Oh Khun Id, what are we going to do with you? Men, you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. I would call him “Nong Id” (someone you would refer to as a younger brother) but that would just take away his domineering appeal. I must say though, Toomtam is the perfect fit for the alpha, cave man, to hell with the world kind of main character. Watching his cocky reaction and sometimes sulky demeanor truly does make the lakorn better. Coupled with his chemistry with Charebelle, I don’t even mind that the plot is not all that exciting. I just want to watch Toomtam, oops Khun Id, learn a thing or two about love and that you can’t always control or force something to happen. Should shit hit the fan, don’t say that I didn’t tell you so, little bro.

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Episode 7

So as a brief summary of the key events that took place in this episode, things don’t always go as planned for Payia. She devised for her ex BF Nop to grab Korya while she pretends to drown at the beach in Hua Hin. But Payia didn’t know that Khun Id will be along to distract Korya. As Chisanu carries her soaking body from the waters, she glares at Khun Id’s unfortunate presence.

Chisanu places Payia’s body on the sandy ground and Korya couldn’t help herself by saying, “God must have sent you to help us.” In which Chisanu replies with a comment that makes Khun Id want to gag, “He sent me to help you, actually.”

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Khun Id glares at the two irritatingly and stands up, “I must have bad timing,” he says to Khun Ying as she tends to her daughter, apparently he doesn’t like someone else being the hero in Korya’s eyes, “Next time I will visit again, Aunt. Goodbye for now,” he sulks and leaves the beach. Korya follows him with her eyes, not sure how to deal with him. Payia encourages her to follow him because he came all the way here to see her.

Korya doesn’t need any more prodding so she runs after Khun Id, which is the perfect opportunity for the Nop fellow to grab her in the woods. She tries to fight him off but to no avail. As she frees herself from his truck, she stumbles on a branch. Nop gets a good look at her face and is overcome with shock, “Korya!” he exclaims. She is able to run off with that distraction. Nop doesn’t give up and comes after her with a pocket knife.

Khun Id gets to play hero again and saves her from Nop’s wrath. As they come face to face and he asks her if she’s alright, her scare face prompts him to pull her into his arms. They embrace beautifully for awhile.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 2.07.45 PM


Back at the beach house, Khun Id is determined to take Korya home with him, but Khun Ying says that they will all go home together, the beach house is no longer safe for any of them. That night on the beach, Khun Id approaches Korya who is standing alone.

“I’m heading out first,” he tells her.

She peers at him sadly, “You saved me again.”

“Didn’t I already told you that you’re a klutz. You can’t survive without me,” whether that is a cocky statement or a tease, but she’s not laughing.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 2.07.52 PM

“What’s the matter?” he asks, taking note of her consternation.

“That man knows me,” referring to her attacker.

“Knows you?” he repeats.

“He called me by my name, many times.”

“So he knows you and still wants to hurt you?” Khun Id questions.

“No- that can’t be it. He knows me but he didn’t know that he would be hurting me specifically. He was shocked to see my face,” Korya explains.

“Someone must have ordered him to kill you.”

The comment hangs heavily in the air and we are taken back to Whang Siwalai.

The minute the van arrives at the palace, Grand Aunt immediately launches her anger and hatred at Payia, claiming that she was responsible for setting this up, that she wanted Korya dead. She vows to unsheathe Payia’s plans and the fake identity.

This pushes Payia to a corner and she has no choice but to plot against Grand Aunt.

That night Korya contemplates her next move. She fears that Grand Aunt’s hunch is correct, and if Payia is responsible for plotting her demise, than she needs to gain her memory back to find out why she’s after her. So the next morning Korya and Khun Id decides to start the hypnosis.

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“So you’re sure you want to do this?” the doctor questions.

Korya nods her head but Khun Id is still uncertain and wants to join them in the process, but the doctor stops him since it is between him and his patient.

Khun Id conforms and makes a pact with Korya.

“Can you promise not to be mad or hate me should you discover something bad that I may have done to you?” Hm, is he concerned about their first encounter, where he’s a total jerk? Or is he concerned that she will discover that he was the one who kicked them out of the nunnery so his family could build a resort? Certainly these are the things he hasn’t shared with her before.

Korya looks at him tenderly, “I’m the one who should beg you not to hate me or be angry at me if I have done anything horrible to you in the past.” Aww. They are so cute.

“No matter what happens,” he looks at her, “we’ll stay the same.”

They pinky swear.

He takes her hands in his, his feelings expressed on his face.

The doctor interrupts their brief goodbyes and takes her into the hypnosis room.

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The dimly lit room inspires deep hypnosis. The doctor commences it by a ring of the bell, telling her to go back to her childhood.

She gets an image of her playing the piano, the kids singing in the church choir.

“Where are you now?” he asks.

“I’m at a nunnery. It’s white and beautiful.”

Then she gets an image of a flower meadow.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m riding a bike, taking Khun Chisanu around.”

She sees a mercedes almost run into her.

“Khun Id’s car ran into me. He’s a rude, ill-mannered person!” Korya exclaims.

The doctor smiles. “What else do you see?”

She gets another image, of a car in the rain.

“It’s raining. I am in a car.”

“Where are you going?”

Korya’s voice takes up a notch, “the car’s spinning!” She panics as the car flips over.

“Take it easy,” says the doctor, “You are not that Korya right now. What do you see?”

“I’m on the ground, casualties around me.” She gets an image of a person walking to her and smacking her with a thick branch. She gives an ear pitching scream.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 2.08.15 PM

The next thing we know, Korya is visiting Chisanu and has been given one of the nun’s address in Chiang Rai, who is the closest to the nun that passed away and might be able to offer any information on where Korya was heading to on that fateful night. But Korya isn’t sure how she could sneak out without people in the Whang know. Chisanu’s employee, whom he calls uncle, advises that Taeng go in her stead and find that information.

Back at the palace, Khun Id paces the living room, concerned for Korya’s safety. He doesn’t like the idea that she’s roaming the grounds alone. When he hears a car arriving, he immediately rushes to the driveway, only to see Korya talking to Chisanu merrily in the car. Chisanu is telling Korya to call him informally and Korya agrees, after all, they use to be “best friends.” So “peun rak” means best friends, which takes us back to a time when Chisanu mentions that they used to “love” each other very much. Which could really mean that they were BFF’s and he was just in love with her one sided. We shall see!

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 1.54.18 PM

Khun Id pulls Korya out of the car.

“When did you get here?” she asks him.

“Awhile now,” he says irritatingly, glaring at Chisanu. “You’re done now, thanks for taking her home.”

“It’s my duty,” Chisanu replies.

“Well not any longer. Korya and I are getting married,” Khun Id claims. What?!

That bit of news shocks everyone.

“No I’m not! Who said I’m marrying you?” she questions.

It’s so Khun Id to be all overbearing.

“I’m worried about her and want to protect her.”

There is another tug of war between Khun Id and Chisanu.

Korya removes herself from Khun Id’s grasp, “What woman wants to get married for this reason?”

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 1.54.51 PM

Khun Id looks at her as if she’s gone daft and not aware of his feelings, “Then do you want me to shout from the top of my lungs that I love you?!”

Oh man.

“I love you, I love you!” he shouts.


“Then I will marry her,” chimes in Chisanu, not about to be one upped by Khun Id.

“Stop you two! You’re both crazy!” she cries, as she goes to Khun Ying’s side, who comes to her defense.

“Chisanu, you haven’t finished your studies yet, your parents are not going to approve. And you Id, does your father know?”

Ah, just minor details.

“No, not yet,” admits Khun Id.

“Even though she’s an orphan, she’s staying with me right now. You can’t treat her like a street urchin. If you are serious about marrying her, then you must ask your dad to ask for her hand in marriage. She is like another daughter to me. If not, don’t hope that you will ever have her,” schools Khun Ying.

Both Khun Id and Chisanu glare at each other.

Later that night, Khun Ying shakes her head at the thought of the two men. They are like children fighting over a toy. Grand Aunt adds that if the geyser turns out to be a swan, then it will turn out that Id could not measure up to her status. This confuses Khun Ying. Grand Aunt further says that Chisanu made his parents call in today to state his intentions.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 2.08.25 PM

I certainly hope that is not the last we see of Grand Aunt. She sure provides some entertainment. Shortly afterward, Payia contrives for Grand Aunt to be attacled by Nop, who successful cause her to black out from the rope choke. Payia orders him to kill her away from the house.

I wonder if Payia’s brightest idea is to kill off anyone who’s standing in her way. That would leave us with a very small cast. Also, she has shared the truth about Korya being the real heir to Nop, who still plans on helping her for his own future wealth.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 1.32.09 PM

Gotta love a hero who isn’t afraid to expresss his love. But the poor boy should also understand that his actions are really saying that he’s possessive of her, and that in itself isn’t true love. Perhaps it will dawn on him down the road- and he’ll realize that if she’s meant for him- she’ll inevitably be his.

Fun stuff.