you STAY. I wish Suriyen would have realized that this is for his nephew’s best interest (even if it isn’t) and parent the child together. He’s so good at pushing people away his whole life, even the father that left him, Suriyen had no desire over the years to hire a private eye to find him. He’s SO cold. I guess I’m still waiting for my prince. At least I got some scenes between the lawyer and Suriyen today.

ANYWAY, the real finale is near, let’s see if show ties this up nicely. Next week, y’all, next week. I think I’m right this time. Ha, kinda ready to wrap this bad boy up!