What a beautifully shot episode. But the million dollar question today is, will they or will they not get married? Let’s see how the bride and groom to-be handle the events leading up to the special day. It’s tumultuous, insane and exciting as we make our way to the wedding. But it’s the final scenes of this episode that will get you happily squirming and cheering.


Soamika garners attention from Satawat by driving into his car. Her head is bloodied from hitting against the steering wheel, and as Satawat comes to her side, she tells him that she wanted to show him that she could die if she doesn’t have him by her side. Satawat takes her to the hospital.

Soam’s dad questions Satawat on why he’s still hovering around Soam when he’s about to marry Anusaniya, was this his intention from the beginning? Satawat claims he and Soam were never an item and apologizes if his actions caused Soamika to be serious, but he has never made any untoward advances with her. He challenges the older man to kill him on the spot if he doesn’t believe him. Ok, that’s a little too brave Satawat! Thankfully Dad doesn’t oblige and makes Satawat promise to stay away from Soamika from now on.

Soamika flips a lid when she finds out Dr. Satawat had already left and her dad tells her to get a grip, Dr. Satawat does not reciprocate the feelings. She was delusional about them from the start. Soamika keeps crying and screaming that it’s not true.

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Satawat and mom arrives at Khun Phon’s home to work out the details of the marriage agreement. He says that he agrees to marry Anusaniya in order to extend the debt repayment timeframe to three years. He intends on making monthly payments until the debt is repaid in full. Mom inserts that doesn’t it seem like he’s getting married for nothing? Aunt Nan doesn’t agree, since he won’t have to pay for three years’ worth of interest. Mom still balks at the idea of getting a divorce after the agreement is up, besides she doesn’t intend on making any investments (as in giving the deed of their home and using it as a bridal home) since her son is investment enough.

Anusaniya has a word with Satawat alone and warns him to keep his mother in check. This marriage is to be in name only. Satawat wonders if she could resist him for three years since he almost got overtaken by her on the island too (Ha!). How does he know HE’S going to be safe? He thinks maybe he should charge extra in the event she can’t contain herself. Pfft. Then he spots Chayakorn looking at them and holds her close, Anusaniya concedes since she is trying to encourage her uncle to get over her. She immediately pushes him away when the coast is clear.

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Soamika looks like she should have entered the psych ward instead of remaining in the hospital as she reads about the news of the proposal the previous night and comes unhinged. She even abuses a hospital employee when she doesn’t get the answer that she wants. Apparently Satawat had assigned them to watch over Soamika since he promised her dad not to show his face again. But even the employees decide it’s not worth it.

Anusaniya’s assistant made her aware of the news that Soamika is in the hospital and wonders if Anusaniya isn’t jealous. It seems Dr. Satawat hasn’t helped with any of the wedding preparations. Anusaniya doesn’t dignify if with a response but once alone she wonders if he thinks she’s jealous. Meanwhile Lek’s girlfriend asks when she’ll get to meet the family since it seems like his family is very accepting of those beneath them. But Anusaniya sees them in the hallway and tells Lek to get back to work, he introduces Gina as his personal assistant, and Anusaniya suggests he worry about himself first. No one will ever fault Anusaniya for being a pushover.

Mom is at Casa Studio asking for discounts on the furniture since she’s decorating the bridal home. Anusaniya chimes in that she has no plans on moving out of her home, then Mom suggests Satawat move in with her, and Anusaniya spites that they can go ahead and sell mom’s house then. Ha. Mom is flustered to no end.

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Meanwhile it looks like even Anusaniya isn’t doing the wedding preparations, since Mirantee is running around town looking at dresses and invitations on her behalf. Chayakorn phones his shadow wondering where she’s at. Mirantee is surprised that he even thinks about her at all, but Chayakorn is merely wondering what she’s been up to since she doesn’t hover around him anymore. They meet for a late lunch where she stuffs her face since she hasn’t been able to eat all day. As she gets up to order more food, her wedding planner drops to the floor and he spots the wedding invitation. He wonders if they’re truly serious about getting married after all. Mirantee tells him to settle his feelings and maybe look at other people for once. Hint hint.

But Chayakorn states that even she won’t do – Mirantee argues why not (without knowing salad is stuck on her teeth) – and she nearly dies at her reflection in the mirror. The people in the background are laughing at her. Mirantee spats that she will always pale in comparison to Anusaniya. Chayakorn is so embarrassed by Mirantee’s behavior, from her boisterousness, to her eating wildly – but Mirantee says this is who she is, someone that he won’t like. He wonders if that breaks her heart and she admits that it does, because she likes him. He’s speechless. She just wants him to know that in his world, there is more than Nuth. He back pedals and apologize for even calling her out today since it might have given her the wrong impression (hope) and it’s probably just in her imagination. Mirantee tells him to remember how it feels when someone tries to force their feelings onto him.

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Mom complains to Satawat that his wife (and they’re not even married yet) is too fierce. If they have to lose the house, then for the next three years, Satawat better make it worth it. Ugh, why is mom so money hungry and selfish.

One day left to the wedding day! Mirantee drags her friend to try on the wedding dress, because even though Anusaniya has already sent over measurements, she’s looking slimmer now so they may have to make adjustments. But the dress is perfect and Nuth couldn’t help but stare in awe at herself in the mirror.

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Chayakorn shows up at the dress fitting to have her take a look at some paperwork (uh huh) and states that she’s beautiful in the dress but wants her to think about her decision carefully, he’s concerned. Satawat also arrives to pick up his tux and sees Chayakorn bracing Nuth as she stumbles. He surmises that usually a groom accompanies his bride to try on dresses/tux but it looks like someone else has taken that liberty. He goes to Nuth and takes her hand and act like the excited groom in front of Chaya. He decides to try on the tux so that they can take a couple photo. Ha.

Mirantee tells them to look more lovey dovey and by accident, we get this:

Screenshot 2016-05-11 10.10.34 Screenshot 2016-05-11 10.11.32

Satawat keeps using Chaya as an excuse to get closer, ha. The other man is practically dying on the side watching them. Finally he can’t take it anymore and leaves.

Nuth tells Satawat he can stop performing now, but from the look on his face, he’s totally not acting, this man is smitten. He asks Mirantee for a copy of the pictures taken today.

Satawat reminds Nuth that he’s marrying her to protect her reputation so she ought to be considerate of his too – he doesn’t like people gossiping that she’s going around his back with her uncle. They both bring up old issues but he says they need to agree to give each other more respect. Then Satawat adds that he doesn’t know if in the past what type of “experience” her and her uncle has gone through together. Foot, meet mouth! Looks like someone is jealous! Nuth tells him that there’s no honor in him marrying to pay off his debt.

Their conversation that day still haunts them both at night. They replay what they’ve said, both irritated in the position they’re in. Grandma tells her that love doesn’t necessarily always start at marriage, she believes that Satawat’s kindness will make Nuth fall in love with him. But Nuth just hopes that they don’t end up killing each other. Lol. Satawat gets called into the hospital.

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Soamika leaves a trail of empty bottles of wine and throws a fit at her dad, blaming everything on him. Ok, this is why I can’t sympathize with her. Dad decides he needs to fix the problem once and for all. Soam thinks this means Dad has agreed to pay off Dr. Satawat’s debt.

Wedding day arrives and the bridal party is just about ready! Dr. Satawat on the other hand just finished his on call consult. On his way to the wedding, men accost him, trying to kidnap him.  It does not look good as he takes on four men.

Anusaniya cries with anxiety on her wedding day but her dad tells her that his dream came true. He gets to see his daughter marry a good man like Dr. Satawat so he can go in peace. She pleads to end the wedding – these wedding jitters are giving her second thoughts.

But that might not be necessary since Dr. Satawat could not fight those men off and gets hauled into a truck. Soam realizes what her Dad meant by fixing the problem, eliminating Dr. Satawat. We see them taking the good doctor into a container to be dropped into the sea. Yikes. How is he going to get out of that?!

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Mom frantically calls her son and the party waits for the groom to no avail. Anusaniya is furious he would jilt her like this. Dad announces to the party that the groom is missing, he left the hospital in the morning and has not been seen since. They are going to postpone the wedding until the groom has been found. He hopes that nothing bad has happened and that the guests will join them at the reception tonight.

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Soam rushes to the scene and aims a gun at the men, she threatens to call the cops if they don’t stop. Finally she’s able to rescue him and apologizes for her dad. Satawat belatedly realizes it was her dad’s doing. Unfortunately Anusaniya calls and Soam takes the phone – and how is it that a scrawny person like her cannot be stopped? Seriously – Soam says that the doctor is with her. Satawat manages to snatch the phone away and tries to explain that something happened to him but Anusaniya isn’t having it. She tells him there will be no more wedding. Chayakorn eaves drop by the door.

Screenshot 2016-05-11 11.07.40 Screenshot 2016-05-11 11.08.59

Soam warns him that she didn’t rescue him so that he could go to someone else, without her, he would be dead. I wish he would argue that without her, he wouldn’t be put in this place, but instead, Satawat says that the most important thing in his life right now is paying off the debt for his mom. Three years would be too long for Soam to wait and he suggests she might find someone else in that time. Soam realizes what this means, it’s not a true marriage, just a marriage with an expiration date. Sigh. She hugs him and tells him that she can wait three years. He refuses which makes her angry and vows that if she can’t have him, neither with Nuth. Well, like father like daughter. Satawat evades her car in time but his motorcycle goes crashing to the ground. He realizes that she intended to kill him and states that even if he wasn’t in this marriage situation, he could never be with her. Hahaha. She keeps questioning why, since she’s never been so genuine with anyone before, but Satawat says that they’re too different and she will never change for him. He is not for her. I have another reason, she’s a psycho. Satawat questions whether she’s truly in love with him or just trying to win?

Screenshot 2016-05-11 11.09.49 Screenshot 2016-05-11 11.31.42

Anusaniya tells her family that the doctor is with Soamika and never really intended on marrying her. She will refuse to go through with the evening party. Everyone points their fingers at mom. Dad believes Satawat is man enough not to do this to them, and tells everyone to wait and see if he will show up, if not, Dad will take responsibility since he’s the one who will have chosen the wrong person. Chayakorn is in the corner, smiling quietly.

Satawat arrives at the mansion when the elders have driven to the venue. He gets stopped by Chayakorn on his way to see Nuth. Thank goodness Mirantee is there to take Satawat to Nuth, she encourages him to make Nuth change her mind.

Anusaniya slaps him when she first sees him and declares she will not marry him, she’s already humiliated enough. She doesn’t believe that Soam’s dad kidnapped him until Satawat unbuttons his shirt and shows her the markings on his body. Yikes. He says that he never intends to bail from the ceremony and he’s sorry that she was humiliated. But Anusaniya does not show him that she’s wavering, she tells him it’s still a no go and turns away. Satawat says that the ending will be determined by her, he will wait for her at the reception and if she doesn’t show up, he’ll believe that it’s really over.

Screenshot 2016-05-11 11.34.38

Ah, my poor doctor.

Anusaniya watches him drive his motorcycle away and gives it some serious thought. She recalls her father’s voice who entrusts so much in the doctor. But Chayakorn tells her that she’s made the right decision by ending everything.

Soamika vows that Nuth will not be able to marry Satawat in peace.

Satawat shows up at the reception looking soooo fine. I need a moment. There is nothing like a man in a tux!  He apologizes to Dad and explained what happened. He says that if the night doesn’t end well, he’ll take full responsibility. Dad tells him not to lose hope, miracles happen. Satawat says it lies solely on Anusaniya.

Screenshot 2016-05-11 11.45.23 Screenshot 2016-05-11 11.48.14

The aforementioned woman stares at her wedding gown, contemplating.

The evening reception goes underway. I share the guests sentiments– in the morning the groom is missing and the evening the bride is missing. Lol.

Dad thinks his daughter will not show up after all, so Satawat goes on stage to announce that is bride is not coming. He takes full responsibility, and admits that it is because he has done something unforgiveable. He wants them to treat this party as an apology party on behalf of him and his family.

As he puts the mic away, his bride walks down the aisle. Eee! Satawat couldn’t believe his eyes as she walks towards him. He meets her halfway:

Screenshot 2016-05-11 11.54.30 Screenshot 2016-05-11 11.56.23

“I didn’t think you’d show up..” he says.

“At first I wasn’t going to.. but after some thought, if I don’t show up you’ll be free too soon,” she replies. Heh. “I’ll just marry you to keep you in my line of vision.”

He smiles, “Are you ready to be a bride?”

He offers his arm (crowd melts) and they walk down the aisle happily. Gah! So adorable.

And my favorite part: wedding games! (their expression)!

Screenshot 2016-05-11 11.56.43 Screenshot 2016-05-11 11.59.57

They have to first answer how they met and how they fell in love – since the wedding was so quick. Satawat regales the first time he met her -he remembers saving her under the water- but says that he met her on a boat. The host asks whether it was love at first sight? Satawat flashes back to her drunken behavior on the island and says that he couldn’t love her, they were in an interesting circumstance. Anusaniya chimes in that she couldn’t either, he looked like a thief. Crowd laughs. So when did they fall in love? Satawat admits that he doesn’t recall the exact moment. Anusaniya parrots it so the host says that little did she know she’s already in love with the doctor! Final question – how did the doctor confess his love? Crowd cheers her on. Satawat tries to save her and said that they didn’t confess with words. Anusaniya offers to cut the cake. Lol. But they won’t let it go, so Anusaniya gets pressured. Satawat gets closer and says that they will have to confess.. with a kiss! He leans down and kisses her.

Screenshot 2016-05-11 12.09.16 Screenshot 2016-05-11 12.09.53

However, music erupts and half naked magic mike dancers appear crashing the party. The wedding coordinator should be fired! Of course it’s Soamika’s doing, a wedding gift. She announces to the party that Anusaniya stole her boyfriend and has paid him to marry her. Satawat defends that he’s not marrying for money and he’s not the type that can be forced into doing anything against his will. Anusaniya marks her territory, and claims her man. YES!

Soamika tries to throw flowers at Anunisaniya and Satawat stops her, “Don’t touch my wife!” Gah! Soamika  finally gets removed from the party. Our bride breathes a sigh of relief and the crowd cheers for them to “sniff” each other.

Screenshot 2016-05-11 12.13.17 Screenshot 2016-05-11 12.15.42

Chayakorn mopes alone and Mirantee tries to console him. She tells him to free Nuth from his love, the bride and groom has chosen each other.

Screenshot 2016-05-11 12.21.56 Screenshot 2016-05-11 12.22.04

The elders give the bride and groom their word of advice about married life. They want them to remember that getting married and staying married isn’t easy, they both have to work for it. Dad says she will come to value having someone to share the good, bad and ugly with her. Dad even inserts that should there be a grandchild in the three years, then he’ll forgive half of the debt. Hahaha. The two panics.

Screenshot 2016-05-11 12.23.29 Screenshot 2016-05-11 12.23.47

Traditionally bride and groom are not allowed to leave the bedroom on their wedding night. They’re so awkward together in the same room, it’s so cute. As she tries to go to the restroom, she trips – Satawat catches her as she falls and the wedding dress covers them like a blanket. Heh.

Screenshot 2016-05-11 12.29.42 Screenshot 2016-05-11 12.29.56


Let the fun begin!

Oh my, I can’t wait to see how this contract marriage plays out. I am loving how the wedding scenes played out– the missing groom in the morning and the missing bride at night – this shows us that the two are finally coming to this union with eyes wide open and fully aware of their decision. They are committing to this contract marriage. Even though their union may be filled with obstacles – Soamika and Chayakorn – at the end of the day, they are in this together and it’s going to be interesting to see what other challenges lay in their path. I can already start to see the spark between these two as they awkwardly try to navigate this fake marriage while developing real feelings. And the talk of babies! Haha. Like Satawat surmised earlier, will Anusaniya be able to resist him?

I have a love hate relationship with Chayakorn. I love him with Mirantee but then I want to claw his eyes out when he’s with Anusaniya. That is a testament to his acting. Love Pop Thagoon here. The same can’t be said about Soamika – her character is so off the charts – but that is probably why we’ll be ok if she ends up with no one, right? Mirantee out of all of the characters is so level headed and adorable. I hope she finds love, even if it’s not with Chayakorn – although we already know that he won’t be able to resist her – he’s already starting to miss her when she’s not around.

Ah, so excited and afraid for what will happen next, especially with our newly weds! Yes please to the honeymoon.