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It’s a twisted, twisted world we live in. I’ll just take one lawyer to go, please.

Recap completed for this episode! Thanks for your patience! ~Fia


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Pensiri finds out Visut has been scheming with her parents to trick her and Visut confesses that her parents already knew that she was staying with him. Pensiri wonders if he tricked her because he needed her help to court her friend, and Visut admits that’s part of it, but mostly because he doesn’t want to marry her. Now he’s yelling at her that her parents want him to marry her and what’s he supposed to do? He says acting like a boyfriend is asking for a lot but he has to marry her – isn’t that too much? So he opted to bring her to his farm because she wanted to help her friend too. Ok douche, YOU came up with all of these schemes! The pot calling the kettle black. Pensiri takes issue with the fact that he tricked her into thinking that she’s capable, but actually she’s just incompetent. In hindsight, Visut says he didn’t think her parents would take it this far.

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Tarntawan takes the opportunity that Suriyen is away with all of his bodyguards in order to search his work room. She manages to trick the household employees. Meanwhile Khetarwut is unable to control the situation with the worker’s riot, they did not want construction on public property, despite the firm possessing legal documents permitting their project. Suriyen takes the workers’ side, lamenting that nobody asked the townsfolk for their thoughts on this initially and when HE says something ain’t gonna happen, it ain’t gonna happen. Suriyen takes hold of the agreement and tears it to pieces. He instructs Khetarwut to settle the issue so that both parties are happy, be reliable so that the townsfolk could depend on him, like Suriyen. That way, Suriyen could find some time to pick up a hobby (play sports). He straightens Khetarwut’s collared shirt with condescension. This is how you make enemies. I’m surprised Suriyen is still alive. The crowd cheers for their hero.

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Kaekhai spots Tarntawan going upstairs and follows her into Suriyen’s room, but Tarntawan hides behind the curtain. And just when we think Kaekhai will catch Tarntawan red handed, she is saved by the maid who tells Kaekhai that her boss prohibits anyone from entering his room. But our heroine isn’t so lucky, she gets discovered from the window by Jonn who happen to pass by the house. Crap.

Visut apologizes that things got out of hand and Pensiri asks what they should do next. Visut says she could choose between two options: (1) she could confess to her parents that they’re not an item and they can end things here or (2) she could continue with the ruse and stall time so that she could find a new boyfriend and not break her parents’ heart. Pensiri opts for the first option because she’s tired of lying to her parents. If they force her to marry someone, she will just run away again, but this time, she won’t ever come back. However things don’t go as planned when she overhears her parents saying that she doesn’t love them and has been acting on her own selfish whim. Her parents decide its best they just die. Pensiri runs to them and is compelled to go with option two instead: continue with the ruse. And she presses her lips to his just to make it extra convincing.

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What’s her face Kaekhai tells on Tarntawan that Jonn saw her snooping in Suriyen’s room. She questions her motive for coming to the farm and why she has her friend asking her dad (Decha) about Suriyen’s dad. They accuse that she’s in cahoots with Visut. Oh snap. Prior to this she gave the nanny a peptalk about not being afraid. They can’t contend with Suriyen with brute force, but they can pursue with a strong will and never back down out of fear. So we see Tarntawan looking fearlessly at Suriyen and says that she knows nothing, but she’s ready to speak the truth as to why she went into his room. Pan to Nong Phit yelling at his uncle to release his aunt – and he’s hugging the robot. Smart! Tarntawan says Nong Phit’s robot broke and he was having a meltdown so she did what she had to do – give him uncle’s robot. Kaekhai demands to know what Suriyen is thinking, because he’s staring at Tarntawan, but Suriyen tells her to go home. Hahaha. He dismisses everyone, relenting that he will speak to Tarntawan ALONE. Gosh Aum looks really handsome in this scene.

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Kaekhai puts up a fight but the maids and guard assures her that their boss isn’t stupid, he’s not going to be fooled by Tarntawan. And we see Suriyen suggesting that Tarntawan tell the truth because he also has a video camera in his room, for cases like these, where a thief could enter and try something. He’s so unnerving. He takes her to his room and they watch the video, you could see her trying to come up with excuses in her head to match up with her actions. She tells him that if he doesn’t believe her, he could search for anything missing in his room. He corners her and says that she’s untrustworthy, and she should know what happens to the people who cannot be trusted.

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“You’re going to kill me? Go head, kill me. Just like you killed P’Suri,” she goads him. “You can choose whether to trust me or not – but I will never trust someone who is capable of killing his own sister.”

“TARNTAWAN!” He roars and goes for her throat.

“You’re gonna choke me? Go for it,” she grabs his hand to increase the pressure.

I think her fearlessness is unraveling him. He doesn’t know what to make of her. Lol.

“Don’t trust me, coz I don’t trust you either. Hurt me to your heart’s content! But beware, Nong Phit won’t love you.”

He doesn’t fall for it this time, “Don’t threaten me with Nong Phit. You can bet I have my ways.” He pulls her hair away and sniffs her, “You better be careful,” he warns, and releases her. And then the smirk!

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Kaekhai comes back to rub it in Tarntawan’s face that she better keep up with her lies otherwise if Kaekhai finds out she has ill intentions towards Nai Phu, then she’s going to destroy her. Well, thanks for the heads up. The maids all gang up on her to put her in her place, besides, her task today is to clean the entire kitchen before tomorrow.

Pensiri admits that she had to opt for the scheme because she couldn’t let her parents die like that. Visut thinks back on what they heard earlier and I will admit – it was pretty funny – her parents were actually talking to the ducks. Haha. Pensiri says she must be a horrible daughter since she caused her parents to talk to ducks. Pensiri relents she could do whatever she wants, but she should send her parents back to the city asap, playing the ruse is exhausting.

The nanny (La-Or) is concerned about Tarntawan’s plan on making Nong Phit love Suriyen. She thinks maybe they should wait until Suriyen is less crazy, in case the plan does work and Suriyen end up hurting Nong Phit instead in a moment of madness. They just need to figure out a way to do that..

But her efforts might be futile because Suriyen is out to torture her for snooping in his room. All of the household employees watch their boss tie Tarntawan to the ground and makes her spend the night like that. The housekeeper spats that she deserves it but the lawyer, oh the lawyer, says that’s why Suriyen could never find a wife.

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Suriyen says that this is his way of tormenting her without Nong Phit knowing, so she could never dream of using Nong Phit to threaten him again. He demands to know the truth as to why she entered his room. Tarntawan repeats that she went in to turn off the video camera in her room and get the robot, that’s all. But Suriyen doesn’t believe it, he threatens to leave her out here all night and into the burning sun until she tells the truth. Ugh, so hard to watch this part.

He starts to walk away but Tarntawan asks, “Do you want me to say that I snuck in your room to help Khun Visut investigate about your father? Let me tell you something- if it concerns Khun Athit – even if Khun Visut doesn’t ask me to help, I will find him regardless! He needs to pay for his crime!”

“My dad DID NOT KILL Visut’s dad!” Suriyen bellows.

“But YOUR dad raped a woman!” she retorts. “That woman’s name is Sopah, she was Khun Wit’s lover. In order to beat his rival, he used a woman. When she doesn’t want to willingly, he used force! Aren’t you ashamed to have a father like that? Or do you feel nothing because you and your father are no different from each other.”

“You know nothing about my dad, so you can’t make judgements about him!”

“Same to you! You know nothing about my brother but you still accuse him of being a murderer! Why can’t I accuse your father of being a murderer?!”


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“You will never receive true love from anyone! The people you love will be afraid of you, they will abandon you! And you’re gonna be alone until the day you die!”

“If you don’t shut up-“

“I’m not afraid of you! Go ahead and kill me or leave me here all day and night. This will show how despicable you are and the whole farm will know that you’re a monster!”

“A monster?! Don’t you worry that you’ll get any mercy from me. Have a nice night!”

Dude, I don’t know how she’s EVER gonna love you now.

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Her words haunt him as he smashs things around his storage room. The lawyer witnessed their exchange and goes to Suriyen, only to get punched in the face. He asks Suriyen not to be physical with Tarntawan, because it won’t work and she’s not afraid. He suggests that Suriyen just need to SHOW that he wants Nong Phit to stay and that he loves him, using brute force won’t work against Nong Phit. Listen to your lawyer! Suriyen hollers at him to get the hell out before he gets worse. However the lawyer says others might fear when Suriyen is angry, but not people who know him well. The lawyer says he just wants to see his boss happy. Aw.

Suerkong quietly comes to see Tarntawan and wants to help her but she refuses, not wanting to get him in trouble. She does ask him to tell La-Or not to bring Nong Phit around there if he wakes because she doesn’t want him to see this. Her wrists are bleeding from the knot around them. Geez Louise.

After pacing his barnyard office, Suriyen finally walks back to Tarntawan. He says he will let her go if she begs him. But Tarntawan does not even open her mouth, and so she lays, tied like that until the morning.

Back to the romcom side of the show, Pensiri’s mom and dad wonders why the two aren’t sleeping in the same room when they love each other. The two put on a show that they miss and love each other. And.. I don’t really care.

Tarntawan gets her shackles released and Suriyen tells her to get up and go to work, but since she’s refusing to talk to him, he tells her to lay there and not move a muscle. WTF, Suriyen? Tarntawan lays on the ground, tears streaming from her eyes, but she’s determined.

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The cop finds out who Sia Tanong is, and he thinks the man has to do with Suri’s death somehow. His colleague suggests that he find evidence to prove Nopasit’s innocence fast because the clock is ticking, the cops are going to make their arrest soon. He asks the sergeant to investigate about Rujira’s past and why she left the farm and refuses to return, it must have something to do with Suriyen. In the meantime he gets called to do her bidding, since he’s her driver and all. Rujira is quiet the whole ride and when they arrive at their destination, she fires him on the spot.

Nopasit is still on the run and uses the payphone to make a call. Tarntawan is still lying on the ground to show that she’s not afraid of Suriyen, despite La-Or telling her it’s not worth it. Suddenly Nong Phit comes out running to her and crying. OH NO. Nong Phit asks who did that to her and Suerkong replies that it’s Nai Phu, who else? Nong Phit cries that he hates the monster. Suerkong explains that he had to come to her because her phone rang – they all think it’s Nopasit, but turns out it’s Visut, who says she asked him to call her. But it’s a set up by Suriyen who (1) wants Tarntawan to get up and stop defying him and (2) he warns Visut to cease his digging around about his dad because Khun Athit isn’t around. The more he makes Suriyen angry, the more Tarntawan will receive punishment on his behalf. He wants Visut to prove how much he likes Tarntawan. What twisted world do we live in? The beast’s world, apparently.

Tarntawan speaks into the phone that she’s been thinking about Visut and thanks him for worrying about her. She says at least he’s genuine and doesn’t have to fake it, like some people. Furthermore, that “person” doesn’t understand the difference between love out of fear, and unconditional love. Then she calls Suriyen out -“you’ll never get to experience that.” Suriyen tosses the phone against the floor in anger. The lawyer blurts out that he loves his boss unconditionally! Ha, I don’t know why I found that to be so funny.

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Nopasit begs for a man’s help over the phone, he says he showed up according to their plan but Suriyen had been hunting for him at the same time, so they missed each other. He doesn’t know who else to turn to, so he’s desperately reaching out to this man, he doesn’t want to go to jail. He agrees to do whatever this mysterious man is asking him to do. Hm, wonder who that is.

Khun Decha orders his son to go and apologize to Suriyen with him after the worker fiasco, he had promised Suriyen that his son will do business in the straight and narrow way, and he doesn’t want to lose face. But Khetarwut argues that if he doesn’t do it, there are plenty others who will since Rai Phu Tupdao has so much corruption going on anyway. So because everyone else is breaking the law, it’s ok that you do? Dad warns him that Suriyen will throw him in jail but Khetarwut scoffs that it ain’t gonna happen because he’s plotting something against Suriyen.

Pensiri’s parents decide they won’t leave the farm until she’s pregnant, which puts her in a frenzy. They’ve also told the farm workers to refer to Pensiri as Visut’s wife, since they’ve already made it official in the Chinese way. Visut teases Pensiri that if a baby is required for her parents to leave, they shall go and make one. They proceed to trick her parents into thinking that they’re having a good time in bed which will lead to conceiving. And so they cockadoodle doo all afternoon long.

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Meanwhile the cop tails Sia Tanong’s van, but they catch on to him and make chase. After beating him up, they find out that he’s a cop and try to silence him.

The earlier events convince Tarntawan that she no longer wants to make Nong Phit love his uncle. There’s no way to ascertain the level of his madness so she’s changing her plans, instead, she’s going to runaway with Nong Phit. La-Or freaks out, thinking they won’t survive. Tarntawan relents that it’s dangerous whether they flee or stay. And it seems their opportunity to flee is happening sooner rather than later. Suriyen’s dad’s horse acts up again, causing upheaval in the whole farm, and Tarntawan plots for their escape. I have a bad feeling about this.

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Suriyen learns that the horse was able to escape because Tarntawan hadn’t locked the horse stable, he decides she will be responsible for this. After searching for her, he discovers he made a run for it. But Tarntawan doesn’t get very far, at the blue truck, she gets stopped by the lawyer (his name is Sophon!) who tells her that running away isn’t the correct course of action because she’ll bring more trouble upon herself. She shows him the raw marks on her wrists and wonders what is the correct course of action then. Lawyer Sophon points to his bruised lip, he relents he got hit too, but it’s due to the fact that he’s doing his best so she could live on this farm in peace. Even though he works for Nai Phu, it doesn’t mean he agrees with Nai Phu on everything. He asks her to persevere, because as she can see, Nai Phu is trying to adjust himself for Nong Phit. He adds that it may seem slow and slight, but he’s trying. So A for effort? Pff.

Tarntawan says she really can’t stay, he’s going to hurt her everyday, what if he kills her like he did to his sister? Lawyer Sophon confirms that his boss didn’t kill Suri – and that every rumor she has heard about his boss, including that he’s hiding his own father in the farm – they are all false. The lawyer puts his profession on the line. Well, that was enough to at least stall time for Suriyen to appear. The lawyer tries to make excuses that Tarntawan is just going to visit Suri’s grave – but Suriyen hauls her to the hay station. He orders her to bring back the horse that made its escape, despite Tarntawan arguing that she did lock the gate. Lawyer steps in and advises that Suriyen take it easy on her because she hadn’t slept all night. Suriyen questions whether the lawyer will find the horse then, but even the lawyer stays quiet on that one. Suriyen yanks her towards the forest.

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Kaekhai overhears her brother ordering his henchmen to ensure Suriyen doesn’t come out of the forest alive. Dad guesses that Khetarwut ordered his men to free the horse knowing that Suriyen will go after it. Khetarwut surmises that he will be the next Big Boss in Rai Phu Tupdao, but Dad yells at him to cancel his murder scheme. When that doesn’t work, Dad takes off to the forest, claiming that his son just made things a lot more complicated now. Hm.

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Evening is right around the corner and Suriyen tells her to go after the horse otherwise she’ll be stuck in the forest. She tries to leave and claims it wasn’t her fault, but Suriyen has another bone to pick: he knows she attempted to escape with Nong Phit. She doesn’t deny it and adds that he’ll never see Nong Phit again. Suriyen tells her to try it and see what happens, but Tarntawan is tired of the same threats. Tarntawan relents that she tried to make Nong Phit see him as a non scary person, but look how he repaid her! Would it KILL him to act like a normal person? I think it just might.

He grasps her arms and pushes her against a tree, “Don’t you blame me! It’s YOUR fault! You defied me so I must punish you.”

“IF I spoke nicely to you, would you reciprocate? IF I was respectful towards you, would you do the same?” she questions. “Answer me, Khun Suriyen. If you give me your word, I will speak nicely to you from now on. Do we have an agreement?”

He pushes her against the tree again and says, “GO FIND THAT HORSE.”

I take it we don’t have an agreement. Well, I guess he’s consistent? Forever an asshole?

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Blood seeped where he pushed her. Ouch. Poor Tarntawan. But she’s still got some fight in her, and bellows that she’s not going anywhere until he comes back for her (as he’s already going deeper into the forest).

Meanwhile Pensiri receives update about her friend and plans to go and help, but outside of their bedroom door, her parents along with resort employees stand to witness their consummation. She decides it isn’t worth it to explain themselves as saving Tarntawan is more important. They aren’t permitted to enter Rai Phu Tupdao though.

In the forest the henchmen targets Suriyen with his gun. Suriyen finds the horse and gently talks to it. If only he could treat people like he treats his horses…

Meanwhile Khun Decha and son make to the forest, and we see another person trying to kill Suriyen (that makes it two now). It’s Dum Gern who fires the first shot. It reverberates through the forest – causing Tarntawan to run towards the sound – worried about Suriyen. On her way, she meets Dum Gern who aims to kill – but Suriyen intercepts him and kicks the gun away. They tussle and Suriyen manages to free himself. He grabs Tarntawan’s hand and they make a run for it – but another gunshot goes off and Suriyen pulls Tarntawan in his arms.. eep!

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They race through the forest until they reach a fork in the road and spend a few moments arguing which direction to go. Haha. Forever the state of their relationship! She wins as she drags him towards the car trail, thinking that’s a sign that someone is there and can help them.

They do find people, but it turns out those are the bad guys who are illegally logging trees. They get caught and the baddies aim their guns at Nai Phu, while he pulls Tarntawan behind him..

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And that’s the end of today’s episode! Ugh, talk about a cliffhanger.

Atichart, why are you so FINE? Wow, this man looks good in purple. In anything, really. He is a fine glass of wine. Yum!

Now that I got my fangirling out of the way, I’m still a little unnerved about Suriyen and whether he can show his development a little faster. I mean he’s taking baby steps, like maybe, turtle steps. SO SLOW. While the beast in him is coming out to play and wreaking all sorts of physical havoc to Tarntawan. That poor girl is bloody, bruised and battered. Show’s going to have to do something MAJOR and FAST to win some brownie points for me. Coz right now, I want to throttle him for being such a bully.

But alone time, lost and hurt in the forest is a great start. I’m a sucker for leads being stranded somewhere together where they have to rely on each other. Makes for great relationship development, because so far, all we’ve got are Tarntawan defying him and getting her ass handed to her. Suriyen! I’m so angry at you! BUT you are so fine! I am conflicted! I mean, this guy doesn’t have an antisocial disorder, does he? Just a wounded beast, unable to be kind? I don’t know, getting kinda old. I was hoping that Suriyen would apologize to his lawyer buddy and maybe tend to the wound on his lips. But that’s too bromance demanding of Show, I guess. A girl can dream, right?

It’s been a rough episode, sort of in line with Show’s tendency to bring on the drama on Wednesdays and healing our wounds on Thursdays – which means tomorrow’s gonna be great. I need to see Suriyen in a different light. He doesn’t have to flip 180 and be a kind sucker, but I want to see his character start to see the light and try a little harder to be a prince. Well, maybe just a hero, or a puppy. How about just a normal human being like Tarntawan asked for? Pretty please with a cherry on top.

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