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I love our brilliant pr’ek. He can be my hero any day. This episode is unhealthy for me, too much swooning.

The bodyguards take the stairs and gossip about their boss, serving as our commentators in this Sama-Sopie relationship. One of them speculates that Sama is suspicious of Sopie- probably her hand in this latest shooting- but is unsure of his nagging suspicions, while Pipat believes the reporter is guilty of it because Sopie has been chasing Sama for so long, and why would she want to kill him? Hey dude, don’t let your prejudice cloud your judgment. Apparently, he doesn’t see eye to eye with Waree from the get-go, so he’ll place the blame on her any day.

Sopie’s guilty conscience is freaking her out. She’s on the phone with Nai Dij, panicking that perhaps Sama has caught on to her. Nai Dij tells her (while he’s comforting another woman in bed) that Sama might just be testing her, and that is what makes Sopie worry the most, the fact that he’s suspicious of her. He advises her to return to Trat and pretend like she’s innocent.

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Waree attends a sales demonstration for a firm that recently opened a new branch in Bangkok. There is a large crowd who believes in the merit of the apparatus. They would purchase it (it is used to clean jewelry)and would return the cleaned jewelry back to the company for profit. Doesn’t that sound a bit fishy? What seals the deal is when Waree spots Nai Dij talking to the manager there, and where he’s present, illegal businesses emerge. She develops her own nagging suspicion and her boss tells her to trail this case. And she would be correct, because Nai Dij is assured by the manager that they are making profit over these gullible, unsuspecting people.

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Sama goes back to work after being released from the hospital. Rampang tries to cajole him to eat the pancakes with honey that she prepared. Sopie makes her appearance and pretends to care. Sama tells her that he isn’t dead yet. Ha. Then his next comment is even more satisfying: he tells Rampang to make sure she doesn’t let his cat eat the sweet pancake because Waree is concerned about the cat’s health. Both Sopie and Rampang are irritated with the sound of her name. When Rampang goes to the kitchen, she’s so pissed, she takes it out on the cat and feeds him the pancake with extra syrup. Eck. Poor cat, what did he do to you, lady?

Sopie’s attempt to be innocent is not faring well. Sama asks her how her trip to Bangkok was, cluing her that he knows of her whereabouts. She asks him whether he was in a bad mood today because he’s being strange, asking stranger questions. Sama questions whether she’s hiding something from him then? Sopie decides to throw in Waree to change the subject, that ever since he met her, he’s all over the place. Sama begs to differ, he’s in a great mood as a matter of fact, so great that he is able to see and understand things clearer. That the many ambushes are starting to come together- there are too many coincidences. Heh. She tries to convince him that it’s because he has waay too many enemies. Sama circles her and threatens her in his nonchalant, cryptic ways: “the people who are closest to us, could be the most dangerous to us. Those that we think loves us, may want us dead.” Well, Sopie, I’m afraid you just got your answer.

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Nai Dij’s not impressed by Sama’s suspicions. Even if he knows there is a spy among him (whom he suspects is Sopie) but Nai Dij says that he will never know who his spy is. Hm, another traitor, could it be Rampang?

Waree arrives back at Trat to start her new assignment. She has no intentions on visiting the Jao Phor, but learns from his bodyguard that he’s been shot. Concerned, she phones him.

“It’s no big deal so I didn’t want to call you and worry you,” Sama answers.

“So you were hurt for real but you won’t call. Yet you would rather fool me in thinking that you’re hurt when you’re not?”

“That was only one time that I tricked you, you’re never going to let that go are you?” he says, then smiles, “I am pleased to hear that you have decided to pursue that pearl scoop here. Do you want me to take you there?”

“That was a quick change in subject,” she mutters. “I’m not here to cover that topic. I’m here for the infused jewelry case.”

He offers his help but she has her own plans on tackling this topic. I love how she’s so tough, independent and never seeks his help. This intrigues him and makes him check up on her to ensure she’s alright.

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Waree brings her friend Jin to the infused jewelry branch in Trat. As usual, the company attracts a huge crowd. Jin is a local celebrity because of her rich dad, so Waree makes her friend chat with the sales people while she snoops around. She enters an office and starts taking pictures of the documents she sees. Oh boy, always a case for trouble. As she’s rifling through the pages, she hears Nai Dij’s voice and hides. It looks like something is missing from their stock room, he’s furious. He almost reaches the meeting room, where Waree is hiding (and where that accounting book rests) but gets called away. Waree hears him say Sama’s name, so apparently the person on the phone is Sama’s spy (or one of them heh.)

Waree’s sneaky ninja reporting skills are going to be the death of me. She keeps putting herself in harm’s way.

A doctor comes to Sama’s island to tend to his wound, how handy. But this is a different doctor than Sama’s regular one, and he starts to get suspicious when this new doctor wants to give him a shot. His reasoning? The other doctor told me to. Well, that’s not good enough. He should explain the purpose of the shot. If I were Sama, I wouldn’t let that needle get any closer to me! And Sama is smart, he questions the doctor. I love our guy, so clever. Can never be too careful when you have a lot of enemies hot on your tail. The doctor wrestles with Sama but is no match for him. But dang, he can’t catch a break from his enemies.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.32.28 PM

Sama calls Waree to thank her for warning him. Waree disregards it because she thinks that he would have been able to handle it without her forewarn. I like Margie, but sometimes, her eye rolling and facial expressions are not cute. Let’s be cute and feisty! I really like it when she’s reasonable.

Waree asks him if he has an inkling who Nai Dij accomplice is? He replies that he does- as Rampang creeps up behind him- but he doesn’t have any evidences. He tells her that he wants to see her, heh, but she declines, telling him that she’s busy. Oy. He lures her with information about her new case. That’s my boy! But Waree is one tough cookie to bribe. She wants to do this on her own and hangs up.

The culprit gets murdered to shut his mouth, and we are left to wonder whether there are more than two spies on the island? Lang is hurt, making us think that maybe he’s innocent, but it too could all be a show. Lang says he doesn’t recall anything, the next thing he knows, he was unconscious. But the injury is on the forehead, so if someone creeps up behind you, wouldn’t the wound be on the back of the head? He tells Rampang to keep a close eye on all of the employees on the island and report to him any unusual activities.

Nai Dij and Soh are casting blames on each other for their latest failure in offing Sama. They are not as cunning as they think, perhaps someone is working against them too at the farm.

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Waree is frustrated with a day’s work that did not reveal any newsworthy details surrounding the infused jewelry case. Her friend Jin wants out, which I don’t think she should have been pulled in from the first place, because if Waree wants to do this on her own, she should. But Jin wants out mostly because her husband is in town and she doesn’t get to see him often, so she wants to spend time with him. Waree reluctantly agrees. Jin tells her that she found a helper for Waree, heh, and in walks Khun Sama!

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.34.09 PM

He’s looking all excited to help. She chastises him for coming out so soon after getting ambushed yet again. He hands her back the lipstick that saved his life and thanks her for forgetting it in his car. It was an eye-opening experience for him. Waree looks at him, sad, because he’s always so close to death’s door. She’s still adamant that she would investigate the case on her own. But he lures her in with the location of the baddies’ factory.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.34.44 PM

Next thing we know, Waree is among the group that enters the location where she’s disguising to be one of the workers. She gets a phone call and immediately sneaks out of her living quarters to the bathroom.

“Why are you calling me, do you want me to get caught?!” Waree asks, exasperated.

“Where are you?” Sama asks.

“At the factory you brought me earlier.”

“Don’t tell me went back there-“ his turn to be exasperated.

“You betcha.”

He asks her how she got in and she replies that money could buy many things.

“You are so bad,” he mutters and pinches between his eyes, looks like a headache is forming there.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.35.11 PM

“If I told you beforehand, you wouldn’t let me work here,” she says.

He is shocked that she would disguise herself as a worker- shouldn’t things like this cease to surprise him? “Do you think you’re supergirl?” he questions her audacity. He tells her to get the heck out of there asap, but she just hangs up her phone. Ha. “I shouldn’t have taken her there,” he mutters with frustration.

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As he forecasted, Waree gets caught when she tries to videotape the factory. The minions escort her to their big boss, Nai Dij who was given pointers from his spy that Waree is in the factory. She gets knocked out and transported via a speed boat. The next day Sama’s company receives a box in the driveway. Inside are pictures of Waree getting tied up and unconscious. Sama remains pretty calm as he phones Nai Dij and asks him what he needs. Nai Dij plays dumb but Sama says that if he’s smart enough, he should accept his offer. We don’t get to hear what Nai Dij counters, but Sama says that he will meet Nai Dij (alone) at a different island. Which ruffles all of the bodyguards feathers since they can’t protect him.

But Sama has to jump when Nai Dij tells him to jump for Waree’s safety. Waree tells Nai Dij that Sama wouldn’t come rescue her because she’s just a mere reporter. But Nai Dij knows her significant to Sama better than she does.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.36.34 PM

The hero shows up, alone, and they frisk him for weapons. Sama tells him to release Waree, who’s still standing there dumbfounded on why he showed up, ha. “Don’t you know that he’s tricked you to come so he could kill you?” she whispers. “I do, but I still need to come,” he replies. Dayam, that is cute! This clearly shows to Waree that he has some serious feelings for her.

Nai Dij interrupts their moment. Sama offers money but Nai Dij wants more, he wants his casino. Wow. Sama tells him that even if he hands the casino over to Nai Dij, can Nai Dij maintain it? Lol. He pisses the man off further by telling him that no one trusts a man who’s all talk. Nai Dij isn’t capable of pulling through with anything. This pisses Nai Dij off to no end and he releases three bullets right into Sama’s body. Holy shit. Three bullets. NOOOO! Down Sama goes as Waree screams his name. But there aren’t any blood, so he’s ok right, right?

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.38.23 PM

Sama does not move. As Nai Dij tries to shoot Waree too, a gang of guys on a speedboat releases their gun on the crowd. Sopie watches from above and pleased that her people are getting Nai Dij back for his betrayal. She flashes back to Sama’s bodyguard who tells her that Nai Dij is using Waree as bait for the casino. She’s pissed. No one backstabs her. She tells her men to kill every one of Nai Dij’s men and when they get a chance- oh, when they so happen to have a free moment- they can shoot Waree too. Lol. I love how the baddies are backstabbing each other, killing each other off.

On the beach, Waree sobs over Sama’s unmoving body. But he soon stirs and gets up. What? Is he superman? Iron man? Invisible chest?

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.38.51 PM

Sopie’s minion reports that they can’t find Sama’s body. Ha, apparently Sama tricked Nai Dij. It’s the bullet proof vest! On the boat ride back, Waree looks at Sama with renewed appreciation. Yes! They are so cute together, especially when she’s not making her annoyed expressions.

Later she stands alone, with her arms crossed in front of her, looking out into the beach. Sama walks up from behind her.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.39.19 PM

“I’m still shell shocked from earlier events,” she says.

“You must be afraid.”

She nods her head. “Thank you for risking your life for me. But I am still curious about one thing, those people-“

“Those people did not come to help us. They came to kill Dij.” Oh, so astute. He tells her that he suspects that Nai Dij and Sopie are collaborating to get rid of him and take over his casino. He believes they would inevitably double cross each other in the process of getting said casino. And he would be correct.

“Now do you see how your any-means-necessary in order to get information, could be troubling for others too?” he asks her.

She looks down, knowing full well that she troubled him. “I am aware. I admit I was wrong. I apologize and I won’t do it again.”

He smiles, “next time, don’t be obstinate with your elders.” Lol. But the elders shouldn’t be robbing the cradle either. Heh. They smile sweetly at each other while Rampang watches on from the sideline. She tells them that their meal is ready and practically sniggers at Waree. If I don’t have to see Rampang’s creepy face again, I wouldn’t miss a thing.

During lunch, Waree gains her appetite back, enjoying every morsel of the lunch. Pipat is anxious to get her off the island and tells her that he has already prepared the boat. Sama of course, wants her to stay on the island.

Sopie shows up on the island and the bodyguards as well as Waree are all for announcing the war against her. Waree says they need to stop pretending as if they didn’t know that she’s the enemy and start the war, lol. But Sama plays it cordial. He’s more of a politician than they are.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.39.50 PM

Soh says that she brought force to help him on the island and she doesn’t even get a thank you? But she’s not able to catch Nai Dij. They talk all cryptic again, that Dij is working with someone who has money to front the casino exchange. Waree tells Sama that if he has evidence, he should take care of the enemy so she doesn’t get away. Sopie starts to panic at the sound of that, they are all of course, pinpointing the “evidences” to Sopie. Sama says that if he dies, that person will go to jail because he has all of the evidences locked up and ready for the cops.

When Sama leaves, Waree wonders why he doesn’t just apprehend Sopie? But Sama was just pulling Soh’s leg, playing his poker card to see what Sopie will do next. He doesn’t actually have those evidences. Lol. Waree doesn’t understand, oh, maybe you should start gambling more? She questions why would Pipat say that he has all of the evidences? Sigh.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.40.22 PM

Sama tells her that she should be thanking him, she sarcastically does, which makes him laugh. When he finally stops laughing, he says he’s referring to her new case- that the cops are gathering all of the evidences and she can start sending them to her boss now. Waree does a happy dance.

“I helped you out this much, do you have a reward for me?” Sama asks. Heh.

She pretends to think about it, “a member of Siam Sarn forever?”

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.41.02 PM

“Can you be my personal reporter, forever?” Sama you devil!

Waree shies away, not sure how to respond.

“The casino will open soon and you can be the sole reporter for that,” he tries to take away the awkwardness.

“I can find someone else for you then- I don’t have the time to write about something I so hate.” Oh that, we are back to that subject.

As Waree walks away, Sama is saddened, not sure how he can minimize her emotional hatred for his profession.

Nai Dij is at wit’s end. He’s pissed at his constant failures to off Sama. He gets a call from his employee and he threatens her to keep the cops at bay otherwise she’ll be fired. I’m sure her job stability at this time is a moot point. He goes to see Soh and tells her that Sama wants them to fight. He tries to gain her alliance again. Suddenly, Soh gets a bright idea, she tells him that Sama threatens her that he has evidences in the safe. If Dij could destroy those evidences, then she would help him. He tells her that he will attempt it tonight.

And so his spy does- he sneaks into Sama’s office that night. Sama calls to wake Waree up again, lol. He apologizes for disturbing her rest but wants to tell her (or remind her for the third time) that she cannot leave her room all night, until morning comes. She groggily agrees and says that old people constantly repeat themselves. Lol. She is awake now and tells him that he should be careful too, if those people would come back as he has imagined, then he shouldn’t leave the room either. Aw, she worries about him, like openly. Double aw. “Why don’t we just share the same room then?” Sama asks. Omg, you never cease to amaze me with your flirtations! “Pervert!” she says, hah, as if.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.41.31 PM

Sama chuckles while Waree smiles into her pillow.

Sama observes all of the video cameras that are installed in every corner of his property. One of the video happens to go black, and he heads over with a gun in hand. A man rifles through his safe and Sama approaches him from behind, “if you move I will shoot you.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.41.39 PM

The man gets up slowly and puts his hand behind his head, turning towards Sama.

Sama tells him that he should already know where the cameras are hidden, since he’s worked here for awhile. He says to reveal his face so he knows who the betrayer is. They fight and the culprit throws a knife at him. Kosor has a tummy ache and tries to run to the restroom, the two bodyguards approach him. Hm.. is it him? (doubtful) Is it Lang? (likely..) As they are yelling at Kosor, they hear a gunshot; Sama had shot at the culprit. They chase after him as he hides behind a tree. I was right, it is Lang!! His sister is about to hit him when she sees his face. She hides him instead. Rampang beats on her brother, furious that he would dare harm Sama. Lang tells her that he must do it, otherwise Nai Dij would kill him. Rampang believes him while he makes a face at the camera as he hugs her. We know he’s totally lying. Scumbag!

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.41.54 PM

Soh screams at Dij’s failures. She threatens him that she took care of Nai Singthorn, what makes him think that she would be afraid to take care of him? She makes her men take him out of the house while Dij screams she’ll regret her mistake. He learns that he’s all over the news now and they don’t have enough manpower to either revenge Soh or Sama. He promises to kill Sama himself.

Sama has his people prepare the car for him, he intends to take her home himself, heeh. The security guard nods his head as he gets the latest news to report to his boss. Waree and Sama walk on the dock, getting ready to board the boat. Waree says that her lipstick doesn’t have magical effect where it can save him time and time again. He’s all confident and says that he’s not the primary target anymore. Everyone believes that Waree is his beloved, so they would go after her. Haha. Wear a bullet proof vest, girl. It’s the safest bet. She’s all “what the hell?” but he’s not trite about it all, or even seem apologetic. He tells her that it looks like they could read him well. That she matters to him. Aw. Dammit Sama, you are so sweet.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.43.32 PM

Security uncle prepares to take the car out when the bomb in the car blinks. Oh no! Our pair meet up with the uncle and they get into the car. Oh gawd. As they drive, smiling at each other, merrily, Sama surmises that she knows him well. Waree denies it of course (with a smile, so cute) and they flirt back and forth. But the bomb underneath the car blinks, and blinks. They smile. And the car explodes. Damn. Even that imaginary bullet proof vest isn’t going to save ya.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.44.07 PM

But it’s not their car! It’s the other driver’s car! Security uncle calls them immediately to get the heck out of the car in case that blows up too. They run towards an abandoned area and duck, he holds her closely from behind. Both hearts are racing as they peer at the car that didn’t go off. Nice save! But the other poor car and innocent person.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.44.30 PM

Soh smiles evilly thinking that she’ll succeed this time.

Sama and Waree feels poorly that a man died in their cause. Sama sends security uncle to take care of the casualty. He gets up to take Waree back to Bankok, but Pipat hackles are raised, and he tells Sama to be concerned about his safety too. Waree says to Sama that she can go home on her own, otherwise his minion would be jealous- oops, worried- LOL. Gotta love the bromance. Everyone in the room sort of giggle at that. The uncle decides that it’s best he take Waree home instead.

Oh gawd. Because I am clearly in love with Sama, I’m forgetting the whole plot of this drama, aside from escaping and surviving his enemies. So Waree got her interview. Sama is building his casino- I suppose the rest of the drama is convincing Waree that gambling isn’t all bad and making Sama’s dreams come true. Hopefully it’ll all work out in the end, because right now, I’m quite pleased at how their relationship is developing and I am swooning over Sama! I like that Waree is falling for our hero too. Yay us!

(*huhu, no HD videos on YT so my pics are SD.)