Plerng Pranaang

As many of you may know, Channel 7 is the Big Dog in terms of receiving most audience and market share in the TV industry. They are by far the most popular and most commercially successful, due in part to its availability throughout the country. I want to preface that I am not an authority over Channel 7, and my experience and knowledge pretty much dates back to when I was still watching their shows, so pardon any erroneous errors.

But I do think that we can expect to see bigger and better projects from Channel 7 this year, as they recently won big in the Awards show, also sweeping in the Best Actor and Best Actress category. It is only natural to ramp up from this high and make more compelling and award-winning shows.

As I compile this list, I noticed that like Channel 3, Channel 7 is fostering SO many new talents. I don’t even know the half of them, so I will mainly list the new lakorns but will highlight the actors and actresses that I am familiar with (and who are practically larger than life). At least lakorn life. Life mimics lakorn though, right? Or is it the other way around?


I’m an Aum Patcharapa fan and one thing I noticed is that this Queen of Channel 7 only has one lakorn currently in filming or projected to be broadcasted this year. It’s called Plerng Pranang. I mean, it’s the fanciest one yet, but still it’s a little crazy that she doesn’t have at least two. I guess girl’s gotta take a break.

Weir Sukollowat, the man who won Best Actor for his performance in Peuan Paeng has three lakorns this year: Morrasoom Sawat (already aired), Koo Za Rod Zab with his koo-jin Min Pechaya and Petch Tud Petch (which is a remake) with Kwan Usamanee.

Min Pechaya also has two lakorns, one with Weir and the other called Look Mai Glai Ton (another remake). LMGT is actually one of the older lakorns that I love, which I reviewed awhile back. You can read it here. It will be Min’s reunion with Om Akkapan (who has three lakorns this year).

Kwan Usamanee has three lakorns as well (perhaps she is the new Queen) and those include Koo Wun Lun Paen Ruk (already aired), Petch Tud Petch with Weir and Maya.

Based on the title and picture alone, “Garn Krang Neung.. Nai Hua Jai” sounds fluffy and very romance novel-esque. But they did say not to judge a book by its cover, because it’s Channel 7 after all, and there’s got to be some bitch slaps and heart attack inducing angst somewhere. If I were to watch one, it would be this, which literally means “Once Upon a Time.. In My Heart.” Dreamy, aimirite?

Without further ado, here’s the list. Feel free to add if you find that I’ve missed anything.

Recently aired:
Morrasoom Sawat – Preaw Tasaneeya and Weird Sukollawat
Fed Long Hon – Louis Dalson and Maggie Apa
Kon Krathing – Cee Siwat and Green Ausadaporn
A-dtee Dtaa – Om Akkapan and Pooklook Fonthip
Koo Wun Lun Paen Ruk – Kwan Usamanee
Sarawat Teun – Arnus Rapanich, Grace Kanklao, and Kelly Thanapat
Fai Rak Game Rorn: Fire Series 1 – Sammy Cowell and Thanwa Suriyajak
Pak Bung Gap Gung Nang – Pai Partith, Bigm Likhit and Kat Sonya
Norah – Bow Maylada and Michael Pattaradet

Currently airing:
Yieow Ratigarn – Jakkajan and Win Thawin
Talay Fai – Mik and Stephany
Likit Rissaya – Jakkajan, Grace, Es, Fai

Garn Krang Neung.. Nai Hua Jai – Boom Piyaphun, Mick Tongraya and Pimmy Pimrapa
Ka Ma Kon Diow – New Wongsakorn and Thisa Varitthisa
Cheun Chee Waa – Camilla Kittavat and Porshe Saran
Sanaeha Maya – Ann Sirium, Bank Arti, Kelly Thanapat, Sammy Cowell
Khunchai Kai Tong – Porsh Sarun and Bow Maylada
Khunnai Sai Lap – Am Peerawut and Ploy Randa
Koo Za Rod Zab- Weir Sukollawat and Min Pechaya
Koo Hoo – Au Nawapol and Gunjaezol Parnthong
Chantana Sarm Cha
Thong 10
Nangfa Peun Fun
Banlang Hong – Fern Pimchanok and Michael Pataradet
Petch Tud Petch – Weir Sukollawat and Kwan Usamanee
Plerng Pranang – Aum Patcharapa
Rissaya – Aof Chanapol, Hana Lewis, Tuptim
Rahat Pritsana – Mai Davida and Porsh Saran
Likit Rissaya
Look Mai Glai Ton – Om Akkapan and Min Pechaya
Hor Heokan Hua Luk
Maya – Kwan Usamanee