Checkmate. A match between Grand Aunt and Payia comes to an end, with a loss that can never be recovered. Although Grand Aunt declares that she would have the last laugh, that she would be the person to unveil Payia’s evil intentions, she ends up being another casualty to Payia’s selfish war. Love Scheme Evil Scheme wants to portray the lengths a greedy person would go to achieve what she wants, especially when she has nothing to lose (except for her life) and everything to gain. Ultimately the silver lining in this drama is the hope that someone would wise up to her manipulations and lies, and give her a taste of her own medicine. At this point, if Payia disappears from the face of this earth, it wouldn’t be a moment too soon. Man-sai-jing-jing! (I’m so annoyed by her!)

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 11.56.44 AM

Episode 8

What a heart wrenching episode. We spend the majority of the time waiting to discover the condition of Grand Aunt, hoping that she may recover despite her critical condition. The doctor is not optimistic. But Grand Aunt is such a fighter, even when Nop kidnaps her and tries to kill her at a remote bridge, she doesn’t go down without a fight. She even manages to escape but only to be hit by a truck. So it’s not like Payia and Nop are successful in killing her off, she died escaping- prolonging the inevitable truth, and putting this responsibility onto someone else’s lap.

That lucky person is Grandpa- whose acting is so superb, with his mournful look at the loss of his sister, and his hidden anger at his grandkid, who is not his grandkid – he vows to his sister, before she took her last breath, that he would be the one to pursue the truth, and end this thing. I’m only hoping that it doesn’t mean he’ll be the next to go. Usually when someone adamantly investigates the truth and declares that they will go to hell and high water to right this wrong, they end up dead.

Let’s lay it down and evaluate what’s going on in this game of ‘evil scheme.’ So pretty much everyone in the palace is suspicious of Payia, no one really likes her except for her mother, who’s beginning to question her intentions. Mae Cheun has the most information, and I’m curious why she didn’t go to Grandpa with that. Surely she knew that Grand Aunt had waited for Grandpa to return from the states so she could fill him in? Khun Ying Noppa Dara’s only thread of sympathy to Payia is due to the supposed blood ties. Korya is wising up, even if she is a soft spoken and kind person, she knows something is fishy about Payia. YET no one (aside from the late Grand Aunt) is actively pursuing the truth. I get that Korya is trying to get her memory back (apparently the hypnosis didn’t really work), and that Chisanu has assigned Taeng to investigate why Korya and Payia had been traveling to BKK that one fateful day, yet everyone is just kind of hanging around for Payia to dice and slice as she wishes.

When you think about the role of Khun Id, who is more of an opposing character- which by definition is someone who is stopping the main girl from achieving her goals- is actively holding back a key ingredient in order for Korya to reveal that she is a true heir (that star shaped ring, if you recall.) He is a fine and handsome guy, mind you, but he’s being used as another prolonging tool. But you know, if everyone finds out the truth right now, then I guess we’ll have an ending.

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 11.57.17 AM

Khun Id’s resistance to returning Korya’s ring stems from his jealousy and misunderstanding that Chisanu had given Korya the ring. While Grand Aunt is in the hospital, Khun Id stops by to visit Korya, but saw her talking to Chisanu all intimately, and that the other man had his hands on her shoulders. He also learns from Payia that Chisanu stops by every day. Upset, Khun Id storms out of the palace, and only to be mean to Korya when she had seek him out the next day.

At first, his expression is elated that Korya would visit him at his office on her own accord. She must care about him right?

“What are you doing here?” he asks, “I heard that the palace is a mess right now. I’ve been real busy and didn’t have time to visit you. Sorry na,” he lies. What’s up with sulky pr’eks? When a girl comes to see you, you play hard to get LOL.

“It’s ok. I came to ask you for something.” The moment she asked for that “something” Khun Id’s already biased mind is flared.

She follows him through the company until they reached his office.

“Did you hear what I said?” she questions. “I have a ring that was with me (before the accident) and now it’s with you.”

“I’ll look for it when I have time. I’m real busy right now,” he says dismissively.

His assistant, Subahn, overhears them and perks up, “So you’re looking for a ring?”

Korya grabs his hands with excitement, “do you happen to know where it is? I need it asap!”

“Oh the ring-“ Subahn starts, but his boss grabs him by the lapel.

“How would he know?” Khun Id says, “you really want that crappy, tiny diamond ring?!”

He pulls her hands, “Fine, then go to the mall with me and I will buy you one.” Oh Id.

She pulls her hands free, “I don’t want your ring! I want mine back. That ring means a lot to me.”

Probably not the wisest thing to say to the hot headed Khun Id right now. His eyes turn into slits.

“Well I don’t recall where I’ve placed it. I’ll return it to you when I find it,” he replies nonchalantly.

“Then I’ll just get out of your hair.”

“I can’t drive you back. I’m busy,” he repeats (so mean by the way), while looking at the blueprint plan upside down. LOL.

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 12.02.12 PM

When Korya left the room, Subahn sets his eyes on his boss. “Why did you lie to her?”

Subahn procures the ring from its place in the drawer, “you look nice but now you want to be a thief?!”

They wrestle for the ring. Khun Id wins of course.

“I’m not returning it, whatcha gonna do about it?” he says angrily, “earlier they were holding hands and now she wants to come back for his ring?! Dream on.”

He glares at Subahn as if Subahn is Chisanu, “And you remember this- the only ring she will ever wear is mine!”

Ay ay, captain.

All in all, this episode is quite sad and touching, saying goodbye to Grand Aunt. Now we essentially have to start over, from Granddad’s perspective and get him caught up with the evil doings of Payia. Also, Chisanu has refused to continue his education abroad. He doesn’t want to leave Korya in the wolf’s hands (Payia) and has decided to go against his parents’ wishes.

What now? Will Id do the right thing by returning the ring? Will Granddad finally learn that Payia isn’t indeed his grandkid? And finally, will Korya get her memories back? Lakorn gods at least give me more scenes with Khun Id and Korya, if you know what’s good for you! (But I still heart this lakorn!)

Until next week folks!


*[Ep 9 Preview:]

Korya: If I get my ring back, we may discover who actually killed Khun Ying.
Id says with a smile: I will return the ring back to you.

In the scene with Payia, Khun Ying and the Mistress, both mom and daughter spot the large pearl ring and are instantly shocked. Must be wondering how she acquired the ring that belonged to Grand Aunt! The mistress is even wearing the earrings.

Granddad: everything that happened is definitely not a coincidence.
Mae Cheun: the person behind this could be the same person who is after Korya and Khun Ying. (Oh, indeed.)

Final cut, Khun Ying sees her daughter on the phone and comes after her.