Recapped by Jia (Scribblings of a Fangirl)

Title: Khun Samee Kamalor Tee Ruk (My Dear Fake Husband)


Chompoo Araya as Pimapa

Rome Patchata as Rudchawee aka Don

~ episode 1 ~

I love you. What kind of woman could inspire a p’ek to say these words?

That’s the conundrum facing novelist Rudchawee (nickname Don). He writes about love yet he is unable to fully understand what love is as he is still a swinging single. Since he can’t find inspiration from within, he sets off to the mountains to gather some. Don captures the beauty of his surroundings with his camera but even nature fails to move his heart … until his lenses focused on someone among the flowers.


Could this be the inspiration I’m searching for?


It is as if time stopped and Don can do nothing but stare at this beautiful stranger who has crossed his path. When she finally comes close, Don is too mesmerized to react until the woman politely asks for him to step aside so she can pass. His eyes follows her as she walks up the slope and calls out to her friend Nen. From their conversation, Don learns that the duo is here on a business trip to congratulate their Japanese customer and he nods appreciatively as the beautiful stranger explains how her outfit is in line with the occasion and how it will please the customer.

Don feels the trembling of his heart that a p’ek would when he firsts meet his n’ek and he quickly runs to write it down. Meanwhile our (and Don’s) n’ek Pim and Nen rushes off to meet their customer only for Pim to leave behind her wallet in her haste. They reach the location where the Japanese client Mr. Daisuke is filming an interview with his wife-to-be and both are touched by the couple’s deep love for each other. Nen teases Pim for tearing at the touching scene but also reminds that Pim that she has her own wedding MV to film when she returns to Bangkok. [side note: Do Thai couples usually film an interview/special for their wedding??]

Nen turns serious and asks, ‘To be honest, are you really ready to end your days of being single?’

‘Stop it Nen! I have already made up my mind and no one can change it.’ Pim declares with a look of determination and not of bliss like one would expect from a bride-to-be.

Mr. Daisuke’s interview ends and Pim hurries over the Nen to greet them and expresses their well wishes on behalf of their company Naree as well as their boss Khun Sukanya. ‘Congratulations. Meeting someone you love is the most special gift of all.’ Pim sincerely congratulates the couple, not know that she soon will too receive that special gift. The couple’s filming continues and Pim wants to hang around some more to observe but Nen moans that she’s hungry and wants to get some food instead. Sighing, Pim reaches in her bag to get her wallet so Nen can go buy food but to her horror it’s nowhere to be found. The worried Pim retraces her steps with Nen to search for her wallet to no avail. She recalls that the last time she took out her wallet was when she made a call to Mr. Daisuke earlier and they quickly make their way to that location.

We move over from Pim to see Don on the phone with his friend and publisher Ging. Ging is pushing for Don to complete his new novel in time for the book fair in 3 months time but Don laments that he needs more time to get inspiration for his romance novel.

‘Then get yourself a girlfriend! That way you’ll have no problems writing a romance novel.’ Very helpful advice there Ging!

‘God hasn’t let me met her yet, Ging.’ There’s an air of resignation to Don’s reply.

‘Ahhh, I’m really curious to know what kind of woman can let our Rudchawee fall in love.’

Don quickly changes the subject and says, ‘I have a title in mind. ‘Love’s Whisper in the Wind’ and the story is about a p’ek meeting the n’ek at the top of a mountain. He does not know her name but she’s as pretty as a cherry blossom so he names her ‘Sakura’.’


Don walks while conversing with Ging and he suddenly spots something out of the corner of his eye. He tells Ging that he’s found a wallet and Ging suggests that he opens it to look for some ID so he can return the wallet to its owner. While Don is flipping through the wallet, Pim and Nen run over just in time to see the damning scene. Nen immediately concludes that Don is the wallet thief and the incensed Pim starts throwing her sandals at Don … one of which hits Don right smack in the face. Before he can recover, Pim stalks over in a huff and gives Don a good kick between his legs. Ouch! Groaning in pain Don tries to explain that he ain’t no wallet thief but Pim is taking none of it and gives him a verbal lashing then threatens to call the police.

‘Wait, wait! I didn’t steal it. You left your wallet here.’ Don makes another attempt at defending his innocence.

Pim rolls her eyes and replies, ‘Hey, I’ve not taken my wallet out since I came here, I only took out a name …’

Woops. She suddenly remembers taking out her wallet to get Mr. Daisuke’s namecard earlier on. The embarrassed duo apologizes for wronging Don but Don is too smitten by Pim to be angry and stares at her in silence instead. As Pim and Nen gets ready to leave, Pim notices dirt on Don’s forehead courtesy of her sandal strike just now and wipes it off for him with her handkerchief.


Seeing the beautiful Pim up close only deepens Don’s infatuation and the adoring stares continue until Nen remarks ‘I think his brain got damaged when you hit him with your sandal.’ LOL. Slightly creeped out, Pim apologizes again and the ladies hurry off. Don realises that he is still holding on to Pim’s handkerchief and runs after them to return it but Pim has already driven off, literally leaving Don in the dust. Don hitches a ride from a passing motorbike to chase after Pim.


As Pim and Nen waited to get a ride back to Bangkok after returning their rented car, Nen asks if Pim misses her fiancé Eg and Pim muses that she doesn’t feel happy or excitement when she’s with Eg unlike Mr. Daisuke and Khun Ae.

‘To be honest, do you love him?’ Nen’s not one to beat around the bush and questions her friend point blank.

‘Ow! If I didn’t love him why would I marry him?’ Pim replies incredulously.

‘Because you think he’s suitable for you. Pim, I think it’s better if you wait a while longer until you find your true love. Someone who is willing to give his all for you.’

‘Crazy. That sort of love only exists in stories or dramas. Let’s go and stop with this nonsense.’ Practicality rules in Pim’s world and she’s not about to let this dreamy true love talk get to her. As they walk off, Don reaches within metres but it was not meant to be as Don still lost them in the end.


Back in Bangkok,it’s the day of Eg and Pim’s wedding shoot. During the interview, Pim praises Eg for being a kind a capable man whom she admires and is the person she will spend the rest of her life with but at the same time she looks uncomfortable at any physical contact with Eg. Once the interviewer calls cut, Pim pops over to Nen standing at the side to ask for her opinion.

‘I’m so touched I wanted to cry~~’ Nen exaggerates.


‘No! You only said that P’Eg is good and smart but you never said that you love him.’ Nen hits right where it hurts!

‘That’s because I …’ Pim glances at Eg and trails off.

‘What, you’re gonna confess that you don’t love him?’

Pim stutters to come up with a suitable answer but she’s saved by the arrival of her friend Pra who has brought her a lemon soda. Pra has been the most helpful friend by being involved with preparation of the wedding and here she is again with drinks for Pim .. and the groom. We get a hint that Pra may not be here for the purest of intentions when Eg touches her hands as she hands over the drink.


After the shoot, Eg drives Pim home and asks about plans for him to be a consultant at Naree, the company where Pim works. Hint hint again at where Eg’s real interest lies. As Pim readies to get out of the car, Eg goes in for a goodnight kiss but Pim reacts in a big way and pushes Eg away. She apologizes and scrambles out of the car before Eg could say any more. Once Pim reaches her apartment, she grabs some tissues to wipe away any traces of Eg on her neck and she ponders as she stares at her wedding dress. Pim’s family visits and Dad isn’t too happy about his little girl getting married. The family shares some heartwarming times and Pim’s day draws to a close.


Meanwhile, someone else’s work isn’t done yet as he writes down his meeting with his ‘Sakura’. Don is back at his house in Bangkok and his novel writing is interrupted by the return of his younger sister Min. Their interactions are too adorable and we learn that Don is keeping his return to Thailand a secret from their Grandma who wants to set him up on blind dates.

Next morning, Pim speeds off to work and she has a run in with her arch nemesis Lanala at the office before the work day even begins proper. They continue arguing right into their morning meeting and more stakes are added to the existing competition between them when Khun Suk announces that the team leader of whichever team brings in higher sales than last year will get to be the brand manager of their Japan branch.

Don continues the game of cat-and-mouse with Grandma and decides to find a new place to concentrate on his novel after he is almost discovered.


It is the night before her wedding but Pim’s brows are furrowed and not showing any signs of happiness. Mom comes in for some heart to heart chat and Pim anxiously asks ‘will I have happiness?’

‘Then do you know where happiness is?’

‘It’s at… when we have everything we want right, including work and love and I have already gotten all of that. But why…’

‘Happiness comes from your heart. You’re getting married tomorrow but have you asked yourself if you really want to get married?’

‘Well, P’Eg is a good man and he loves me, isn’t this reason enough to get married?’

‘Pim, we have many reasons for our decisions and others may not understand your reasons, but I do. You’re a grown up and it’s your life. You have to make your own choice and accept any consequence but no matter what happens, Mom, Dad and P’Pad will forever be by your side.’

Pim’s heart is still not settled regarding her wedding but at the very least she is comforted by the thought of her family standing behind her.

The next day Pim wakes up bleary eyed and would have forgotten about her wedding if not for Mom’s reminder. Nen and Pra visits Pim at the hotel room where she is getting prep for the ceremony and Pra ‘accidentally’ spills coffee on Pim’s wedding dress. Pim manages to alter the dress to cover the dirtied spot but Pra looks none too happy that the wedding is going ahead. Duh, it’s not like the dress is cut up. Come up with better tricks Pra!

Things proceed as planned and guests slowly streamed in, including Lanala who is dressed up like a Christmas tree. But everyone has their own unique taste and Lan finds an admirer in Pim’s brother Pad! Nen warns Pad that he’ll never hear the end of it from Pim if she finds out he fancies Lan. Don and Ging go to a hotel for lunch to discuss his next novel and as the drama gods would have it, it’s the same hotel where Pim is holding her wedding ceremony. They pass each other but again misses by seconds.


Pim’s wedding ceremony starts and goes according to schedule until Eg starts to give his speech. The lights suddenly dimmed and a steamy video of a couple getting it on is broadcasted, starring none other than the grom Egapon, though with a woman who is decidedly not Pim. The lights go back on to reveal the woman Miao from the video who announces that Eg is her ‘pua (husband)’, a euphemism for someone with whom she has had sexual relations with. Miao questions Eg on why he is marrying Pim when he said he was only using her to get into Naree and she insults Pim for snatching someone else’s husband. She holds up a wedding certificate to prove that Eg really is her husband in every sense of the word and Pim’s mom nearly faints at this revelation. Steady yourself mom, bigger bombs will follow. Pra runs screaming into the centre of this face-off and says that Miao is lying and SHE is Eg’s ‘mia (wife)’, again euphemism for you-know-what. We cut to Don and Ging in the middle of lunch and they overhear a couple of waitresses gossiping about the drama that is unfolding at the wedding.

Back at the wedding hall, Miao reveals her trump card: she is pregnant with Eg’s child. Pra loses it and a cat fight between Pra and Miao ensues and Lan’s assistant Sucee films the unfolding scene with her phone. On stage Eg insists that he has nothing to do with the two woman and a furious Pim slaps him right off stage at his ridiculous denials in the face of the damning video. Lol. Somehow Eg thinks that he can get away if he continues denying till he is blue in the face to which Pim retorts ‘I eat rice, not grass!!’ i.e. I’m not a buffalo i.e. I’m not stupid. Pim gives Eg another good slap which sends him crashing into their wedding cake and Pra rushes to his aid. Pra reveals that she started Eg first and Pim was the 3rd party in their relationship but she allowed it because Eg wanted to use Pim to help in his career.


Pim is livid at this betrayal but controls herself enough to hold back from slapping Pra. She tells Pra that she is welcome to have a scum like Eg and they better not let her see them again or she’s gonna break their necks. Even Miao is intimidated by Pim and quickly retreats. After the initial adrenaline from anger fades, Pim notices the stares from the roomful of guests and steadies herself to go on stage to make an apology for the mess of a wedding before running out of the hall. The quick witted Nen grabs the wedding certificate before the marriage officer can sign it and chases after her friend. Eg earns a punch and a kick from Pim’s dad and brother before Khun Suk ushers them away. Pra is still hanging on to Eg but true to his selfish nature, he blames Pra for ruining everything.


Pim races down the stairs with her long wedding dress trailing and trips when she’s almost at the bottom … right into the arms of Don who is passing by. Don recognizes her as his ‘Sakura’ but Don’s face did not register to Pim and once she regains her footing she flees from the scene. Don gives chase but once again loses his mysterious Sakura as Pim speeds off in her wedding car with Nen. Ging follows behind him and both realise that Don’s dream lover is that poor bride they just heard about over lunch. Don looks at the direction where Pim left with a soft smile, and I wonder if he’s both thankful to have met her again and thankful also for the misfortune that has just befallen her because now he stands a chance?

Whilst Pim’s family waits for her anxiously at home, Pim screams out her frustrations in the car as she races down the streets. She angry for being fooled Pra and Eg but most of all she’s disappointed with herself for breaking her parent’s hearts and she vows she will never let that happen again.

‘I Pimapa, will only charge ahead and never shall retreat!’


After venting her sadness and anger by screaming at the ocean, Pim picks herself up and returns home to her family whom she knows is worried about her. As promised by her mom, Pim’s family is there waiting with hugs and food and despite facing a horrid betrayal, Pim is able to smile again in the loving embrace of her family. That night, Pim who did not shed a tear over Eg cries bitterly after overhearing her parents blame themselves for not checking up on Eg and allowing Pim to get hurt.

The next day Don tries to find out Pim’s name from the hotel where the wedding was held but to no avail. Ging has gotten Don a room at her friend’s resort for him to concentrate on his novel and off he goes. Pim meanwhile is also getting a vacation of her own thanks to her understanding boss who provided air tickets and accommodation for Pim to take a week off from work to recover herself from the trauma of a wrecked wedding.

As night falls, Don is driven to the resort, not knowing that his path will once again cross with his Sakura.

~ End ~



Pim jazzes up the fitting but plain shirt/pants combo with bright pink necklace and a matching belt.


The jacket and chunky necklace adds an air of formality to the flowy skirt which might otherwise be too casual for the office. Lan is pictured here as a contrast to Pim’s effortlessly chic look. When taken apart, Lan actually has some pretty nice pieces on but somehow when it’s all thrown together with the hair and makeup, her look often veers into the gaudy territory. Lan will also feature occasionally in this segment when she has something noteworthy (for better or worse!) on.

Well, this marks the end of my first official drama recap. Please do give feedback (too much detail? more caps? put OOTE into a separate post? messed up grammer/spelling?) which will help to fine-tune my approach to recapping. Tune in for ep2 next Sunday!