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The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived! Will the set up for five episodes and the reveal at the end of this episode get as riveting as we had hoped? You can be the judge of that. Who can Anusaniya trust in this world? Will Chayakorn realize the errors of his way? Will Satawat save Anusaniya from her uncle? It’s a whirlwind in this episode, and sometimes less is more. 


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Anusaniya attempts to get away from Chayakorn – her beloved uncle who just gave her the shock of the century by professing his love for her and freaking the hell out of her. She warns him to stop what he’s doing otherwise he’ll lose all of the respect she has for him, but he’s trying to make her understand by holding her close. Is he drunk from the wine? From love? Desperation? Whatever it is, Anusaniya is scared and tells him multiple times to get out. Until they tussle in bed and her robe gets undone. She escapes her hotel room yelling for help and runs right into Dr. Satawat who had heard the commotion from his room.

Anusaniya runs behind Satawat for protection. Chayakorn tells the doctor to mind his own business and he turns to his niece and apologizes. But Anusaniya is furious, in tears she responds that she hates him and never wants to see him again. She takes off and Satawat tries to stop the uncle from following, but Chayakorn states once more that it’s between him and Nuth, no one else. But Satawat couldn’t help but worry.

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As Satawat walks in the parking lot (he had been ready to leave the hotel that night anyway) he runs into Anusaniya who had been hiding behind a car. She looks up with embarrassment but he tells her to get in the car.

They pull over in the dark night, wind is lightly blowing. Anusaniya looks at the heart necklace that her uncle had given her, finally connecting with its meaning, and she yanks it off. She gets out of the car and throws the necklace into oblivion, crying out in pain on why her uncle would do this to her. It’s heart breaking.

It is a beautiful quiet moment as Satawat watches her cry. He walks over to drape his jacket around her shoulders, comfort her with a soft pat and walks a few feet over to give her space to cry.

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They wake up to a crisp, dewy morning with pillow like clouds and Anusaniya looks much better. She requests that he not divulge what happened last night to anyone. Satawat questions in return if there is a price for shutting up. Immediately affronted, Anusaniya asks how much he wants. Satawat merely says that he hasn’t figured what happened and it really bothered him. I’m sure he notices a lot more than he’s letting on.

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As they arrive back at the hotel, he notices how reluctant she is about getting out of the car, so he offers to accompany her. Right as they walk in, Uncle Chayakorn is waiting for them and is furious that Satawat was with Nuth all night again. He punches Satawat and wonders how Nuth can trust him more than her uncle. Anusaniya relents that she cannot trust anyone anymore. Chayakorn adds that Satawat is only following Aunt Nan’s orders, just how he has tricked Soam to fall for him. Anusaniya looks at Satawat uncertainly. Getting fed up, Satawat doesn’t waste his breath explaining, instead he says that they can work this out between the two of them, and she will have to pay for the bruise on his lips. As Satawat takes off Anusaniya runs after him and asks to ride along.

Back at home, Dad comforts Anusaniya and asks what’s bothering her. He must have raised her to be so independent that she bottles everything up inside. But his warmth and comfort is her undoing as she holds him and cries – she admits to trusting the wrong person. Dad surmises that she’s referring to Chayakorn and states that one can tell what a real man is like by the way he treats the person he loves. Truth. Dad promises to protect her.

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Chayakorn arrives home to a cold reception, mom ignores him, and his four sisters stick it to him.

Meanwhile Soamika storms into Dr. Satawat’s house and demands to talk to him. He faces her in front of his mom and maids, Soam pleads to get back with him, she can’t survive without him. Once alone, Soam questions whether he has taken up with Anusaniya. Satawat claims that he thought that time will bring about understanding, but Soam yells that if he doesn’t love her he should say it straight. Satawat says that understanding should come with love and that is something that they have never established in their relationship. First and foremost, he does not belong to her, furthermore he insists that she does not truly love him, she’s only dating him to get back at Chayakorn. She ought to think about why she wanted to date him in the first place – but Soam tells him she will change, she wants to be with him.

He states that he’s in no condition to start a relationship with anyone. Soam questions why he would make her fall in love with him then? He says that she should love herself first because once she does, people will love her. She refuses for anyone else to love her, Soam hugs him close and pleads for him to stay with her. At least just be with her so that she can love him. Say what?

Satawat pulls her away and tells her that he’s sorry, he can’t allow her to be in a one sided relationship. As he walks away after ending things, Soamika just looks downright scary.

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Khun Phon wants a word with Dr. Satawat at the hospital. He mentions that he heard something happened in Chiang Rai but Dr. Satawat advises that he should ask Anusaniya directly. Khun Phon asks for Dr. Satawat’s honest opinion about Anusaniya, what is she like in his eyes? Dr. Satawat answers that she’s smart, decisive, straightforward, what you see is what you get. Khun Phon mentions that it sounds like those are bad traits but Dr. Satawat doesn’t see them as weaknesses. Khun Phon adds that a successful relationship doesn’t mean that one can accept each other’s strengths, but whether one could accept each other’s weaknesses. Dr. Satawat wonders what Khun Phon is getting at.. then he asks straightforwardly if the good doctor would marry Anusaniya.

That one came out of left field for Satawat. He tells Khun Phon that he doesn’t understand why he’s asking this of him. Khun Phon relents that Satawat can think about it. If he can accept Anusaniya’s weaknesses, than Khun Phon would like Dr. Satawat to be her husband.

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Satawat thinks back on what Khun Phon said once he’s alone. The older man would forgive the debt if he marries Anusaniya. Khun Phon adds that due to Nuth’s status, it is difficult to find someone who is genuine. People who enter her life always wants to take advantage of her. That is why she closes herself off and doesn’t trust anyone. Unfortunately there’s only Chayakorn that she trusts and look where that’s gotten her. Khun Phon fears that her potential will be destroyed after this experience. Satawat confirms that Khun Phon wants to marry her off so that he can break up the niece-uncle. Dad wants to clean this story up, unfortunately Satawat is adamant, he cannot accept this proposal.

Khun Phon laments that he knows it’ll put a decent person like Satawat in a tough place but he doesn’t want him to misunderstand – he’s not insulting the doctor’s honor, he just thinks that Satawat is a gentleman with a big heart – so much so that Khun Phon believes that Dr. Satawat is capable of helping Anusaniya rise from hell.

Best compliment if I do say so myself.

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Mom shows off something she found in Satawat’s bag to Aunt Nan – Anusaniya’s night gown – and the two giggle happily at the thought that their matchmaking may have ended in a successful night. The two argue over how much money they each are going to get out of this marriage.

Mirantee shares the clip of Chayakorn’s confession that was played on the radio with Anusaniya, who wonders how her uncle could think of her to this extent. Mirantee questions whether Anusaniya really didn’t know that her uncle has feelings for her for a long time now. Anusaniya did not think that he would believe the rumor so much (in that he might not be her real uncle), but Mirantee mentions that perhaps even Anusaniya may have some part in making him feel like his feelings are justified.

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Anusaniya thinks back to what she could have said to encourage his feelings (ugh I hate this, it’s like saying it’s the victim’s fault for wearing a skirt and encouraging harassment). Mirantee adds that Chayakorn has quite the imagination about their relationship and says to take a look at his phone if Anusaniya wants to see the extent of it.

So when Chayakorn gets into the elevator with her she calls his phone to see what will pop up on it. Much to her horror, it’s a picture of her sleeping while he’s staring lovingly at her face. The assistant could feel the tension in the elevator.

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At HiSo Online, Casa Studio representative announces that they will give a reward to the winner of the competition no matter who wins, however they ask that Anusaniya be brought to the stage as well. Boss tells Mirantee to make it a super fancy event.

Soamika storms into Casa Studio and demands to know where Anusaniya has hidden Dr. Satawat. Anusaniya surmises that Soamika’s true colors finally came out? She has no desire to hold on to a man who prefers to live off of a woman. Soamika argues that she should know that her aunt has been arranging their meetings – in which Aunt Nan corrects that it’s called fate. Soamika continues on accusing Anusaniya for wanting Dr. Satawat so badly she’d go along for the ride – and it’s no different from the past where Anusaniya keeps stealing all of her boyfriends. Exaggerate much? Anusaniya denies all claims but Soamika reminds her that she did threaten to steal Dr. Satawat. Soamika takes out a bottle of (what everyone assumes to be acid) and throws it at Anusaniya. Everyone else in the room screams but no one moves. Turns out it is just water used as a threat so that Nuth will stay away from Dr. Wat. Security finally shows up.

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Anusaniya dismisses everyone to go do their job (including her no good for nothing brother). Chayakorn barges in with concern and says he will handle Soamika, but this only makes Anusaniya angrier – she tells him to get lost and stay out of her life.  She doesn’t want to deal with these dramas anymore. Chayakorn’s eyes well up with tears.

The aunties congratulate their sister Nan for being so clever, but they are concerned about changing a debtor to an in law and then stealing someone else’s boyfriend. But at the end of the day, they share a common goal, they must breakup Chaya and Nuth, and Nuth’s potential marriage with Dr. Wat would resolve that. Also, why wouldn’t their brother give a blessing to Dr. Wat if it would mean that the family can come back together?

Khun Nan talks to her brother that night about a way to quiet down the gossip about Nuth – they should just arrange the marriage between her and Dr. Wat. However he wonders how she will get Dr. Wat to agree to marry Nuth.

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Anusaniya walks in on time to hear them discussing about her and questions what horrible things have she done to deserve this? That’s what I’m saying. Why are they trying to marry her off like a pawn, she questions. Aunt Nan argues that she’s terrible and no one would marry her, thus they will have to match her up with someone who would do. Anusaniya states that she will never change herself for anyone, and even if she doesn’t have someone, it doesn’t mean she should lower herself to marry Dr. Satawat. And we are here again.

Dad breaks up the argument and tells them that it doesn’t matter because Dr. Satawat already turned down his offer. Anusaniya is flabbergasted that her father would even think to discuss this with him – because what right does he have in choosing whether he wants her or not? Isn’t Dad afraid that Dr. Satawat would find this amusing? Dad merely asked Dr. Satawat to marry Nuth in order to protect her reputation and Dr. Satawat is supposed to make a decision the next day. Dad encourages her to get the answer tomorrow to find out if he’s as bad as she thinks he is.

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The next day arrives and they meet at a Japanese restaurant where Satawat’s answer remains the same: he cannot marry Anusaniya. Anusaniya agrees that he made the right decision – for not succumbing to selling himself. Satawat corrects her, it’s not that he won’t sell himself, he just refuses to sell himself to her. Hahaha. I just had to laugh.

Dad watches with amusement as the two put on their verbal banter, Anusaniya tells her Dad that this clearly shows that he’s not a good person, while Satawat argues that marrying her would reflect poorly on him. He will seem like just a trophy husband with no honor and most importantly, there shouldn’t be a price attached to marrying her. Aw.  Then of course he says it’s damn if he do and damn if he don’t anyway because she’ll scold him no matter what. Satawat asks to end things there because he needs to go make money to pay off his debt, his lender is blood thirsty. Heh.

Anusaniya follows him out and warns him not to leak this out. Satawat laments that no one would believe him anyway, but Anusaniya says it’s easy to believe because he can be bought. Satawat warns her that the person who will reflect poorly is her father, because what father has to beg and pay for a man to marry his daughter? He thinks she shouldn’t blame others, she should look at her own behavior and what had been done to humiliate her father. He reminds her to consider her own father’s feelings before acting on anything in the future. The man certainly has a way with words.

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Dad tells Anusaniya that he’s not humiliated like what the doctor had surmised, in fact says that he’s just selfish. Dad wants her to marry to preserve her reputation and the company’s. He berates himself that he didn’t protect her the way that other father’s would have, like punching Chayakorn and ending everything. But he couldn’t do that because Chaya is his brother too. Anusaniya says that she doesn’t want to do that to her uncle either. Dad apologizes for putting her in a tough spot, he’s just worried that the responsibility of being the head of household down the road would be too much for her alone. He wants her to marry so that Chayakorn can truly move on.

Speaking of Chayakorn, he notices his mother has skipped lunch. Regretfully, Chayakorn faces his mom and admits that he was wrong and regrets behaving badly that night. He thinks Nuth and his brother will never forgive him and mom agrees. Mom says that when you know that you’re about do something wrong but you went ahead and did it anyway, then no one will forgive you. He kowtows to her feet and sincerely apologizes for giving people the reason to look down on her. She raised him well but he’s the one who disappoints. He says he is the one to blame. Mom pulls him in her arms and says they should move out. Staying will make matters worse. Chayakorn shuts his eyes in remorse. That night he looks at a picture with Anusaniya and remembers his shameful behavior. He cries for the relationship that he ruined. Great scene.

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Anusaniya thinks about her dad’s condition and Dr. Satawat’s chastising words.

Soamika throws a fit at home and Dad regards her with anger. He knows she’s not in love with Dr. Satawat, she just doesn’t want to lose him to Anusaniya. He’s waiting to see how her love will turn into revenge because Dad knows her best, he says that she can never come to love anyone truly because she loves only herself.

Chayakorn turns in his resignation letter but Khun Phon tells him it’s not the solution to this. He needs to truly get over his feelings and stay with the company. Khun Phon does not intend on discounting their family ties. He says that it’s time Chayakorn put other people’s feelings above his own.

Chayakorn’s mom trains the maid to tend to Khun Phon’s dialysis at home but Khun Phon remarks that they are not allowed to move out, he thinks they can overcome this difficult time and be a real family.

Screenshot 2016-05-05 14.51.47 Screenshot 2016-05-05 14.52.49

At the boxing gym Chayakorn thinks about how he used to train with Anusaniya, but Mirantee shows up to share the event’s votes and theme with him. However Chayakorn isn’t in the mood, he’d rather punch someone. Mirantee volunteers to be his training buddy and gets hit right in the nose. Well it was more like she didn’t evade the hit since she felt he needed to take his frustration out on someone. Talk about being a punching bag.

Even Mirantee thinks Chayakorn can come back and be an uncle to Anusaniya again. She tells him to forget and relinquish his love, that is the only way to get things back to normal. She tells him to show up at the event and make Nuth his niece again.

Dad approaches Dr. Satawat regarding the marriage again, he says that he doesn’t have long to live and he doesn’t want to leave Nuth in Chaya’s hands. Oh, playing the dying card aren’t we? Dr. Satawat states that Anusaniya hates his guts, there’s no way she would agree to marry him. Khun Phon offers money again but Dr. Satawat feels grateful enough that he’s allowed to pay off the debt in three years. He finally relents and says that he agrees to marry Anusaniya to protect her reputation, but only for three years and only until he has paid off the debt. Before Khun Phon leaves, Dr. Satawat has a final caveat, Anusaniya must be willing to marry him with all her heart. If she’s willing to let go of her pride, so is he.

Screenshot 2016-05-05 15.07.23 Screenshot 2016-05-05 15.24.25

Khun Phon discusses this with his sisters and realize that maybe its best they cancel everything. Ha. There’s no way Anusaniya would willingly marry Satawat. Khun Nan tells everyone to leave it up to her. She will find a way.

Mom apparently is ahead of the game. She’s at the jewelry store picking out a ring for Anusaniya. Soamika spots the older woman there and couldn’t believe her ears. She learns that Satawat will propose to Nuth. She immediately rushes to see Satawat and reminds him that he said he’s in no place to love anyone, yet after it is all said and done, he ended up selling himself to pay off the debt. Satawat questions where she found out he’s getting married, but Soam doesn’t answer, she starts taking her jewelry off and hands it over. She offers to pay him too. How degrading for Satawat, people are constantly insulting him. Satawat questions why she would love him if she thinks so poorly of him, but Soam pathetically says that he made her fall in love with him and is tossing her to the side. She begs to get him back.

Meanwhile Chayakorn finds out mom wants to stick around until she has planned Nuth’s wedding. He’s shocked and questions Nuth on why she would marry the doctor when she doesn’t love him. Nuth replies that at least the doctor is not two faced. He asks her whether she truly finds the doctor better than him. Ah, and I thought maybe Chayakorn will turn over a new leaf. Same ole same ole. Anusaniya says that she doesn’t even know who he is anymore.

Mom gives Satawat the ring for Anusaniya and tells him to propose to her, but Satawat says that he shouldn’t be the one to do this. Mom states that Anusaniya is resisting right now because she feels that she’s not worthy, but every woman wants to find love and get married. If a man like Satawat asks her to marry, she would certainly melt. Oh mom, you really don’t know anything, do you? Satawat tells her what we all think, if Anusaniya were to love him, she would already have done so, and wouldn’t suddenly fall in love with him upon a proposal. Mom says it’s simple, he just needs to say “marry me.” Satawat tells his mom to have Anusaniya say those words to him. LOL. Mom slips and says that it’s not difficult to marry and then get their debt forgiven. Satawat calls his mom out on it, that it’s shameful to marry for money. Mom asks one last time and bargains that if he asks Anusaniya to marry him and she refuses, that is the last he’ll hear of it.

That night Satawat thinks to himself that if he agrees, he would really go back on his word.

Screenshot 2016-05-05 15.35.40 Screenshot 2016-05-05 15.39.09

Chayakorn goes to see Mirantee, drunk, and tells her that he’s really lost Anusaniya now since she’s going to marry Satawat. On the other side of town Soamika is also drunk. Everyone seem to speculate that Satawat will marry Anusaniya even before the two have agreed to get married. Soam’s dad hears of this and thinks Satawat has just been using his daughter.

Mirantee gets to the bottom of whether these two are getting married. She passes out the invitation for the charity event and after some poking around, she learns that they both deny those marriage rumors.

Screenshot 2016-05-05 15.55.08 Screenshot 2016-05-05 15.55.27

And the bachelor charity event commences! First they need to find one of the missing bachelors, Chayakorn, who’s still hungover from the night before. Mirantee finds him in his hotel room and shoves him into the shower.

Anusaniya gets instructions on her role for the event, she would be handing out the award, in her languid, gorgeous outfit. The theme of the show looks to be heavenly and greek like.

Satawat is looking handsome as well in his white suit (although the head band and golden shoulder caps aren’t doing anyone any favors). He’s contemplating on whether he’ll follow through with the proposal or not. Then out comes Chayakorn who spouts the same ole same ole and assures Satawat that he will never get to marry Nuth. I hate to say it Chaya, neither will you.

Screenshot 2016-05-05 16.16.13 Screenshot 2016-05-05 16.18.47

Soamika is like a dog with a bone, she ain’t letting go. Mirantee assigns some guards in front of the stage door in case Soam decides to wreck the event.

The show introduces the bachelors and starts the blind folding game. Those who end up finding each other will fall in love at first sight. Soam joins in the game but cheats in that she doesn’t get blind folded. Mirantee rushes to turn off the lights so as to not allow Soam the upper hand.

The hosts says this is a way to meet the person of your dreams. We see them passing by each other when the host finally tells everyone to stop, yet we don’t know who is actually facing whom. They take off their blind folds and.. the lights turn on.

Screenshot 2016-05-05 16.23.46 Screenshot 2016-05-05 16.34.49

Not exactly what we hope as Anusaniya faces her uncle while Soam faces Satawat. Mom exclaims what we all think, Cupid is totally unhelpful.

Screenshot 2016-05-05 16.36.37

Uncle Chaya pleads for her to dance with him, and when she does she confirms that she feels nothing towards him. Uncle wants things back to normal, and we see Satawat telling Soam that things could not go back to what it used to with them, he apologizes. Anusaniya tells Uncle that apologies are too late now since he ruined her life. Satawat reiterates what her dad said earlier, there is no way that she could love someone more than she loves herself. Soam says she can prove it but Satawat doesn’t think she could follow through. Mirantee follows Nuth out and says that uncle doesn’t look so good, she must have said something drastic. Nuth states that she needed to ensure uncle gets over her.

Screenshot 2016-05-05 16.52.24 Screenshot 2016-05-05 16.58.25

Satawat wins the award which represents the most desirable bachelor in all of Thailand. He receives charity funds to build his dream clinic by the sea as well as extra reward from Casa Studio, which is presented by Anusaniya. The host questions Anusaniya on what traits and qualities Satawat possesses to have won this competition. Nuth guesses that it is because he’s pitiful, but adds that women who are able to be weakened by it finds it attractive. Next the host asks why he should receive the one million baht award. Before Nuth could attest to it, Soamika announces that it’s because Anusaniya wants the doctor even though the doctor already has a girlfriend. Furthermore Nuth is supposedly just staging this because she is going to give him more than that million baht. But before she could say anything else her mic screeches, thanks to Mirantee’s intervention.

Soam angrily tries to slap Nuth but Satawat takes the slap for her. He looks out at the crowd and his mother, then he turns to Anusaniya. Satawat takes the mic and announces that it’s true that he and Anusaniya are staging something. And he has a confession to make, he doesn’t deserve this award because he’s thinking about giving up his bachelorhood. He turns to Nuth and says that since she has helped make his dream of building a clinic come true, can she help him with one other dream? Satawat takes out the ring and proposes. Everyone claps.

Screenshot 2016-05-05 17.07.30 Screenshot 2016-05-05 17.25.21

She doesn’t answer so Satawat pulls her close, and says that he has let go of his pride and ask her to marry him, now she should let go of hers and accept his proposal.

Screenshot 2016-05-05 17.25.45 Screenshot 2016-05-05 17.26.46

After a beat, Anusaniya says yes. He gets on his knees and put the ring on her finger. Soamika races away in tears.

Screenshot 2016-05-05 17.31.20

Aunt Nan shares the good news with Dad who is over the moon.

Anusaniya wonders if the ring is even real and Satawat says everything is fake. She hopes that he didn’t create a scene in order for Soam to scold her, but Satawat says that Soam comes up with her own ideas and doesn’t play second fiddle to none. Except maybe to you Satawat.

Mirantee has a word with Anusaniya about her decision but Nuth is sure, and it didn’t help Chaya’s case when he tells her to change her mind. She’s succumbing to a marriage with a man who will take advantage of her finances. Nuth claims that she’s in this mess because of her uncle. Thankfully Mirantee drags Chayakorn away.

Screenshot 2016-05-05 17.47.43 Screenshot 2016-05-05 17.47.52

Anusaniya clarifies with Satawat that she’s only marrying him to ensure her uncle gets over her, not because she desires him. Satawat says that he knows she’s only agreeing to marry him so that people don’t think about the uncle-niece relationship when in actuality they are sneaking around and seeing each other. Anusaniya regret saying yes but Satawat says that it’s win win for the both of them. He will pay off the debt and won’t bail, it’s guaranteed. Anusaniya tells him to remember what he just said then.

Soamika seethes in the car and remembers him saying that she will never hurt herself. She watches Satawat and mom get in the car and then she steps on the gas pedal heading directly for their car.

Screenshot 2016-05-05 17.54.10 Screenshot 2016-05-05 17.54.33



You know I feel like every time we take a step forward with this show, we take another step backward. I guess people don’t change overnight, but I had hoped we don’t have to revisit the same issues over again. Case in point, Anusaniya STILL thinks that Satawat is a terrible guy who is all about money. Chayakorn regrets his mistakes but still acts the exact same way. Dad obviously thinks he can have his cake and eat it too – keep Chaya around and have the same family dynamic, while marrying his daughter off to a good guy. There are times you can’t make everyone happy or force people to get over their feelings. People feel the way they feel. Some things have no way of going back to the way they used to be. I have a feeling we’ll be experiencing more and more of this push and pull, wash, rinse and repeat for more episodes to come.

I actually really liked the first half of this episode when it was dedicated to Satawat and Anusaniya’s quiet moment. I thought the act spoke volumes without them actually speaking to each other. Kimberly’s crying scenes are just spot on and Satawat sticking around is so in tune with his character. For a moment they put their differences aside and just be. The family dynamic falling apart and Chayakorn realizing how messed up he made things – those were awesome. Anusaniya’s scenes with her dad and even Satawat with her dad together, those scenes were all great.

And then the second half happens, along with the charity event scene. I was made to anticipate this scene but I didn’t feel like it delivered. The spark is also missing when Satawat pretends to declare his proposal, it felt awkward and forced – maybe that was how it was meant to be – but I had hoped to see a glimmer of spark and attraction – and maybe even some honesty from Anusaniya when asked what she thought the doctor’s qualities were. If I were to write that scene, I’d probably have Nuth speak to her experience with Dr. Satawat in Chiang Rai, something along the lines of “Dr. Satawat is the kind of man who sticks by your side when you need him the most, without question. Even though he’s honest to a fault, he speaks the truth and difficult to accept at times, but he tells you what you need to hear. He’s reliable and really cares about healing people.” Then she’ll insert a joke or something. Now that would be something we wouldn’t expect coming from Nuth, but will show great character growth.

Instead, the charity scene was very difficult to watch. What is the deal during the blindfolding game? Why show that Chayakorn and Nuth are soulmates? Are you trying to kill me? Was it to make Dr. Sattawat jealous and realize maybe he has feelings for Nuth after all? The plot of the story itself involves too much of the conflict with Chayakorn and Nuth that it takes away the screen time for Dr. Satawat and Nuth – they already have personality differences and the conflict of being lender-debtor, the story could use a little more shift in that area.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that our leads have finally decided they’ll marry, but their preconception of each other is still exactly the same. Even look at Dr. Satawat’s character, he still thinks that Nuth and Chaya may be a real item. Didn’t he remember how heartbroken she was at Chiang Rai because her uncle mistreated her? Her whole world essentially came crashing down because the uncle she knew was not who she think he was. I had really liked how level headed and perceptive Dr. Satawat was, but I guess even he could not see beyond that.

This zany world our characters live in? Makes me kinda glad I’m not living in it. The good thing is, there is still time to turn things around. So let’s get on it, Show.