Thanks so much for participating in the poll. I was mulling over the idea of having featured/collaborative writers to recap or review lakorns that I have not seen or do not plan on seeing, but may interest the readers. Summer is almost here and life can be consuming. Heck, even without summer, life sometimes get in the way of good drama watching.

It looks like 60% of those who voted are interested in writing about lakorns, but don’t understand Thai. That in itself, can be challenging, but not impossible. You don’t have to write live recaps, some lakorn fans may want to read only recaps before they decide on watching the drama. Therefore, I would love to challenge anyone who is interested in recapping English subbed lakorn (or writing lakorn reviews) to send me a sample piece of their article as well as a project they would like to work on. Simply send the articles to lovefia1210@gmail.com and we can correspond via email.

Also, for the 22% who are considering it, but aren’t sure of the commitment, I can tell you right now that picking a project to recap is quite time consuming, but very rewarding. Reviews may be a great place to start.

For the 15% who prefers to read, I thank you so much for stopping by and supporting my blog!

And finally, for the two who said that they are interested, I’m not sure if you’re interested in being one of my featured writers/collaborators or simply you’d like to try your hand in recapping by creating your own blog (or maybe you already have a blog and you are welcome to offer your link in the comment box.) Either way, please feel free to submit your articles if interested.

I am even contemplating on getting a dotcom, depending on how much interest we can generate. You can opt to write all the time, write just an article or not write at all. If nothing comes to fruition, it was fun thinking about it, no?

I’ll of course, still be doing my one lakorn at a time recaps for the summer. When things slow down at work, I will consider picking up a second one. You can submit request for a lakorn you’d like recapped here as well.

Questions, thoughts, concerns, please fire away in the comment section, or drop me a love note.  xoxo Fia