Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.00.20 PM

Waree tries to tag along with Khun Sama on his retaliation against Nai Dij for ambushing him and hurting his right hand man, Pipat. She wants to tag along not to get a scoop and not because she’s a reporter- but because she is worried about Khun Sama’s safety. Heh, the first sign of genuine concern for our hero. But his left hand man assures her that he’s got his boss’ back and she would only distract them.

At the gambling house Nai Dij is unsettled at how difficult it is to eliminate Khun Sama. A gunshot is heard nearby and the sound petrifies the gamblers as they scramble. It is Sama and his bodyguard, penetrating the exit crowd with guns in the air. When he said that he has his method of dealing with Nai Dij, I guess he means an eye for an eye. Badass.

It is almost a close call for Sama as a bullet whirls close to his ears, but he makes it across the hall and pursues Nai Dij. He kills a guy from the ledge with one accurate bullet. Sama catches up to Nai Dij and shoots his last minion (damn, he’s quite the shot) and threatens Nai Dij that if he took one more step he would be a goner.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.21.34 PM

Nai Dij isn’t looking so tough right now as he inquires shakily what Sama wanted from him. Erm, maybe to have tea with you? Shoot your ass of course, idiot! But Sama wanted a confession more like. He asks Nai Dij if the last two ambushes were his handy work. Nai Dij reminds him that he’s his best friend’s brother. But Sama isn’t swayed easily and makes him answer the question. Nai Dij being the coward he is, denies it. Not too fast, Sama unveils that Amnui, the man who ambushed him is Nai Dij’s minion. However Nai Dij defends that Amnui left his umbrella already and it must be someone else’s work. Realizing that this coward isn’t about to confess, Sama raises his gun and says goodbye dude.

Before he pulls the trigger Nai Dij vows that he didn’t do it, he could swear it. People still believe that? He explains that he couldn’t afford such extravagant ensnarement, and maybe he’s telling the truth. Maybe he has backing from a rich person. Sama lowers his gun and promises that he will return for Nai Dij’s life if it turns out that Nai Dij lied. Damn.

In Trat, the housekeeper Rampang made it off the private island to see to the delivery herself. She is perturbed at the idea that Sama isn’t returning to the island until he has seen Waree off to Bangkok. But the uncle indicates that Waree is prolonging her stay in Trat until she finishes her quick article about Khun Sama’s ambush more than to observe Pipat’s condition. It’s such a hot topic right now, she wouldn’t let it slide. Rampang’s facial expressions don’t reveal any true concern that a housekeeper has for her boss, it is more like a possessiveness when she knows she doesn’t have a chance on earth to be with him. These kinds of sneaky, pesky individuals are the ones to be concerned about the most, no? If I can’t have him, no one can?

An astute observation by the uncle, because Waree is doing exactly that: sending the newly typed article with cellphone pictures of the incident to her boss in Bangkok. Her friend Jin complains that her house is turning into a newspaper station and presses that Waree is a cunning reporter who takes advantage of the situation. Now she’ll have news about Khun Sama featured on Siam Sarn’s front page anyhow. Hah, so now I’m thinking she wanted to tag along because she wants to have convincing photos and because she worries about him at the same time? Two birds with one stone. Waree mentions to her friend that she didn’t feature Sama’s face on the article because she needs to pacify him and rely on him for some time (not that her promise with him meant anything to her, hah, she’s not fooling anybody, not even her friend.) They make their way to the hospital.

Khun Sama is at the hospital when Soh comes to visit him. He isn’t too pleased about seeing her and tells her to hurry with her talk because he’s got things to do. Heh. Soh tries to be coy and asks him if his important business has to do with finding the person who shot Pipat or doing the shooting himself? Sama turns his head with annoyance at how quickly the news spread. She offers her assistance to find the shooter and Sama wants to know what he would need to exchange that with? She sidles over to him and touches his face, his hands, and wonders what she wants in exchange. Sama seems to know what she’s going after and frees his hands, telling her that she can contact him when she makes up her mind. I love how he’s so dismissive of her.

Soh sulks and tells him she didn’t want anything from him, she just wants to “help” so he could look at her in a better light. Sama questions how she could help him- and she offers information of Amnui’s whereabouts. He was last seen hiring a boat to escape. At the same time, Waree is inching towards them, seeing that they are ensconced in a conversation. She turns a corner, not wanting to interrupt. Soh gives her a “what the hell are you still doing here” look. Hah. To raise your hackles of course! Sama follows Waree immediately with a smile and tells Soh that he’ll call her, haha, leaving Soh in a fit of jealous rage.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.23.48 PM

Sama reaches Waree and asks her the question that her lady “rivals” are wondering about: how come you haven’t returned to Bangkok yet? He thinks she’s sticking around to find out that Pipat’s condition is safe. She admits that she’s staying so she could write the article about his ambush, heh, but Sama is all, I won’t let you write it (isn’t that a little too late?) but Waree is like, how come other reporters could write about it? Oh, their bickering is cute. Then he takes it up a notch and flat out tells her that he’s worried about her safety. She’s always taken aback by his honesty, his inhibited feelings towards her. What’s a girl to do when a hot, rich, heroic man gives you his undivided attention? Well it sort of doesn’t help that he adds his macho, bossy nature to it.

Waree defends that it is her line of work, if she neglects danger than she shouldn’t be a reporter. “Why are you so obstinate?” Sama breathes, not sure what he’s going to do with her and keep her safe at the same time. Heh. Waree doesn’t think they have anything else to talk about since they can’t come to an agreement and she takes off to interview Pipat’s doctor. I love our stubborn girl, it keeps our guy on his toes. And just as she saunters off, Sama mutters that if she were a kid he’d spank her. Pffft.

Rampang comes up behind Khun Sama, wanting to tend to his needs, but he tells her to look after Waree instead, hahaha, and that he’s so worried about her. This raises Rampang’s hackles even more, and she takes note that Sama wants Waree to stay in his room at the resort.

That Amnui fellow is making his way towards the pier, searching around for his hired boat that will take him to safety.  But before he knows it, cops creep out from behind a truck, Sama’s bodyguard appears from the other side and they go in to apprehend him.  But they too are surprised from a rapid crossfire that aims directly for Amnui’s heart. Perhaps Soh only wanted Sama to think that she’s helping him but perhaps Amnui was never intended to leave the pier alive. The mystery of who’s truly behind Khun Sama’s death threats ensues.

At the police station the lieutenant promises Khun Sama that he would find the culprit as best he can. Soh says that it isn’t going to be an easy feat. Then we are given another interesting theory.  Uncle Jab reports to Sama that he investigated Amnui’s home and learns from his younger brother that Amnui left Nai Dij to work for Khun jithi. Oh damn. A new monkey wrench in Sama’s already confusing web of enemies.

Waree catches wind that Amnui has been eliminated. She’s pacing the outdoor patio of Sama’s resort while Rampang is sipping on tea, as if she’s a fellow guest. She wonders out loud why Waree is sticking around when there’s a local Siam Sarn reporter also present in Trat. Annoyed, Waree tells her that she might as well do the job since she’s already here, besides, she has something to prove since Rampang’s boss keeps undermining her. Curious, Waree peers at what Rampang is drinking. Uh oh. All friendly, Rampang offers the tea to Waree and says that it will help her relieve some stress.  Don’t drink it! Ah, and she is saved by the bodyguard who calls out her name. Rampang glares angrily at her failed attempt- to do we don’t know what, but it can’t be good!

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.22.41 PM

Sama and Waree are still at odds about her staying in Trat. Planting her fist on the table, Waree isn’t budging. She means business: “that island may be yours but on this island, you can’t force me!” Soh watches the crossfire and tells her that she’s embarrassing them with her irate voice. Waree continues that if he persists, she would report him. Ballsy. Sama tells her to chill out and have a seat. He begs her to use her reasoning and that everything he’s doing is for her benefit, pffft, which causes Soh to glance at him with envy. As much as I like Sama’s protectiveness, he borders on being patronizing, and you can’t blame how Waree reacts to it. Lol, he’s waving a red flag in front of a bull!

Soh advises that perhaps they should let Waree find out on her own. “Find out what?” Waree inquires. But she is still left in the dark because Sama doesn’t want to assume anything without evidence. But Soh decides she would be the one to tell Waree regarding the suspicion that Amnui went to work for Khun Jithi, and that even though Khun Jithi isn’t as powerful, he has enough money to continue the casino’s construction after Khun Sama. Just to make it clear (and without real evidence) Soh proclaims that Khun Jithi is the man behind yesterday’s shooting. She’s a little too happy about sharing this news. I smell fish.

This comes as a shock to Waree and she immediately leaves to talk to Jin. Waree is confident that Khun Jithi isn’t behind this, but he’s getting pulled in the turmoil because he offered a job to Amnui, who is an older brother to a current worker. It was understood that Amnui had stopped “shooting” and has redeemed himself. Waree questions if Amnui’s brother still works for them and when she receives confirmation, her clever reporter brain starts whirling.

They collect all of Amnui’s old things from his brother, who admits that he doesn’t know anything about his brother’s entanglement, all he knew was that Amnui told him he had quit being a thug. Waree digs through the contents of his belongings and discovers a few pictures that also had Jan Lao (Sama’s bodyguard) being chummy with him.  She figures she must show them to Khun Sama, otherwise he may not believe her.

Soh tries to blow Sama’s ears about Khun Jithi’s involvement and motive behind it all. She’s irritated with the reporter for being so obstinate, but Sama defends that Waree is just trying to prove her friend’s dad’s innocence. Sama is a smart dude though and tells her that he’ll wait for the conclusions from the cops first. Soh feels that they have reconciled and asks to stay overnight at his resort with him. She’s all grabbing his shoulders and smiling warmly at him. Coincidentally, Waree walks towards them and pauses as she sees them together. Sama immediately turns to her when she calls his name, but Soh’s hands are like sticky rice, glued to his arms.

Waree hands him an envelope, showing off her discovery but the insufferable Soh grabs it before Sama. The picture surprises Soh and she gives a manipulative look, while Sama considers it. Waree tells him she wants to warn him against Jan Lao because he never indicated that he knew Amnui in the past. Sama wonders if Waree is overthinking it a bit much, just because he’s in the photo, doesn’t mean that he knows Jan Lao. Waree retorts that Khun Jithi merely hires Amnui, doesn’t mean he hired him to kill Sama either. Haha. Waree reiterates she’s not protecting or on anyone’s side, she wants him to be wary of those closest to him, they could be the most dangerous. Waree finally sees that her work is done for the night and excuses herself to go with Jin. Aw, she came all the way over there to warn him? So cute.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.22.20 PM

And Sama realizes this too, he takes a step closer to her. “Thank you.. for worrying about me.”

“It’s my duty (as a reporter),” she retorts nonchalantly.

“And you know that this is beyond your duties,” Sama says, hehehe.

Someone is caught and tries to dig herself out, “I was afraid you’d die before the paper comes out. I’m lazy to find a new client.” Hehe.

Sama watches her leave with a smile and offhandedly tells Soh to drive safely. Lol. Soh is left practically simmering with anger.

Jin drops Waree off to run her errand in a local shopping village. But two men in a motorcycle follow Waree. They try to smash her head in with a bat but she is able to see their reflection on a motorcycle mirror. She ducks in time. The man threatens her to leave other people’s problems alone if she doesn’t want to die. She thinks that it’s her suspicion about the connection between Jan Lao and Amnui and phones Sama immediately. She tells him to stay away from her since she’s been threatened. I just want to die from her concern about him. She’s not fooling anyone!

Of course this doesn’t sit well with Sama, he goes to the hospital with Waree (and why is Soh there too? Meh). Jan Lao wheels Pipat in and Sama nods to Uncle Jab to go ahead and take out his gun. Sama is no joke, he fires Jan Lao on the spot. Waree shows Jan Lao the incriminating photo and wants to know why he didn’t reveal that he has known Amnui. But what Sama really wants to know is if Jan Lao is responsible for hiring someone to threaten Waree at the village, heh. I’m sure that makes him angrier than anything, that anyone dares to hurt his girl. Sama is kind and tells him that he can leave his premises and he doesn’t want to see his face again- only because he has worked for him for so long. But Uncle Jab says that he is less merciless. Jan Lao looks like he wants to say something but is hesitant.  The whole scene is suspect. When Jan Lao doesn’t leave, Sama takes out his gun and yells at him to leave. Dude if ya got something to say, say it! But he just leaves without a word. Waree is peering at Sama as if concerned how he’s handling the betrayal.

Khun Sama is later seen at the dock where unfamiliar faces take him away.  In the middle of the ocean the boat stalls and doesn’t work. Hm. Sama takes a gander at it, as the crewman takes a weapon out of a cooler. Another boat is seen veering close to them. The crewman tries to knock Sama out but our guy is very skilled and fights him off. The other boat starts shooting at Sama and he has yet another battle on his hands. Damn, maybe that casino isn’t worth it after all my friend? Even a cat only has nine lives! How many more rounds can our Sama handle before he meets his fate?

Waree is at Jin’s house when her friend approaches her with a pale look. She tells her to steel herself, that Sama has gotten ambushed in the middle of the ocean. Waree tries to keep her emotions at bay, until Jin drops the bomb, that Khun Sama isn’t as lucky as before, that he is now dead. Whaat?!

Rampang has a more drastic reaction to the news. She goes berserk as her brother tries to calm her down and passes out. They are all convinced that he is dead, that his body is being sent to the hospital now. The rest of the gang are at the hospital and they remove the sheet that covers his supposed dead body which has been eaten up by the sharks, eeps. They think it is him but aren’t certain. Pipat is pissed that they assumed the body would be his boss, his boss would never die like that. Lol. The question now is, where is Khun Sama then? He’s not at either Yanok or Praharm island.

Nai Dij is enjoying his celebratory drink to Sama’s demise. He gets an irritating phone call that some Singkhorn guy is cutting in front of him to meet with the big boss regarding the casino on Koh Praharm. And we get another big player in this battle for the casino. Damn, Sama’s enemies are endless.

This Singkhorn fellow is on the phone and says that if he’s truly interested in pursuing the casino, then even Sama could not stand in his way. He’s encouraging the man on the phone to partner up with him. Um and what happens next is a little bizarre. We get introduced to this fellow and then he’s the guy behind Sama’s demise? Suddenly cops pull to the curb and some men arrest Singkhom. Sama and Waree jumps out of the van. Say what? Even Jan Lao is by his boss’ side. Sama tells Singkhorn that he was responsible for ambushing him two times now. Soh pulls over and see the commotion outside of the hotel. She panics. Sama steps towards Singkhorn as Jan Lao says that Singkhorn shouldn’t have plot to put the blame on him. He left his umbrella ages ago. Apparently Sama is familiar with Singkhorn as well and didn’t think he was capable of it, well, until now. Waree adds that all of his hired hands has already confessed. Then we get the backstory. It’s all an act..

Remember the time that Waree had phoned Sama about her threat by the motorcycle men? Well Sama is a smart man, he doesn’t let anything go without further development. [And I wished they would play more on his cleverness, create enough suspense without making us feel that things are happening from the left field. Which takes away from the flow of the lakorn, it makes you pause in confusion, and not in a good way (like a good suspense show should do.)] So Sama has a deeper discussion with Jan Lao after the gun scene and learns how he used to work for Singkhorn. Sama says that he’s not suspicious of Jan Lao, they’ve worked together for too long. So that scene in the hospital is to make us misunderstand, apparently.

Sama also says that he suspects Jan Lao’s old boss, Singkhorn who plots to use Amnui (who is working for Jithi) to go after Sama so the blame falls on Jithi. So that is why they created the scene where Sama fires Jan Lao. But the boat scene where Sama is outnumbered, what we didn’t see is that a third boat comes to rescue him, Jan Tao is in tow and shooting an automatic rifle at the other boats. Then they proceeded to fake Sama’s death so they could find out who the true culprit is. Ah, I get it. But I still feel that it could be done with a little more flair.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.28.40 PM

So Waree is sobbing alone in the restroom, over the supposed death of Sama. She steps out and a figure appears and covers her face with his hands. It’s Sama! So worried that she would be overly distraught about his death that he wants to show himself. Hehe. Ok show, I can somewhat forgive you for your random sequence earlier, because you brought Sama back to Waree in a very cute scene.

Sama makes eye contact with her, trying to quiet her down. She keeps her eyes on him, too shocked for words. He smiles at her, glad to see that she was worried about him. Is he testing her too? Damn, so mean. They are back to present time (although why can’t we stay at that scene a little bit longer?)

Singkhorn gets arrested and Soh comes running in, pretending to be ecstatic that he’s not dead, she didn’t have that look on her face when she pulled over earlier. She pretends to launch herself at Singkhorn, saying that he’s horrible for trying to kill Sama so many times. Singkhorn frees himself and takes the guard’s gun, he takes Soh as hostage, probably because he knows he could get away. They pull into a wooded area and nutty Singkhorn tries to go in for a kiss. They are clearly in this together. She has her eyes on the casino. But she’s cunning and double-crosses him, giving him a kiss and shooting him from the back of the head. Ah, now we know who the true culprit and villain is! More back story my friends.. she’s been backing the casino and is on the phone with Singkhorn that he can go ahead and gun Koh Praharm down, as long as he doesn’t cause too much damage to the casino itself. She’s taking out the big guns because she is losing patience with her ability to lure Sama over.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.12.19 PM

I guess at this point it’s supposed to be an “aha” moment. But it wasn’t pieced together seamlessly to start with that I am left a little peeved, hah. Well there is a silver lining after all. At least by episode 4, we know who the real bad guy is and will have to sit back and watch how Sama and Waree come to the same conclusion as us. It was a great start to this episode, followed up with a “monkey wrench” by the middle.

Soh messes her hair up and sobs for the benefit of anyone who would “rescue” her, she even proceeds to hug herself acting as if she was violated. You’re not fooling me lady! The cops discover her, all five of them, and instead of heading back into the wooden area to search for the man, they all escort her to the hospital where she sobs and asks Sama if she would be sent to jail. She tells Sama and Waree that she killed him in self-defense. Sama seems to believe her but Waree says that the cops would probably evaluate the evidence for any excessive use. I mean, if they look at Soh, she doesn’t even have a scratch on her body. Meh. Waree watches Sama consoling Soh with her eyebrows raised, haha.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 10.51.00 AM

Waree and Sama exit Soh’s room and Waree shares that she has a feeling that she doesn’t trust Soh. That’s my girl. And Sama isn’t as consoling as he looks, he tells Waree that they’ll just play along with Soh’s game. Heh, I do like it when the good guy aren’t several steps behind the bad guys.  The tone gets all serious when they reach the hospital’s entrance.

“It is time for us to say goodbye, isn’t it?” Sama utters.

She gives him a weak smile.

“When are you planning on returning to Bangkok?” he asks again.

“Tomorrow.. when are you returning to Yanok Island?” she asks back.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 10.51.21 AM

He tells her he can’t go back until he settles the story and situation in Trat first. He tries to prolong being with her by asking to drop her off at Khun Jithi’s house but Waree says that Jin is picking her up. She tells him that as soon as she finishes his scoop she’ll give him a call. Aw. He thanks her for holding her end of the bargain. Sama reaches into his pocket and procures her pack of cigarettes and voice recorder.

“It seems you have quit smoking. You should be proud.”

“How would you know that I did?”

“Oh, I’m so disappointed,” Aw they are killing me with their cute banter, even if they are parting ways.

Waree assures him that she is too busy escaping bullets to smoke, lol. But eventually they part ways and get into their perspective cars, looking forlornly at each other from their windows.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 10.51.31 AM

Aw and Sama strokes his cat asking him if he prefers to be called Meow Rai or Dtoom Rai, and that the person who nicknames him Dtoom Rai may never come back. He’s missing Waree already. Rampang tries to tend to him again but he’s out of it. He hasn’t been eating very much lately and she’s concerned for his health. He’s only love sick, hehe.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 10.51.47 AM

Waree doesn’t sleep well that night. She sits up in bed thinking about the time she was a child looking up at the brightly lit moon, for a long time, the moon serves as light to her and Sahma. They couldn’t afford to pay the electricity bill and so they found themselves staring up at the moon. Aw, stupid dad. No matter how much he tries to say that he’s working on getting them money, it doesn’t make up for his neglect and shitty daddy skills. Sahma sings her the moon lullaby to help settle her sister’s anxiety. But it doesn’t settle her mood tonight so Waree steps out of her bedroom and peers at the hopeful moon. She attempts to make a wish but decides against it, she thinks that even the moon could not help her. Having little sleep that night, Waree gets ready to leave for Bangkok early that morning. Jin tells her that her father has an urgent trip to Bangkok as well and offers her a lift.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 10.52.13 AM

At the market, prior to leaving for Bangkok, Waree keeps convincing her friend, and maybe herself too that she’s only here to interview him and why should he feel the need to call her and wish her a safe trip back to Bangkok? Lol she’s real testy today, even Khun Sama is moody and they are lashing out at everyone around them. She’s a little upset that he’s not calling and he’s at the beach contemplating on calling. Oy these two. He fears he’s being annoying by calling her constantly. Just as he’s pacing his yard, a large branch of the palm tree (the same tree that Sama had scolded his gardener to trim) comes tumbling down on him.

Waree does get a call, but from Jan Lao who reports that Sama got into an accident and is feverish. Unsettled, Jan Lao tells her that he has never seen Sama this sick and feverishly calling her name before. He asks her to come see Sama and offers to have a car take her straight to Bangkok the following morning. Hehe, even if they want to part, they are meant to beeeee. The funniest part is that he gets ambushed and chased with guns and he’s fine, but is incapacitated because of a palm tree? Lol.

Waree rushes to tend to Sama but gets stopped by Rampang who is perturbed that she returned. Funny thing, Rampang doesn’t even know that Sama is sick and was hit by a palm tree branch. This startles her as she watches Waree enter Sama’s room. Heh.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 10.53.09 AM

Waree steps into his man cave, and awkwardly gets into bed with him (hehehe, probably not the way that Sama envisioned it.) She touches his bandage and feels his forehead. “His body’s not hot,” she mutters. Sama wakes up with a throbbing headache and tries to get up when he realizes that Waree is sitting on his bed.

He mutters to himself why Jan Lao is troubling her but thanks her for coming to see him. He doesn’t stop looking at her. He has this allergy against going to the hospital. She tries to convince him to go get scanned or something since it was a big hit to the head, but he refuses. His stare makes her uncomfortable and she says that it looks like he’s doing well now so she should go. Sama immediately reaches for her hand, stopping her. “Can you accompany me on this island for a night?” He gives her a pleading smile. Waree removes her hand. “Are you really leaving me?” Hehehe. He thinks she’s really leaving him but she says if she waits any longer she may just piss on herself. Sama does an excited fist pump.

We later learn (as well as Rampang) that Sama didn’t get hit by the branch, he was able to evade on time, he was only pretending. Oh, he’s sneaky. Rampang is pissed, she looks like she’s about to burst an artery. Rampang phones Soh to see if she could do anything, because Sama is falling hard for the reporter. Although Rampang hates Soh, she hates the reporter more and feels that they should partner up to get rid of her. Soh seems to realize that even if she gets rid of that reporter, Sama wouldn’t come back to her. Well, at least she has some self-awareness. If anything, she’s not delusional. The person who’s delusional is Rampang!

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 10.53.40 AM

Back in Sama’s room, he’s looking pathetically at the bowl, trying to find a way to get some interest and concern from Waree. His hand suddenly as no strength in grasping the spoon. Imagine that. Then his head starts to hurt. Lol. What he forgets is that humans have two hands and if one is hurt, the other can assist. Waree tells him so. She helps him spoon the food out but tells him to use his other working hand to feed himself. Hehe.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 10.53.56 AM

She lectures him on the fact that we need to rely on ourselves and be self-sufficient. Sama looks at her with a sulky face and wonders if it’s his good or bad luck to have her as his nurse. Oh and he’s dead meat now. As he slowly feeds himself, Waree accidentally peels the bandage from his forehead. There weren’t any scrapes or marks. LOL. Get out of that one, smart guy.

“You deceived me?!” she stammers.

He looks at with a panic and guilt, “I’m sorry.” Lol.

She throws the bandage at him and storms out of the room in a huff.

He follows her through the hallway and apologizes profusely, that he didn’t intend on deceiving her. She doesn’t want to hear him out, so he stops her.

“I’m not making any excuses, I just want to apologize. It’s just that I-“

“Do you think that I’m stupid enough to be fooled?” she asks him, angry. “Just remember this, the thing I hate the most is the concept of gambling. Then liars. And you are both!” Ouch.

“What the hell have I done?” he asks himself.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 10.54.12 AM

Waree stomps outside, furious. A box of bees gets dropped by her feet, the bees are freed and swarms the area. Waree runs from the bees and we know who’s responsible for this. She runs all the way to the beach while Pipat screamed at her not to come their way, lol.

The next thing we know, Sama is scolding Rampang for not being cautious about her bees. He has warned her before that the bees cannot harm the people on this island. He orders her to get rid of every one of the bees. That’s what you get! Rampang apologizes and pleads for him not to end her bee farming hobby. She lies that the bees that bit/swarmed Waree must be bees from a different area. What the hell? Does she think he’s stupid? How can a different group of bees travel above the beach and onto their island? Waree ends their argument. She’s fine now and says that it must be her bad luck because she gets stung by both bug and human, hehe. One hurts her body and the other her heart. Sama glances at her with guilt. Sama doesn’t let it go with Rampang, he tells her to train it well if it happens again, he will incinerate them. Ouch. Hey, it’s not the bees fault, blame the owner, you should incinerate her. Ok, that’s just my evil thought.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 10.55.03 AM

That night Waree packs her bags and attempts to leave. He tries to stop her because it’s too dark to leave for Bangkok. She tells him she’s got things to do tomorrow, heeh.

“I have a confession to make,” Sama says, stopping her in her track. “I don’t want us to part with a misunderstanding.” Aw, I love how he doesn’t want any misunderstanding to stand between them. He wants to clear every little thing up.

She mutters for him to fire away.

The man servant appears and takes her things for her, preparing for her departure by the dock. Sama tries to start his confession but Pipat interrupts that the boat is ready and the people will take her to Bangkok straight away. Dang it people, you guys have the worse timing!

Waree tells him to say what he intended to say.

Sama just looks away and tells her to have a safe trip back. @$%&! What happened to the “I don’t want any misunderstanding to stand in our way..” humph.

And so she leaves and thanks Pipat for saving her life, he says that’s just a payback for the time she waited on him at the hospital. Peeved, Waree asks him if he hates her face that much? I do like this bantering between Waree and Sama’s left hand man. Pipat replies that he doesn’t hate her, just doesn’t trust her and he has every right to be wary of anyone who comes close to his boss. Overbearing bodyguard? Heh. Pipat says that she must be so worried about Khun Sama to rush to this island. Waree denies that she’s concerned- which Pipat says that if she’s “not concerned” and she’s reacting to this extent, can you imagine what “concerned” would be like. Lol. Waree spins it back at him that the strangest thing is a man who is overprotective of another man. Pipat hackles are raised at her assumptions. He gives up and goes into the boat.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 10.55.18 AM

Meanwhile our guy stands alone, looking straight ahead. Dude, you’ve always been so brave and never afraid of telling her how you feel! But I suppose telling someone that they are worried about them is something completely different from telling someone that you love them.

This episode moved the plot along, revealing who the true culprit is. The only contention I have is the method by which it was divulged to us. There are some good and random parts in this episode, but at least when it comes to our duo’s screen time, they are still cute. They are growing even fonder of each other, unwilling to part ways. But at what point in time does their relationship move to the next level? I wonder when Waree can stop denying her feelings, and when Sama would confess his feelings towards her. Life events and danger often bring two people together- and Sama-Waree has forged plenty of bonds through dangerous situations- I suppose, all in due time.