Don picks up a name card of the condominium Pim lives in and brings her back. Pim is delirious and falling over herself from the drug and Don struggles to haul her into her apartment. Amidst the struggling, they have a romantic look-into-each-other’s-eyes moment but Pim swiftly breaks it by puking on Don and promptly passing out. Ah, only a man in love like Don could possibly clean up the puke while smiling and in a state of bliss. He takes off his dirty shirt (still with a singlet on dang it) and lays Pim down on the sofa and wipes her face with a wet towel. She wakes up from the cold and initially blasts Don for pretending to help and shouts that all men are hypocrites which she can see right through because she is not stupid. Don asks Pim to rest but she suddenly deflates like a balloon and mumbles that she is indeed stupid. She drags Don over on the sofa and starts tearfully telling him about the events that transpired between her and Eg. The drug has stripped Pim of her usual hard as nails shell and she finds herself unburdening the hurt that she has kept inside to this man who is practically a stranger. At the end of her tirade, she angrily says through her tears that there’s no good man left in this world and Don only looks at her silently in response.

‘I’m telling you the truth! Are you telling me with your expression that you are a good person?’ More silence. Pim cocks her head to her side and ponders for a moment.

‘You don’t drink?’ ‘Don’t smoke?’ ‘Don’t play around?’ ‘Don’t flirt?’

Don shakes his head to all her questions.

‘You’re really that good?’

Finally Don nods his head slowly.ks302

Without warning Pim suddenly grabs Don by the neck and pulls him towards her. ‘Then are you ready to take care of me?’

‘Huh? What are you talking about Khun Pim?’ Don asks in confusion.

Pim pushes Don away and cries, ‘I’m asking if you’re ready to take care of me! I’ve been looking for so long, for a good man to look after me, someone that won’t embarrass me so that my dad won’t need to be sad.’

‘If Khun Pim will give me a chance, I do want to take care of you.’ Don tells her earnestly.

Pim’s eye light up and pulls Don up from the sofa to sit at the dining table while she totters over to retrieve the wedding certificate that she has hung on the wall. She brings it frame and all to Don and smashes it on the floor! After fishing the piece of paper out from among the glass shards, Pim slaps it down on the dining table and asks, ‘You, you what’s your name?’

‘I’m Rudchawee.’ Don replies with an air of resignation.

‘Khun Rudchawee, are you prepared to take Khun Pimapa as your bride?’


Don responds with a what??! and tries to talk Pim out of this crazy idea but Pim is too out of it to listen to Don or even think clearly. She starts crying again and asks Don, ‘If I was really so good and if you really liked me, you would not have let go of my hand. Now you say you like me but you refuse to marry me, which means you are only comforting me.’ Pim slumps to the ground with tears flowing and wonders aloud if she really is useless in everyone’s eyes. She starts sobbing uncontrollably and in panic Don signs the wedding certificate to calm her down. Don reminds Pim – who’s finally smiling again – that the certificate has to be sent to the wedding registrar before it becomes legally binding but Pim insists that as long as their hearts accept each other, they are proper husband and wife! ‘Yes, we are husband and wife.’ Don knows Pim is acting this way because of the drug and it will be nothing more than a farce once Pim wakes up from this but still he acknowledges them as husband and wife with the utmost sincerity. Pim suddenly demands her phone and Don dutifully gets it for her, not knowing what she is up to. Pim dials a number and while Don doesn’t know who she is calling, we see her dad’s phone ringing by his bed.

‘Hi Dad, I have a husband!’ Don freaks out when he realises who Pim has on the line and tries to stop her anxiously but gently, which means it didn’t work and Pim continues on talking happily.’Don’t worry about me dad, there’s a man taking after me now. He’s a great guy! Don’t worry about me.’ Dad may have the phone at his ear but he is still half asleep and doesn’t respond to Pim which makes her raise her voice. ‘It’s true dad! I’m telling the truth. Aren’t you happy for me?!’This time Pim gets Daddy’s attention and his eyes popped opened in shock. ‘Married?! With who??!!!’Pim falls over on the sofa and passes out for good this time, leaving her parents shell shocked on the other end of the phone, and Don looking on with an ‘oh shit’ expression.


The next morning, Pim shifts around on the sofa where she has fallen asleep and falls onto the floor where Don has set up a makeshift bed for himself. She instinctively snuggles up to him but as her arms feel around this strange object, she realises something is not right and opens her eyes. Screaming ensues and both of them sit upright in shock.

‘Khun Don! Why are you…’

‘I didn’t do what you think I did.’ Don quickly shoots out a denial.

‘How would you know what I’m thinking if you didn’t do what I’m thinking?? … which means you raped me!’

‘I didn’t rape you!’

‘Then are you saying I was willing??? I … and I thought you were a good person!’

Without giving Don a chance to talk, Pim whacks him with a cushion and then pelts him with fruits on the coffee table.

‘I didn’t rape you!! We just registered our marriage.’

Now is Pim’s turn to go WHAT?!

‘Last night you forced me to be your husband.’ Yep.

Pim calms down enough to listen to Don describe what happened last night but she thinks Don is making up an outrageous story and refuses to believe that she would do such a thing until he shows her the wedding certificate. Pim tells Don that she wasn’t in a clear state of mind when everything happened so it doesn’t mean anything and they should treat it as a joke. Pim is about to tear the wedding certificate when her phone rings and she answers to find her whole family in hysterics questioning her about her ‘husband’. Dad announces that they will arrive at her apartment in 5 minutes and she had better not go anyway.

Don reaches to tear the wedding certificate but Pim stops him and begs him to stay and pretend to be her husband in front of her family to help her.

‘Ok fine, then what’s my real name?’

‘You’re Rid … Rid…’ Pim is stumped. ‘Arg, why do I need to know?’

‘Khun Pim, you don’t even know my real name, how can you ask me to be your husband? If you want me to help you, you need to find a better reason.’

Pim sighs and look away. ‘I don’t want my parents to be sad again. I don’t want them to cry because of me again.’

‘Listen to me Khun Pim, no matter what, accepting the truth is the best way out.’The most obvious solution but often people try everything else except facing up to hard truths and here Pim is too desperate to save her parents from further disappointment that she insists the solution to her problem is for Don to become her husband.

‘Be more accurate. Pretend husband.’

‘Pretend husband, fake husband, whatever! Just do that for now so my parents won’t be sad.’
Don finally agrees and before Pim can get too happy, the doorbell rings.


Pim’s family marches in and Dad demands to see this husband of hers that appeared overnight. Don has the good sense to put his shirt on and respectfully greets everyone. Pim’s family gets a shock when Don truthfully tells them they met last night and got married. Pim quickly recovers the situation by spinning a story of how they were university mates and Don had been secretly in love with her since and proposed to her when he found out she didn’t get married. P’Pad is unconvinced by how convenient it sounds but Don answers truthfully that he was saddened by news of Pim’s wedding and when Pim gave him a chance, he grabbed hold of it. Pim’s family looks doubtful but on the other hand they can sense Don’s sincerity so Mom turns her attention to Pim instead. Before Mom can start grilling Pim proper, her alarm clock rings and Pim realises to her horror that it’s Friday, i.e. a work day and she needs to get going soon. She quickly drags Don into her room to keep him away from her family while she changes.


As Pim puts on the final touches to her outfit, she tells Don to keep the story realistic and not let her parents see through them. Don still doesn’t think lying is a good idea and suggests again that they come clean. Pim grabs Don’s hands and beg him to help her, to which Don says he will help her tell her parents. Pim grabs Don to stop him from going out and while they are tussling, Pim’s family is trying to listen in at the door and when the door flies open, Pim’s family walks in to see Don fall on top of Pim and mistakes that they are getting some sexytimes in the morning. Lol. Don is all shy at their almost kiss but Pim has no time for these frivolities and dashes off to work after passing him the house keys and exchanging phone numbers.

Pim’s usual morning squabble with Lan is cut short by news from Khun Suk that their company’s newly developed products have been copied by their competitors and released on the market.


Pim’s family follow Don to his house and is satisfied by the giant mansion and sprawling grounds but get angry when Min runs out and greets Don enthusiastically, mistaking her for his wife. Min assures that that she is Don’s REAL ‘nong’ (younger sibling) and I had to laugh at this part because it reminds me all the celebrity break ups where they always claim to be just p-nong and not a couple. No wonder Min had to add ‘real’ before the nong. Heeh. Dad looks around the house and demands to check Don’s ID, title deed of the house and passport and gets his police colleagues run a background check on Don with the info. Don heads up to his room to pack his clothes and Pad follows at Mom’s orders to do a visual check for any suspicious items. Pad gives his ‘make my sister sad and I’ll kill you’ speech but before he can probe further, Min runs up and tells Don to leave asap as Grandma is coming. Pim’s family doesn’t get why Don is in a hurry to leave but he makes up an excuse that he needs to buy something for Pim and has to hurry because they know how Pim will react if she doesn’t get what she wants right? It’s so funny when Pad immediately says, OK! Let’s go now! Oh dear, how fiery exactly is Pim’s temper?

Grandma misses Don by a few minutes and gives chase when she deduces that the car she passed earlier had Don on it. After a few close calls, Don shakes off Grandma with Pim’s family none the wiser. Don escapes to Ging’s office where he tells Ging and Min his sudden new status as Pim’s ‘husband’.

Pim has also told Nen about her little situation with Don. She calls her Mom to check on their whereabouts and Mom says the family is on their way back to the province to discuss business (they are big jewellers). Mom says that she’s happy that Pim has gotten a good man like Don to take care of her and instructs Pim to be less self centred now that she’s married. Dad interjects to say though she should less self centred don’t give in to everything ok?? Tell Dad if Don bullies you and I’ll kill him myself. Lol. This is a sensible and loving family but it’s obvious Pim’s stubbornness comes from being spoilt by Dad and p’chai!

Pim goes home to find the living room tidied up and a spread on the dining table. She walks to the kitchen where Don is putting the final touches on a flower arrangement. He offers her freshly squeezed orange juice but she hems and haws because she doesn’t trust him enough to accept drinks from him, especially with the recent drugging incident. Don pours a cup from the same jug and drinks it to prove it’s not drugged and Pim finally takes a sip. She is surprised when Don tells her he cooked everything on the dining table and makes him taste it first as well. She tries a bit of the food gingerly and comments that ‘it’s ok’ but it’s obvious from her expression that it’s delicious. She sits down and tucks in with gusto, even telling Don to fill her plate with more rice. Don’s event is a success!

After dinner Pim goes to her room for a shower and finds her laundry basket emptied. She rushes out to question Don and realises to her horror that Don has washed, dried and folded everything, her underwear included. She tells Don angrily that he has no right to touch her things and storm back to her room. I’m with Pim on this one. Don cleaned her house and clothes with good intentions but it must be weird for Pim to have practical stranger in her private space and handling her stuff. But then again, Pim did ask for it!

Pim’s shower time cut. We move to Lan’s house where we see that she’s not just the daughter of Naree’s major shareholder. She’s the daughter of the shareholder’s mistress and tonight the wife is here to make trouble for Lan’s mother. Lan angrily fights back but in the end her mother gives in because she feels that she is the second wife after all and Lan vows to be the best to get the main house’s recognition.

Post shower, Pim merrily skips to the kitchen to get drinking water in a tank top and shorts and Don gapes at the pretty sight. He pretends to be reading a book when Pim turns to look at him but gets caught out when Pim points out he’s holding the book upside down. Pim grabs a fruit knife and warns Don that if he tries to enter her room tonight he is Dead Meat. She locks her room door and keeps the knife in her bedside table drawer but still does not feel totally comfortable. Pim then puts on 4,5 extra layers of clothing to make sure that even Don breaks in and try anything funny, he won’t have an easy time taking off her clothes!

Don of course has no such intentions and works on his novel in the living room. The multilayer of clothes makes Pim uncomfortable and she tosses and turns in bed. Unable to sleep, she creeps out to see what Don is up to and finds him asleep in front of his laptop. She crawls around him in an attempt to read what’s on his laptop but Don wakes up to find her in an awkward position as equally awkwardly dressed. Pim pretends she came out to tell Don to turn off the lights and insist she dresses like this everyday. Oh continue on my dear.

The next day a frustrated Pim complains to Nen that she can’t stand having a stranger in her private space any more. She doesn’t want to be on tiptoes in her own house and decides to take back her private space.

Don is also having his own therapy session with Ging. She encourages him to persevere but also points out the obstacles in his way like for example Grandma! The most crucial thing though is that a love built on lies will not last and troubles will surely come when the truth is exposed. Don does not want his relationship with Pim to be based on a lie and Ging tells him the only way out is to end the lies and start anew.

Pim waits for Don at the apartment, psyching herself to end this fiasco with Don but when Don gets back, he gets the word in first by telling Pim he wants to stop being her fake husband and end the lies because it’s not the right thing to do. Pim gets defensive and argues that it’s all one big misunderstanding that resulted in Don being the source of her troubles. If it wasn’t for Don she wouldn’t need to lie in the first place! She wants to end this now and Don can leave.

Don is deeply hurt by Pim’s words and walks away to pack his stuff while Pim immediately regrets her harsh words. Don comes out with luggage in tow and he walks away without giving Pim a second glance. That night Pim tries to work but can’t concentrate.ks315

She goes to the fridge to grab a drink only to see a cute fruit carving that Don has made for her. Pim tries to silence her conscience by telling the fruit carving that she’s not wrong but she’s fooling no one.

The next day Khun Suk calls Pim to her office to find out about her investigation into the copy cat products case. Pim analyses that the product specs must have leaked from within the company and the only people to have seen the samples outside the product development team are her and Nen. Khun Suk says that Pim is casting doubt on herself by saying that and Pim replies that since she is innocent she is not afraid and she will surely find the mole. Lan is waiting for Pim as she comes out from Khun Suk’s office and Lan remarks that Pim must have asked to see Khun Suk to ask for more favours.
‘Boss asked me to go in for a talk. You don’t even know what it’s about and you get jealous. You’re so fond of getting jealous, why, you’re a mistress’ child?’ Pim was only looking to give Lan a verbal stab as usual but realises that she has hit the bull’s eye when Lan is unable to retort. Pim quickly stops Nen from laughing at Lan and leaves after saying that Lan will never catch up with her. Back in Pim’s office, Pim confides to Nen about what happened between her and Don last night. Nen becomes the voice for Pim’s conscience and chides her for calling Don a trouble maker when he has helped her so much and Pim finally admits to being in the wrong. Nen tells her to think from Don’s perspective and how hurt he will be.

Don visits Min at Chanthaburi province where she is shooting a commercial with her company, not knowing that another p’chai is in the neighbourhood. Ep3 ends with Pad driving by and spotting Don at the beach.


From afar it looks like a simple white dress but it has so many details at a close look! Pim matches it with a lot of chunky silver/white accessories to give it a more layered look and pairs it with bright red/purple heels.

Who put Lan in this abomination??

~Recaps by Jia of Scribblings of a Fangirl