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It’s another fun episode. Pipat sees double. We get the backstory of Rampang. And well, Sama and Waree continue on their ever cute bantering while we watch how wonderful their relationship continues to develop amid threats on Sama’s casino. Waree understands the whole story behind the misunderstanding with Sama, and why Nai Dij thinks he killed his brother. Things are tying up very nicely.

Waree gets escorted home by Security Uncle, who is adamant he must peruse the premises to ensure her safety before she enters. Despite Waree balking at the idea. It’s a good thing he does because the lock pad had been picked, indicating that someone is waiting for her, and not the friendly variety. Two men came out of the shadows and tussle with Uncle before the old man outmaneuvers them.

Sama gets wind of it and gets on the phone with Waree. “Are you ok?” he questions.

She tells him that it was a close call, but it’s a good thing Security Uncle was there, otherwise she would have been kidnapped (yet again.) Sama sure is right, they would rather come after his precious for collateral. He feels guilty that she’s in a hot mess because of him. Waree tells him to stop blaming himself because she doesn’t fault him. Which makes Sama promise that he would find a way to protect her and her sister so they could get back to their normal life.

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“If there are any semblance (of a normal life) left,” she musters. She prods him to quit his casino endeavor, for that is the only way their lives could go back to normal. Sama could only tell her that she shouldn’t say things that can never be. Aw. “You’re right,” she says. “Let’s not talk about things that can never be.” It sounds like she is referring more about the slim prospect of their relationship. Sad. “You can never protect someone 100% of the time, not even yourself,” she says. Truer words.

Sama determines the best solution is to assign one of his trusted bodyguards to protect Waree. He decides on Pipat, upon which everyone’s eyebrows are raised, because we all know Pipat and Waree are two much of the same kind- hot heads. And they clash at every opportunity. Even Waree thinks the bodyguard is in love with the boss over much and is possessive of him. Ha. Pipat is floored that Boss would do this to him and tries to trade with the other bodyguard but he’s got too much on his plate. So Pipat, dragging his feet, makes his way to Bangkok.

Meanwhile Rampang gives her brother all of her money and gold to pay off his debt from Nai Dij. He promises not to have evil motives against Sama again. Unlikely. He goes to the gambling house and gets a reward from Nai Dij for being his minion. Bro’s never gonna be repentant, he’s addicted to gambling. Nai Dij wants him to continue to keep his eyes on Sama and they both can plot a way to kill him.

Sama is on the phone with Pipat, learning that he has arrived to Bangkok. Both Sama and Jan Lao wonders how their encounter would fare because Waree isn’t aware that Sama sent his bodyguard over. And Jan Lao, representing those curious minds needing to know, questions boss if he’s really serious about Waree. Sama looks back at him and tells him that he should know what type of a man he is. He questions back if Jan Lao has seen him interested in any other woman the way he’s into Waree? Jan Lao, and perhaps all of us, is skeptical that Sama could change Waree’s mind (he’s referring to the casino bit.) Seeing that this links to the future of any relationship with her, Sama tells his bodyguard that it’s going to be hard, and it will take time. But he’s fallen for Waree because of her obstinacy and idealism- and therefore he’s convinced that his sincerity could win her over. And that “long time” it will take? It’s totally worth it. Aw shucks, Sama!

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Back in Bangkok, Sahma arrives home after her latest flight attendant trip. She’s still dressed in her cute uniform as she unlocks the gate to her house. A black car blazes over and honks. The man rolls his window and orders her to open the gate for him. Heh. She looks at him with curiosity, and tells him he must have gotten the wrong house. He looks irritatingly at her and peers at her outfit, claiming that she must have disguised to get more news. Oh Pipat, I’m really starting to enjoy your snarkiness. Sahma is confused then it dawns on her, he thinks that she’s Waree. Of course. She gives him a smile, but doesn’t tell him who she really is.

So she lets him in, after he tells her that he really doesn’t want to be here with her, Khun Sama ordered him to, just in case she misunderstands that he came with his own volition.

Pipat starts taking pictures of her house, ensuring safety measures. Sahma offers him water and he wonders if it’s poisoned. She replies that there is no point to poison the water, she’s all sweet and friendly, he’s all barking at her, lol. He tells her to stop her acting because Sama isn’t here and he isn’t about to endure the way that Sama has endured with her. Sahma tells him that she can take care of herself, she doesn’t need his protection. Pipat puffs that she can’t protect herself, if Security Uncle wasn’t here to protect her earlier she would be dead. At this news, Sahma pales. There are many things about her sister that she doesn’t know about. Pipat takes her silence as a concession so he makes his way upstairs. That is when he meets the other Waree face. He panics, thinking he has seen double. This one is a lot feistier than the one downstairs. Haha.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.54.14 PM

And the moment he and Waree meet again, they bark at each other. Waree is livid that Sama would send someone to “protect” her without her consent. Pipat tells her to take it up with Sama because it’s not like he wants to be here either. But Sahma thinks that there may be a merit behind Pipat’s presence. She calmly questions her sister on why she is hiding things from her? Waree guiltily explains that she didn’t want to worry her. So Sahma, like the mother, gives her two choices. Either she have Pipat stay there to protect them or they would live some place else until it all blows over. This leaves Waree with little choice but to put up with Pipat’s sniggering. Heh. After this discussion between the twins, Pipat is starting to develop some serious respect for Sahma. Because Waree doesn’t seem to listen to anyone but her older sister. Someone has a crush!

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.54.30 PM

Waree tries to sneak out the following morning, but Pipat catches her red handed. Not that he could stop her as she walks out and he tells her that she should get kidnap so everything will blow over and he could return to the island. Ha. He has breakfast with Sahma next and his voice takes on a softer tone. Cute. He complains that her sister is really stubborn and refuses for him to take her to work. Sahma explains that her sister is like that, the more you tell her no, the more you’re challenging her. She’s the type that runs headlong into a problem first before thinking it through. Which is opposite from Sahma, Pipat duly noted. He keeps glancing at her, impressed.

Waree arrives at work with a huff. She’s annoyed by her unwanted guest and takes it out on her coworker and boss. She notices that her column has been published and wonders why so soon, she thought it would be out next week. Boss says that he doesn’t know how long Sama is going to survive (lol) so he has to release it asap. Could you blame the man? Sama is constantly being shot at.

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So the article is read by everyone, including Sopie who smirks. Sama enters the same café where she’s reading the article and smiles at the column. Sopie mentions that it’s written in such a good light, could it be because he has a relationship with the writer? Sama doesn’t let it slide. He tells her that he’s really trying to be nice and make friends with people. But some just wants to be his enemies. Sama is always ballsy. Soh says that when it comes to profit, that kind of thing is natural. If one cannot find those profits, one must take them from someone else. I like their conversations, always picking at each other but being sly about it. Soh coaxes him with her hands on his and tells her that she has warned him it is risky. Sama only replies that he’s not the only one at risk, his enemies too. But the winner boils down to time and opportunity. He wishes her a safe journey as he walks away, and her car erupts into purple smoke. Ha. She has been warned.

Meanwhile Lang is still working for Sama, being a spy for Nai Dij. We start to understand why. Apparently he and Rampang’s father used to own the island. It’s been a huge bane of his existence that they have fallen to be servants. He craves for that prestige, the money. Rampang accepts their status now, she feels that they are lucky enough to still be living on the island. That’s because she secretly hopes to be the lady of the island one day. She has never given up that hope. Even when they started working at a resort once upon a time, when the owner pays her some interest, she whole heartedly believe that she has a chance. For some reason in which we are not privy to, that didn’t work out and she is working for Sama. Still delusional, thinking that one day she will be the lady of the island. Which is not a horrible, hopeless thought because she used to be a somebody, she has just fallen is all. So this makes me a little worried. Should we be careful about an enemy who wants to kill Sama for the profit or should we be more concerned about a delusional girl who will do anything to get Sama, at the possible expense of someone’s life? Killer or psycho chick?

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.53.33 PM

But Sama is so kind. He is kind to the people who work for him. He offers to pay for Rampang’s funeral clothing, which gives her hope that she can finally show up in society alongside Sama. See, you give her an inch and she takes a mile. That’s cray-cray.

Waree is trying to concentrate on work when her phone rings. It’s Sama, she doesn’t want to pick it up and shuts her ears. Lol, that won’t take the sound away. Mee wonders why she’s not picking up her phone and Waree admits that she doesn’t want to stay in contact with him anymore. Aw.

They take a break by the window and Mee tries to convince Waree that Sama has good qualities to him too, he’s sincere about her. But his profession is a huge deal breaker for Waree and she can’t fathom dating someone like that. Mee tells her, “we all have good and bad qualities. When we’re choosing someone to spend our life with, we have to accept their bad qualities as well. We can’t just choose only to accept the good parts, because even you are not perfect.” Ah, and Waree replies that that is true, but she feels that because he is so adamant that he cannot quit his casino, she is less important than the casino. Hm. So that’s how she truly feels, eh? How would she feel if someone tells her to quit doing something that she has dreamed about since she was a child? She is obstinate. Mee tells her exactly that. “Are you telling me that I’m wrong, that I’m selfish?” Waree asks. But Mee is just being fair. Kudos.

They both wish that they can turn back time, where they won’t have to meet these two guys who has turned their lives upside down.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.51.35 PM

Rampang readies herself for the funeral, creepy music always seems to play in the background. She’s admiring all of the clothes that she has saved up for these occasions, she’ll never know when she’ll go out with Sama and must be ready. She’s all dreamy, saying that the only thing missing is a wedding dress. Ok creepy. Lang brings up the other former resort owner and she goes a little nuts, telling him not to compare Sama to that guy and never to bring him up again. Then she immediately goes back to being in a good mood when she sees herself in the mirror.

Pipat sets up surveillance in the house and this raises Waree’s hackles too. She puts the kibosh on the surveillance cameras and stomps upstairs. Sahma, looking sick and holding her stomach finally leaves the restroom and apologizes on behalf of her sister. Pipat notices her queasy face and helps her to a chair. Waree sees them being all sweet and this prompts her to pick up the phone to scream at Sama. Hahahaha. She wouldn’t call him back for herself, but would call to yell at him that Pipat is flirting with her sister. Ha, this is killing me.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.52.05 PM

But Sama takes what he can get just to talk to her. She says that he has to take responsibility by calling his minion and ordering him not to flirt with her sister. Sama refuses because he believes that when it comes to love, it is between two people. She warns him that she will take care of it on her own then. Ha. Sama feels sorry for Pipat, as he laughs his butt off.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.52.33 PM

Her “own way” is a little rough as she smacks Pipat over the head with her bag and tells him that she will never accept him so he can stop courting her sister. Pipat is surprised and tells her that she and her sister have the same face, he would never desire that. Lol. He says he would rather be a matchmaker for her sister to be with Sama because she has a good personality and well suited to stand by Sama. But can you imagine Sama + Sahma? Way to cutesy, never in a million years. But this pisses Waree off, finally jealous? I flippin love their bantering. He tells her that Sama likes her face, not her personality so he can easily accept Sahma in her place. He continues since she can’t accept the casino, they can never be together anyway. Pipat you are jerk, but I love you all the same. Give her a piece of your mind! Waree is speechless. She stomps away in a huff.

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She complains to Mee later on, worried that Pipat is serious about being a matchmaker for Sama and her sister. Mee says that maybe Pipat thinks that since Sahma looks like her, then Sama would like her too. But Waree warily says that Sama doesn’t seem like the type of man who likes someone based on her looks. Mee steps in, “so are you worried about your sister or jealous that maybe Sama would like your sister better?” Lol. She further says that since Waree doesn’t like gambling then it’s not fair for her to forbid Sama from seeing other woman. And since they are not yet boyfriend-girlfriend, if Sama likes her sister and vice versa, it wouldn’t be strange right? Oh I love this. She’s speaking Waree’s fears out loud and that perhaps she has too many feelings for Sama already. Everyone could tell that she’s in love with Sama, except for her, who can’t admit to it.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.49.36 PM

Pipat and Sahma go grocery shopping together, and they are really growing on me. Even if it’s still Margie playing the role, I can see that she’s playing an entirely, convincingly different character. Pipat tries to advertise how great his boss really is, that he’s not a mafia, that everyone on the island loves him. Coming off too strong, and so Sahma notices it and wonders why he’s trying to pawn his boss on her. Lol. He sheepishly admits that he’s trying to hook them up. Sahma cracks up and tells him that she can’t even fathom the idea because one, she’s not into Khun Sama and two, Khun Sama is into her sister.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.50.48 PM

Pipat is still trying to convince her that Waree is not well suited for Sama and he doesn’t see them going together after Waree hating gambling so much. Sahma notices that he’s real protective of his boss, and Pipat explains that he owes him a great deal and that they’ve been through thick and thin together. Sahma says that people don’t always get along because of suitability, it lies in the personality. He wonders why she’s so sure that Sama-Waree would be a good pair. She gives him a long speech about how Sama is not the type that’s into the looks, heck even Sopie couldn’t contain him- so she advises Pipat to take a closer look between the two and he too will see that only Waree is the best for Sama. Aw.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.51.06 PM

Sama is under investigation for drug possession, even though the cops only found the drugs on his employees while they are driving the company’s car. The cops are now searching his home and ask to question him at the station. He doesn’t get to go to the funeral alongside Rampang, who has been dreaming for this day. Ha.

Nai Dij is pleased with his latest comeuppance. He believes that even if the accusation may not kill him, it would damage his reputation with the investors. He tells Sopie that they need to take this opportunity to overtake his casino. Soh could not believe her good fortune. They have tried multiple ways to kill Sama, but by the simple act of smearing his name, they may get their hot little hands on that casino after all.

The news spread to Pipat who wants to rush Waree home so he could head back to Trat. Waree asks to go with him even though she doesn’t know why- you’re worried about him! Admit it! Waree trusts that a man like Sama would never be a drug dealer, she thinks someone is framing him. Pipat calms down a bit and thanks her for believing in his boss. Aw, are they actually nice to each other? Pipat says that she shouldn’t go, she will be useless, but Waree says that she wants to be an encouragement to Sama. Aw. Aw. She’s always there for him when he needs her the most. She promises not to interfere with anything, she just wants to be there.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.48.14 PM

Things are not looking so good for Sama. He sits in the dark, alone. But someone comes to brighten up his day. He sees Waree walking towards him, “I’m not dreaming am I?” he asks.

She smiles at him and asks him about his case. He says it will be a long battle. Waree surmises that the person who’s framing him must want him to fail with the casino. He’s surprised by their recent brilliance. She’s so sweet, she offers her help even though she doesn’t agree with his work. She doesn’t like someone to be framed. “And that is enough for me,” Sama says with a smile. “Just you being here gives me the encouragement to fight this.” Aw. He thanks her for not abandoning him. She gets all misty eyed and smiles at him. So cute.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.48.34 PM

The guards discuss their speculations regarding the recent events. They suspect two men who may be responsible for it. They decide to trail those two men while Pipat investigate who is against the completion of the casino, because that would be the person who is behind this. He discovers it is Sophie and reports this news to Sama, who figures out a plan. He seems fearless, as he tells Pipat to spread the news that Soh got the permission to finish the casino. Heh.

Not much longer than the news spread, Soh and Nai Dij get shot after. Nai Dij keeps pushing her against the seat while he hides behind her, lol. She gets a call from Sama who wonders if she’s alright. He didn’t do the shooting but he guessed that that would happen anyway. Based on experience, now that everyone knows she got the permission to continue the casino, they are keeping a close eye on her. She’s all pissed and says that she didn’t get anything yet! Nice one Sama! He tells her to go clear her name otherwise all the other baddies will come after her. He will pray for her. Lol.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.46.07 PM

Nai Dij says maybe it’s time to hide, ha. I love when things like this backfires at the baddies. Don’t mess with our clever pr’ek!

Waree sits down with a huff.

“Why such a long face?” he asks. “You should be happy.”

She tells him she doesn’t know why she even came then, ha, angry at yourself for revealing too much?

He says that yesterday he was really stressed out (replying to her comment that he’s able to resolve all of his own problems.) But he got the inspiration from her so he could think creatively. He takes her hand and says the sweetest thing, “I know that you hate gambling. And you should be the first person to laugh at me when the casino is taken from me. But instead, you came to see me without a second thought. You came to see me because you’re worried about me.” Aw. He can tell. She denies it with a smile and says that old people like to come up with their own conclusions. He says he doesn’t want her to leave him, ever. And they just look at each other, with him clasping her hand.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.46.37 PM

“Waree,” say it Sama! “Waree,” he tries again, “we-“

Rampang interrupts them. Dammit! She only came to say that she rushed here to see him but instead interrupts them instead? Good gad, we already know that lady! She walks off, hurt. But the charged moment has been broken as Waree walks away. Sama looks at her retreating back with a smile.

The two minions that framed Sama gets apprehended by the cops, lead by Security Uncle. Nai Dij threatens those men not to utter his name or else something will happen to their family.

Sama and Waree have dinner and he is relieved and happy with the capture, he even is able to eat more rice, ha. He says that it’s a good thing they were captured, otherwise it would be a long and drawn out case to prove his innocence. Rampang is watching them getting along too fine until Waree’s stomach starts to hurt. Uh oh. Sama takes her to the hospital but they can’t figure out why she’s hurt, since Sama ate the same food and is fine. Sama teases her hair and tells her to rest while he has a chat with the doctor. So cute how he pets her head lol.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.45.21 PM

Rampang slaps her brother across the face for interfering with her murder attempt. Her brother reasons that if the cops find out they would question her first since she’s the housekeeper. Rampang doesn’t understand the reasoning, she could only see that Waree is stealing Sama from her. He tells her to calm down and reminds her about Pupha. Kill him slowly and no one would suspect them. She flashes back to when Pupha was apparently alive. They team up to poison him slowly for two years because Rampang is pissed that Pupha doesn’t give her the time of day. She believes that if she doesn’t get to have someone or something, no one else does. She’s crazy-town. Eventually Pupha is too sick to stay and leaves the island. They predict that he will only survive another two weeks and will die. Back to present time, she’s shaking in fury (or insanity) repeating that no one will get what she wants.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.45.38 PM

Waree is leaving the island again as Sama stops her. “Are you better now?”

“Not yet,” she replies, “but I still have to head back. Boss would cut my paycheck.” Heh.

“Stay longer,” he prods, “don’t waste time going back and forth.”

She’s confused and he tries to cover up what he meant, “I mean, you’re going to do the gemstone scoop anyway, why not stay until you’re finished?”

She tells him that her boss hasn’t allowed her to do it yet but Sama advises her to call him right now, he might change his mind. She knows him too well, “did you call to convince him?!” Sama pretends to be innocent and walks away.

When she does phone her boss, it’s exactly as Sama says. She wants to know the truth so her boss finally relents that Sama would advertise the company if he gets to have “his” reporter to cover the gemstone scoop. Waree fumes that her boss sees only money and he’s selling her short. Boss says that he’s helping the lovebirds be together, actually. I love him. Besides, the gemstone deal has nothing to do with gambling or casino so it’s not like it’s a conflict of interest.

Waree is back! It’s good and bad. Mostly good, but I have a terrible feeling that Rampang will do something a lot more drastic this time around. Crazy, psycho biaatch!

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.43.02 PM

Sama and Waree go on a research for information regarding gemstones. It’s dangerous work, people die finding gemstones. She asks the man if people kill each other for the gemstones, and Sama laughs. The man tells her not to believe Nai Dij because he’s just blowing smoke. We get a flash back to when Dej (Nai Dij’s brother) was sick. Sama tries to convince his friend to see a doctor, but he refuses. As he tries to drink the water from the stream, they see a body floating by. All of the diggers pull the body out of the water.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.42.27 PM

Dej proceeded to get more sick so he decides it’s time to head back. He goes back earlier than the rest but Sama tells him to be careful. Yet on his way home, he gets shot. That same man found the body. Back to present time, Waree asks him if he has explained this to Nai Dij. He says that Nai Dij believes Sama stole the gemstone and killed his brother, when in actuality, Sama found his own while digging.

Waree turns to Sama and questions why he didn’t explain this to her? Ha, Sama says that it would only sound like an excuse coming from his lips. He thinks it’s best she finds out from someone else. Waree surmises that that is the reason why he wants her to pursue the gemstone story because then he could clear his name. Clever. Sama just sits there and stares at her. Lol. So cute.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.43.17 PM

Oh, please tell me that Pipat will end up with Sahma? They are too cute to let it pass! I love how they are finally using Waree’s twin to good use. People don’t know that she has a twin so it always comes in handy. Pipat thinks that she’s Waree, Soh thinks she’s Waree. There’s a real purpose behind her identity now. We’ll see how it plays out.

What continues to lie between Waree and Sama is their fundamental values and differences: gambling. This is a deal breaker for Waree. But as she explains, she’s a little selfish in that she wants her future man to share the same values as her. It’s not a bad thing to want that. Most arguments and break ups exist because two people can’t see eye to eye and have different expectations. Sama needs to overcome this in order to allow her to accept his love. The problem is, he won’t give up his other love either, which is building a casino. He has his motives too, that it is his dreams, however, I find this plot device, this conflict in keeping the two apart, a little too convenient. He dreams of building a casino to make his and his father’s dreams come true, but she hates casinos because it tore her family apart. We’re circling this a bit too much and methinks we’ll be dealing with this until the last minute of the drama.

But everything is tying up so nicely. We’re just waiting on Rampang’s psycho move, then Soh’s greedy move and finally, see how Sama wins over Waree’s heart (even though we already know she’s a goner.) It’s definitely not a perfect drama, but the conversations between the characters are witty, snarky and I love the pairing. So it’s been fun so far.

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