Does Aum Atichart do best in revengey lakorns? I think so. If you remember Jam Loey Rak, Aum plays the angry Harit who mistakenly kidnaps Soraya so he could punish her for what he felt was her part in killing his beloved brother. That lakorn was incredibly popular because Show managed to justify Harit’s actions and turn him into a loveable pr’ek despite his tough façade, especially when he found out he kidnapped the WRONG girl. Oops.

Rang Tawan (The Burning Sun) will air after “When a Man Loves a Woman,” taking over the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot. Aum Atichart plays Suriyen (aka Nai Pu) who is determined to bring justice to his older sister’s death. Chippy Sirin plays Tarntawan (Sunflower or aka Kate) who returns from graduating abroad, discarding her dream of becoming a designer, in order to deal with her older brother’s mess, who is being accused of murder. To make matters worse, Suriyen feels that Tarntawan along with her family, all conspire in this murder. As you can imagine, Suriyen is going to get all revengey while Tarntawan will try to prove to him that she’s innocent of any wrongdoing and maybe her brother is too.

Second leads are played by Peach Pachara and Aom Sushar, and they’re really cute together. Perhaps it is nice to have a couple with less drama since there will be plenty of angst and anger coming from our main leads, Aum and Chippy. But if anyone were to do a revengey drama right, it’s Aum Atichart. King of Revenge. Question is, can Suriyen bring the fan fervor as Harit? Only one way to find out.

rangtawan Screenshot 2016-06-06 11.46.27

Watch the teaser here: