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There is nothing like my readers who can make me feel a tad guilty. The more you tell me that you want to read it, the more I will feel inspired to write it, especially when I’m not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for this particular series. But feedback and comments always work on me. So there you have it, do enjoy the read 🙂

Episode 4 Recap

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Meekana embarrassingly excuses herself when the police crew kept teasing her and Sarawat Heran for coming off like a real couple. Gotta admit that they look mighty cute together in that photo. Sarawat tells his boys to calm down, because they are only working. Look who’s talking, such a multitasker, aren’t we, Sarawat? You can work and flirt at the same time.

The little boy who got in a brawl with Suntih earlier has to spend the night with his parents (leaving Suntih trembling about ghosts alone) and he overhears his parents talking about Suntih, basically reiterating that the kid is the product of his upbringing and that he does have the potential to change, to understand what is right and what is wrong, even sad to see that his mom had to go into prostitution. This tidbit brings a smile to the little boy’s face. Hm.

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Our honeymoon couple must enact another scene. They surmise that the Suparburoot will go to his usual restaurant because he likes one of the dancers. (I swear, no matter where we turn, channel 3 is making a tribute to the Khunchais series lol.) So during this dinner, Heran treats it like they are going on a date for real. I think he uses the opportunity to get closer to her, could you blame the guy? Heeh. And in any real date, you talk about yourself as a way to prompt the other person to talk about himself or herself. Heran says that despite his family not supporting his choice of profession, they don’t stop him. They are just very concerned for his safety, especially his mother, who is a housewife, and dedicates her life mission for her family. I’m sure to Mee, she must be thinking, ‘that must be nice..’

But instead, she says: “I don’t like to divulge my personal life to anyone. I also think that it’s something you don’t need to know. Because no matter what, once I’m done with this scoop, I’ll just move on to the next.” No can say she’s not honest.

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The awkwardness is saved by Heran’s phone as Muat Dao announces that Suparburoot have picked out a different place for dinner.

The team spies him from their SUV, he’s making an exchange with three guys. Heran tells Mee that they plan on catching him red handed, but just as they exchange hands, Suparburoot gets a buzzed that things aren’t looking good and he scrambles. The team disperses to catch the baddies, he yells at Mee to stay put, but she’s too curious for her own good and spots a familiar face. She takes photos of him as he tries to walk away nonchalantly.

Little did she know that those pictures came in handy. Our tough Muat Dao apprehends Suparburoot while Sarawat catches the remainder of the guys. As the baddies are handcuffed and placed in the back seat of the truck, they wonder how these guys were notified of the police’s presence in the first place. They figure that there must be a traitor among them. Mee procures her evidence of the picture she took earlier, and Sarawat gives her thumbs up, because now the spy has no way of denying his involvement.

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Later that night Sarawat walks with Mee on the bridge and checks to see how she’s emotionally faring after the ‘exciting’ police chase earlier. Mee admits that she was scared but didn’t want to appear scared in front of them, especially Muat Dao, but Sarawat comforts her that Muat Dao is quite proud of her. This takes Mee by surprise, “she has complimented me?” Sarawat smiles, encouraging her that MD respects her now. This bit of news seems to please Mee and she tells Sarawat that she has a lot of respect for MD too.

And Sarawat couldn’t help but question whether she has respect for him too? Mee offers a blanket answer that she has a different perspective regarding cops in general. Ha. Sarawat is like a dog with a bone, he tells her to answer the question directly. This time she’s saved by the arrival of the team!

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All’s not settled yet because they caught wind that the perpetrator (the snoop) is at the hotel. So the group head back, ready to burst into the room to catch him, unfortunately the room is empty. They disperse to search the hotel for him- meanwhile, the hotel server boy thinks Mee is part of the police crew and stops her, he wants to know who’s going to take care of the damages/cost of the minifridge? And how is it that it’s the police’s concern? So random. But this scene prompts Mee to meander alone downstairs, where she is caught by the perpetrator. She’s a tough cookie though, and puts her self-defense skills to use. A damsel not in distress.

Muat Dao and Sarawat are impressed.

After the case is wrapped up, the crew book their next flight home, but it turns out that the flight is full so Sarawat and Mee must catch the next flight together- meaning they get some alone time. Heh.

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Sarawat watches Mee work while they wait for their late flight. He lays in bed until his eyes slowly closes. By the time he wakes, Mee is no longer there, opting to go out and visit the city while he’s sleeping. Disappointed from not being able to go with her, Sarawat could only wait. He finds it sweet though that she preordered a meal for him, something simple for an uncomplicated man.

When Mee returns to their hotel, Sarawat pleads to treat her to dinner as a heartfelt thank you. She agrees but as they wait for their food, Mee learns from the principal that Suntih had gone missing, but is later found waiting in front of her house. He had threatened to run away if Mee doesn’t return home. Mee assures the principal that she’ll be home later that day. Disgruntled, she hangs up, still bothered by her nephew’s recent antics.

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“Who is Suntih?” Sarawat questions, curious. “Is he your brother?” Sarawat has heard the mention of Suntih a few times.

But Mee is a private person and evades his look and questions. But she finally succumbs, having found an ear to listen to her problems.

She tells him about her nephew’s antics and not sure how long she can endure being his guardian. Sarawat questions whether she finds it difficult to understand him, and whether that has to do with him being a boy? Mee admits that he won’t listen to her and it might have to do with the fact that she’s a female. Sarawat smiles and offers his assistance. “Even though our task has ended, we are no longer strangers,” he says. “I hope our relationship/bond doesn’t end with this meal.” Mee could only look at him with uncertainty.

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But he has made an improvement! He is able to finally see her house, albeit small, he tells her that as long as living in her own home makes her happy, that’s all that matters. She tries to return his phone but he refuses, enclosing his hands over hers and telling her to keep it. Heeh. He’s like a bulldog and Mee lets it drop, for now.

Later that night Mee retrieves Suntih from the teacher’s house, getting a headache from his shenanigans. She tells them that she will scold him again, because meditating should not be misconstrued as a punishment. The teacher advises her to take it easy and slowly because Suntih has been brought up to think this way for so long, but he has the potential to change. She needed to be patient. Which to me is surprising, and a contradiction to her “calm” exterior. A woman who can take anything and do anything, but can’t be patient with her own nephew? Hm.

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The following morning she teaches Suntih about doing some of his chores, namely laundry, and is pleased to see that he’s pulling in his weight, despite being disgruntled.

News surrounding Matt having gotten shot at work made its way to Mee, who is angry that she hadn’t heard of it before. Her boss relents that Matt probably didn’t want to bug her while she’s working on a case. Also, the editor encourages her to see Sarawat frequently so they can glean more interesting cases.

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At school, Suntih gets made fun of that his mom is a whore. He jumps the principal son (who apparently heard it from his parent’s talk the night prior.) But the other boys gang up on him and attack him back. The teachers stop the fight, wondering what possessed the boys to go at each other.

Back at work Mee receives a phone call from Heran and she tells him that she’s just about to call him, in which he responds that they are like minds, hah. She thanks him for the orange tree blossoms and that she didn’t have to keep sending her fresh ones every day. He asks her if she likes it and Mee tells him that indeed, even the girls in the office are crazy about it. Heran doesn’t care about any other girls, as long as she likes it. Omg. He is breaking down her defenses. She’s speechless. I mean, what are you going to say to that? Lol.

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But he gets the hint that she’s not ready for his full on charm, so he tells her that he can wait. Seriously, he’s more straightforward than Sama! He changes the subject and asks if she can send him the photos she has taken of the Suparburoot and the spy. Mee finally thanks him for understanding her.

She pays a visit to Matt’s and notices that KhetTawan is making himself quite at home, hehe. Mee has a heart to heart discussion with KhetTawan, she asks him if he’s serious about Matt. He’s surprised at her honesty. He admits to Mee that his feelings have grown to more than like, he loves her now. Aw. Mee is happy to hear and agrees to keep it to herself because KhetTawan wants to confess it to Matt. She wishes him well and that he takes good care of her little sister.

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Once Mee arrives home, she notices that the laundry is still left hanging to dry. Angry she searches for Suntih in his room, which is in shambles. But once she sees his face, she questions immediately whom he got in a fight with, whom he instigated. The two yell at each other back and forth (you can’t fight fire with fire, Mee) until they come to a head: he questions her whether she’s satisfied that people are laughing at him? He thought she was nice but she only cares about herself. Mee wants to strangle him but reverts to frustrated tears instead. She tells him that due to her selfishness, his family is able to survive (because of her money.)

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Heran is peering at his laptop, smiling at a photo of Mee. His sister sneaks behind his back spying on his reaction and teases him, stealing his laptop to show their mom. Lol.

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What’s disturbing is that Mee is more invested in the public’s cases than her own nephew’s. She worries more over the two siblings who were being trafficked to work illegally, how she will relay those messages to everyone else, and whether it will be effective in preventing it from happening again. Her friend asks Mee to join her tomorrow at the airport to pick up several kids who have been trafficked (ok dang, in that case, she should totally focus on the greater good.)

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Waree and Mee fill their je (chinese for older sister) on what happened around Matt’s shooting, that it’s not KhetTawan’s fault Mee teases Waree about her Jao Phor. Heh, but je wants to hear about the undercover cop and the spectacled reporter.

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She tells her editor that she will be doing an article about the kids who have been discovered from human trafficking and her boss wonders if she’s ever tired of writing such news. He doesn’t stop her though because these are the kind of news that shocks the public the most and makes them cautious about their children. He thinks that is the best they can do as reporters. Mee admits that she wants to change the news, she hates these kinds of news but is willing to report on it. The editor is proud of having such fierce ladies who are the frontlines of Siam Sarn.

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Mee finally meets Khun Sama for the first time. He’s wiry and as hot as always, haha. Samaaaa! Mee notices how feisty they are with each other and couldn’t help but smile at how he has made her friend happy. Mee peers at Khun Sama’s face and wonders if she has met him before, he looked familiar. And I nearly died, Waree sarcastically says ‘maybe London?’ LOL! She’s referring to Chakrit and Matt’s previous lakorn called ‘Mam Gam Dang’ which took place in London. This leaves Khun Sama thinking about whether they have met before..

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Suntih phones his grannie to see if he could go home, but upon seeing his auntie, he lies that it was just a wrong number. Mee immediately accuses him of getting into trouble (I know he’s a troublemaker, but instigating a fight is not going to help any, Mee!) For such a levelheaded woman, I wonder about her sometimes. Apparently seeing Suntih pushes her buttons every single time. But I don’t feel sorry for Suntih either, because he’s such a little ass. He throws her phone against the wall. They get into a near brawl! She threatens to throw him in jail if he abuses her.

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She’s having a hard time with this rascal, and cries over her inability to do anything. Sarawat’s new blossom stems cheers her up immediately, I’m surprised she doesn’t have enough stems to make a tree by now, lol. She plucks a blossom to pin on her shirt.

As she waits at the airport, Sarawat approaches her from behind. Always there when she needs him! She spies a blossom pinned on her shirt and smiles, not disappointed that he made his way to the airport. Heh, he knows how to make a girl blush! Before she could do anything though, she gets a phone call that Tih is causing trouble again, he fought with another boy until he knocked the other boy out cold.

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Sarawat volunteers to take her there, and she’s certain that it’s her nephew’s fault again. Sarawat tells her to keep an open mind, perhaps it’s not his fault. Maybe Heran will come to the rescue and be the mediator between these two stubborn relatives?

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Mee immediately tells the principal that she does not want to be his guardian, she tells him that she can’t take it anymore. Seeing the strained relationship, Heran decides to approach the boy. Suntih thinks Sarawat is paid by his auntie to disguise as a cop. Heran shows him the gun hidden in his shirt, which scares the boy a bit, lol. When they reach home, auntie opens a can of whoopass. Before listening to his side of the story, she tells him that he’s just like his father, a bully who hurts weaker people. This of course flares up Suntih’s anger and he storms into his room. Sarawat watches on with shock, he tells her that she might be coming off a little too rough on the boy, perhaps it’s not entirely his fault? But Mee is beyond reasoning.

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Next they go to the hospital to see if the parents of the wounded kid would report on Suntih. It turns out, it’s not Suntih’s fault. The parents apologize on behalf of their kid, who started the fight. Hah, this will teach Mee not to be so prejudice against Suntih so much! The teacher defends Suntih that the kid bullied him and he finally fought back. Mee witnesses how the boy’s father teaches him a lesson in front of everyone, that he wouldn’t like it if Suntih made fun of his parents. Just because a parent made a mistake, it doesn’t mean that their child should suffer or pay for the consequences.

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As Sarawat walks her back to her house, she thanks him for not telling her ‘I told you so.’ Sarawat decides to leave them alone so they can talk it out, he told her it won’t hurt to make it up to her nephew once in awhile.

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When Mee enters her living room, she notices that the wheels on his toy cars are broken. It’s his favorite (probably only toy.) She walks up to his room and stands before the door, telling him that she’s sorry she didn’t listen to his side of the story. But silence greeted her so she opens the door, and all of his clothes are gone.

The boy has run away!

It is easy to see why it’s hard to follow her story. The topic and commentaries in this lakorn is not meant to be easy to swallow or watch, we are dealing with familial and societal problems. Human trafficking, spoiled youth, unforgiving auntie, all makes for a sobering watch. Maybe that is why it’s good that their romance doesn’t have too many conflicts, only the one protruding from her heart. She needs a steady, calming force by her side that will help her through her tough time. So I guess in the grand scheme of things, their romance- despite coming on strong and easy- is a respite from the flippin’ drama in her life. I’m a glass half full kind of girl, and will have to find the positive side of something that also had negative aspects to it.