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Rang Tawan – Episode 8


What’s a girl gotta do around here to get more screentime for Suriyen and Tarntawan? This episode is even slimmer picking than before. The tone feels slower and sleepier..  or maybe I just didn’t drink enough coffee today?

Sheep farm fun today for the gang. I mean, the place looks really cute, it’s no wonder Nong Phit feels safe, relaxed and ready to have a good time. And Suriyen realizes that just because he’s wearing a bear hat, it doesn’t mean things are going to be easy for him. Tarntawan reminds him that it doesn’t erase all of the scary things he has done, and that if he wants Nong Phit to trust him, he’s gonna have to do a lot more than that. Truer words. Wearing a silly hat, is not a trustworthy person you make. TRY HARDER. The man grumbles at every little thing that makes him look silly. Tarntawan laments that if he doesn’t change his attitude, his life won’t change.  But her words do resonate and he attempts further. From pinky swearing with her that he won’t hurt anyone anymore, from tasting Nong Phit’s homemade ice cream and relenting that it’s ice cold delicious, and trying to win Nong Phit over with a remote control transformer.

I think Suriyen is really cute when he tries harder, but feels put out every time he notices Nong Phit immediately warming up to other people so quickly. This is the case of, it’s not an “everyone’s” problem, it’s a “you” problem. That’s why when Suriyen tells Tarntawan that there’s nothing wrong with him buying toys for his nephew, he’s just showing that he’s trying. Tarntawan gives him a warm smile and says that if he continues to be nice like this, Nong Phit will see him the way she sees him: cute. Aw. Suriyen gruffly says that he wants Nong Phit to stay on the farm, but not because the boy will find his uncle’s actions “cute”. He warns her not to say it again because well, he doesn’t like being associated with cuteness.

Funny thing is, he starts to like it when people find him cute. During lunch Visut sets the table to ensure he sits with Tarntawan and Nong Phit, while Pensiri sits with Suriyen. Pensiri makes idle chat but when Suriyen surprisingly acts like a normal person, she comments that maybe Tarntawan is right after all, he is cute. Hahaha. That sort of made Suriyen’s day, as he’s been peering at Tarntawan when she’s not looking, and seemingly jealous that she’s spending time with Visut. He tries to even forbid her from talking to Visut, but Tarntawan argues that he’s her friend, if Suriyen doesn’t have a good excuse, she won’t heed his order. I guess telling the girl you’re starting to like that you’re jealous is a little much for this Big Boss. Since “cute” isn’t even in his vocabulary. He calms down though when Tarntawan says she’s starting to feel good about him and doesn’t want a reason to change that. She even takes his hand and leads him back to Nong Phit. Cute.

Tarntawan is also learning something new today as well. She has always been babying Nong Phit since he was born which led to him being needy and weak. The boy stumbles and falls and refuses to get up on his own. He holds his hands out to his auntie, crying for help. Suriyen notices this and holds her back and forbids anyone from helping Nong Phit up. He tells Nong Phit that they’re going to eat, and if he’s gonna cry, he can stay there like that. Suriyen says to Tarntawan that Nong Phit needs to learn how to deal with his pain so that he can survive in this world. Tarntawan wonders if that will make Nong Phit grow up to be like his uncle, but Suriyen relents that Nong Phit hasn’t endured what he went through, so he’ll turn out differently. Suriyen believes Nong Phit could do it. Aw. And so Nong Phit does, he gets up and walks to his auntie.

Meanwhile, other developments happen with the story plot. Visut finds out from his private detective that the necklace discovered in the woods confirms that Khun Athit has fled the country, and not hidden in Suriyen’s farm. Ah ok, that was pointless. Everyone and their mom already knew that Athit wasn’t hidden in the farm, but I guess Visut has his answer and his revenge plan is over. Talk about anticlimactic. He’s depressed and Pensiri tries to cheer him up. As of late she has discovered that she’s developing feelings for the man, despite him pushing her to help him be with Tarntawan. I don’t get this couple. He accuses her of being incapable of finding a husband yet he’s asking for HER help to win over her friend. Hypocritical much?

Officer Ekkanat (yeah.. that’s his name, took me 8 episodes to pay attention) and his scheme comes to a screeching halt because Rujira’s younger bro (Khertarwut) unveils his real identity to his sister. I’m glad this subplot is over because Officer Ekk isn’t breaking any grounds with the ‘secret’ about Rujira’s past and we’re just getting scenes where Rujira glares at him and yells at her employees. Officer Ekk had decided to pretend to be interested in Rujira as a final act, but his identity gets discovered before then. And not a moment too soon. Sia Tanong gets questioned by the Officer also but no new information is uncovered. I mean, what are you good at, Officer Ekk? He tells Khetarwut that he’s not an easy Officer who will believe the evidences set forth by the baddies, he will find his own evidences that will reveal the true murderer. Put your money where your mouth is, Officer. You’re staring at him in the face!

Kaekhai promises Dad she won’t mention her brother when talking to Suriyen. She joins the gang at the adorable sheep farm and wins over a smile from Nong Phit- which bugs Suriyen to no end – why is it that it’s so easy for other people to gain brownie points with Nong Phit? Haha. Again, it’s a YOU problem, not a ‘they’ problem. As they’re doing crafts, Kaekhai accidentally spills hot, burning water on Tarntawan, since Tarntawan was attempting to block Nong Phit from the incident. As Tarntawan gets treated, Suriyen gives Kaekhai a verbal lashing, which sends the girl crying to her daddy. She wonders why Suriyen could never come to love her, but dad relents that it doesn’t matter who doesn’t love his daughter, HE loves his daughter. Show is trying to trick us into believing that he’s a good dad, if not anything else. But he’s probably using his daughter just as he uses everybody else.

Tarntawan consoles her nephew that she’s alright and walks up to Suriyen to show him her bandages. He’s practically all “why are you showing me this, I’m not worried about you” but he totally is. This man couldn’t even fall asleep that moonlit night because the security footage he’s seeing shows Tarntawan without a blanket. He wonders if she’s able to cover herself with both hands wrapped in bandages. This calls for help by Big Boss. Haha. He goes to her room that night and looks at the sleeping trio. He turns up the AC (it’s on too low) and one by one, he tucks each person in. This is the most adorable scene in this episode! Tarntawan keeps her eyes shut as she smiles. When he leans down to cover her with a blanket, she whispers, “Thank you Khun Suriyen.” Hahaha. AWWW. And that surprising look on his face!

I love that he’s starting to unravel by every moment he’s with her. From the pinky swears, to the hand holding, to the quiet glances at her – not to mention that he watches the security camera every night. He’s realizing that since she’s jumping to protect Nong Phit to this extent, she’s probably not the type to do anything for money, as lawyer Suphon has indicated. Once it’s ruled out that the one thing that’s stopping him from trusting her, he starts to act on his natural, kind tendencies. To see that he cares about all three of them, and not just tucking Tarntawan in, it really shows his character growth. But Show, how about we get MORE of that and less of everything else. Ultimately the suspense is not all that suspenseful and every other subplot isn’t relevant to our leads, which at the end of the day, makes the story as a whole uninteresting and sleepy. Very sleepy.

But funny thing is, as Suriyen tucks the sheets tightly around Tarntawan, I am drowsy no more. Turns out, I won’t be needing more coffee, just more of Suriyen being cute. That will do.

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